Who Is The Night King? [Finally Answered] Game Of Thrones Season 8 Theory


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  • Jinn Mallik
    Jinn Mallik  2 weeks back

    Reason most Hated Season 8 of GOT. Unable to dissect GOT the way you do leaves the Story untold people walking away confused.
    To understand completely without having read the Books comes a Miracle but here you are. Your efforts well appreciated.

    • Chris Williamson
      Chris Williamson  2 months back

      Dumbest explanation ever. 🤦‍♂️. The NIGHT king already existed before the targaryens arrived, brynden rivers isnt actually in the show, while having similar abilities to the 3 eyed raven BloodRaven is never mention as or called the 3 eyed raven in any of the books or the show. He was given the nickname bloodraven due to a raven shaped birthmark on his face,which is missing. He also only has 1 eye because he lost 1 in the battle of the red field, something also missing from your explanation.
      Did you in any capacity actually pay attention to the story?

      • Teflon Tv
        Teflon Tv   2 months back

        Listen you dumfuk Trump supporter. Was Hodor "Hodor" before Bran was born? The answer is yes he was. So your stupid argument that the night king existed before the targs is a wrong. That's why I dont do these video anymore. You people steal my ideas the rest make stupid comments. I've predicted more right than any youtube podcaster in this fandom point blank. Your upset because a black man a real black man did and your so called nerds didnt. So I'm gonna say this once and never again. Get off my dik sucker and tell your chick to come here.

    • moki
      moki  2 months back

      I aint done with the video i'm like a minute in but did anyone notice that the little area Bran in is, the overlook is the same type of formation as the kid that he butchered as a message. Idk if that's something about that locator put on Bran, but i'm thinking it's more like a GPS and doesn't give him a full look of where he is, this makes me wonder how he knows what it looks like if he does know

        MORONS OF TODAY !  2 months back

        Teflon I totally find your theory possible but there was one tiny little flaw if you recall in the series the man that had the dragon glass plunged into his heart was said to be one of those who were among the first men and taking that it was said he was one of the first men that is implying that he is stark because the starks were “the first men”

        • Hagstik
          Hagstik  3 months back

          He literally can’t be since the Targaryen’s came after the pact happened and the first men, children, and giants defeated the wightwalkers also when the targaryens came the andals were already there thus meaning you’re completely wrong but judging by other comments you already know that

          • milanetc
            milanetc  3 months back

            Oh ok

            • andrew gliniak
              andrew gliniak  4 months back

              Are you doing a fantasy football video this year? I ask every year but I hope you do.

              • andrew gliniak
                andrew gliniak  4 months back

                @Teflon Tv Well what's your draft order going to be and do you have any sleepers?

              • Teflon Tv
                Teflon Tv   4 months back

                I want to I just have to see if I can be consistent on it

            • Ruth Itumo
              Ruth Itumo  5 months back


              • Teflon Tv
                Teflon Tv   5 months back

                I know the timeline of Asoiaf

            • Ruth Itumo
              Ruth Itumo  5 months back


              • GlossVibe
                GlossVibe  5 months back

                The night King is Zane

                • 54markl
                  54markl  6 months back

                  Well, so much for this fan theory. D&D get paid millions and millions of dollars for their crappy mediocre fan fiction. You do not. Do you know what that Night King spiral symbol really was? A Plot Device that went Nowhere.

                • 54markl
                  54markl  6 months back

                  The Night King is Benioff and Weiss. When the pressure got too great, they shattered into a million pieces of BS.

                  • John Von Daniken
                    John Von Daniken  6 months back

                    As we know now. This is a whole heap of bullshit.

                    • Teflon Tv
                      Teflon Tv   6 months back

                      Not the fuck at all how do you figure. They didn't touch on it in the show . The prequel will

                  • Apey B
                    Apey B  6 months back

                    I think the Night King could be Bloodraven's brother Blackfire, but not him. He can't exist as both at the same time.

                    • Chris Mak
                      Chris Mak  6 months back

                      In the end, it's The Game Of Nonsense & Nothing! Shame on D&D. Remake S8!!

