4 Flat Belly Fails (HOW NOT TO GET A FLAT BELLY!)

  • Published: 24 September 2015
  • Flatten your belly and have ripped abs year round here…

    Learning how to get a flat belly starts with understanding what is really causing your belly to not be flat in the first place. Of course, any discussion of how to flatten out your stomach and start seeing your abs must start with nutrition and not “simple tricks”. It’s crazy how many people have been led to believe that they can eat anything under the sun but still have ripped abs. Can’t for the life of me figure out who could be responsible for that misinformation can you?

    In the meantime, since this channel is not about feeding you B.S. on how to get a flat belly but actual fixes that are based in real world training science…I set out to create a practical solution for you. Each of the 4 causes of a distended belly are actually quite common. In fact, you can see the protruding belly occur even in people that have six pack abs already because of the reasons I will show you here.

    First things first however, if you don’t have a flat stomach it might be because you are relying too much on lower ab exercises in an effort to get one. Training with too many lower ab workouts is actually likely to do the opposite of what you are hoping for. When you train bottom up ab movements at the exclusion of some of the other functions of the abs, such as top down crunching and anti-rotational exercises you are contributing to an imbalance of development. It is not uncommon for those that do this to see their lower bellies, beneath their belly buttons, start to stick out too much.

    Second, performing your ab exercises without focusing on the quality of the reps as you seek more quantity is a big mistake. If you push out on your abs as you do your ab exercises, you are simply developing abs that are good at being strong in a distended position. If you want to truly flatten your belly you want to train them to contract and cinch down on your waist. You can do that by first focusing on contracting your transverse abdominus and then performing your ab exercises.

    Next, you want to be sure that you keep your hip flexors (mainly your psoas) loose. If your hip flexors get tight you wind up pulling your pelvis down into an anterior tilt. This will immediately cause you to lose the appearance of a flat stomach since your abs push forward instead of down and in. You can keep the hip flexors loose by making sure to stretch them out as I show you in this video every time you stand up after sitting for a prolonged period of time.

    Finally, if you are suffering from back pain or have a hernia, it becomes much more difficult to engage the abs and therefore you are less likely to be able to maintain tension needed to have a flat belly. Avoid both of these conditions be properly strengthening your abs and core by following a program based on athletic training science. Start using the ATHLEAN-X Training System available at athleanx.com and see what it’s like to have a strong core and abs year round.

    For more videos on how to get a flat belly as well as plenty of ab workouts you can do at home or at the gym, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on RUclip at http://superiorjanitorial.pro/user/jdcav24
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        its for people who want a six pack not a flat belly

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          I have confidence in my life, but not body confidence like this guy! I getting there tho, need to lose my body fat 👍

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              Solid abs

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                  Awesome instruction

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                    I have a sedentary work style. The stretch that you showed to correct tight hip flexor was helpful.

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                      to me these motions that you have to do are very complicated i often do them wrong im sure of it cause i forget how to twist first then strech and holy crap man. like 4:04 what is he really doing i cant figrue it out.

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                        I included facepulls into my ab routine and I have an 8 pack now

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                            i'm 9 pecrcent year round jeff cruferious veggies and grass fed meat...

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                              Great. Now everyone is going to use the "I have a hernia" excuse lol.

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                                        You’re great man. Keep up the excellent work. I can’t wait for the next video. I enjoy this and plan on starting your program as soon as possible.

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                                            This is making it seem like you can spot train fat away. Which can not be done.

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                                              Lots of information but no visuals. #EasierSaidThanDone iGuess

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                                                reading all these comments on here makes me'hahahahahaha'. jokes apart athleanx is one of the few fitness youtubers who gives tips for the people who have never once in their life gone too gym.i really appreciate his knowledge about body training .duhhh he trains wrestlers nfl and basketball players.

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                                                  Strategic points indeed to get that belly flat. So stretching, huh?

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                                                            Have a flat belly when I exhale, not so much when I inhale. Got natural lower abdomen breathing, so will always have a little bit blubby stomach (on inhale that is). 😂

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                                                                    Every time I squeeze my transverse abdominis I get acid reflux and instant heartburn. Just anyone have any advice on how to prevent this for over overcome this?

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                                                                      I have an eight pack when I flex and stand up straight but if I bend over even slightly I look like a raw pizza dough.

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                                                                          I think I’m having difficulty getting rid of the water weight and a lil fat in the stomach area. Which annoys me because I know my abs are getting strong but they don’t seem defined.

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                                                                            First of his videos where i must say that he is COMPLETELY missing the point. #1 reason for not having a flat belly simply is fat. And if you can see your abs and still don't have a flat belly than organ fat is the cause. So Ab Training and hip flexor Stretching will help ya a shit man.

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                                                                                        As a full time uni student who doesn’t know a lot of the proper dos and don’ts, even after doing cross-fit, i want to say thank you for these videos. I stopped going to crossfit because of the cost but i actually find your instruction to very educational and beneficial. Thank you for being kind enough to put these on youtube for free! It’s so appreciated

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                                                                                            great, ive had back muscle problems for more than 25 years and its gotten worse since ive aged. tried massage, chiropractor and physical therapy, they showed me a stretch like what you demonstrated however the leg part is all they offered so ill add your twisting and leaning with arms raised and see if i get relief. looks very promising. my back muscle's have gotten so tight at times that ive actually damaged the tendons that attach to my spine that left me bed ridden several times. you've been a major influence to me in diet and strength training that already im able to do so much more, thank you.

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