The Moment Trump Jr. Realized His Dad Broke The Law


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    EUGENE KUPKA  43 minutes back

    Just another case of the Trump's fought the Law and the Law Won, AGAIN ! It's pathetic to watch !

    • Robert O'Connor
      Robert O'Connor  59 minutes back

      Doesn't matter what the Ukrainians knew the crime was in asking! the quid pro was the crime the pro quo was irrelevant!

      • Robert O'Connor
        Robert O'Connor  39 minutes back

        @Julie Schultz Asking was the crime doesn't matter what the outcome was...

      • Julie Schultz
        Julie Schultz  43 minutes back


    • Frank Sipple
      Frank Sipple  1 hours back


      • James Pennington
        James Pennington  2 hours back

        I had unsubscribed from TYT last month when you associate made a really bad comment about Christian faith. We are not all Trump supporters. Do not notify me of your show.

      • Regimen Carter
        Regimen Carter  2 hours back

        This is bullshit these people are always wrong quit buying into there shit

        • Fye F
          Fye F  4 hours back

          This ladies are hormonal withes and this media is so FAKE FAKE FREDOOOOOOOO LOSERS WORST THAN CNN

          • olrik parlez
            olrik parlez  3 hours back

            +Fye F
            It's ok if you don't easily follow the drift of things. Head over to Fox...that's stuff's made juuust for folks like yourself. Advertising your limitations over there won't be a'll blend right in.

        • N I Q O L E
          N I Q O L E  4 hours back

          "The other guy..."
          You mean *the Ukrainian President* ?!?

          • Debra Smith
            Debra Smith  4 hours back

            Vicious? Let’s talk viciousness of the right.
            We should count the number of DEAD children and asylum seekers at the southern boarder.
            How about counting the DEAD Kurdish allies?

            • brian marshall
              brian marshall  4 hours back

              the very same bribe was put to Poroshenko in Feb before the election won by Zelensky, (thats the other guys name Donald JR ) detailing that the appropriated funds from Congress would be released after the Ukrainian govt announced investigation of Bidens son.
              the irony is that the call from VP Biden to get Shokin removed was due to him " not " investigating corruption and not because he was investigating Bidens sons company.
              I doubt anyone has actually told Trump any of this or that hes read the timeline or actual facts of the case.

              • Thomas Middleditch
                Thomas Middleditch  5 hours back

                Whats amazing is the stupidity of the people hosting on these silly circus shows.

                • Ronny Simon
                  Ronny Simon  5 hours back

                  Why does cenk avoid the question are you a muslim?

                  • DJ 80s
                    DJ 80s  6 hours back

                    The nepotism and corruption of this family knows no bounds. The fact they want to make that claim about the Bidens also shows their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

                    • Judy Hall
                      Judy Hall  6 hours back

                      Why would he go on an anti Trump program???? The slanted "view" of all programs....women paid too talk... 😲😲😲

                      • Judy Hall
                        Judy Hall  1 hours back

                        @Debra Smith ..the same reason I use these "¿"...😅😂😅

                      • Debra Smith
                        Debra Smith  4 hours back

                        Hey Judy! Why are all the trolls using women’s names? Why can’t you spell? To?

                      • C Garett
                        C Garett  4 hours back

                        It was a circus. You could hear the producer in the background whispering "this has to stop".

                    • Carmen Briseno
                      Carmen Briseno  6 hours back

                      He broke the law and that’s that!!!!!! On to the next presidential candidate

                      • Trev Mills Music
                        Trev Mills Music  6 hours back

                        @Elena Timofte Yes He will win the election and the Karma will turn on those Envious, Jealous, hating , Russian Hoaxing lefties who dont care about the USA. Look what Trump has done! USA is so much richer, employment is so high , rising wages and still the lefties hate him. Its all Envy for a non-politician who can run a country like never before!!!

                      • jc961
                        jc961  6 hours back

                        You know something the rest of the world don't? Or just saying that because CNN and the skanky bitches on the view told you so?

                      • Elena Timofte
                        Elena Timofte  6 hours back

                        KARMA will come to him like a BUMMERANG.2020. HE WIN PRISON.

                      • Trev Mills Music
                        Trev Mills Music  6 hours back

                        Are you sure??

