Humiliatrix Extraordinare: Ceara Lynch @ The Mystery Box Show


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  • Ceara Lynch
    Ceara Lynch  24 hours back

    Hey all! Ceara Lynch here. This video took an unexpected spike in viewership the last few weeks. I just wanted to clear up a few things that keep coming up in the comments: this is neither comedy nor a ted talk. It’s a story telling show! Real people telling real stories about their lives. Like "The Moth," but dirtier. Feel free to google my name if you want to learn more about what I do. Also check out my indie movie coming out later this month here: Cheers!

    • nahiag
      nahiag  1 hours back

      Great history! Love the awkward talk with your dad. Thanks for sharing.

    • jimihendrix225
      jimihendrix225  2 hours back

      @Elven Justice Unfortunately I doubt she came on this video docuseries to solicit men..shes doing just fine on her disrespect intended

    • jimihendrix225
      jimihendrix225  2 hours back

      @Jeffrey Bone FUCK YOU Jeffrey Bone...Show some respect....All she was trying to do was TELL a story and being OPEN and HONEST...Not That You Understand Any Of That....Get Tha Fuck Out Of Here TROLL..if you dont like it then click NEXT VIDEO !

    • Elven Justice
      Elven Justice  16 hours back

      Ceara Lynch - I have had numerous women piss directly in my mouth, swallow every delicious drop and lick their clit till they're satisfied.

      I can tell you where your pee hole is, right below your clit a little above the vaginal opening - Why I can make the transition from swallowing to licking instantly.

      Also with a woman's vulva in my mouth while I'm swallowing her piss creates a little clitoral stimulation with every swallow -why they welcome me licking it when they're done pissing.

      The 1st time they always scream with excitement that they're actually pissing in my mouth. The incidental clitoral stimulation combined with being on top and in control gives women that sense of power, dominance and control that makes it a super turn on for them and for me.
      ... PM me at [email protected] to continue this discussion.

    • Elven Justice
      Elven Justice  16 hours back

      @Jeffrey Bone No she's NOT a bitch at all, she is awesome AF and brutally honest -which makes you THINK she's a bitch. I think she's absolutely awesome. I wish I knew a girl like her in RL. (what's really frustrating is that I might and not even know it)

  • Jerry ignacio
    Jerry ignacio  23 minutes back

    Your dad buys your panties. Hahaha

    • Jerry ignacio
      Jerry ignacio  24 minutes back

      Is this supposed to be comedy?

      • The Most Original Gamer

        Now I really lost faith in Humanity (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

        • shubham sharma
          shubham sharma  7 hours back

          Why you only send your pee,you should have send human excreta as well(LIKE FOOD PAIRING TO COMPLIMENT YOUR BEER)(BUT HERE THE FOOD IS EXCRETA AND BEER IS PISS) and he will be more than happy to have it?
          And u would have received additional 100 bucks no!
          I guess their are all types of weird and wicked people out their who will pay for this type of disgusting thing.

          • D G
            D G  7 hours back

            She's not THAT much of a genius.. because (like in typical female fashion).. she has such an insatiable urge to talk about "herself".. that she just publicly exposed the inner workings of what sounds like an extremely lucrative and desirable situation for any budding young female entrepreneur!

            Her situation sounds like one where there is actually a fair amount of demand for someone like her, who's "product" is less earned, and more, "genetic gift".

            Unfortunately, it's a genetic gift that is shared among a VAST swath of the human population who also happens to be young, and female.

            The only barrier to entry which has historically stopped these DROVES of good looking, young, girls from infiltrating this market has been the ONE thing that this young lady was lucky enough to stumble upon.. and that is.. the knowledge that it EXISTS! And ironically, this also happens to be the ONE thing she exploited/exposed in the course of giving this talk and posting it online!

            She just handed the keys to the castle over to millions of impressionable, eager, young females.. who are now a direct threat to her as competition.

