Top 26 Most Chocolatey Desserts Ever


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  • Delish
    Delish   3 months back

    What's your favorite?

  • damien
    damien  2 months back

    Mmmmmm...I eat my $ 0.5 Chocolate bar ice cream and watch this... yummmm

    • Z y
      Z y  3 months back

      this is the best video I've seen

      • Z y
        Z y  3 months back

        omg those chcolate chip cookies look divine

        • zomgseriosuly
          zomgseriosuly  3 months back

          0:25 that's 12 really thin layers of cake

          • Montana Jackson
            Montana Jackson  3 months back

            🤤 Watching this video has activated my sweet tooth.

            • Gulya Swift
              Gulya Swift  3 months back


              • Yoongi's Rap in 134340
                Yoongi's Rap in 134340  3 months back

                I had the La Bomba at a Toro Toro in DC and it was amazing. Surprisingly not too heavy of a dessert either

                • Sushila Williams
                  Sushila Williams  3 months back


                  • Samuel Giles
                    Samuel Giles  3 months back

                    Umm good try, but you lost me at Cheesecake Factory. You guys need to travel more.

                    • Iranardo da silva waked pontes

                      Simply wonderful. Thank you so much for posting this. From a disabled 36-year-old Brazilian who lives in Italy.

                      • Isabella's Quick Recipes
                        Isabella's Quick Recipes  3 months back

                        That balloon one though 😍

                        • Tosh T
                          Tosh T  3 months back

                          #6 - I had a super delicious chocolate croissant in Paris but jamming it into a waffle iron would take it to another level indeed. Dang. 👍

                          • Castle Cat
                            Castle Cat  3 months back

                            This is giving cavities to my cavities.

                            • YAH Love
                              YAH Love  3 months back

                              gruesome music with totally exagerating desserts. Nothing against a good chocolate, most of this though certainly consists harmful sugars ... Less can be usually more ... Take care of your health - you only have one!

                              • romariohamid
                                romariohamid  3 months back

                                some of those looked disgusting tbh

                                • Haley Faragalli
                                  Haley Faragalli  3 months back

                                  My mouth is watering

                                  • C R
                                    C R  3 months back


                                    • CoraBleu
                                      CoraBleu  3 months back

                                      It’s basically a bunch of desserts in NYC. Would love to see options outside of a few major cities.

                                      • Brenda Bryant
                                        Brenda Bryant  3 months back

                                        I love me some chocolate🍫🍫🍫🍫

                                        • Patata :v
                                          Patata :v  3 months back

                                          •>• one day I’ll do a world’s travel only to try does chocolates

                                        • Gina Malba
                                          Gina Malba  3 months back

                                          *spongebob episode voice* CHOCOLATE

                                        • Angelica’s Recovery
                                          Angelica’s Recovery  3 months back

                                          Watching this video while on my period probably isn’t the best idea... now I’m craving ALLLL the chocolate

                                          • Delish
                                            Delish   3 months back


                                          • RedRay
                                            RedRay  3 months back

                                            Tell me about it ! lol 😣🍫🍫🍫😍