                    • Max Minkin
                      Max Minkin  7 hours back

                      It’s jolly amusing that the comment sections on TYT are quite literally the same as the ones on Daily Wire but from a left-wing perspective 😂

                      • Faisa Mo
                        Faisa Mo  7 hours back

                        Sorry ! It is so sad that in this modern times people are still fighting for power.

                        • Jeremynolan815 Nolan
                          Jeremynolan815 Nolan  7 hours back

                          This is what we call spin or propaganda kids. Go watch whole video.

                          • Kimberly Akin
                            Kimberly Akin  7 hours back

                            And to think I remember when I was young everyone was so afraid of " Speaking Russian if were Not careful" or chinese was the other one. Hmmmmm Guess we weren't careful.

                            • Marv Watkins
                              Marv Watkins  8 hours back

                              Probably Tiffany, then Melania are the two smartest Trumps.

                              • Marv Watkins
                                Marv Watkins  8 hours back

                                Ill give the greaseball son kudos for appearing on the View, it showed some guts, or was it nerve? But he's still an idiot, forever challenging his dad on the Ace of Idiocy.

                                • jc961
                                  jc961  8 hours back

                                  Trump 2020 MFrs!!!

                                  • Sebastian Schepis
                                    Sebastian Schepis  6 hours back

                                    Why are all you Trumper's so freaking stupid? Aren't you worried about your stupidity backfiring on you spectacularly?

                                  • Richard Smart
                                    Richard Smart  7 hours back

                                    Yeah, cause "he" did SO well in 2018, didn't "he" - why not shoot yourself, you cretinous waste-of-a-vagina?

                                    Just asking...

                                • vero crove
                                  vero crove  8 hours back


                                • KungPisstank
                                  KungPisstank  9 hours back

                                  "The Moment Trump Jr. Realized His Dad Broke The Law" would either be the moment he was born or, more likely since he's an idiot, never.

                                  • Austin
                                    Austin  9 hours back

                                    How are these dumb fuckers in the audience gonna say "omg whoa" about catching him in a lie and then cheer him on for saying "the vicious left" bullshit. We all know the view is the bottom of the barrel for political insight, but that's just plain stupefying

                                    • C Garett
                                      C Garett  4 hours back

                                      Never underestimate stupid people in large numbers.

                                    • Barbara Pisarski
                                      Barbara Pisarski  9 hours back

                                      That wasn't cheers, they were boos! And if you look closely, Jr does not even look anyone in the eyes.

                                  • Kenneth Law
                                    Kenneth Law  10 hours back

                                    A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin. Just ask Moscow Mitch.

                                    • C Garett
                                      C Garett  4 hours back

                                      That still hasn't been proven

                                  • LIBICU812
                                    LIBICU812  10 hours back

                                    Widdle Junior will do anything to try to get just one loving hug from daddy.

                                    • Weslin1
                                      Weslin1  11 hours back

                                      Facing the facts, gracing the truth!!! Everyone is not guilty of not wanting to see truth as it really is; but some are. I am seeing this do much now in an endless on going situation. Trump has really ramp up America to be a post truth nation. After he supposedly get out of one trouble, he is already into ten more wrong doing. Trump is what happen to the down fall of America. By the way look out for John Bolton, testimony.

                                      • Snaggle Toothed
                                        Snaggle Toothed  12 hours back

                                        The moment Trump Jr realises he was labotomised as a child
                                        so his intelligence never climbed above the rest of his family of dotard dimwits.
                                        "Labotomised? So my kids aren't really my kids? Dyslexia? No, man. I _love_ eating!"

                                        • James Phillips
                                          James Phillips  12 hours back

                                          The reality is, they want the identity of the whistleblower so they can discredit them. They have no clue who the whistleblower is and that scares the S#!t out of them! The cannot control or spin empty SH!t anymore, the truth is out and they are butt-hurt!

                                          • James Phillips
                                            James Phillips  12 hours back

                                            This boils down to the same dumb-a$$ S#!t 45 said "Russia if you're listening"

                                            • C Garett
                                              C Garett  4 hours back

                                              If there was something to that Mueller would have found it.

