Things You MISSED! Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 (Explained)


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  • Ser Hunts Reviews
    Ser Hunts Reviews   7 months back

    Daenerys was brutally murdered and she deserves retribution. *Change my mind*

    • kjbjupiter
      kjbjupiter  6 months back

      @Madeline Sartori nice! i am an infj, which probably has something to with why i was so compelled to show you this lol

    • Madeline Sartori
      Madeline Sartori  6 months back

      @kjbjupiter Apparently I am of the "Campaigner
      Personality Type", or (ENFP-A / ENFP-T)! Interesting, for sure.

    • kjbjupiter
      kjbjupiter  6 months back

      @Madeline Sartori yeah its called 16personalities i think
      edit: yeah thats right

    • Madeline Sartori
      Madeline Sartori  6 months back

      @kjbjupiter I'd love to do it (I'm always interested in those things, but of course, I take them with more than just a "grain" of salt haha), but on the official site, it's $50. Is there anywhere I can do it for free?

    • Drafter
      Drafter  6 months back

      @Madeline Sartori I disagree because it's not factual. Danaerys has not done anything mad. Infact, there have only been 4 mad kings in the Targaryen line. Most were wonderful rulers.

  • Xolani Nxele
    Xolani Nxele  2 months back

    Jon chose the people of North over his queen because knowing that they were never going to accept dany as their queen therefore she was going to burn them all and destroy the north including his sisters

    • Tanya Banton
      Tanya Banton  2 months back

      Didn't like the last season at all. The whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth want to watch the next show but not going to get my hopes up.

      • Eileen Smith
        Eileen Smith  2 months back

        Idk if I'll be able to get into it....The new show I mean.

    • Lyannabanna
      Lyannabanna  6 months back

      Thank you! I'm looking forward to your next video.

      • mooglely
        mooglely  6 months back

        I actually liked Arya's and Sansa's endings. Jon's was good but him as king I would have been fine with too.

        • Andrew Atwill
          Andrew Atwill  6 months back

          Missandei last words: "Dracarys". She was saying to burn it all in Episode 4. So what happened should not have been such a shock.

          • House Claiborne
            House Claiborne  6 months back

            I've read/watched lots of reviews, and just watched your take. I must say, you have got to be one of the most plot/writer forgiving people I've come across. I don't have the ability to see past plot holes, failed character arcs, and just plain-old rushed writing like you do. The actors did a great job, no doubt, but the writing absolutely tanked this season. It started after season 5/6. Some good scenes here and there, but the decline in writing became apparent. And it's not just because I didn't get what I wanted, it was poor story telling. There is a flow, a process, a way to tell a story that takes a reader/viewer on a ride, so-to-speak, and D&D jacked this up, imo. Nonetheless, your video is well done, well edited, and entertaining regardless if I disagree with your spin on the season. 👍

            • Copper Head
              Copper Head  6 months back

              What your missing about the Jon and Tyrion conversation and then Jon and Dany death is this. In reality Jon just witnessing what Dany did in kings landing and then listening to her speech and watched Tyrion taken prisoner. Jon went and talked to Tyrion because Jon knew in his heart this was all wrong what she did . He was torn with the reality of it . His conversation with Tyrion was him trying to convince himself too give her s second chance, that’s why he was trying to justify it. Sometimes when you know the thing you need to do is not what you want to do , you go and talk to the one person who will tell you the truth no matter how hard it is to hear it. Jon knew when he left that conversation what needed to be done. He just wasn’t convinced yet in being able to do it until he heard her say “ they don’t get to choose “ her answer to his question. Which made him think to what Tyrion said about Sansa and Arya. That was the moment it clicked in Jon’s head what he had to do. He was hoping all the way up to that point that he could convince her or persuade her back to the Dany he loved. But in that cold calm stare and answer “ they don’t get a choice “ was when he knew what he needed to do. He needed to let duty be the death of love . So I don’t think the writing in those two conversations were to throw subversion at us. It was simply a man in Love hoping to bring his love back and in one moment chooses and hopes it was the right thing. That is why he questions it again weeks later in the jail cell. Because he still wasn’t convinced if he did the right thing. And our poor Bastard Jon Snow who never got any mother love all his life and was directly responsible for the death of both women he allowed himself to love. Talk about leaving someone with agony for the rest of his life.

              • Thooma Saeed
                Thooma Saeed  6 months back

                I don’t understand why people are blaming Jon. He was the heir to that throne and Dany knew it but still wanted him to hide that. She was being selfish. It was clear that she would control him later even if they do end up together if she wasn’t killed. Also I really feel they made Jon so stupid and gave him just few lines the whole season. He was such a great character and a clever one in the earlier seasons!
                Coming to the last episode, As much as I believed Jon should kill Dany like he did at that point, I mean after what she did at kings landing, I feel the show wrote terrible and tragic endings for these two leading fan favorite characters! I see sweet ending only for the starks . And that’s excluding Jon snow!

