13 Goal Celebrations - United States vs. Thailand | 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup


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  • TheMakersRage
    TheMakersRage  3 months back

    super cute!

    • Kevin Cline
      Kevin Cline  3 months back

      How did you feel at about 8 goals in? Silly?

      • Pet Plays AJ
        Pet Plays AJ  3 months back

        OMG! You’re such an inspiration!

        • king Junior1120
          king Junior1120  3 months back

          I love this video😂💯

        • Omega Wolf
          Omega Wolf  3 months back

          I’ve been watching the women’s World Cup! My favorite soccer player is between Tobin Heath/Alex Morgan/Marta

          • Kyra Anzaldo
            Kyra Anzaldo   3 months back

            I ❤️ all those players too. 👍🏻⚽️

        • M.Futbol
          M.Futbol  3 months back

          Personally it's pretty disrespectful of the women's team to have celebrated after scoring the last goals especially when playing vs a very bad team that anybody can beat and acting like a bunch of amateurs which they are comparing to actual club football outside america.👎🏼
          Anyway jus checking your channel cause I saw your motivational video. Keep up your work, by the way can you freestyle?

          • kunal gupta
            kunal gupta  3 months back

            All are the same😂😂😂

          • CyberGlass
            CyberGlass  3 months back

            I don't regret subscribing to you! This is amazing! Keep up the good work!

            • Emily Marie
              Emily Marie  3 months back

              That was good and funny!😆 I hope when I get there one day if I do I can be on the team when you are, and that we can break a record!

              • Eduardo Martinez-Flores
                Eduardo Martinez-Flores  3 months back

                Loved it! Especially goal #12!

                • Atatürk'ün Evladı
                  Atatürk'ün Evladı  3 months back

                  Oh my goddnneess!!! 13 goal from USWNT!!! Congrats:)))

                  • Kevin Oblocki
                    Kevin Oblocki  3 months back

                    This was pretty funny... just discovered you... have an awesome day!

                    • Κωνα Παντολεων

                      You are so good

                      • Jennifer Anzaldo
                        Jennifer Anzaldo  3 months back

                        Love it!!!❤️⚽️👏🏼

                      • Just Jess
                        Just Jess  3 months back

                        This was funny but very entertaining thank you so much

                        • Kyra Anzaldo
                          Kyra Anzaldo   3 months back

                          Thanks Just Jess 👌🏃‍♀️⚽

                      • Sofia Salazar
                        Sofia Salazar  3 months back