I only ate potatoes for two weeks

  • Published: 11 June 2017
  • What if you ate only potatoes for two weeks?
    It was a wild ride! And I lost a stone (14 pounds)

    Video transcription:
    What if you only ate potatoes for two weeks?

    So we're actually going to Tesco right now, to get a bag of potatoes, what's the time?


    It's late

    It's 11 O'clock

    Here we go

    Desiree potatoes, King Edward potatoes, Baking sweet potatoes, white potatoes, Jacket potatoes, sweet potatoes, imperfect potatoes, Maris piper potatoes, baby potatoes, Rudolph potatoes, Jersey royals.
    Let's just deal with these...

    So here it is, the first potato. Copped, boiled and ready for tomorrow.

    And because we all want to know, here's how much I weigh.

    Exactly 14 stone

    That's 14 stone with a little bit of beer in that belly.
    It's currently the 16th of May 2017 and here it is.

    I've never felt so nervous eating a potato before

    So I've just got back from work and I'm feeling really rough, which is weird, I shouldn't cos I've bad days of eating before. this just feels like my body's screeming out for this like....

    So I've got this baked potato going and I'm boiling tomorrow's potatoes

    But by the end, I'm hoping to be some sort of like potato god, you know, like some guru

    Get enlightened by potatoes.

    Oh god.

    I usually poop every morning at around 11 o'clock and I didn't go yesterday, it took until 12 o'clock today. That's 25 hours later! Jesus.

    And I feel like that bit's only going to get worse

    Let's talk about the Bristol stool scale.

    A scale from 1 to 7 to show the different types of poops you can have.

    Obviously, these don't endorse me

    This is a number 1

    Then this is a 3

    And then you get up to 7

    The 16th I might not have gone, but on the 17th my body complained

    So, I don't think I'm going to eat many more boiled potatoes because they're just kind of wet and slimy. Like eating slugs all day. I'd rather just eat baked potatoes and pre-prepare them.

    There's a reason for this.

    That's Hayley, my partner of 8 years. I haven't told her yet, I'm 3 days in and she doesn't like my stupid ideas

    2 weeks of only eating potatoes

    You're kidding me?

    I've done it for 2 days already

    so does that mean you can eat McDonald's chips?

    No, I can't have chips, I can only have either baked or boiled potatoes, I've got wait until I get home now

    That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard

    Matt no, I don't like these fad diets they're ridiculous

    It is a fad diet

    It isn't

    It's stupid, no, that's really annoyed me

    She was really annoyed until she realised that for two weeks she could eat great food and just watch me suffer

    So the next few days went fine

    And then I switched to sweet potatoes, everyone loves sweet potatoes, but if you bake them and eat them whole with their hard leathery skin and their weird, slimy insides.

    You realise. They're disgusting

    And then this happened

    These things tore me apart

    And the next 4 days was full of one and two's

    I can't even smell them.

    It's a potato, it shouldn't be hard.

    I like these normally

    Why is it so disgusting?

    That was absolutely foul

    I can't. I just literally can't

    So after that, I changed back to normal potatoes and things became a dream

    Things were just happening, things were so much clearer

    I didn't worry about what I was eating next because I knew what it'd be, so I just started getting on with it

    Yeah the food was boring, but I felt really good, all that until I reached it

    Full potato enlightenment

    I'm feeling just awful at the moment

    I got this bowl full of potatoes, I'm just feeling really like...

    I dunno.

    I don't want to say faint, even know I was. I've just got to eat more of these, maybe I'm not eating enough. I dunno.

    They're doing what they're supposed to be doing, filling my stomach and making me not feel hungry, but because of that, I can tell I'm just not eating enough anymore.

    My stomach has shrunk so much

    I'm not feeling very hungry. Feeling very hungry? God I can't speak

    That's a lot of weight

    Things were pretty bad

    I couldn't function properly anymore and me and Hayley were arguing

    So over my last potato, let's talk about what I've learnt

    Honestly, the hardest thing wasn't really the cravings, which were pretty bad at first

    It was just really boring

    And that's coming from someone who obviously is living in Britain and has everything in the world around me

    It made me grateful for the small foods that I didn't really like, which I've just taken for granted

    Because right now, I'd kill for them

    I just never realised the gravity of the luxury

    I started feeling really lethargic and I just couldn't work as well


    This is my last potato

    How big is that shot glass?


    Thank god that's over

    This feels like a big thing, even know it isn't

    I'm just about to eat some cheese

    Oh my god

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  • Matt Nōmmé
    Matt Nōmmé   2 years back

    Well this blew up...
    Follow me on insta if you're bored
    Take care duuudes!

    • glorious rhubarb
      glorious rhubarb  2 weeks back


    • 8vedder3
      8vedder3  3 weeks back

      p.s You have a hot GF so you might wanna tighten that shit up before she says goodbye.