            She invited millions of other "options" to come take a slice of her pie.. knowing full well that she personally, has next to nothing with which she can use to protect her interests... that any one of these other, random, young girls will not ALSO have as well!

            There's no "secret recipe", there's no proprietary magic, there's no trade-mark, there's no brand, which sets her off from the prospect of competition!

            The ONLY thing she had which allowed her to enjoy a lucrative time in this market, was the fact that the nature of the market lends itself to remaining unnoticed and subsequently untapped (no pun intended).

            And like most other naive businesses, which erroneously equate their success to "hard work", or some fictitious, non-existent "prowess" with which they've lulled themselves into a sense of invincibility.. she has unwittingly exposed her secrets to the open internet, and potentially invented herself thousands of new competitors which will likely saturate the market with inferior product.. causing its value to tumble .. and this free-fall could have likely been avoided...had she JUST resisted the urge to "talk about herself" and to share the "how to potentially make a little money while systematically destroying my entire gig in the process" story.

            She makes a couple hundred grand, and suddenly she feels like her "story" is worth telling, like she's ready to start accepting awards from Michelle Obama, and sitting down with Ellen by day, and Barbara Walters by night.

            I know I'm exaggerating and being hyperbolic, but I'm dead serious about how strongly I feel about how STUPID I think she was to even TELL this story in the first place.. then when she got to the point in the story where she's talking about how her Dad called her a "genius".. I couldn't help but recognize this wasn't JUST a funny story, done for laughs or even to help inspire other young girls even.. it became apparent to me at that point.. the level of vanity and arrogance this girl harbors about how she made her money. I could SEE that her head has grown SO large that she even feels like her intelligence has transcended that of her own parents! And this was her patting herself on the back, and reassuring herself that her Daddy surrendered, admitted defeat, AND called her a genius! (Did I ever tell you about the time that I chased down and found myself face to face with the leader of ISIS inside of a dirty underground cave.. and shortly before he blew himself up like a coward, he congratulated me! And told me how much of a GENIUS I was compared to him!). Yeah, it's Iike that.. she clearly struggles with Daddy issues, and she clearly feels like she has "made it" in the world via her extreme level of intelligence, and her inane business prowess!

            Now if you'll excuse me, I need to start researching some websites, and creating some fake profiles that will give this financially secure, late 30's, male, entrepreneur (me) the appearance of a cute, innocently-sexy, young, female who's willing to "entertain the idea" of selling her urine and panties to willing sexual deviants on the internet!

            See ya on the TED stage, yo!

            • harvey weinstein
              harvey weinstein  8 hours back

              Unless you are telling the truth, you are doing a huge disservice to women. I would hate for a woman to put a practical career on hold in lieu of this avenue of potential revenue generation if there is no chance of it realistically happening. If you are telling the truth, the world is worse off than I thought.

              • MrJhchrist
                MrJhchrist  10 hours back

                Totally thought I clicked on a standup act. I feel like I imagine her dad must have.

                • Bikram Sapkota
                  Bikram Sapkota  16 hours back

                  Like she said the stuff about ebay and Ebanned this show is like Ted banned kinda shit

                  • Bikram Sapkota
                    Bikram Sapkota  16 hours back

                    It's not genius... And neither is your dad. It's like I'm gonna go naked but the odience shall be in the dark so that I can't see them....

                    • Mickey Kitonga
                      Mickey Kitonga  16 hours back

                      I Am Not Even Half Way Watching This And I Am Already Cracked Up!!

                      • Elven Justice
                        Elven Justice  17 hours back

                        Damn, she is Awesome, and in credible Fox who is so open minded and truly liberatedShe's got it going on.

                        • Y K
                          Y K  17 hours back


                          • David easterwood
                            David easterwood  17 hours back

                            I'm about too put my wife too work! 😆

                            • Khasi 1614
                              Khasi 1614  18 hours back

                              This is the first video I can't decide whether I should like or dislike!!😑😑

                              • Johnny Punish
                                Johnny Punish  20 hours back

                                She is a solid entrepreneur.

