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  • Published: 05 November 2019
  • After Shaun (Freddie Highmore) kicks a nurse out of the OR for failing to hand him clamps in the way that he prefers, he maintains that he did nothing wrong. Dr. Lim (Christina Chang) tells him to apologize to the nurse, and when he fails to do so, Dr. Lim stops being gentle and draws a line in the sand: She tells him that the nurse filed a complain that will remain on his permanent record, and his residency will be over unless he improves his communication skills. From '45-Degree Angle,' season 3, episode 6 of The Good Doctor. Watch The Good Doctor MONDAY 10|9c on ABC, streaming, on demand, and Hulu.
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  • Jamea McDonough
    Jamea McDonough  3 days back

    Even though I am also on the spectrum, I own up to my mistakes at work. At my current job, I haven't received a talking to yet, but at my last job, I did a few times. And every time, I think my superiors were right and I always accepted their word. I was never told I needed to apologize, but I still can see where in that job I went wrong.

    • Trazerade
      Trazerade  5 days back

      No, the fat bitch did not deserve an apology

      • Landrew0
        Landrew0  5 days back

        In reality this guy would never be a practicing physician. He would spook his patients silly.

        • Kevin Gorge
          Kevin Gorge  6 days back

          Fat nurse bitch Nurse Hox filing complaints. I hope she gets her fat cunt clamped.

          • musiclover1971
            musiclover1971  1 weeks back

            Now that the show has aired and I saw the full exchange I’m shocked they didn’t address the fact that the nurse swore at the lead surgeon, which is part of why he asked her to leave. Yes Shaun could have explained himself better but swearing is not acceptable. I work in HR so she would have been reprimanded too. Why is HR never involved in this show (they are busy assuming Lim and Neil are dating) and why is Andrews acting like it’s okay for a nurse to do that when he would never tolerate that.

            • Vince LaMonaca
              Vince LaMonaca  43 minutes back

              musiclover1971 I’ll bet it will in the deleted scenes section on the dvd

          • Elizabeth Strahan
            Elizabeth Strahan  1 weeks back


            • Trazerade
              Trazerade  5 days back

              Fuck off advertising your trash

          • Ciara Milne
            Ciara Milne  1 weeks back

            I feel like a lot of people either miss the nuances of this conflict or are just not paying attention at all. The problem first started when Shaun was being asked about Carly. When Shaun reveals that his girlfriend was lying to him and was sounding self conscious, Nurse Hawks (I think her name is?), in her way of being sympathetic, lets him know that if Carly was excluding him, that it isn't okay. However, her good intentions don't work for Shaun, who has a tendency to obsess and overthink things, so it eventually impacts his work. The situation with the clamp wasn't entirely to do with the nurse not doing it correctly, it was Shaun letting his grudge against her for making him obsess over his relationship show. After all, he was given multiple chances to practice out his surgery, and he likes to be specific. If he was specific about what angle the light needed to be at, surely he would have let everyone know what angle his team needed to pass the medical instruments at. Everyone is saying, "She should have just done it the right way!"...she...literally asked which way? And commented that she always did it like that, therefore he must have not had much of a problem with it before??

            Also, we have to remind ourselves of how nurses tend to be treated by doctors. It was mentioned in 1x02 and 2x03 that they are blamed for everything, not respected, and never heard. So that must have played a role in Nurse Hawks losing patience with him. And we all know the saying: "It's not a sorry, if a 'but' comes after it". Shaun thought he was apologizing by explaining to her the right way to pass an instrument, because Lim said he was responsible for everything that happens in the OR, but Nurse Hawks never heard an apology, so probably felt like she was being attacked again.

            Nurse Hawks snapped unnecessarily. Nurse Hawks was wrong about him and Carly. Nurse Hawks probably doesn't completely understand how Shaun communicates. However, why does everyone have to see things in black and white, and think Shaun can do no wrong? The situation can be more nuanced than that people!!

            • Bookworm51485
              Bookworm51485  1 weeks back

              That nurse was a bitch. To file a complaint because he was annoying for less than a minute. Talk about an overreaction. Especially considering her own provocation and inappropriate behavior, addressing his relationship in a conversation that had nothing to do with her, continuing to push even after it was clear that he was uncomfortable. He behavior was far more deserving of a complaint, especially considering she is NOT on the Autism Spectrum.

