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  • maurice_0615
    maurice_0615  4 months back

    1:21 domme vragen weer zoals altijd, je weet toch wel hoe Max is na al die tijd?

    • Slime Levi
      Slime Levi  5 months back

      I don’t like this , can you guys speak English

      • BeeCee
        BeeCee  5 months back

        Don't worry, Jack (the creep with the mic) doesn't really ask questions, he just sucks up big time to the Verstappen family. Horrible guy, arrogant AF.

      • World SportBible Information
        World SportBible Information   5 months back

        No i can't sorry

    • Trevor Gittens
      Trevor Gittens  5 months back

      Look at the smile on his face, does he sorry or happy, poor loser, Ferrari needs a driver !!

      • Ba5ic •
        Ba5ic •  1 months back

        Trevor Gittens i call it racing expressions

      • Trevor Gittens
        Trevor Gittens  4 months back

        @Ba5ic • 🤔 What is the best way 2 describe the expression on Vettel face, was it a smile/grim/giggle = satisfaction that he took Max out, and afterward he blamed Max for the incident !! 😎

      • Ba5ic •
        Ba5ic •  4 months back

        Trevor Gittens and you need a life

    • Mr Buttons
      Mr Buttons  5 months back

      What did Max say? Can anyone translate?

      • TheKassie1987
        TheKassie1987  1 months back

        @Tim Koken Mag je verbeteren in je post. Pas ik het aan, ben er blind voor.

      • Tim Koken
        Tim Koken  1 months back

        @TheKassie1987 paar spelling en grammatica fouten maar de rest is goed!

      • Pascal Meijer
        Pascal Meijer  1 months back

        @Gice Chicken haha

      • TheKassie1987
        TheKassie1987  5 months back

        Reporter: Is the steam still coming out of your ears or has it went down?
        Max: No it's ok.
        Reporter: Vettel was here, he said he has spoken to you, has he said sorry?
        Max: Yea he said it was his mistake. He misjudged the braking... yeah it's a bummer because we had to be on the podium, but all in all I was happy I could drive on.
        Reporter: Yeah how is it possible? 4 tires loose of the tarmac, in the gravel.
        Max: Yeah I went full over the red curb also uhhhmm, yeah but the seat was loose and euhh the power steering didn't work anymore, and then the damage to the floor... I just looked at it and I had quite a bit of damage to the floor butta, yeah in the end still managed to become fifth.
        Reporter: Legendery fights with Leclerc. Fantastic!
        Max: Yeah I think he was still a bit sour from Austria so he went maximum ofcourse, and I didn't want to risk that I would break something... but afterwards the team made a right call with the pit-stop and euh.. yeah I think we were quick. I think if we overtook that Ferrari a bit sooner it would have looked even better. But all in all a good race only a shame that I got driven of the track.
        Reporter: Two nice races back to back. Can you take that with you to Germany?
        Max: No I don't have to take anything with me. Look we just always try again.

    • Sunday Driver
      Sunday Driver  5 months back

      I hadn’t noticed before the cute little Bond tuxedo bow tie on the shirt 😂