                • Donald Jordan
                  Donald Jordan  6 months back

                  From episode 3 it turned into a real rushed disappointment.

                  • cableaddict
                    cableaddict  6 months back

                    After killing everyone she can see, Dany flies back to her new perch to give a speech to her strangely-large army. - WITHOUT HAVING ANY IDEA IF CERSIE IS ALIVE OR DEAD!
                    "Really? Why?"
                    "Oh, OK...."

                    • William Devito
                      William Devito  6 months back

                      i have a different what if. what if drogon carries daenarys to the altar,but nobody ever comes to resurrect her. so with grief,he carries her to the far north and sees the werewood tree where the night king killed the 3 eyed raven,and decides to die next to his mother by the tree. as he is dying he snuggles his mothers body,and passes away. as soon as he dies, daenarys opens her eyes and they are blue like saphires. and so begins the rise of the night queen.

                      • William Devito
                        William Devito  6 months back

                        i loved the ending

                        • Leon Carr
                          Leon Carr  6 months back

                          I dont know what a "trope" is but I hated the episode and the season.... shitty writing that made zero sense... the previous seven seasons meant nothing, apparently. How the Hell did the ending make any sense?

                          • Cherry_Bomb
                            Cherry_Bomb  6 months back

                            There will be no spin off regarding these characters. it is over and she is dead and we have to just accept it. There will be no continuation with these characters she's dead ok she's dead!

                            • peggy munoz
                              peggy munoz  6 months back

                              Did everyone see that blade of grass Past the wall?

                              • Die Hard Casuals
                                Die Hard Casuals  6 months back

                                They rushed the last season and the episodes were wasted

                                • Susan Downs
                                  Susan Downs  6 months back

                                  Other than what Dany did to the innocent people in King's Landing, I think the reason Jon didn't give her that second chance is because when she told him the people wouldn't have a choice on doing what they thought was good & right.... He realized that from then on anyone or any place that pissed her off was going to get the same thing.

                                  • شوكة Gamer
                                    شوكة Gamer  6 months back

                                    لااله الاالله محمد رسول الله

                                    • Allen Rothery
                                      Allen Rothery  6 months back

                                      Danny's nature WAS to burn her enemies. She was The Mad Queen, her penchant for burning folks kept ramping up until no other option could be considered. She "beat" her father in that she succeeded in "burning them all" (King's Landing), but she really wanted to up the stakes by burning everybody in the world that didn't choose HER "right". Yeah, the perfect line-up of Danny and Drogon's wings gave her that beautiful demon look that could only foreshadow her death. Couldn't it be argued that John Snow, as the legitimate heir Aegon Targarian killed a very real threat to the/his kingdom?
                                      ...and while we're talking about his true name/lineage, WHY didn't King Bran the Borg legitimize John as Aegon Targarian of House Stark?! How cool would that have been?
                                      This whole episode had me jumping around like Patch Face as foreshadowed elements paid off.
                                      In short, I feel like the show HAD to end this way (or very similarly) because of all the foreshadowed elements. I thought it was BRILLIANT! For those that thought it was going to end full of unicorns, lolly pops and overflowing with happy Barney the dinosaur songs: You weren't paing attention. SHAME! Shame! shame...
                                      Lingering Questions:
                                      Why was Ser Lady Brianne Bran's Kings Guard and not Sansa's?
                                      As nobody was around to see John skewer Danny and Drogon took her body, doesn't it seem strange that the first people to know about it were the Unsullied? Wouldn't John have told Davos and company first?
                                      Don't you find it ironic that the wheel was broken, only to be replace by a dude with four wheels?
                                      How the hell is Robyn alive?!
                                      I'm sure there's more, but that's what I can remember at four am.
                                      Great content, Ser hunts!

                                      • Arnold Marondedze
                                        Arnold Marondedze  6 months back

                                        Arya should have worn Daenerys' face and then address the unsullied

                                        • Gtpbuilder
                                          Gtpbuilder  6 months back

                                          The ending still sucked. Bran the broken?! Seriously WTF?!

                                          • Marcus Handley
                                            Marcus Handley  7 months back

                                            BRAN IS EVIL

                                            • Paula
                                              Paula  7 months back

                                              Six kingdoms, not seven.