    • 8vedder3
      8vedder3  3 weeks back

      You wasted a golden opportunity. You put yourself through hell for 2 weeks and you could have started over eating healthy after that. Penn Jilette did the same thing you did. He ate only potatos for 2 weeks then ate healthier after that and hes lost over a hundred pounds and has transformed his life. He posted a video about it on youtube, thats how i came across yours. Cheers. :)

    • luvfitall
      luvfitall  6 months back

      bhahahaha Congrats my friend!

    • Saibi Sureddo
      Saibi Sureddo  6 months back

      Did you do this because of Penn? Just wondering is all lol.

  • Iggy-not-Pop
    Iggy-not-Pop  4 days back


    • Rizzla s
      Rizzla s  4 days back

      There are so much diff ways to eat/prepare potatoes but eh.....ye nvm

      • Mike Rooney
        Mike Rooney  5 days back

        Now you can go back to eating utterly disgusting british food

        • GrimmReeferX
          GrimmReeferX  5 days back

          "I ate only potatoes for two weeks"....(big bite of chocolate at 2:38)

          • Cyndi Denise
            Cyndi Denise  6 days back

            Dude....you're being way too dramatic LOL. I wonder what kind of diet you were doing before you threw on the brakes and decided to go all potatoes in? If you abruptly change your diet like that in any way some of the disgusting things you mention are gonna happen no matter what. I would say if you were 100% plant based before and decided to go on all potatoes none of the problems you were experiencing would occur. I know from experience. Eating a crap diet before the potatoes and finally putting some healthy nutritious food in ya is what caused that....not the potato. :D LOLOL!

            • Paul White
              Paul White  6 days back

              now you know how irish people feel , brit boy

              • Deborah T
                Deborah T  1 weeks back

                14 pounds lost in 14 days is phenomenal!!

                • hunter of strength
                  hunter of strength  1 weeks back

                  " i ate like a Irish person pre potato famine for 2 weeks"

                  • M B
                    M B  1 weeks back

                    Nice background music.

                    • JustMegawatt
                      JustMegawatt  1 weeks back

                      You look so good at the end compared to your first day

                      • JustMegawatt
                        JustMegawatt  1 weeks back

                        I'm eating only potatoes for an entire month and I'm logging it in my channel

                        • expedited courier
                          expedited courier  1 weeks back

                          I've never seen a man look so sad eating a single potato.

                          • Jesus Ortiz
                            Jesus Ortiz  2 weeks back

                            just finished my plate of potatoes eggs and cheese... every night bro, this aint no challenge lol

                            • The Hominid
                              The Hominid  1 weeks back

                              Sure, because you're not just eating potatoes.

                          • glorious rhubarb
                            glorious rhubarb  2 weeks back


                            • SexJunkle
                              SexJunkle  2 weeks back

                              Why does just about every European male sound culturally emasculated, look like a twerp who hasn't lifted a weight in their entire life, and comes across as more effeminate than the average woman? I don't think it's dietary problems but rather a total lack of exercise resulting in deficient testosterone levels.

                              • circa326
                                circa326  2 weeks back

                                But have your ever had ramen noodles for two weeks?

                                • Fisher Man
                                  Fisher Man  2 weeks back

                                  If this is Englands idea of a real man they are doomed.

                                  • Fisher Man
                                    Fisher Man  2 weeks back

                                    @Welcome To the Milk Hotel My point still remains the same. This guy needs to becone a man.

                                  • Welcome To the Milk Hotel
                                    Welcome To the Milk Hotel  2 weeks back

                                    Fisher Man yes and now they’re independent besides the north of it so yeah only one little part of modern day Ireland is under control of the U.K.

                                  • Fisher Man
                                    Fisher Man  2 weeks back

                                    @Welcome To the Milk Hotel
                                    Nice try. (Not really.)

                                    From Wikipedia:
                                    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and NorthernIreland (to give its full name) refers to the political union between England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The UK is a sovereign state, but the nations that make it up are also countries in their own right. From 1801 to 1922 the UK also included all of Ireland.

                                  • Welcome To the Milk Hotel
                                    Welcome To the Milk Hotel  2 weeks back

                                    Fisher Man well Mexico is in the same area of the world as USA and lots of Mexicans live in the USA so maybe We should just call USA and Mexico the same thing

                                  • Fisher Man
                                    Fisher Man  2 weeks back

                                    @Welcome To the Milk Hotel Same area of the world. A lot of the Irish live in England. 😀

                                • endsss
                                  endsss  2 weeks back

                                  Fried potatos are fucking delicious
                                  Thanks jesus

                                  • HTS Gaming
                                    HTS Gaming  2 weeks back

                                    With some salt this would have been easier than breathing oxygen

                                    • collazogas
                                      collazogas  3 weeks back

                                      After 2 weeks: "Me father was a potato. Me fathers father...was a potato".

