Zoomer thinks his Mom is too IRRELEVANT to speak to


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  • Riley Johnson
    Riley Johnson  20 minutes back

    Send him to jail and the ranch. Iconic 😂

    • SoOk -
      SoOk -  56 minutes back

      Im a zoomer but inside me is a boomer

      • He He
        He He  2 hours back

        6.9 views amazing

        • Crystal Smith
          Crystal Smith  3 hours back

          I seen this episode, I don't usually hate people but I made an exception for these 2 men. I even watched their videos (well as many as I could stomach) and they are both horrible people

          • замир заманов

            Люди тут есть русские????

            • Crystal Smith
              Crystal Smith  3 hours back

              Do hell with the ranch.... Hunger Games!!!!

              • Kayedi Chapman
                Kayedi Chapman  4 hours back

                I guess I'm not relevant 😔

                Thank these rejected zoomers for me.

                • Amelia Withington
                  Amelia Withington  5 hours back

                  I like how they’re SO FAMOUS... yet I’ve never even heard of them

                  • Alpaca
                    Alpaca  6 hours back

                    Imagine YouTube demonitizing... Man I hate this company. Felix please fucking make the next "YouTube".

                    • freakinlocket
                      freakinlocket  9 hours back

                      this is sad.

                      • Jennifer Seelos
                        Jennifer Seelos  9 hours back

                        you know you've hit rock bottom when pewdiepie makes a video about you

                        • Jennifer Seelos
                          Jennifer Seelos  9 hours back

                          "we wanted to go massivley viral"

                          ok, but ive never heard of them, and if i ever saw this video, i would immediately dislike it.

                          • Kokichi Oma Kinnie
                            Kokichi Oma Kinnie  9 hours back

                            6,9M views....nice

                            • CM Punk
                              CM Punk  10 hours back

                              OK ZOOMER

                              • Blaze Escamilla
                                Blaze Escamilla  11 hours back

                                Some people just need help
                                Also if these kids are now "famous" for this, pewdiepie is as famous as god

                                • Emi Olive
                                  Emi Olive  11 hours back

                                  In twenty years people are going to be calling us Zoomers
                                  Let that sink in

                                  • Rozzy_ Rocks06
                                    Rozzy_ Rocks06  12 hours back

                                    Ok Zoomer

                                    • Phantom
                                      Phantom  12 hours back

                                      When my girl is trying to jerk me off in no nut November 0:36

                                      • Chrono
                                        Chrono  12 hours back

                                        (This message was deleted for being too irelevant)

                                        • micah bell
                                          micah bell  13 hours back

                                          I identify as a boomer now. I gave up on my generation

                                          • Toby Ou
                                            Toby Ou  13 hours back

                                            waittt... think about it. if he said they not relevant enough, and everyone moves up and becomes MORE relevant. wouldn't that make him... irrelevant too

                                            • Sami Owens
                                              Sami Owens  13 hours back

                                              Ok boomer

                                              • Garrett Dixon
                                                Garrett Dixon  14 hours back

                                                These dum kids

                                                • Adam Lauer
                                                  Adam Lauer  15 hours back

                                                  Who is Jeffery star

                                                  • Michael Bragg
                                                    Michael Bragg  15 hours back

                                                    Is that the Samsung fold

                                                    • Issa Joke
                                                      Issa Joke  16 hours back

                                                      The guy with the shorter hair is cute and the other one is the Satan of Jeffrey star THE WASTE AH

                                                      • Issa Joke
                                                        Issa Joke  16 hours back

                                                        “After going massively viral”
                                                        nEVER heard of you

                                                        • Mr_Wiggles012
                                                          Mr_Wiggles012  16 hours back

                                                          double toaster bath needed

                                                          • pake
                                                            pake  17 hours back

                                                            good vid, but kept misgendering bameron, or whatever tf her name is.

                                                            • Anime Lover
                                                              Anime Lover  17 hours back

                                                              69 views? Theory? meme review?

                                                              • QueenVanilla Chai
                                                                QueenVanilla Chai  18 hours back

                                                                Who else didn’t know who Jeffree Stars and looked him up and laughed hilariously at his comparison to the guy in the video.😂

                                                                • Big Smoke
                                                                  Big Smoke  18 hours back

                                                                  This kids irrelevant like that person who tried to mug me but i knocked him out

                                                                  • Onyx Houseki
                                                                    Onyx Houseki  18 hours back

                                                                    "that's how relevant I am"

                                                                    *_What's his name?_*

                                                                    • Ethan Wood
                                                                      Ethan Wood  19 hours back

                                                                      PewDiePie:” 18 million views? That’s nothing.
                                                                      PewDiePie: gets 7 million views on the videos

                                                                      • Doom Eye
                                                                        Doom Eye  19 hours back

                                                                        He is not boomer he is Dr. Philoomer

                                                                        • Palomo
                                                                          Palomo  19 hours back

                                                                          The rap girl is like OGloc but more trashy

                                                                          • Jack Gilmore
                                                                            Jack Gilmore  20 hours back

                                                                            ....who are they....

                                                                            • Ben Dover
                                                                              Ben Dover  20 hours back

                                                                              Ok zoomer

                                                                              • Evaizzy x
                                                                                Evaizzy x  20 hours back

                                                                                Open the video and it said 6.9 million views

                                                                                • TheMatrix1101
                                                                                  TheMatrix1101  21 hours back

                                                                                  They sound like they have robotic voice

                                                                                  • EfecanElcicek
                                                                                    EfecanElcicek  21 hours back

                                                                                    Doctor Phill just roasted his ass HOLY

                                                                                    • kimmyrusso666
                                                                                      kimmyrusso666  22 hours back

                                                                                      🤣😂😆PewDiePie you kill me lol

                                                                                      • Contently Shane
                                                                                        Contently Shane  22 hours back

                                                                                        😂 he said he doesn’t have an ego 😂

                                                                                        • Soni-Chan x Soniku
                                                                                          Soni-Chan x Soniku  23 hours back

                                                                                          Ok pewmer

                                                                                          • Dim Stath
                                                                                            Dim Stath  23 hours back

                                                                                            Pewds: "u think 18 million views is a lot? thats nothing!"
                                                                                            *gets 6 million views on video*

                                                                                            • Orion Christensen
                                                                                              Orion Christensen  23 hours back

                                                                                              Pewdipie talking about sending kids to islands and survival of the fittest.

                                                                                              Me thinking about lord of the flies

                                                                                              • Robyn Brady
                                                                                                Robyn Brady  24 hours back

                                                                                                ok zoomer

                                                                                                • Geo Wang
                                                                                                  Geo Wang  24 hours back

                                                                                                  Why do their voices sound like they're on slow mo?