                                          • Dj Supreme
                                            Dj Supreme  12 hours back

                                            KKKlown can’t lie to women on the View like you do to women and men on Faux News, without getting corrected. BTW you sit like a bitch!

                                            • C Garett
                                              C Garett  4 hours back

                                              Lol, that's a lot of hostility. Funny how they leave out the part where he reminds Whoopi of her defense of a rapist, and behar doing black face.

                                          • Joel Hundley
                                            Joel Hundley  13 hours back

                                            DIRTY DRAG DOWN DOWN DOWN DEMOCRATIC DAYS DAT DON'T DO DIDDLY

                                            • Joel Hundley
                                              Joel Hundley  4 hours back

                                              Richard Smartass DOWN DOWN DOWN

                                            • Richard Smart
                                              Richard Smart  7 hours back

                                              @Joel Hundley Once again, pizda, try English.

                                            • Richard Smart
                                              Richard Smart  10 hours back

                                              @Joel Hundley Do you suffer from some sort of intellectual disability?

                                              Seriously - do you?

                                            • Joel Hundley
                                              Joel Hundley  10 hours back

                                              Richard Smartypantz DOWN DOWN DOWN

                                            • Monica Wilson
                                              Monica Wilson  11 hours back

                                              Did the bot crash?..

                                          • David Boivin
                                            David Boivin  13 hours back

                                            To TYJ’s. The Young Jerks 🖕

                                            • Nate Ellenberger
                                              Nate Ellenberger  1 hours back

                                              Richard "not so" you must dumb as hell because you hear it all the time? I got ya.....

                                            • Elena Timofte
                                              Elena Timofte  6 hours back

                                              They all jerk and CHARLATAN.

                                            • Richard Smart
                                              Richard Smart  7 hours back

                                              @Nate Ellenberger Well, Natalie, I've NEVER heard that one before.

                                              Why not SHOOT YOURSELF?

                                              Seriously - why not?

                                            • Nate Ellenberger
                                              Nate Ellenberger  8 hours back

                                              I bet Richard's middle name is "not so".

                                          • Paula Seabrook
                                            Paula Seabrook  13 hours back

                                            Let’s call a spade a spade, it’s extortion plain and simple!

                                          • julian james
                                            julian james  14 hours back

                                            Than you.
                                            It is time somebody said something.
                                            I am actually physically sick listening and dealing with this.
                                            There is nothing funny happening.
                                            Stop making jokes about what are basically war crimes.
                                            The U.N should involved...there is nothing funny about this

                                            • Bat Sheva Sida
                                              Bat Sheva Sida  14 hours back

                                              Ha ha. When Biden did it no one cared. So why must Republicans care about it now?

                                              • Rene Christensen
                                                Rene Christensen  7 hours back

                                                When did Joe Biden use the presidential office to attack a political rival right before an election year? Joe Biden may or may not have abused his office for personal gain, depending on whether the video of him admitting as much is real a fullscale investigation into his conduct should be launched. But that is entirely irrelevant in regards to Trump's politically motivated and illigal attempt to have Joe Biden singled out for investigation by Ukraine. Politically motivated investigations of key rivals launched in the opening stages of an election is a blatant abuse of power. It is something one expects to see in a two-bit dictatorship, not a modern democracy.

                                            • beaglybeagle
                                              beaglybeagle  15 hours back

                                              It is unimaginable to me how people can still support Trump, his family, and this administration. I have a bridge I'd like to sell the Trump supporters, since they fall for everything hook, line and sinker. It's the dumbing down of America.

                                              • beaglybeagle
                                                beaglybeagle  4 hours back

                                                @C Garett LOL! Touche!

                                              • C Garett
                                                C Garett  4 hours back

                                                No sir I am not interested in purchasing a bridge. I am however, interested in electing trump in 2020 unless a worthy adversary is presented.

                                              • Jeffrey Gray
                                                Jeffrey Gray  15 hours back

                                                Is this a joke?

                                            • Marco Khan
                                              Marco Khan  20 hours back

                                              What is a trumper ? trumper = traitor in my book! Idiots who don't know trumpF in REAL life but are stupid enough to fall for his CON !! Read about the SOB before you support him! This is beyond Dems vs Repub. !!! This corrupt MOFO is undermining USA constitution while having put his family members in key positions in OUR government to steal our tax dollars and make USA weak and divided just like trumpF's BOSS "PUTIN" wanted!

