This Is Not A Laptop...


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  • Unbox Therapy
    Unbox Therapy   1 years back

    *If you select the i7 processor option it unlocks the potential to config up to 16GB RAM rather than the 8GB max on the i5 version featured in this video.

    • Justus
      Justus  4 weeks back

      *and it is available with up to 1Tb of storage

    • Mike Schmidtt
      Mike Schmidtt  12 months back

      Dude, you forgot to heart your own comment. What content creator uploads a video to YouTube, comments on their own video, pins it, but doesn't heart it?

    • Kazuto Kirigaya
      Kazuto Kirigaya  12 months back

      That laptop are better than my Asus N53SV i7 2670QM GT540M-2GB 12Gb RAM and 256GB SSD,
      3 kilograms and 15.6 inches but still rock with it.

    • Mr Fun Time
      Mr Fun Time  12 months back

      it looks ugly the hp spectre folio is much way better

  • TheChoujinVirus
    TheChoujinVirus  1 weeks back

    And like all Lenovos it’ll break

    • gooogooo22
      gooogooo22  3 weeks back

      I tried to get this but the morons at Lenovo could not deliver it to me it has been a most a month and I have decided to get my money back.....I have been trying to contact just to get a little bit of information as to where my computer is and I have found that they have set things up where it's extremely difficult to contact them. All email contact(s) is from other countries and they don't even try to help. When you try to call there is a minimum 30 minute wait.....I'm addition the online chat is the same.....164 in the queue only to be greeted by a filipino who tries to talk over me because he can't deviate from the script?????WTF!!!!!!!!!! Trying to get my money back........if it is this hard to get the computer how hard will it be when I need a repair?????? Oh and by the way I have been reading various forums whereby people who signed up for the on-site service.....Lenovo won't cover a lot of things that are supposed to be covered in their warranty....I want my money back!!!!!!!! BEYOND PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!

      • UpLink oUo
        UpLink oUo  2 months back

        They might as well call it the Thinkpad X1 Surface

        • Meinfred
          Meinfred  2 months back

          Mh. This thing needs a lot of desk space. While I love the kickstand for tablet-only mode, the keyboard without battery makes me a bit sad. I might check this out used.

          • Randall Ainsworth
            Randall Ainsworth  2 months back

            Will probably get one of these to replace my Surface Pro 5. I've had three refurb'd SPs with numerous problems. The current one I have was new from the MS Store after I complained about the crappy refurbs and even it has some minor problems. I just don't think the quality control on the Surface products is very good.

            My only complaint with this Lenovo is - why couldn't they make the pen magnetic? Why have some little do-dad that sticks on the side?

            • Gurmeet Singh
              Gurmeet Singh  3 months back

              Which laptop do you own ?

              • King Joffrey
                King Joffrey  3 months back

                so this is a one to one copy of the surface pro with some different packaging and badges ... and a little pimple on the keyboard

                • Sabrina Magnus
                  Sabrina Magnus  4 months back

                  I gotta ask... why are you ALWAYS ripping on mobile device speakers? Seriously, am I the only person that only ever uses built-in speakers as a last resort? I usually have my devices muted unless I have headphones or other external equipment plugged into them.

                  • Jaden Shah
                    Jaden Shah  4 months back

                    I bought this for use as a hackintosh. I LOVE IT!!

                    • Rolando Riccio
                      Rolando Riccio  4 months back

                      I have a question, once you detach the unit from the keyboard, can you still use the keyboard to type? or it will appear on the screen?

                      • Ramir Enriquez
                        Ramir Enriquez  4 months back

                        Quite unready for everything being in one place, the intel, screen, ports, all of them, it's like if something breaks, it affects most/all of the parts and can't afford a downtime.

                        • Dario Turchi
                          Dario Turchi  4 months back

                          Can display and keyboard works by separate ? Via Bluetooth or something? Just like a desktop pc i mean

                          • Dimitri Lens Flare Abrams

                            That's pretty dope
                            Now if only they could put that 3 by 2 screen into a laptop for that nice vertical screen real-estate....

                            • AdrianM
                              AdrianM  5 months back

                              You treat keys like Conor McGregor treats the elderly.

                              • CalQaida
                                CalQaida  5 months back

                                Just got mine with an i7 and 16GB RAM/1TB SSD. Absolutely amazing machine! Super fast with every task thrown at it, thin and fairly lightweight and a beautiful bright 3K screen. Negatives would be just like all thinkpads the matte finish gets fingerprinted and dirty looking quickly, the speakers are hot garbage and multiple reports from early buyers about screen coating getting scratched just from looking at it the wrong way(joke). Worse yet, Lenovo saying it's not covered under warranty. Not good.