              • ChristineTheHippie
                ChristineTheHippie  1 weeks back

                Shawn was going to screw up eventually, or the show wouldn't be believable. Lim and Andrews have actually been pretty understanding but he can't be given differential treatment from the rest. He needs to learn from his mistakes like everyone else.

                • Alpha wolf
                  Alpha wolf  1 weeks back

                  You cant tell an autistic person they screwed up that will make them have anxiety attacks

                  • Emely Garcia
                    Emely Garcia  1 weeks back

                    SHE has no communication! he clearly doesn’t process things how the or nurse does, she shouldve explained it better

                    • hayden h20
                      hayden h20  1 weeks back

                      She's been with Sean for 2 season. I think she knows about communication especially with him

                  • Ilahmae Cunanan
                    Ilahmae Cunanan  1 weeks back

                    Lim was right, Shaun doesn't make mistakes

                    • QuEsT X. BoXiNg
                      QuEsT X. BoXiNg  1 weeks back

                      HE DIDNT DO ANYTHING WRONG !!!! a surgeon has the final call on how everything is to be run in the OR particularly how they want the surgical instruments to be given to them !!!! This surgical technician 101 my goodness who ever wrote this episode is an idiot

                      • Bookworm51485
                        Bookworm51485  1 weeks back

                        @Mauricio Merida He is the lead surgeon. Resident or not, it's his surgery, his OR.

                      • Angel Q
                        Angel Q  1 weeks back

                        Mauricio Merida a resident who is thinking critically about every move and every proper way to do something to him he’s probably thinking if you don’t do it the right way it is absolutely wrong and is unacceptable for a surgeon to do and to him he doesn’t like mistakes but that’s my way of thinking this

                      • Mauricio Merida
                        Mauricio Merida  1 weeks back

                        Actually he did, he is still a resident, no matter his ability, not everybody would change the rules for him.

                    • Laura Handziuk
                      Laura Handziuk  1 weeks back

                      I have been waiting for Shaun to really work on his communication skills. Dr. Lim did a really good job talking to Shaun and teaching him how to apologize to a nurse. This is the kind of thing I am looking for to help work on his mental health and other areas. Shaun failed talking to the nurse the right way and immediately he has to now work on his communication skills. “Shaun you have been written up and has been put in your file because you hurt one of your staff. When you went up to her in the cafeteria, you didn’t stick to the topic, instead you talking about what happened in the OR instead of saying “I am sorry”, and you didn’t leave her alone when she is trying to eat her lunch and enjoy her break. I had tried to talk to you to the TV but you really didn’t listen but I am glad Dr. Lim told you because this is what I want from you. You need to learn that if you don’t do what is being asked to do from your bosses, then there is consequences like losing your job. I don’t want to see you leave the good doctor, and you are an important part of the character in the show. I hope one day, I will come and I get to work with you on everything I want you to work on. Even if I played patient or your future roommate, you can help me to what I need improving on, but everything has to be positive, and done right in a calm matter to what you need to work on, like working on your communication skills and social cues.

                      I am very impressed Freddie how you are role playing your character but your behavior needs to change to a positive. I have two friends that are autism and they have job coaches with them on the job site and they are helping them with their communication skills, social cues, etc. especially putting a positive behavior support plan in place. They know how to behave and work on the skills they need to work on. They are starting with one of my friends by her participating with the group activities at the Seniors Lodge she works at. I refuse to say her name here, because nobody doesn’t need to know, and her job coaches and her boss are working on that with her and right away and that skill is all ready started.

                      If Shaun has a job coach on the job site then they can work with him on everything they need to work on instead of having the hospital staff do it all, because it is taking away from their work from the patients and their paperwork. “Shaun you need help, both at home, and at job site. I really would like to see more improvement and change from you. No more throwing tantrums, I want to see a big smile from you, and enjoy your job. Just relax. This is the first step to what Dr. Lim wants you to do so please do it now, start learning how to grow up as a normal adult would do, and just do the work that your bosses are asking you to do, and please do the job correctly to what 100 million people including disabilities do everyday. Please take this as a learning tool Freddie Highmore/Shaun Murphy to what I wrote here.” No more write ups from Dr. Lim or anyone else who are your bosses and your co-workers at the hospital. Start treating everyone with respect.