                      • T Bone
                        T Bone  6 months back

                        He's not the Knight's King.

                        • Teflon Tv
                          Teflon Tv   6 months back

                          No one said he was a knight

                      • joey peabody
                        joey peabody  6 months back

                        ????if only the actual show had shown everyone who the Night King is - ya know - like they spent every season teasing - only to say ah yeah he's nobody important really and easier to kill than the Mountain - thank you D&D

                        • Michael Davidson
                          Michael Davidson  6 months back

                          Ok possible theory. The night king was alive before the children turn him. So the NK changing the baby in the earlier season could be possibly creating a Night Prince thus creating a never ending cycle of The Long Night.

                          • rainwolf034
                            rainwolf034  6 months back

                            At the end it looks like the Drown god to me

                            • siaosi afamasaga
                              siaosi afamasaga  6 months back

                              the guys making this video must be feeling stipid now hahahaha go do something else other than making these kind of vids

                              • Golden Sasquatch
                                Golden Sasquatch  6 months back

                                Bran became King. Lol

                                • Arc Arsenal
                                  Arc Arsenal  6 months back

                                  You're a moron

                                  • thisluvs4u
                                    thisluvs4u  6 months back

                                    well what about when he paused and stared at Bran rite before Arya killed him? Did he see himself there?

                                    • Barbaracarol4 Daly
                                      Barbaracarol4 Daly  6 months back

                                      I love listening to your ideas.

                                      • Bj Hardigan
                                        Bj Hardigan  6 months back

                                        I thought that only the targaryan's, and people who share the same dna, are the ones who can control, and ride dragons. The Night King seemed to have the ability to capture, kill, control, and ride a dragon, or doesn't it matter.
                                        The Night King seemed to pretty pleased with himself when he acquired, and rode dany's favorite dragon into the battle.

                                        • Find Me
                                          Find Me  6 months back

                                          @Bj Hardigan omg, yes!!! It all went by too fast. People are signing a petition to remake GoT season 8. Of course, they don't actually expect it to happen, they're just complaining about how bad the writing is

                                        • Bj Hardigan
                                          Bj Hardigan  6 months back

                                          @Find Me i must have missed the difference between warging, and true ability that the targaryans had for dragon control. the only thing scary about the night king was the ability to riase, the same dead body, over, and , over. that talent was wasted, when he got arrogant , and his taunting of the dying theon, for his implusiveness, only to be caught by surprise when slipped the valerian knife.
                                          POOF! Get the Dirt Devil.
                                          Did I Miss the coming of Winter...

                                        • Find Me
                                          Find Me  6 months back

                                          @Bj Hardigan lol Game of Porn!!! I can't breathe!! No, no, that's such a weird question. It's fine. In your first comment you said the Night King was able to control Viserion because he's a Tagaeryan. That's not true, he can just control dead things.
                                          Also, I really hate how they just killed him off after 7 seasons of building up to an epic battle. Do you agree?

                                        • Bj Hardigan
                                          Bj Hardigan  6 months back

                                          @Find Me hell, he couldn't control someone falling out of a tree, breaking their fall by stabbing a knife into him, and dusting him, and hid army.

                                        • Bj Hardigan
                                          Bj Hardigan  6 months back

                                          @Find Me oh! you asked if i watched the game of thrones. i thought you said the game of porn...the night king was definitely the king ... his smug look of satisfaction when he came.... poor theon 💋🖤

                                      • Tia Marie
                                        Tia Marie  6 months back

                                        I thought there was a Night King, and a Night's King?

                                        • God of War
                                          God of War  6 months back

                                          🤣🤣 no he not the night king it's jon snow father I think

                                          • Noreen Felix
                                            Noreen Felix  6 months back

                                            So is Branden Stark dead?

                                            • Scott no
                                              Scott no  6 months back

                                              What a joke this does not even fit any storyline. He does not even know he keeps calling him Knights King instead od Night King. The symbol matching is like saying a baseball is the same as a basketball the are both round. This guy is a total joke.