                                • Jeffrey Bone
                                  Jeffrey Bone  18 hours back

                                  A decadent slut meets Gordon Gecko!

                              • Dennis Batchelor
                                Dennis Batchelor  20 hours back

                                Ceara, I worked as a Host at the Improv. Many comics use anecdotes from their lives (true stories and some times exaggerated, i.e.,comedy). So you are standing up in front of a crowd and it's funny.

                                • Jeffrey Bone
                                  Jeffrey Bone  18 hours back

                                  Not funny to me, more like Rotten!

                              • Keith Rempp
                                Keith Rempp  21 hours back

                                Beautiful Girl

                                • Jeremy Gross
                                  Jeremy Gross  21 hours back

                                  Female Privilege at it's finest.

                                  • Jeffrey Bone
                                    Jeffrey Bone  18 hours back

                                    In the future, her type will disappear..

                                • Meowke .
                                  Meowke .  21 hours back

                                  She should get into politics $$$$

                                  • Cliffhouse97
                                    Cliffhouse97  22 hours back

                                    There was a good reason you didn't want to tell your father. It's called shame. It's something modern culture has successfully rationalized away. You may not feel that emotion any longer, but trust me your father feels it for you.

                                    • AMALGAM ALL
                                      AMALGAM ALL  23 hours back

                                      Wow her dad is cool. More importantly she is genius.

                                      • Dennis Fuchs
                                        Dennis Fuchs  1 days back

                                        You are not funny,and wear pants. Your legs are not that great !!👎👎👎👎👎😜😜😜😜

                                        • frankthetank8098
                                          frankthetank8098  1 days back

                                          Wow that’s funny. Anyone who thinks she’s immoral or a hooker is probably a prude. I think she’s brilliant.

                                          • Jeffrey Bone
                                            Jeffrey Bone  18 hours back

                                            Yeah, she keeps her brains in her Snatch!

                                        • Frankie Ashley
                                          Frankie Ashley  1 days back

                                          Well smack my arse and call me betty.. that is genius... but how much would that cost?

                                          • Johnny Jaramillo
                                            Johnny Jaramillo  1 days back

                                            What's her name? Now I want to see some of her videos haha

                                            • The Narrator
                                              The Narrator  1 days back

                                              This has gotten awkward really fast, and I have to say I have pee fetish. This was weird even to me

                                              • Jeffrey Bone
                                                Jeffrey Bone  18 hours back

                                                Golden showers is one thing, but buying this girls piss so you can smell it or worse, is another!

                                            • Jim Hamberg
                                              Jim Hamberg  1 days back

                                              I wonder who the original guy was? 🤔 lol. Think man,you are the reason for this girl BEING who she is!

                                              • Jeffrey Bone
                                                Jeffrey Bone  18 hours back

                                                A miserable rotten sex drive is and will cut it off! Or blow it off..

                                            • Christian Navarro
                                              Christian Navarro  1 days back

                                              No Donald Trump comments? Surprising.

                                              • Steven Garrison
                                                Steven Garrison  1 days back

                                                I've only watched a few of the Mystery Box Show videos. This is by far the most entertaining one yet. It's funny, sweet and pretty sick, in that eeewww... tell me more kind of way. She really IS a genius!

                                                • Jeffrey Bone
                                                  Jeffrey Bone  18 hours back

                                                  She from the Gutter, it's where alot of women geniuses are now!

                                              • Mark Read
                                                Mark Read  1 days back

                                                I hope she knows that her I.P. address and her location can be traced. I don’t think she really wants these creeps to show up at her door one day.