                                              • C Garett
                                                C Garett  3 hours back

                                                @Marco Khan nobody's seen the unredacted report yet. Don't you think that would be the basis for impeachment if they truly believed he was doing the bidding of a foreign government? I'd imagine they would have had more urgency.

                                              • Marco Khan
                                                Marco Khan  4 hours back

                                                Maybe you should READ Muellers full un-redacted report! There were people connected to trumpF who have been jailed and a bunch of Russian spies who were among arrested! But certain people are SO blinded by their hateful ideology ( Republicans who are diehard trumpF supporters!) that NO FACT will change their obscured mind! I feel sorry for them because they’re putting party instead of country !

                                              • C Garett
                                                C Garett  4 hours back

                                                3 years of investigation, 0 evidence, no crimes presented and still claiming he's guilty? You'll convince noone without the facts to back it.

                                            • Brian Kemble
                                              Brian Kemble  20 hours back

                                              I think that after all the testimony this is really more of a question about whether we want to be corrupt or not.

                                              • Vanessa  Benefico
                                                Vanessa Benefico  12 hours back

                                                Exactly. Or whether corruption will be an openly acknowledged and actively tolerated part of our country's M.O.

                                            • David Strawn
                                              David Strawn  21 hours back


                                              • C Garett
                                                C Garett  4 hours back

                                                @Richard Smart the whole clip is much more spicy.

                                              • C Garett
                                                C Garett  4 hours back

                                                @Julie Sukithe Ukraine president claimed in a news conference that he had no knowledge of the money being with-held. The counterpoint was that the money was with-held despite him not knowing. This misunderstanding is where tyt starts their rant

                                              • C Garett
                                                C Garett  4 hours back

                                                @Mscape 7777 some of us just want to see facts

                                              • C Garett
                                                C Garett  4 hours back

                                                @Richard Smart degenerating to name-calling already are we?

                                              • Orli Adrian Guevara
                                                Orli Adrian Guevara  10 hours back

                                                Trump administration is in a countdown. No lie.

                                            • Matt's Horsemanship
                                              Matt's Horsemanship  24 hours back

                                              There is absolutely NO laws protecting whistle blowers from being exposed. ALSO when you become a whistle blower, part of it IS COMING PUBLIC! ONLY people who have something to HIDE want's to stay anonymous! What about Snowden? Obama sure tried to get him. You lefties don't want to release the whistle blower JUST because you KNOW he's a devoted leftist who helped Hillary and Fusion GPS. Another person within that circle. When you blow the whistle, part of that whistle is telling all and coming FORWARD to the world.

                                              • Vanessa  Benefico
                                                Vanessa Benefico  12 hours back

                                                @Isay Look I like that. Crude as it may be, the concept behind "It's not left vs. right. It's everyone else vs. the trumptards" strikes a very accurate cord.

                                              • Isay Look
                                                Isay Look  14 hours back

                                                Trumptards are obsessed with Obama and Hillary because Donnie tells them to. Oh...and it’s not the left versus the right, it’s everyone else versus trumptards.

                                              • Mscape 7777
                                                Mscape 7777  15 hours back

                                                What a fucktard trumpeteer!

                                              • Gretchen Murray
                                                Gretchen Murray  15 hours back

                                                You might want to go read up on the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989. Passed when Republican George HW Bush was president. Then again, Cheeto Face has changed his political party at least 5x.

                                            • Matt's Horsemanship
                                              Matt's Horsemanship  1 days back

                                              The view was WRONG. Trump did NOT break the law. She's wrong about the law. I looked up that law AND it has NOTHING to do with what Trump did.

                                              • altrag
                                                altrag  3 hours back

                                                @Matt's Horsemanship It turns out, there is no where in the US legal code that says "you must explicitly state your intent to commit a crime in order to commit a crime." If you kill someone, you will be a murderer regardless of whether or not you have ever said the word "murder" out loud in your entire life.

                                                Trump asked for a "favor," yes. But he made it very clear that that (personal) favor was predicated a (public) action, namely releasing the military funds.