                      The next thing is I don’t want you talking about your personal life in the OR, and anywhere else at the hospital please focus more on your job.

                      I have a disability in real life and without the self help books, I would of continued with my anger, hitting other people, etc. now I am starting to have more and more friends by respecting them. I am now starting to have a life change and I am now happy. Now it is your turn Freddie Highmore/Shaun Murphy to read the self help books and to work on yourself.

                      Freddie I need to read a book on how to write a screenplay. Once I read the book, a couple of scripts will be on your way. I am going to start by giving a couple of exercises to the Ellen show so you can start working on your positive behavior support plan until I get there. I hope you will continue your great acting, and Shaun please behave yourself and you so please listen to me to what I said here in the comments. Quadracer687 (Laura)

                      • musiclover1971
                        musiclover1971  1 weeks back

                        Bookworm51485 what about the fact that she swore at him? Ridiculous

                      • Bookworm51485
                        Bookworm51485  1 weeks back

                        No and no. The nurse had absolutely no grounds to file a complaint because his behavior didn't cross any lines. It was annoying but no inappropriate. Her forcing herself into a personal conversation and making a number of insinuations about his personal relationship despite his obvious discomfort? THAT was inappropriate and THAT crossed a line

                      • Laura Handziuk
                        Laura Handziuk  1 weeks back

                        @Damon Cassada I know this is not jedi, and they are surgeons, but surgeons has to improve on themselves too. it doesn't matter if you are disability or not they are being treated the same way. and what I said in the comments and what they said in the video is the exactly the same thing I am going to say. I am taking more writing courses soon. Quadracer687 (Laura)

                      • Laura Handziuk
                        Laura Handziuk  1 weeks back

                        @JD 33 I know Freddie does a good job, I will be one of the writers soon, I know I may made some errors and that will be corrected soon once I go through some more courses in my writing. Quadracer687 (Laura)

                      • Laura Handziuk
                        Laura Handziuk  1 weeks back

                        @Marijana Micic ok just to let you know what the description says about what he needs to work on, that is what he needs to work on Communication skills. My script is coming I am finding the right talent agency so I can get it in before the season is over. Quadracer687 (Laura)

                    • Digit Dude
                      Digit Dude  1 weeks back

                      I’m a very emotional guy so i would have been crying if i was scolded for any reason by anyone

                      • Kalleidoscape
                        Kalleidoscape  7 days back

                        I'm an emotional girl, and I've cried every single time I got scolded by a boss at work, at various crappy jobs.

                      • Damon Cassada
                        Damon Cassada  1 weeks back

                        Strangely people feel the need to do it for no reason at all. After the stories I have heard about public school, I am glad I did not go.

                    • Aussie Harry 11495
                      Aussie Harry 11495  1 weeks back

                      He didn't make a mistake. She did it wrong.

                      • Asma Khairul Azman
                        Asma Khairul Azman  1 days back

                        Seriously, all he needed to do was tell her he wanted to have it at a 45 degree angle. She probably would've complied even if she might get annoyed and the matter wouldn't drag on too much.

                      • Carly Edwards
                        Carly Edwards  1 weeks back

                        Not really she just didn't do it his way sounds like not all surgeons care about how something is handed to them... He does but didn't communicate that well, not totally his fault but still something he needs to work on if he's gonna be a surgeon

                      • Tere Picazo
                        Tere Picazo  1 weeks back


                    • From Singing To Soccer
                      From Singing To Soccer  1 weeks back

                      I don't understand why he's getting in trouble. If the doctor who is leading the surgery asks you to do something differently, just do it. There is no time for attitudes and more than one opinion in an OR.

