Sack or Save Europe's Under-Fire Managers | B/R Football Ranks Podcast

  • Published: 30 October 2019
  • There’s a lot of pressure on the managers at some of Europe’s top clubs right now - some justified, and some less so. Sam Tighe (@brsamtighe) and Dean Jones (@deanjonesbr) join host Jack Collins (@jjwc) to take a look at the coaches in the firing line and whether their clubs should stick or twist with Unai Emery (24:10), Mauricio Pochettino (33:28), Ole Gunnar Solskjaer (38:45), Ernesto Valverde (44:30), and Zinedine Zidane (51:06).

    Hot Takes this week involve a discussion of whether Arsenal fans or Granit Xhaka find themselves more in the wrong after Sunday’s bust up at the Emirates (03:24); thoughts on Sergino Dest’s decision to pick the USMNT over the Netherlands national team (08:33); and a look at Leicester City after their demolition job on Southampton last week (13:25). Talking of Southampton, Dean hands out this week’s Melon of the Week award… (20:25)

    Roulette asks if football was more entertaining ten years ago (57:12); whether we’d keep all or no technology in the game if it was a black and white decision (59:15) and who the best player we’ve ever played with was (01:01:14); before Sam rounds things off by ranking players who remind him of kitchen appliances, in honour of Jurgen Klopp nicknaming Fabinho as ‘Dyson’ (01:05:30).

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Comments • 25

  • Odhran Hinds
    Odhran Hinds  2 weeks back

    Hi mate

    • James Atomic
      James Atomic  3 weeks back

      52:38 Kroos has been real madrids best midfielder and is underrated in my opinion

      • user name
        user name  3 weeks back

        Don’t worry Arsenal fans emery did the same with psg that’s why we sacked him idk why he does this there’s no logic 😂😂😂

        • Thunder Thighs
          Thunder Thighs  3 weeks back

          Stop trying to rap white boy

          • UCL Core
            UCL Core  3 weeks back

   like video.

            • Robbie Benatar
              Robbie Benatar  3 weeks back

              James Milner is without a doubt the spoon?!?! Signed by liverpool late in his carear, a carear many thought was over within a 1-2 years he has been a key man in their resurgence in Europe, while just like Saul, playing all over the pitch- every midfield position as well as right back and left back, he is their penalty kick taker and has missed maybe 1 pen since his arrival and most importantly he has become the vice captain of the club in his short spell in Liverpool, speaking to the volumes he means to the club. Huge oversight b/r football crew. James Milner= the spoon!

              • Miguel Valente
                Miguel Valente  3 weeks back

                Although Zidane and Solskjaer are (probably) on their way out, it is NOT easy to deal with locker rooms with the likes of Pogba or Bale. Real coach killers. We'll see how that goes. Great episode once again!

                • Ansh Singhal
                  Ansh Singhal  3 weeks back

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                  • Arjun Nair
                    Arjun Nair  3 weeks back

                    First of all get your facts right. Xhaka was cheered for leaving the pitch and booed only after he walked slowly when we were 2-2 and told Arsenal fans to f off. Second, to the point of Fred, he does not get booed by Manu fans, because he does not play week in week out and is not the captain of Manu. Xhaka being cheered was also an indication to Unai that fans are frustrated by both unai and xhaka.

                    • Arslan Mahesar
                      Arslan Mahesar  3 weeks back

                      Can you just put time Laps in a comment, It's much easier. Thanks

                      • Alex Pace
                        Alex Pace  3 weeks back

                        Let's be real, the man chose the USMNT because he'll have a looot more chances to play than the Netherlands.

                        • Jord Zach
                          Jord Zach  3 weeks back

                          Never miss a episode, love you guys and the banter and how prepared you are, enjoy the hard work, share the video everyone!!

                          • Hermitcrack
                            Hermitcrack  3 weeks back

                            Should I remind you that Real Madrid has only lost 2 games all season? I don't understand "the pressure". They're 1 point behind Barcelona with El Clasico still to play, and the tactics of the team are looking great.

                            • A.79
                              A.79  3 weeks back

                              Emery tries to destroy Özil yet tries to portray him as the bad guy. Xhaka disrespects the club yet he's the one that's upset, sad and devastated and we need to protect Granit "The victim" Xhaka

                              • A.79
                                A.79  3 weeks back

                                The job is too big for Emery. Wenger struggled towards the end but since Gazidis left everything got better and I'd love to see what Wenger could do for the rest of the season. Specifically after he took a much needed break and looked at things from the outside.

                                • Padlocked Paper
                                  Padlocked Paper  3 weeks back

                                  I see Ljungberg taking over as interim

                                  • iDedd
                                    iDedd  3 weeks back

                                    what about kovac

                                    • Léo
                                      Léo  3 weeks back

                                      Kovac ??

                                      • Callum Ormond
                                        Callum Ormond  3 weeks back

                                        @Luka Džananović literally lewandoski and gnabry are pulling rabbit outta hats for them

                                      • freaky banana
                                        freaky banana  3 weeks back

                                        @Luka Džananović it's an obvious pick. Bayern aren't playing great football. Instead they're getting close results and somehow get away with points. They almost got knocked out of the cup by Bochum who most non Germans probably don't even know. Personally I like Kovac but he should definitely be on this list

                                      • Luka Džananović
                                        Luka Džananović  3 weeks back


                                    • fouzan mohammed
                                      fouzan mohammed  3 weeks back

                                      That intro was class.

                                      • Elijah Khaira
                                        Elijah Khaira  3 weeks back

                                        Hastenhurtle shouldn’t go, he’s done so much

                                        • Richarlison Boy
                                          Richarlison Boy  3 weeks back


                                          • Xx_Andy_xX
                                            Xx_Andy_xX  3 weeks back

                                            Emery will soon be gone

                                            Good luck in school next year
                                            (Road to 100 subs)