Marcus D - Son Of The Moon | Chill Vlog Music Copyright Free Hip Hop


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  • Bass Rebels
    Bass Rebels   7 months back

    More chilled vibes from MARCUS D ➡️ 🎧🎵
    Playlists now on ITUNES, SPOTIFY, DEEZER ➡️ 😃

    • Quake
      Quake  7 months back

      Danny this track is sicked gud one😏

  • Al Hattal
    Al Hattal  2 weeks back

    Nice 👌

  • SirEdward Daniels
    SirEdward Daniels  2 months back

    Mike Chen got me here 😊🤙🏾🔥🔥🔥

  • SIMply Skye
    SIMply Skye  2 months back

    Im getting a 70s vibe. Makes me picture bell bottoms and ascots, lol

    • Your Local Car Guy
      Your Local Car Guy  5 months back

      Anyone else here from Life of Palos?

    • Summer Winter
      Summer Winter  5 months back

      another great sound by Marcus D 😃

    • Waffle Artist
      Waffle Artist  6 months back

      thanks for the song, i use it for my main outro song. SOOOO nice and soothing.

    • Gurosama Bltch
      Gurosama Bltch  6 months back

      Marcus D is too good to title his music as copyright free music as if that's what it's all about :/ kinda insulting

      • Bass Rebels
        Bass Rebels   6 months back

        His music has copyright like all music does but he just allows content creators on YouTube and Twitch to use it on those platforms 🎶

    • Mr FSU
      Mr FSU  6 months back

      Awesome chill music!!!!!! Just subscribe!!!!!!

    • RazzerRaw
      RazzerRaw  6 months back

      Does anyone know the original sample?

      • Bass Rebels
        Bass Rebels   6 months back

        Not too sure but I will try find out 🎶

    • Nurzat Samatov
      Nurzat Samatov  6 months back

      Русский ?

      • January Baby
        January Baby  7 months back

        This song is the literal embodiment of a brighter future, gives me so many positive feelings, makes me feel as though everything's going to be alright

      • ProBalloon Boy
        ProBalloon Boy  7 months back

        Did u make this in fl studio or did U actually play all the instruments and have a band play

        • Bass Rebels
          Bass Rebels   7 months back

          I am not sure what DAW this artist uses but I use Presonus Studio One 🎶

      • Sarah Zahir
        Sarah Zahir  7 months back

        Who's here from john fish's latest vlog??

      • just me.
        just me.  7 months back

        This is one of my favorites on this channel. Thank you

      • YEETA BIX
        YEETA BIX  7 months back

        Who came here to find out what Josh was listening to in his galaxy earpods in boxing video?

        • Stephen Encenzo
          Stephen Encenzo  2 months back

          Me lol

        • Jiro Weiler
          Jiro Weiler  5 months back

          hum... it catched my interest... Josh? from where? Could you link the video?

        • Triggered Panda
          Triggered Panda  7 months back

          Word I was wondering like hmm 🤔🤔

        • irshad irshu
          irshad irshu  7 months back

          @Bass Rebels
          Hahha... He promote you...

          Me too

        • Bass Rebels
          Bass Rebels   7 months back

          Haha welcome to the channel 🎶

      • Susan Thomas
        Susan Thomas  7 months back


      • Harsh Samadhiya
        Harsh Samadhiya  7 months back

        Are you guys available on amazon music or spotify streaming app?

        • Bass Rebels
          Bass Rebels   7 months back

          Yes here is a list of our playlists

      • Journey to 100 Channel
        Journey to 100 Channel  7 months back


        ANDROX GAMING  7 months back

        It gives a Christmas vibe

      • LaughingSpy
        LaughingSpy  7 months back

        Great music as always!

        • RobinD. Gaming
          RobinD. Gaming  7 months back

          Fitting yesterdays Supermoon in europe...

        • Hitmaniak17 *Cars and Cinematics*

          Positive vibes

        • LION HEART
          LION HEART  7 months back

          LOVE IT!!🌔

        • idk idk
          idk idk  7 months back

          I actually like this song. Thank you Marcus D. Very cool.

        • IsrarIndian motivational status


        • maymon k
          maymon k  7 months back

          Such an awesome chill music! Love it:)

        • Juliana Fontaine
          Juliana Fontaine  7 months back

          Bonjour bravo à vous superbe musique je likeee 28
          Amitié juliana

        • Skull Ali
          Skull Ali  7 months back

          🔊🔥🔊 Up up up 🔊🔥🔊
          🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎤😎❤🍃🌷🍃💃H🔥T 💛💚👌👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙😙😙👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
          fire 🔥🔥🔥
          Uh huh....I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS OMG!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

          • Bass Rebels
            Bass Rebels   7 months back


        • Will Brigham
          Will Brigham  7 months back

          mate this music is perfect!! so chilled out and feel good :) I love it!!

          • Will Brigham
            Will Brigham  7 months back

            more than like it :)

            Cheers for putting it out here man

          • Bass Rebels
            Bass Rebels   7 months back

            Glad you like it Will 🎶

        • Kaelin Alyssa
          Kaelin Alyssa  7 months back

          This song is so relaxing and chill 💜

        • Quake
          Quake  7 months back

          Sick my bro this track is sicked

        • abdo BN
          abdo BN  7 months back


        • TheNexusGuy
          TheNexusGuy  7 months back

          Kinda reminds me of a classic elevator music or just a music in the market, pretty cool :p

        • Babish Prophet
          Babish Prophet  7 months back


          • Bass Rebels
            Bass Rebels   7 months back

            That was fast #NotificationSquad