                      • nightengale10
                        nightengale10  6 days back

                        @Christine Huang Surgical instruments are passed based on their function. This is to prevent injury and to ensure speed and accuracy when in an emergent situation. Nurses or scrub techs should know the steps of each surgery and the handedness of the surgeon. They should be able to anticipate a surgeon’s needs especially when time is of the essence. You also need to be aware of how deep inside a patient an instrument needs to reach so you are handing an instrument of appropriate length. There are also multiple types of clamps some for grasping, some for occluding, and some for non-crushing. You need to know which the surgeon wants and sometimes they’ll just ask for a clamp so it’s your job to know what type they might need. Ringed instruments are handed with the box locks closed. Curved instruments are passed with the curve in the direction of intended use. All of this is about safety and allowing speed and precision. Anyone passing instruments in a lazy fashion is putting both the patient and the surgeons at risk.

                      • Christine Huang
                        Christine Huang  7 days back

                        @nightengale10 Why is there a specific way to hand out instruments?

                      • Christine Huang
                        Christine Huang  7 days back

                        @Bookworm51485 I think Shaun probably should have at least apologized for his outburst and then he could've explained to the nurse what she did wrong.

                      • Ciara Milne
                        Ciara Milne  1 weeks back

                        @Bookworm51485 When was she ever switched? She was there at the beginning practicing, talking to Shaun about his relationship, and he had an issue with it, and it eventually impacts his work. You not moving your packages is not the same because it's a coworker and not your boss, and like I said, the nurse would have been perfectly willing to hand the clamp the way he liked if he told her. Furthermore, requiring someone to read someone's mind about what angle a clamp needs to be at is pretty ridiculous, seeing as no one had a problem with it before. And anyway, like I said, the problem was really never to do with the clamp angle, it was Shaun blaming her for making him obsess over his relationship then taking it out on her in his own way. It was unprofessional. I don't understand why when anytime an episode about Shaun being required to grow and learn comes up, everyone is quick to jump to "He did nothing wrong! It was all their fault!" Like no, he's not above explaining rules and being professional. And he also can't keep badgering her about it after the surgery when she has repeatedly asked him to stop. Because then that WOULD be grounds for a complaint.

                      • Bookworm51485
                        Bookworm51485  1 weeks back

                        @Ciara Milne A clamp can also be used to prevent bleeding before it happens, as it was being used in this instance. The patient was bleeding earlier but this was near the end of the surgery. They weren't going to drop dead in the next few seconds. The reason this never came up prior was because, as he said, her position was switched with another nurse who WAS properly trained. It is not his responsibility to make sure his surgical nurse is aware of the proper techniques. She should have received the necessary training and then also stayed on top of her training. Lifelong learning is an important part of medicine

                        And this is irrelevant to use an an audience. Yes, we can understand why she's frustrated. But frustration doesn't mean that he owes her an apology OR that she has any grounds for a complaint (she does not). My coworkers frustrate the heck out of me constantly. I have a coworker who REALLY wants me to move my packages a certain way and I don't. So every time he sees me, he bugs me about it. Constantly. This is far more ongoing than Shawn's one-time comment yet the idea that they'd owe me and apology or that I'd have grounds for a formal complaint are beyond ridiculous. As this nurse is. She can't handle egotistical surgeons, and he's not even that bad, she needs to quit.

                    • kfowler5
                      kfowler5  1 weeks back

                      Well if the nurse did her job the way she was supposed then Shaun would've been fine. And if I was Shaun I'd tell Dr. Lim that I quit and refuse to work at a hospital that doesn't follow Federal ADA laws and promotes bigotry.

                      • kfowler5
                        kfowler5  4 days back

                        @musiclover1971 Grow up idiot this is a social media site not a medical journal. And yes I will say mean things about normal people because they should know better than to treat a disabled person like a POS.

                      • musiclover1971
                        musiclover1971  4 days back

                        kfowler5 First stop using the word normal. Do you mean neurotypical? Shocked you used the word “normal” as a so-called autistic advocate. Second when you start using demeaning words, no one takes you seriously. You say it is wrong to say negative things about autistic people which no one has done but you say horrible things about neurotypical people and women all the time.

                      • Christine Huang
                        Christine Huang  7 days back

                        As someone who is actually on the Spectrum, my opinion is that both sides need to be accountable. On the one hand, Shaun's reaction towards the incident is mainly due to his condition and, as people who are aware of his condition, the nurse and his superiors probably should probably have handled that situation differently, but, while high functioning autistic people can be a bit set in their ways they aren't entirely incapable of adapting. Like when Shaun had his meltdown, I used have episodes like that a lot, growing up, some of the other kids probably thought I was being a bit of a brat, it took me a while, but I did learn to manage my emotions better.