                                                There is nothing wrong with a quid pro quo if the US was trading something in the public arena to get something in return that was also in the public arena. And there's nothing wrong with a quid pro quo trading something of personal value for something else of personal value.

                                                But Trump tried to play mix-and-match. That's a very big no-no.

                                              • C Garett
                                                C Garett  4 hours back

                                                @ASMR Gamer only problem is the whistleblower's lawyer was quoted saying "the coup has started" at the beginning of Trump's presidency. In addition the whistleblower's testimony wouldn't even be admissable if the Dems hadn't changed the law recently since he heard it from someone who heard from someone else.

                                              • C Garett
                                                C Garett  4 hours back

                                                @Jeff Little that depends what the favor implies. If it's to determine if a political official abused his power, then that seems more of a national interest. On the flip side, do you think presidential candidates should be immune from investigation?

                                              • C Garett
                                                C Garett  4 hours back

                                                @sargonsrobot2 why didn't Snowden get protection?

                                              • Matt's Horsemanship
                                                Matt's Horsemanship  9 hours back

                                                @altrag the transcript proves trumps innocent to. Asking for a favor is NOT the same as saying "if you don't do this I'll hold your money" like Biden did. Trump didn't do that. He asked for a favor. Trump even says "favor" a favor is FREE

                                            • William Peek
                                              William Peek  1 days back

                                              Trump is a loser and should be “fired”

                                              • TheDJA4E
                                                TheDJA4E  1 days back

                                                Wrong - and, bad word play.

                                            • Mike Trigo
                                              Mike Trigo  1 days back

                                              Lol a Trump ad before the video? Bad YouTube algorithm

                                              • Trev Mills Music
                                                Trev Mills Music  1 days back

                                                Obama gave Iran a heap of money if they stopped doing something Is that quid pro q u o???

                                                • Trev Mills Music
                                                  Trev Mills Music  6 hours back

                                                  @LW Riker 150 Billion??? and the Cash???

                                                • Pirate Dawg Gaming
                                                  Pirate Dawg Gaming  19 hours back

                                                  The Bidens May have utilized nepotism, something that your current President is using with at least 4 of his children/children in laws right now, but no evidence of corruption. On the other hand, Trump has obstructed justice, allegedly laundered money, extorted other countries, caused the death of hundreds in Syria and Yemen, and made the US military mercenaries for hire to Saudi’s Arabia to name a few. If you support for you own reasons that’s fine, but Trump is not above corruption so much so he can investigate the Bidens. Trump IS corruption!

                                                • Jeff Little
                                                  Jeff Little  21 hours back

                                                  "Obama gave Iran a heap of money if they stopped doing something Is that quid pro q u o???"

                                                  No. If Iran had instead of stopping their nuclear program, had given Obama a new yacht, that would have been quid pro quo because it is clearly not in the interests of the US for Obama to have a new yacht. That would only have been a benefit to Obama personally.

                                                • TIM Dorn
                                                  TIM Dorn  22 hours back

                                                  @Trev Mills Music you are wrong. Trump is President not a dictator. His job is not to investigate anything. If he has evidence. I said EVIDENCE of corruption he is supposed to hand it over to the FBI period. And why is he worried about corruption now.? 3 years into his presidency? Really? And also investigate Joe Biden a potential presidential candidate and rival? Really? It had nothing to do with corruption. It was his scared ass trying to get dirt so he can cheat again to try to win another election. This time his ass got caught. And no matter how the Republicans try to obstruct the truth is there in black and white. So sit down shut up grab your popcorn and enjoy the ride

                                                • LW Riker
                                                  LW Riker  23 hours back

                                                  Obama did not. That is the fake news. Obama gave back a loan from Iran that was withheld with Congressional approval. It was Iran's money in the first place. Look it up, do your research.

                                              • Trev Mills Music
                                                Trev Mills Music  1 days back

                                                Joe is in trouble!!

                                                • Freedom isn't Free
                                                  Freedom isn't Free  1 days back

                                                  Nice to hear the Democrats want people to work with the cops if they see something wrong. Law and order is all the liberals want.

                                                  • G 2U
                                                    G 2U  1 days back

                                                    what whistleblower said doesnt matter anymore, the crdeibility of the witnesses after that is enough.....