Quick Fix Rebuild!! Rebuilding A Totaled Wrecked 2017 Honda Civic From Copart Salvage Auction


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  • Will R
    Will R  2 months back

    Another great video!

    • agustin amaya
      agustin amaya  2 months back

      Thanks for posting this kind of videos again, I've been with the channel since you started fixing those honda civic si. Glad to see you have improved your editing skills for better videos. I still own that 2016 honda civic that I bought from Copart and I coudnt be more happier. Cheers and keep it up!

      • Dale Duntin
        Dale Duntin  2 months back

        GM guys and I've been watching y'all program and I wish you many many more builds too come and keep up the good work and always work safe plus stay blessed GODSPEED ONE

      • The Man from silverdale
        The Man from silverdale  2 months back

        Whee is your dad from ??
        Like button hit before video even watched EVERY TIME

        • Gary Frappier
          Gary Frappier  2 months back

          I have always wanted a black car, but, they are very hard to keep clean.

          • Mark Rhymes
            Mark Rhymes  2 months back

            Where are the videos of u getting this car and fixing it all I see is this one in front of ur other builds and no others on it

            • Samuel Mwangi
              Samuel Mwangi  2 months back

              I like the paint job on the car. Its good

              • FAT BOY
                FAT BOY  2 months back

                Like the video I like seeing them good job your dad is a master of Auto Body... True story

                • Maria G Gammon
                  Maria G Gammon  2 months back

                  Good job I like the quick car flip video

                  • kamel bensaad
                    kamel bensaad  2 months back

                    Looks like a promising chanel subscribed and post notif on .. good luck

                  • KB MOTORS
                    KB MOTORS  2 months back

                    Good work man. Hey check out my Copart series maybe? Let me know what you think?

                    • KB MOTORS
                      KB MOTORS  2 months back


                    • KB MOTORS
                      KB MOTORS  2 months back

                      Man the fact that you respond is amazing. Keep it up man. You e inspired me to do the same things. We’ve just started and are small but growing slowly. Thanks man I’d appreciate any feedback. It’s not easy getting videos out there to be veiwed

                    • KB MOTORS
                      KB MOTORS  2 months back


                    • Kondor Buildz
                      Kondor Buildz   2 months back

                      Thank you! And send me the link

                  • Andrea Conti
                    Andrea Conti  2 months back

                    Fantastic Job :)

                  • Colin Prince
                    Colin Prince  2 months back

                    The car looks like glass. A really great job. It must be so satisfying to see such results. I’m still having problems with rattle cans. 😢

                  • Johnny_Gee
                    Johnny_Gee  2 months back

                    Use your sanding block Dad.... 😉😉😉

                    • Johnny_Gee
                      Johnny_Gee  2 months back

                      Kondor Buildz come visit me... I can hopefully show you some ideas maybe take a course? I’ve been teaching here 27 years... I’d certainly like to see how the hand finish sanding works and I’ll show you my way... never to old to learn....


                      I teach in Denver... come hit us up, we can learn from each other... email through the links ....

                    • Kondor Buildz
                      Kondor Buildz   2 months back

                      When sanding with a block it can sometimes leave lines, but when doing with with your hand you sand in a circle motion and it’s even better

                  • Julian 7160
                    Julian 7160  2 months back

                    I like seeing the side cars too no matter the car I like watching and learning

                    • Julian 7160
                      Julian 7160  2 months back

                      Kondor Buildz you better haha I get bored without them lol

                    • Kondor Buildz
                      Kondor Buildz   2 months back

                      Thank you! Will keep videos coming

                  • Lars Ekelund
                    Lars Ekelund  2 months back

                    I like watching you because it is a family business and you are teaching Max very good and it is amazing looking into your shop.

                  • Joshua Walter
                    Joshua Walter  2 months back

                    What happened to the gtr project?

                    • Joshua Walter
                      Joshua Walter  2 months back

                      Awesome! Thanks for the reply looking forward to what you have in store for it!

                    • Kondor Buildz
                      Kondor Buildz   2 months back

                      It’s going to be a project that I have to be patient with. I want to jump on it so bad but still looking for things for it

                    • Joshua Walter
                      Joshua Walter  2 months back

                      Lol..should of watched the whole video ;p

                  • Raed Ashi
                    Raed Ashi  2 months back

                    Keep up the awesome work..

                  • Lucas Martínez Parra
                    Lucas Martínez Parra  2 months back

                    The Honda Civic is one of my favorite Japanese cars.

                    • MeDicen ElDos
                      MeDicen ElDos  2 months back

                      Who wants to see a FORKLIFT REBUILD video? 🙋🏽‍♂️

                    • Delano Anderson
                      Delano Anderson  2 months back

                      Yeaaah bro keep making these video's 🔥🔥

                    • Howard Rice
                      Howard Rice  2 months back

                      Let see all of them!

                      • 2Moza
                        2Moza  2 months back

                        :) Black Max hahahahahahaha great Vlog of the paying Cars that keep the Channel going love both sides of the channel .Q: Has Dad shown you both how to refinish the paint on the Cars as i notice he is the Man when it comes to the Paint Finish. lol

                        • JR
                          JR  2 months back

                          Love all your builds, keep them coming. Kondor builds

                        • Alton Neese
                          Alton Neese  2 months back

                          I enjoy watching all the work. It doesn't have to be a muscle car. Keep up the good work!