                        I think that all sides need to learn how to handle these types of situations.

                      • kfowler5
                        kfowler5  1 weeks back

                        @Silia alg they are not trying to communicate with me respectfully. They are trying to tell me how an autistic person should behave when they know absolutely nothing about the mental disability. And the worst part is they people think they know about something because they watch a TV show and they think it is ok for employers to take advantage of these people. And your damn right I will insult anyone who thinks people with autism should be able to act the same as a normal person and they think it is ok to treat people with autism like dirt. If they act like idiots and morons then that is what I will call them. And as far as I'm concerned everyone and take their PC crap and stick where the sun doesn't shine.

                      • Silia alg
                        Silia alg  1 weeks back

                        @kfowler5 I understand that this is personal for you, and i am in no position to adress the issue since i don't know enough about it; however you keep insulting people who are trying to communicate with you respectfully. You want the respect that your family deserves, when you keep crossing the line with others..
                        Please, refrain from calling others "idiots", it's still an insult, even if people tend to use it so carelessly these days!

                    • Ebunoluwa13
                      Ebunoluwa13  1 weeks back

                      The nurse was way too insensitive. I understand it must have been embarrassing or demeaning for her but he has autism for goodness sake so he wasn't just being a twat for her to complain about him

                      • Lubystka Olamonola
                        Lubystka Olamonola  1 weeks back

                        Shawn needs to understand one thing. You can bend the rules, but you cannot break them. Autistic people are fixated about strict rule's adherence.

                        • Hannah sjöström
                          Hannah sjöström  5 days back

                          Do your research. Autism is a spectrum meaning we are different, there is 3 levels and depending on IQ and also just the basics of how you are born, like some people are born with a better sense of rhythm than others for example, so therefore we cope different.

                        • Damon Cassada
                          Damon Cassada  1 weeks back

                          Not necessarily. At least I am not. I would say it is preference-related.

                        • Symbol Guy
                          Symbol Guy  1 weeks back

                          I don’t think they’re all like that. Try not to generalize.

                      • Anthony Mendez
                        Anthony Mendez  1 weeks back

                        Technically they both screwed up. I wish Lim and Andrews were more compassionate with Shaun in terms of him understanding why what he did was wrong. It wasn’t much of arrogance on Shaun’s part but more that it was simply him trying to help the nurse understand what he meant by giving the straight clamp correctly. I hope that Carly, Glassman, or Claire can support Shaun and let him know that it’s okay to be wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. It’s part of being human. It’s unfortunate that while mainstream people are accepting of people with ASD, they may not be compassionate nor understanding of them and their difficulties. On the one hand, you do want to be supportive and compassionate when things like this happen, you also have to draw the line between what is unacceptable behavior, so there is a very complex dilemma here. This not only happens in the workplace, but in schools too.

                        • Bookworm51485
                          Bookworm51485  1 weeks back

                          His behavior didn't cross the line. It was a bit annoying, sure, but it didn't cross a line. Hers did, though, in their earlier rehearsal. I REALLY hope he never apologizes to that bitch

                        • Christine Huang
                          Christine Huang  1 weeks back

                          @milos stojanovic I'd watch those words if I were you, there are a number of people who are autistic that can easily pass for a neurotypical. You could be friends with one and never even know.

                        • Damon Cassada
                          Damon Cassada  1 weeks back

                          They began the episode that way at least

                        • Ciara Milne
                          Ciara Milne  1 weeks back

                          ​@milos stojanovic https://www.bmj.com/content/329/7468/s130 / https://www.quora.com/Are-there-real-doctors-with-autism https://shop.getmyid.com/blogs/myid-autism-community/jed-gardner Here are some links of the names of real life doctors who have autism. Get the fuck out of here with your ableist shit. Autism is not an illness you uneducated troll, it is a neurological disorder. Would you say people with depression or ocd or adhd can't be doctors? No, because provided with the right resources, these people can flourish.

                        • milos stojanovic
                          milos stojanovic  1 weeks back

                          This whole show is sci-fi and catering to people woth autism since there is no surgens with autism in real life bcs you can't do it bcs of the illness