                                              • Sandra Winne
                                                Sandra Winne  7 months back

                                                I thought it was stupid of greyworm to think there needed to be a a watcher on the wall. In my mind when Jon left the wall, I took this as he was going to live with The wildlings. If this is the case- nothing to stop him from having children. Stupid ending for Jon. But at least he is free to do what he wants... and make more part Targaryen babies.

                                                • Gasparius
                                                  Gasparius  7 months back

                                                  The only miniscule morsel to takeaway (THE ONLY ONE) in this season that had the truest sense of true GOT beauty, lore and immersion....was........Podrick's song....."Jenny of Oldstones" Beautifully haunting, and beautifully sung.

                                                  • Kara Kuntzman
                                                    Kara Kuntzman  7 months back

                                                    when bran said “why do you think i came all the way down here?” when tyrion asked him if he’d accept if they chose him, he unofficially admitted he knew the whole entire time.

                                                    • Lydia Lydia
                                                      Lydia Lydia  7 months back

                                                      I really think John should have died too. I so wanted to see him burn! Even though I loved his character. 🔥Happy Drogon and ghost survived..

                                                      • Linda Ansay
                                                        Linda Ansay  7 months back

                                                        When did the wall get rebuilt? Did I miss that episode?

                                                        • Eugenia Geneva
                                                          Eugenia Geneva  7 months back

                                                          Nobody was mad about the ending... everyone has said over and over again... we do not care that Danny went evil or that bran was king etc.... WE JUST DID NOT LIKE HOW RUSHED THE SHIT WAS AND HOW OBVIOUS IT WAS THEY WERE OVER IT AND READY TO MOVE ON TO STARWARS. Stop helping morons spread bullshit about unappreciative fans! Everyone adored the actors and crew etc... it was D $D refusing to finish the show properly after running our hearts through the story for 10 years. Only 8 years of show... people paid for HBO subs... for GoT only! People spent hundreds on their favorite family merch... yeah, they owe us the tied up plots, the character arch building up to things... continuity errors like dothraki and unsullied armies, after we watched them all die! Tea cups, water bottles, Jaime having 2 hands.... etc.... the way the battle of winterfell went... Jon was sitting on a fucking dragon beside the trench while they could not lite it! Come on! Dead people in the crypt... is a super super super safe place until the bad guy raises the dead! Come the fuck on man! Don't make the fans the bad guys here! Everyone loves the show so much... they expect a couple more episodes to finish things properly! That wasn't too much to ask! Now it's over... fine but people wanted to probe a point. NOBODY expected them to remake it! Dumbass!

                                                          • Thomas B
                                                            Thomas B  7 months back

                                                            The part you mentioned about Bran stating he'll see if he could find Drogon making no sense is not necessarily true. I think it was a post cursor to the fact that maybe Bran warged into Drogon to destro the Iron Throne. It is something worth noting...just saying.

                                                            • NJ Kubheka
                                                              NJ Kubheka  7 months back

                                                              I hated the last episode

                                                              • KJ
                                                                KJ  7 months back

                                                                Tyrion was one of my favorite characters because of his quick wit. The show runners have released the end to his, "Once I walked into a brothel with a Jackass and Honeycomb" story.

                                                                "Tyrion walks into a brothel with a honeycomb and a jackass.

                                                                Madame: What can we do for you?

                                                                Tyrion: I need a woman to lay with, for mine has left me.

                                                                Madame: Whatever for? And what's with the honeycomb and the mule?

                                                                Tyrion: My woman found a genie in a bottle, and he granted her three wishes. The first was for a house fit for a queen, so he gave her this damn honeycomb. The second wish was that she have the nicest ass in all the land, so he gave her this damn donkey...

                                                                Madame: And what about the third wish?

                                                                Tyrion: Well... she asked the genie to make my co#k hang down past my knee.

                                                                Madame: Well that one's not so bad eh?

                                                                Tyrion: Not so bad!? I used to be six foot three!"

                                                                • Ruby Godin
                                                                  Ruby Godin  7 months back

                                                                  I think the final season got it right. I agree it was a bit rushed, but everyone landed in the positions they were meant to be in. Daenerys break from her beginning desire to have a unified, slave free kingdom was something you could gradually see coming. Her compassionate nature slowly dwindled as she began to burn anyone who would not recognize her as the true queen of the 7 kingdoms or who she felt had betrayed her. She felt threatened by Jon Snow once she new he was the true heir to the iron throne. Even though he loved her, staying true to his character was more Important and he could not allow Daenerys to continue on her obvious rampage of destruction of anyone who stood in her way of ruling the 7 kingdoms. Jon Snow never had any desire to become a ruler of any kind, but knew he could no longer bed the knee to someone who was willing to continue to wage war on innocent people. The iron throne needed to be destroyed and I think it was appropriate it was melted down by Daernerys dragon. The quest for the throne destroyed his family, so it was only befitting he destroyed the throne.