                        • Robert DeMilo
                          Robert DeMilo  2 months back

                          Good job! Your dad has a great painting stroke. Any plans to pick up the paint gun... you could start on the Forklift ;-) I'm always amazed to see the paint transformed when clear coat is laid down, the black looks so slick. No doubt your channel will continue to grow, hang in there and keep doing what you are doing. Good luck!

                          • kickit59
                            kickit59  2 months back

                            Dennis you guys did an amazing job on the Civic! Your dad as always knocked it out of the park on the paint job! Looking forward to the next video...….thanks! Dennis for most of us fixing up a Civic or Accord for a daily driver is what we do! So post those as well! I foresee you guys getting a lot more subscribers as you go along because you guys do quality work!

                            • Al van der Laan
                              Al van der Laan  2 months back

                              It is actually a very good point.... I am wondering how some builders are doing it. I know LNC does the same, they are mostly a body repair shop. I cannot imagine how else they can exist, I mean reselling these cars you might make maybe 15k profit on a muscle or exotic, but these small jobs of like 1800 dollar repairs you may be able to write 10 hours. Insurance companies squeeze the last dime out of the body shops up here in Canada.

                              • Anthony C
                                Anthony C  2 months back

                                Is your dad a self tought body and paint guy or did he work for someone at one point and time? Great work you guys do.

                              • Diya Aljibouri
                                Diya Aljibouri  2 months back

                                Hi how can I get in contact with you I’m looking for a 4Runner

                                • Tom Varnado
                                  Tom Varnado  2 months back

                                  great job. awesome family.

                                • DaddytechEnt
                                  DaddytechEnt  2 months back

                                  *Yeah Dennis the cars don't always have to be cool ones or super cars. regular everyday cars are good too. its the workmanship, talent and family team environment that your true fans are here for. one of these days i'd like to come help on one of those rigs. just let me know when a good time is and i'm there! ok i'm confused, Why did you spray adhesion promotor on metal hood and doors? I thought that was only for plastic and rubber. i enjoyed this way more than the mustang build partly because i despise fords don't mind ANY of the other ones but Fords you can keep, i have ZERO interest in any of them*

                                  • DaddytechEnt
                                    DaddytechEnt  2 months back

                                    @Kondor Buildz to be honest i did actually learn a little something on the Mustang build too but i wasn't happy about it LMAO

                                  • Kondor Buildz
                                    Kondor Buildz   2 months back

                                    Thank you so much!

                                • Robert Bisson
                                  Robert Bisson  2 months back

                                  I still like to see regular cars being rebuilt, because these are the one most regular people drive. Good job on the Civic.

                                  • shartne
                                    shartne  2 months back

                                    I think you will make it to 100,000 subs someday then youtube will pay better.

                                    • Kondor Buildz
                                      Kondor Buildz   2 months back

                                      Thank you! Gotta keep working hard for it

                                  • 57ovalandy Rivera
                                    57ovalandy Rivera  2 months back

                                    Nice 👍🏼

                                  • Therealgamer Att Jatt
                                    Therealgamer Att Jatt  2 months back

                                    I was like 'did i miss any part of this rebuild ??' turns out it was completed in just one video.

                                    • Lee Davies
                                      Lee Davies  2 months back

                                      as always great work from you both ,,nice to see a normal every day car build

                                    • jack hamilton
                                      jack hamilton  2 months back

                                      Car looks awesome 👏🏾

                                      • jack hamilton
                                        jack hamilton  2 months back

                                        I remember ppl you to use news paper for that 👌🏾

                                      • Michael Wilder
                                        Michael Wilder  2 months back

                                        I think it would have looked better if you had hit the entire car with a couple of coats of clear!

                                        • chris parenti
                                          chris parenti  2 months back

                                          I hope the interior isn’t soaked with the mirrors removed and spraying that water

                                          • Marquise Thomas
                                            Marquise Thomas  2 months back

                                            I like seeing the stuff i cant afford cause ill never have it

                                            • Marquise Thomas
                                              Marquise Thomas  2 months back

                                              @Kondor Buildz Thanks, that means alot coming from you

                                            • Kondor Buildz
                                              Kondor Buildz   2 months back

                                              Work hard and one day you can. It’s all possible

                                          • Abd Abd
                                            Abd Abd  2 months back


                                            • Ron Van
                                              Ron Van  2 months back

                                              another great video. looks like that left back tire needs air. Nice car.

                                            • Auto Tuning
                                              Auto Tuning  2 months back


                                              • jalilul hasan
                                                jalilul hasan  2 months back

                                                Actually this cars, scrapyard tours are way more interesting than all those max bling bling super cars. Hope to watch more like this

                                                • Maurizio Gamuzza
                                                  Maurizio Gamuzza  2 months back


                                                  • D4r3k33
                                                    D4r3k33  2 months back

                                                    Nice paint Job im waiting for the subaru and Mustang