The Electric Racing Grand Prix Driving the Future of Transportation


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  • Valdemar Eriksen
    Valdemar Eriksen  3 weeks back


    • Bran H
      Bran H  4 weeks back

      This is the death of motorsports. It's boring as hell. Driving electric cars are so easy that it really doesn't test a broad range of skills of a driver. You might as well let the computer race with one another.

      In the future a bunch of AI nerds will tweak AI algorithms and will compete with one another.

      • Noe Hernandez
        Noe Hernandez  3 weeks back

        Brian H you stupid or something? The cars aren’t driving themselves it’s just the fuel isint Gas it’s electricity, dumbass

    • Jon Smith
      Jon Smith  1 months back


      • YesJulien l
        YesJulien l  1 months back

        The spectators want loud engine sound...

        • Tim Mosso's Sunglasses
          Tim Mosso's Sunglasses  1 months back

          Race fans: don't bother watching this drivel. Vice is just mentioned Formula E in passing to push their typical global warming propaganda.

          • Bran H
            Bran H  4 weeks back

            They don't want to learn about new ways of making renewable climate friendly gasoline.

            All they want is to promote some garbage electric cars that require zero talent to drive.

        • Fajar Pradityo
          Fajar Pradityo  2 months back

          Motorsport on Vice, okayy

          • Daniel  Copson
            Daniel Copson  2 months back

            This wasn’t even the first ever fully-electric Grand Prix, Formula E started years ago.

            • J Rez
              J Rez  2 months back

              electric sports.. gay..

              • TheToastPeople
                TheToastPeople  2 months back

                NO look at the internals of the car or the batteries. Waste of time, just preaching the brand

                • Justin Heretotroll
                  Justin Heretotroll  2 months back

                  Trash. This will not be racing as long as fan boost exists.

                  • Greg Stafford
                    Greg Stafford  2 months back

                    Why is race spec radio control cars not scaled up already? I mean my rc car has way more technology then current full sized electric cars. The speed and range doesn't seem to scale up evenly from a electric 1/8 scale car. Imagine full sized losi 8

                    • Overwhelming Euphoria
                      Overwhelming Euphoria  2 months back

                      Hey Vice, how about you tell us about the fucking car?

                      • Overwhelming Euphoria
                        Overwhelming Euphoria  2 months back

                        Tesla model s does 155mph, can quick charge the battery to 80% (200 mile range) within 40 minutes, and has a total range of 300 miles. Everything he's stated already exists.

                        • andrew Davis
                          andrew Davis  2 months back

                          and what do you do with the batteries....can i have a serious answer to that Question.......The reason why more lithium ion batteries aren't recycled boils down to simple economics: the scrap value of batteries doesn't amount to much - perhaps $100 per ton, In contrast, the cost of collecting, sorting and shipping used batteries to a recycler exceeds the scrap value, so batteries tend to be thrown away. Unfortunately, the market does not factor in the social cost of disposal, nor does it factor in the fact that recycling metals such as cobalt has a much lower economic and environmental cost than mining raw materials. So we throw them away by the millions.

                          • marco s
                            marco s  2 months back

                            Formula e is gayyyyyyyyy

                          • Stan Pol
                            Stan Pol  2 months back

                            Let's not forget most electricity in the world is produced with fossil fuels.

                            • Rokas B
                              Rokas B  2 months back

                              You do realize this has been going on for years now?

                              • tuamusie nulukie
                                tuamusie nulukie  2 months back

                                “Difference between formula e and formula 1 is e is electric”

                                Holy shit thanks for repeating 10 I had no idea

                                • TheSheiban
                                  TheSheiban  2 months back

                                  I've been following this series since the debut race in Beijing. The sport is maturing now and I hope to see some amazing things in the coming years

                                  • Death BeforeDishonor
                                    Death BeforeDishonor  2 months back

                                    11 million subs & Less than 55,000 views from a 6 day old video. Yeah VICE is dead.

                                    • Kyle Patterson
                                      Kyle Patterson  2 months back

                                      So how bad is lithium mining?? Going to leave this here.

                                      • Luis Valera Torres
                                        Luis Valera Torres  2 months back

                                        Personally I love the climate change. I live in a cold town in the center of France. Winter's very cold here so I use my diesel car like there's no tomorrow. I ask you to do the same folks! 🤣🤣🤣

                                        • Erik Zarins
                                          Erik Zarins  2 months back

                                          Been watching FE since day one!

                                          I freakin LOVE every minute of it.....Vice kinda poorly told this...the editing sucks

                                          • pizanatdotorg
                                            pizanatdotorg  2 months back

                                            Thank you, Vice, for opening my eyes to this.

                                            • Steven McPherson
                                              Steven McPherson  2 months back

                                              stop putting sports and politics in the same boat. that was the only reason i didnt like this video..

                                              • Alphabet Corp
                                                Alphabet Corp  2 months back

                                                WE DON'T NEED ANY MORE HUMAN PILOTS

                                                • wolfpack958
                                                  wolfpack958  2 months back

                                                  Still has better battles than f1 sadly and it doesn’t have a constant team winning all the time so that’s good i guess but i still prefer f1

                                                  • Ashton Lim
                                                    Ashton Lim  2 months back

                                                    And how did you get the electricity? By burning the coal dumbass. Unless you tell me the energy is sourced from renewable clean energy it's just a gimmick

                                                    • Oliver Keigel
                                                      Oliver Keigel  2 months back

                                                      Looks, sounds and feels like an Image film for e-Cars/ e-mobility industry. Don´t you have to let the audience know, when you are showing an advertorial? This can‘t be a real news report, this must be paid content. It is so poorly made.