                                            • L
                                              L  6 months back

                                              The night's king is someone else this is the night king

                                              • Duncan Sutherland
                                                Duncan Sutherland  6 months back

                                                I think the dwarf is the true dragon king. He is the son of the mad king.

                                                • Ramona Estrada
                                                  Ramona Estrada  6 months back

                                                  Lol they are the VOLTURI!!

                                                  • Ramona Estrada
                                                    Ramona Estrada  6 months back

                                                    Lol lol he’s the red devil from STAR WARS!! That’s who he is..

                                                    • Hood Hefner
                                                      Hood Hefner  6 months back

                                                      I believe The Nights king was a Stark.. maybe the 1st men, the Stark ancestors, were Valyrian

                                                      • kristine steinert
                                                        kristine steinert  6 months back

                                                        I don't understand how it could be i don't think you can be two people at once in the same time line

                                                        • kristine steinert
                                                          kristine steinert  6 months back

                                                          I don't think that counts if the dragon is dead

                                                          • kristine steinert
                                                            kristine steinert  6 months back

                                                            I don't think so

                                                            • X- LAW
                                                              X- LAW  6 months back

                                                              Solid theory.

                                                              • Jackson Ville
                                                                Jackson Ville  6 months back

                                                                Didn't the WW exist for thousands of years before valeria

                                                                • X- LAW
                                                                  X- LAW  6 months back

                                                                  Will it ever be confrimed? Rajing man after season 8 ep3 lol

                                                                  • Adam Thrasher
                                                                    Adam Thrasher  6 months back

                                                                    The night King is a stark, bran even looks like him, I think that's why he wants bran so bad.

                                                                    • Philly Cheesesteak
                                                                      Philly Cheesesteak  6 months back

                                                                      It was Arya Stark's little brother

                                                                      • BookmarkedVideos
                                                                        BookmarkedVideos  6 months back

                                                                        If he became the Night King as a young man, then when would he have had the opportunity to age into an older man?!

                                                                        • BookmarkedVideos
                                                                          BookmarkedVideos  6 months back

                                                                          @thisluvs4u Yeah, but those babies didn't go back to being human later and the Night King is still the Night King.

                                                                        • thisluvs4u
                                                                          thisluvs4u  6 months back

                                                                          well...idk...that part doesn't make sense cuz the babies that were offered as a sacrifice aged and we're eventually the knight kings white walkers...they grew n aged...but the whites didnt...why would that be??

                                                                        • Tia Marie
                                                                          Tia Marie  6 months back


                                                                      • humanity rising11;11
                                                                        humanity rising11;11  6 months back

                                                                        its the night king bro not knights king the knights king was the 13th commander of the knights watch who in fact married a female white walker

                                                                        • ChiefKene
                                                                          ChiefKene  6 months back

                                                                          The amount of ads on this video alone makes you realize it’s clickbait and nonsense

                                                                          • EGN ARTS
                                                                            EGN ARTS  6 months back

                                                                            Who's the "Nice King"?

                                                                            • Pestalent Blackwolf
                                                                              Pestalent Blackwolf  6 months back

                                                                              You say its a targarian, but you forget one thing, the night king controls anything he turns, and bloodraven knows everything, he is the 3 eyed raven. If you make a guess like that you need real proof. One, the symbol is a spiral, there are what 3 houses that have that? Heck, in the burning symbol it looks like the greyjoys crest. If you want a real guess how about this. The n.k. is linked to the 3 eyed raven by the children (who are the origin of them both) as a way to keep him alive, each 3.e.r. is linked to him as a battery. And, being turn against his will, he wants to end his pain and suffering, while taking revenge, by "takeing out" his battery. He would truely die, and the children of the forest, being part of memory, would be wiped from the equation. Pain+enslavement = hate × rage = revenge + death = peace

                                                                              • Hudson Michel
                                                                                Hudson Michel  6 months back

                                                                                Good stuff putting all reasonable clues together