Adam Scott 's Second Round Interview


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  • Fat American
    Fat American  7 months back

    10/10 would bang

    • Waqar Ghulam
      Waqar Ghulam  7 months back

      Molinari will win. The guy is in the zone, no bogey yet, super iron play and he loves his bettinardi

      • ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn
        ijcn0jir3nvjn3fjcifn  7 months back

        He will win

        • LRN_News
          LRN_News  3 months back

          Evan Kelley Yeah his third round was horrible, very bad putting.

        • Evan Kelley
          Evan Kelley  7 months back

          Sorry to tell you but...

      • Phil Marshall
        Phil Marshall  7 months back

        How can you not like Adam Scott, a class act and true gentleman. I wish him luck!

        • Tony Keilar
          Tony Keilar  7 months back

          Some time ago I hadn't heard of the company's emblem that is on his sweater and always thought it was an ad for the University of Queensland (Australia) UNIQLD. Silly me !

          • Balance
            Balance  7 months back

            What a swing!

            • No Shorts
              No Shorts  7 months back

              He will choke... he'll be 3 or more off the lead on the turn on Sunday.

            • LRN_News
              LRN_News  7 months back

              Too bad he missed that really short putt on 16 for par, he could've had the outright lead.