                                                      • David Stefanowicz
                                                        David Stefanowicz  2 months back

                                                        Anyone here go to the nyc race? I went on Saturday and it was a great time

                                                        • SPD Wicked whips
                                                          SPD Wicked whips  2 months back

                                                          I’m sorry but this was terrible - give it another 10 years for review - great 👍🏼 effort tho. Electric cars are just not there yet never mind trying to complete against F 1 gimme a break

                                                          • Scott Medeiros
                                                            Scott Medeiros  2 months back

                                                            News flash the mining involved with electric car batteries are horrendous on the environment

                                                            • Hector Vega
                                                              Hector Vega  2 months back

                                                              So is for petroleum, and natural gas.

                                                          • Number Eight or Nine?
                                                            Number Eight or Nine?  2 months back

                                                            electric cars NEED to make noise, there's a reason harleys are loud

                                                            • John Doe
                                                              John Doe  2 months back

                                                              The Tampon 200 does exist

                                                              • Do,do, do Da,da,da that's all I got to say

                                                                Geo engineering is government climate warfare being passed off as people pollution.

                                                                • Martin
                                                                  Martin  2 months back

                                                                  ethanol is the future, electric cars so expensive, if u wanna make a good car , make a car like the honda civic, a college student can affort it, now make it electic , untill that happens prepare to change ur engine to run on ethanol, thare so many cars running on fossil, the system is set up for fossil.

                                                                  • 0poIE
                                                                    0poIE  2 months back

                                                                    *EU LAW WILL MEAN THEY HAVE TO BLEEP AROUND THE TRACK LOL*

                                                                    • Irnbruist
                                                                      Irnbruist  2 months back

                                                                      I think it's kinda good to change to electric, but com'on these drivers and organisators are not doing this for environmental reasons; imagine the energy used for all theses cars productions and the whole events..

                                                                      • Darius Robert Newton Ghazi-Torbati

                                                                        Take the repetition out of these videos Vice

                                                                        • Allen Reed
                                                                          Allen Reed  2 months back

                                                                          Environmentalists are taking the fun out of everything. I’m sure u ask any formula e driver hey u wanna race f1 they will switch in a heartbeat

                                                                          • Hey
                                                                            Hey  2 months back

                                                                            Allen Reed EV have insane amounts of torque, I’m sure they are fun as hell to drive.

                                                                        • Peter Henco
                                                                          Peter Henco  2 months back

                                                                          Yap Bulshit Geoengineering have nothing to do with people this has been planed Hundreds years ago !!!!! Why do you thing all Airplanes Spraying Chemicals from their Engines which mostly Aluminum/Barium/Arsen.... because they do what they want with weather ....Moving clouds,Making Storms , Hurricanes and most importantly thing is that whole Climate Change is a FOKIN HOAX to scare people which have nothing to do with it !!! It is Government Responsibility to making BULLSHIT HOAX all over Media and also Killing our planet because of Profit and money !!! I am sure Whole VICE is also a part of this AGENDA ....... I like some of your videos but you need to spend more time with research and history of GMO and stop supporting HOAX about climate change etc .

                                                                          • BlackBear345
                                                                            BlackBear345  2 months back

                                                                            My favorite Motorsport is gets a video on vice!!!! Not saying it’s a good video though

                                                                            • No Name
                                                                              No Name  2 months back

                                                                              People like criticize electric cars about being just as polluting and using that as an excuse to not use them but if we don’t use them now then there wont be any demand for them which will prevent companies from paying engineers to make them more clean and efficient they won’t focus on any of that

                                                                              • Hector Vega
                                                                                Hector Vega  2 months back

                                                                                Some places at least in States are better for EV, you would litter less than combustion engine and diesel engines.

                                                                            • N Shilts
                                                                              N Shilts  2 months back

                                                                              holy shit I went to school with Sam birds little brother

                                                                              • Quinten Distante
                                                                                Quinten Distante  2 months back

                                                                                Went to the formula E Grand Prix in Brooklyn today, it’s life changing

                                                                                • Brian Henry
                                                                                  Brian Henry  2 months back

                                                                                  Another crap video from Vice... do they really think we enjoy the respective marketing statements of the electric racing crowd?

                                                                                  • gstate4ever
                                                                                    gstate4ever  2 months back

                                                                                    This is how racing is covered by media outlets that don’t understand it or care about it. However vice is pretty legit and there’s no doubt if they continue to produce content around racing it would get better. I think they’re really just pushing the green energy electric vehicle thing.

                                                                                    • BBB H
                                                                                      BBB H  2 months back

                                                                                      I wasn't a fan of the car swaps, but I don't think increasing capacity was the right answer- Imagine if capacity was instead restricted (and car swaps banned) such that the cars needed to swap BATTERY PACKS a couple of times (say, three or four) per race- which would make pit stops and team coordination more of a thing... Like refueling used to be in F1!

                                                                                      I love the pinpoint coreography and teamwork that characterizes F1 and NASCAR pits, and especially endurance racing. Also, battery changes might well drive innovation and provide more of a spectacle... Also, lighter cars would make for more dynamic racing!

                                                                                      Imagine if a team could choose to use a larger (thus heavier) battery pack, thus saving a stop, but at the cost of a heavier (thus slower) car... It would also be a way to avoid contrived reasons (required tire-type changes, in particular)

                                                                                      All IMHO, of course!