Google Pixel 3a Review: A for Ace!


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  • Spencer Field
    Spencer Field  10 hours back

    Amazon price drop to $300

    • Donovan Smith
      Donovan Smith  12 hours back

      Who else is here after the Pixel 4's disappointment and are thinking of getting the 3?

      • liveLARGE
        liveLARGE  1 days back

        Can you extend the storage with a micro SD?

        • B A
          B A  2 hours back


      • Swapnil Sudhir Kashikar

        Basically iPhone SE beats this phone.

        • Duff Gardens Horaaah
          Duff Gardens Horaaah  3 days back

          just got brand new black friday deal for €179

          • Mani kandan
            Mani kandan  6 days back

            Pixel 3a xl starts at 620 USD in India..

            • Amal kumar
              Amal kumar  6 days back

              Any giveaways

              • L Ly
                L Ly  1 weeks back

                WHY DO YOU NOT AGE 🧐

                • Noah Li
                  Noah Li  1 weeks back

                  Is it plastic?

                  • litfam gaming
                    litfam gaming  1 weeks back

                    I have a 3a and the only problem I have is wireless charging

                    • Little Chance
                      Little Chance  2 weeks back

                      Thanks a lot for the info <3

                      • Sean Bernard
                        Sean Bernard  2 weeks back

                        Google over here throwing shade🤣

                        • rtre
                          rtre  2 weeks back

                          Would you buy 3a instead of S9?

                          • conflikt89
                            conflikt89  2 weeks back

                            can you do a usability review of some of these pixels with alternate operating systems like GrapheneOS, LineageOS and CopperheadOS? They're privacy/security focused operating systems that are based on stock AOSP, so i'd be curious to see how performance changes when you strip google away

                            • Mong Hla Sing 9696
                              Mong Hla Sing 9696  2 weeks back

                              The price,?

                              • Max Gonzales
                                Max Gonzales  2 weeks back

                                2:01 I had one of those strange moments and I thought he was going to throw it in the trash can lol

                                • Max Gonzales
                                  Max Gonzales  2 weeks back

                                  Apple: let's make a new smartphone!
                                  Google: phone x

                                  • Mark Cocio
                                    Mark Cocio  2 weeks back

                                    I love my Pixel 3a xl

                                    • rohit seth
                                      rohit seth  3 weeks back

                                      Is anyone else facing an issue with front camera? Images are getting inverted!! And I don't find an option in settings to change mirror images

                                      • simi Glass
                                        simi Glass  3 weeks back

                                        Nice review bro ...tell me whet should i get , the nokia 7.2 or this phone ?

                                        • Henry Anderson
                                          Henry Anderson  3 weeks back

                                          I hope they make a Pixel 4a.

                                          • The Fishkeeper
                                            The Fishkeeper  3 weeks back

                                            Just got this today to replace my original Pixel XL. I'm really impressed with it for the price!

                                            • grossibp
                                              grossibp  3 weeks back

                                              How much memory actually is available out of the box for a user?

                                              • Pugbanana13
                                                Pugbanana13  3 weeks back

                                                Right out of the box, 17 gb of storage is used by basic apps of my 64 gb 3a XL.

                                            • Gaming, and Fragrance: newbie

                                              What's magnet paper?

                                              • Mrs Murphy
                                                Mrs Murphy  4 weeks back

                                                Just got one for €269 (~ $300). You just can’t get a better phone for that price. It’s a no brainer IMO

                                                • snoodlefoots
                                                  snoodlefoots  4 weeks back

                                                  Very good vid , just wish he'd have mentioned if It accepted Micro-Sd cards

                                                • Sam Mesite
                                                  Sam Mesite  4 weeks back

                                                  Potentially budget phone of the year? $399 is pretty cheap nowadays. The One Plus 7T is $599. The iPhone 11 is $699. The S10e is $555. The Moto G7 is $250 but it's not the best budget phone out there. The Galaxy A50 is $350. I think the S10e and One Plus 7T will give the 3a a run for it's money but I think the Pixel 3a has got that award in the bag. I will be shocked if it doesn't win this year.

                                                  • Wa Y
                                                    Wa Y  4 weeks back

                                                    With the price slash of Pixel 3 now, which one would you recommend to buy? 3 or 3a ?

