Lainey Doesn't Want Expectations - Schooled


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  • ShipsInTheKnight
    ShipsInTheKnight  2 weeks back

    Isn't this just like Community? Only the guy is a girl and she's the teacher not the student?

    • SearlsTech
      SearlsTech  2 weeks back

      I don't like that the show is trying to push Lainey away from Barry for that teacher guy. Who's with me?

      • Rhyan Johnson
        Rhyan Johnson  2 weeks back

        I know right

      • Flowing Flowers
        Flowing Flowers  2 weeks back

        I don't care if they get together I just want him to finally tell her how he feels. If she stays with barrie that's fine but if she chooses CB that would be even better!

      • Noelle G.
        Noelle G.  2 weeks back

        Not me. I love CB and Lainey, but I can definitely understand what you mean

    • Nandalal Kangabam
      Nandalal Kangabam  2 weeks back