                                                • B
                                                  B  1 days back


                                                  • Dan Clizer
                                                    Dan Clizer  1 days back

                                                    If I could speak directly to Ceara, I would congratulate her on your daring choice of careers and I would offer some wisdom at the same time. You are on the correct track in saying that there are only several people that you care about in terms of what they think of you. That is very wise on your part! Further, the magic really begins when we do not care in the slightest what ANYONE thinks of us.
                                                    Our connection to our own wisdom and intuition is ALL that matters. That connection is our own personal connection to Creator-Source. Turn off the care for what others think and believe and in the process tune in to your connection to Spirit!


                                                    • Dan Clizer
                                                      Dan Clizer  15 hours back

                                                      Hi Jeffrey!

                                                      No. Your need to categorize is tied to the Ego. Ego is inherently insecure and therefore is always wanting things neat and tidy so it can perpetuate it's fantasy of 'security'. This deficiency can be transmuted if you are willing to put in the difficult inner-work that is necessary.


                                                    • Jeffrey Bone
                                                      Jeffrey Bone  18 hours back

                                                      So your a religious jesus freak zealot type?

                                                  • Jiggly Bandito
                                                    Jiggly Bandito  1 days back

                                                    She’s gorgeous

                                                    • Michael Grimes
                                                      Michael Grimes  1 days back

                                                      What a strange prostitue..

                                                      • nk shroud
                                                        nk shroud  1 days back

                                                        i saw her on pornhhub

                                                        • nk shroud
                                                          nk shroud  1 days back

                                                          i saw her on pornhhub

                                                          • nk shroud
                                                            nk shroud  1 days back

                                                            i saw her on pornhhub

                                                            • nk shroud
                                                              nk shroud  1 days back

                                                              i saw her on pornhhub

                                                              • AKHIL JOSHI
                                                                AKHIL JOSHI  2 days back

                                                                This exactly is what's wrong with the Western society.

                                                                • baileytom78
                                                                  baileytom78  9 hours back

                                                                  Asian community has nothing on the West. They are Freakish of the Freak

                                                                • AKHIL JOSHI
                                                                  AKHIL JOSHI  17 hours back

                                                                  @Apex 8 this is illegal in most countries and hence the judgement. I have watched other videos on this channel and they were all good coz they were personal stories. This impacts the society.

                                                                  BTW that's the answer to a rhetorical question, which is an irony. How else would u put it?

                                                                • Apex 8
                                                                  Apex 8  21 hours back

                                                                  This is exactly what makes freedom ring! And we aren’t a Western Society without everyone from the East - This is everywhere! Anyone can name there origin and another group or culture will judge it, just as you did here. Thankfully, YouTube has brought us all together.

                                                                  Here we have opinions too, there are plenty of people commenting that don’t like this video. And that’s what makes us different, that’s what makes the world different. We all got problems, this isn’t one of them I can assure you. And better yet, here we can also say ‘who cares what you think, bye!’

                                                                  BTW that’s some damn good English for disliking the West👍👌

                                                              • Szymon Bujak
                                                                Szymon Bujak  2 days back

                                                                Report your local thot.

                                                                • Karlo Montano
                                                                  Karlo Montano  2 days back

                                                                  Sounds lk an expensive hobby, penny for your thoughts and prayers; most definitely genius to finding th narrow path of monetizing passions.

                                                                • Akinkunmi Cook
                                                                  Akinkunmi Cook  2 days back


                                                                  • G4LCTC
                                                                    G4LCTC  2 days back

                                                                    Remember, all men's advances are creepy and perverted unless a woman finds him attractive.

                                                                    • acan thus
                                                                      acan thus  2 days back

                                                                      Like Ted talks on intimate subjects

                                                                      • Ron Strong
                                                                        Ron Strong  2 days back

                                                                        I’d tap that ass girl! 🥰

                                                                        • ujjwal Kumar
                                                                          ujjwal Kumar  2 days back


                                                                          • Clear News
                                                                            Clear News  2 days back

                                                                            Only problem is you are a fucking liar. You became a discusting dirty piece of trash with no moral compass.