                                      • Jab Hutt
                                        Jab Hutt  3 weeks back

                                        Where is that waterfall?

                                        • esotericVideos
                                          esotericVideos  3 weeks back

                                          Did you have candy in day 2?

                                          • WalkingBaked Potato
                                            WalkingBaked Potato  3 weeks back

                                            Guess I just found myself a challange

                                            • E. Trano
                                              E. Trano  3 weeks back

                                              Britain isn't known for its cuisine buddy lmao

                                              • E. Trano
                                                E. Trano  3 weeks back

                                                Dude what are you obsessed with shit

                                                • E. Trano
                                                  E. Trano  3 weeks back

                                                  What's 14 stone in pounds?

                                                  • Kristin
                                                    Kristin  3 weeks back

                                                    196. He lost 14 pounds in two weeks.

                                                • T Tt
                                                  T Tt  3 weeks back

                                                  that dump.....

                                                  • BagOBeans
                                                    BagOBeans  3 weeks back

                                                    Just for the record a sweet potato, is NOT an actual potato, since they come from different plant family trees, normal potatoes come from the solanaceae aka nightshade family and the sweet potato which is basically just a root vegetable comes from the convolvulaceae family.
                                                    So yeah sweet potatoes dont count.

                                                  • Alexa 26
                                                    Alexa 26  4 weeks back

                                                    Sweet potato is nasty

                                                    • Iskra Matijanic
                                                      Iskra Matijanic  4 weeks back

                                                      I usually hate sweet potatoes and watching him eat is with disgust is exactly how I feel every time I eat them

                                                      • C J
                                                        C J  4 weeks back

                                                        Confinement loaf is so bland it gets prisoners to behave unlike any other tactic supposedly because they go mad because lack of taste and start behaving

                                                        • C J
                                                          C J  4 weeks back

                                                          Your gf is mean bro

                                                          • Ricky Nichols
                                                            Ricky Nichols  4 weeks back

                                                            I don’t know what the ‘rules’ in the the challenge are,but When I do this I’m using plenty of salt and half salt sub. I think your sodium level was low, that’s why you felt weak. I think you could have tried Red and small white potatoes. I agree with some people about the Poo scene,leave that’s out or edit it for future viewers. TMI?!
                                                            Think of al the money you saved plus calories?!! Capitalism hated you,too for two weeks. That alone makes me happy. Bait that they hated you but you save money! Good job. I could see a difference in your face after only three days.

                                                            • zemtronix1
                                                              zemtronix1  4 weeks back

                                                              Lame AF..

                                                              • Dakota Bennett
                                                                Dakota Bennett  4 weeks back

                                                                U ate a candy bar early on

                                                                • Paula King
                                                                  Paula King  4 weeks back

                                                                  Why torture yourself!

                                                                  • Peter Richards
                                                                    Peter Richards  4 weeks back

                                                                    This is actually a good way to loose weight however to get the full benefit you should always let the potatoes cool first. This locks in the sugars. You can warm them up again to eat but they must get cold first. If you do this for just 3 or four days a week and eat normally for the other days then you will still loose weight. Eat normally though not like a pig to make up for the potato days. One last thing. Try not to eat after 6pm. Its hard at first but your body gets used to it and starts to burn the stored fat in your body during the evening and night. I hope this helps guys.

                                                                    • Lauren Kay
                                                                      Lauren Kay  4 weeks back

                                                                      So my question is, because they called the mcdonald fries chips, what do they call chips??

                                                                    • Tanya Kathy
                                                                      Tanya Kathy  4 weeks back

                                                                      What if you tried all cheese for Two weeks?

                                                                      • Napolyon Kiraz Kompleksi

                                                                        "How Come I Became Anti-Communist?"

                                                                        • seekerblue1
                                                                          seekerblue1  4 weeks back

                                                                          USSR be like:

                                                                          • Fox Citron
                                                                            Fox Citron  4 weeks back

                                                                            Sweet potato is not a potato it's why they eat sweet patatoes instead of patatoes on a paleolithic diet

                                                                            • dentray
                                                                              dentray  4 weeks back

                                                                              Your not fat or obese, your partner doesn't even know you have only eaten potatoes for 2 days? Is she your partner? get a life knob Jockey and stop feeding off your social media "Self" and dragging others in along the way

                                                                              • mmmcheeze303 amador
                                                                                mmmcheeze303 amador  1 months back

                                                                                Lol I like that he chose vodka alcohol made from a potatoe

                                                                                • mmmcheeze303 amador
                                                                                  mmmcheeze303 amador  1 months back

                                                                                  Smells weird in here

                                                                                  • sazji
                                                                                    sazji  1 months back

                                                                                    Sweet potatoes aren’t potatoes tho...

                                                                                    • nauky chan
                                                                                      nauky chan  1 months back

                                                                                      חחחחח פסח בצבא