                                                                  • Kristie Bonner
                                                                    Kristie Bonner  7 months back

                                                                    Drogon knew Jon wouldn’t burn because true dragons (Targaryen’s) don’t burn they walk out to fire (at last’s that’s what I got out of it) 🤔

                                                                    • Merrilee Keshiro
                                                                      Merrilee Keshiro  7 months back

                                                                      You might want to rewatch the scene between Tyrion and Jon again and listen to the last thing he says to Jon. As soon as Tyrion tells Jon that Sansa and Arya will never bend the knee it rang true with what Arya tells him, he will always be a threat to Dany. Jon realized they would always be in danger, he didn't worry about himself but worries for his family. Pretty easy to put together.

                                                                      • Alice Hopton
                                                                        Alice Hopton  7 months back

                                                                        1. Jon did give Dany a 2nd chance...that’s what their conversation was about - Jon desperately hoping she would confirm the killing would end and peace would come.

                                                                        2. Bran said he would find Drogon because he is a Warg.

                                                                        3. I like the theory that Dany will be resurrected

                                                                        • max mcgloin
                                                                          max mcgloin  7 months back

                                                                          Greatest television series of all time? You need to watch The Wire.

                                                                          • Erika Poleggi
                                                                            Erika Poleggi  7 months back


                                                                            • Josh Aldrich
                                                                              Josh Aldrich  7 months back

                                                                              Things to note
                                                                              1. John the most honorable person ever stabbed an unsuspecting women under false pretenses urked tf outa me
                                                                              2. John abanding his punishment for regicide and his own guilt at killing the women he loved really urked me.
                                                                              3. Gray worm being suprisingly cool at the meeting not like he wasnt just going on a crazy murder spree over lossing messinde then danny dies and hes like oh ya no big deal i wont kill john on the spot

                                                                              • ANTHONY ACEVEDO
                                                                                ANTHONY ACEVEDO  7 months back

                                                                                If you look at the cover of GOT season 1 you will see ned stark on the throne.. but who is sitting right next to him?? A raven.. did Bran go back in time?? Did he know that he was the true king the whole time?? Mind blown..

                                                                                • KimmyL1977
                                                                                  KimmyL1977  7 months back

                                                                                  Sigh...I wanted Stargaryen babies. Sigh. Maybe in the fan fiction. I wish the cast and producers would realize that it is because of the fans that they have a HIT SHOW that lasted for 8 SEASONS and not one season. You know it is because the fandom is so invested in the story line that the show is successful. Plus we pay to see it, HBO ain't for free, we buy the books and the merch Anyhow. I loved the series overall and yes I think it is the best and all others have to live up to it. I did not like season 8, it felt rushed, it felt not quite right. Yes you can say that there were no books to guide them but I think that George Lucas visited their set to see how far along they were and to hurry them up. Season 8 was rushed because D &D had to make Star Wars. Change my mind! That being said, I will not mind a Game of Thrones movie, maybe even a trilogy. I knew Daenerys had to die, but geez it was so fast, I was not ready for it. OMG! This last season was so filled thrills, fulfillment, disappointments, emotional roller coasters, I guess you can say t it is a little like life.

                                                                                  • Christy Langley
                                                                                    Christy Langley  7 months back

                                                                                    Are you uploading your fanfic anywhere?

                                                                                    • Jared Is Lost
                                                                                      Jared Is Lost  7 months back

                                                                                      She said she was going to burn far off places, in her speech, come on be true. I don't want the season to end but they wrap it ok with room

                                                                                      • robuzy
                                                                                        robuzy  7 months back


                                                                                        • VC YT
                                                                                          VC YT  7 months back

                                                                                          Danerys died as became a sociopathic tyrant, and she commited war crimes.
                                                                                          An so Jon Snow is even more heroic here than Arya, as she killed a walking ice-block.
                                                                                          Queen Sansa pulled a Brexit -- an independent nation escapes corrupt governance.
                                                                                          As a writer myself, I loved the last season. George martin wrote a smart ending.

                                                                                          • michael stasio
                                                                                            michael stasio  7 months back

                                                                                            I glad to see a video that isnt someone having a temper tantrum because it didint end the way they wanted i was satisfied eith the ending i had my complaints with some small details story wise but nothing worth complaining about

                                                                                            • Guardian209
                                                                                              Guardian209  7 months back

                                                                                              Jon kills Dany, Drogon carries off the body...  Who and how would anyone know that she was killed?  How would anyone know that Jon killed her?