                                                    • A E
                                                      A E  4 weeks back

                                                      Let me know when google finally manages to backup/restore all app data flawlessly and is not losing home screen icons anymore. They are still failing to do the simplest basic requirements in 2019. So i am sitting here with a brand new pixel 3a and i'm totally mad at it because the most basic stuff is STILL not working, such as transfering ALL (not half!) my data from Nexus 5x to Pixel 3a. Tried both google drive backup as well as data transfer by cable. Both failing miserably. You must be kiddin me, Google!! I'm pissed and seriously considering to sell that brand new phone and get an iphone. Not an apple fan either, but at least Apple can do a 1 click backup/restore that *actually works*.

                                                      • Marcos F. Molina
                                                        Marcos F. Molina  1 months back

                                                        The 3a is probably the best Pixel so far.

                                                        • John Smith
                                                          John Smith  1 months back

                                                          If I wasn't in the iOS ecosystem, I'd seriously consider this phone because of it's price point and the two selling points for me is the stock android software plus camera. The in itself is worth the price tag. There are flagships out there that don't even compare to the software on the budget 3A. I'm considering this phone as a secondary cheap phone to carry around my primary iPhone, hmm.

                                                          • Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011

                                                            399? Damn, thats budget? America is a weird place

                                                            • Aukusti
                                                              Aukusti  4 weeks back

                                                              Neoshenlong Archivo 2008 - 2011 Its 600 euros in finland. Keep in mind euros are more valuable than dollars

                                                          • Makeitpro
                                                            Makeitpro  1 months back

                                                            4:17 nice Travis 1s

                                                            • Wai Kin
                                                              Wai Kin  1 months back

                                                              I have just ordered the Pixel 3A XL after the announcement of the Pixel 4

                                                              • naveen jr
                                                                naveen jr  1 months back

                                                                This phone's shit delicate. I ended up shattering my screen with just one drop.

                                                                • p ms
                                                                  p ms  1 months back

                                                                  Troll alert...

                                                              • Natnael Seleshi
                                                                Natnael Seleshi  1 months back

                                                                Hi my name is nati I’m a high school student I like to do photography and art A lot of times I took the pictures with my phone because I don’t have a camera And my phone is iPhone four I can’t afford to buy a new phone And can you please help me out Thank you !

                                                                • Sean Serrano
                                                                  Sean Serrano  1 months back


                                                                  • Benjamin Knight
                                                                    Benjamin Knight  1 months back

                                                                    It's funny no one seems to mention one of the most obvious advantages of the Pixel line which is the best possible Android experience coming straight from the source. This means fast updates and bug fixes. If the only downside is flashy specs and the fact that it's not designed to look and feel like jewelry, then I'm sold.

                                                                    • XxTsiCx
                                                                      XxTsiCx  1 months back

                                                                      The rear camera may be better but the front camera could never be better than the iPhone’s

                                                                      • Elijah Antony
                                                                        Elijah Antony  1 months back

                                                                        Please note that the cell phone in his hand is the Pixel 3a XL version which is $479 even though he refers to it as the Pixel 3a

                                                                        • Amphithere
                                                                          Amphithere  1 months back

                                                                          does anyone else not care about wireless charging? i've never understood why thats a big factor for some people - i dont care how it gets charged.

                                                                          • Alok Bharati
                                                                            Alok Bharati  1 months back

                                                                            Pixel 3a vs lg v40? Which phone should I buy?

                                                                          • aud ridiot
                                                                            aud ridiot  1 months back

                                                                            2:14 KINGU CRIMSON

                                                                            • jason12085
                                                                              jason12085  1 months back

                                                                              what about moto g series? still a contender?

                                                                              • Josh B
                                                                                Josh B  1 months back

                                                                                Ok that magnet paper trick was cool, or I'm just easily impressed. I temp switched to an iphone and it's multitasking between apps is far superior to Android. But still sometimes miss Android.

                                                                                • Youngblaise2
                                                                                  Youngblaise2  1 months back

                                                                                  Seems I'm going to make a jump from my HTC One M9 to this Google Pixel 3a
                                                                                  Wonder how different it will be lol (the M9 is on Android OS 7.0 and wont update, wonder what Qualcomm thing it has)

                                                                                  • Kimberly Upton
                                                                                    Kimberly Upton  1 months back

                                                                                    Just bought the 3a XL and love it. The quick OS updates are a HUGE feature for me. I probably will never again buy a phone that doesn't have quick OS updates.

                                                                                    • Digant Chaudhury
                                                                                      Digant Chaudhury  1 months back

                                                                                      1:59 i thought u were about to throw the phone in the trash can