                                • Suribabu Seeram
                                  Suribabu Seeram  5 months back

                                  In which app you are buying these products

                                  • LG
                                    LG  6 months back

                                    il take a macbook pro over one of these anyday, i dont like the whole combined laptop and tablet thing, its corny to me, and windows looks awful with that whack looking square design and whack colour scheme

                                    • Grassy
                                      Grassy  7 months back

                                      Acer has it too

                                      Same as a Microsoft Surface

                                      • Mariku Junrei
                                        Mariku Junrei  7 months back

                                        after using this unit at my daily driver plus art pad i gotta say that i love it sure the speakers suck but i carry a bluetooth speaker with me or use my headphones anyway not much of a drawback tbh other then that screen is beautiful - charge time is super quick and that charging cable is small enough to come with me everywhere - i will say it handles gaming terribly but hay where were you expecting lol - nothing a little shadow cant fix tho

                                        • Glamrgrl104
                                          Glamrgrl104  2 months back

                                          I'm thinking about getting a thinkpar for art. Looking at the x260 w stylus. Use for light gaming like wizard 101 and drawing.
                                          How's yours holding up?

                                        • Mariku Junrei
                                          Mariku Junrei  6 months back


                                        • Sitou Dien
                                          Sitou Dien  6 months back

                                          Does your screen coating scratch off? Any problems?

                                      • Lala
                                        Lala  7 months back

                                        So it's a Surface Pro but with a Thunderbolt plug and crappy speakers

                                        • Sitou Dien
                                          Sitou Dien  7 months back

                                          Don't buy it. Screen coating is flawed. Scuffs easily. Check lenovo forum for more info.

                                          • sherzoid
                                            sherzoid  7 months back

                                            Can you please review asus StudioBooks? I've used 11, 14, 15 inch devices but prefer 17 inch laptops. But they're usually not that portable. And I'd love to see smth like that below 2kgs. That would be perfectly nice to have

                                            • David Ross
                                              David Ross  7 months back

                                              I REALLY want one of these. Only downside is lack of USB-A port. Oh, and I love your videos!

                                              • zemous V3 extra
                                                zemous V3 extra  7 months back

                                                Hey louis ban me from your channel thank you

                                                • Chris Le
                                                  Chris Le  8 months back

                                                  The world has 3 kinds of laptop: Thinkpad, Macbook and the others.

                                                  • s a b a d o/Theswitcher27

                                                    Yup, it's weird without the RGB IBM logo and the glowing red dot...

                                                    • Zachary Picone
                                                      Zachary Picone  7 months back

                                                      The first Thinkpads to have a glowing dot were the Edge series, which were garbage until recently.

                                                  • Jonny McDobbsy
                                                    Jonny McDobbsy  8 months back

                                                    Fuck sake....people using the phrase "in this space" or "in that space" is about as annoying as them constantly saying that some phone feels good in "the hand" over and over. Pretentious AND trendy. Yay!

                                                    • life is a lie
                                                      life is a lie  8 months back

                                                      Laps and tabs aren't really reviewed properly i mean who cares about the speaker that much review the interface the software etc multitasking gaming etc man lu wtf man ur better than this don't let keyboards let u go stray

                                                      • E Amos
                                                        E Amos  8 months back

                                                        This is not a laptop, this is a video about a laptop.

                                                        • Josef Jr. Ababat
                                                          Josef Jr. Ababat  8 months back

                                                          Apple design are too feminine.

                                                          • Deepak M Ramesh
                                                            Deepak M Ramesh  8 months back

                                                            MKBHD is gonna love this color combination

                                                            • Burntchikenugget 1
                                                              Burntchikenugget 1  8 months back

                                                              I feel like everything wants to copy the surface pro

                                                              • Fyro Wower
                                                                Fyro Wower  8 months back

                                                                I will buy it when it get price 300$ in 10 years

                                                              • Ramses production
                                                                Ramses production  8 months back

                                                                It's just a surface pro...

                                                                • Ivan Daydream
                                                                  Ivan Daydream  8 months back

                                                                  so its a knockoff of surface product

                                                                  • TheChatRoom
                                                                    TheChatRoom  8 months back

                                                                    I sat my surface on top of my Xbox today and it acted strange I think the magnets fucked up my game tower 😂 I’m such a girl I only have the Xbox for game storage but only play it via stream on my laptop

                                                                    • Mubarak AlToura
                                                                      Mubarak AlToura  8 months back

                                                                      so if it is not a laptop..........

                                                                      could it be a tablet??

                                                                      • Gerfandor
                                                                        Gerfandor  8 months back

                                                                        looks like every company wants to have surface now :p

                                                                        • Ranganath Ram's
                                                                          Ranganath Ram's  8 months back

                                                                          Wow huuuuhuhuhuh very very very vvvveeerrrrrtyy ghud

                                                                          • Burntchikenugget 1
                                                                            Burntchikenugget 1  8 months back

                                                                            Is this a copy of a surface pro

                                                                            • Jonathan Torres
                                                                              Jonathan Torres  9 months back

                                                                              Im in IT and setup either Macs or Lenovo ThinkPads and I was due for an upgrade and just ordered for work a Lenovo X280. The baby brother of the X1 Carbon. Perfect and price was great compared to the Apple MacBook.

                                                                              • Benjamin Hackett
                                                                                Benjamin Hackett  9 months back

                                                                                So I have an X1 Carbon Yoga (3rd Gen) on order. I highly recommend checking it out, Lew. I think you will dig the keys that rise up when you unfold it. Plus, the pen included docks into the base.

                                                                                • Benjamin Hackett
                                                                                  Benjamin Hackett  7 months back

                                                                                  @Beela M Yes I do, for a 14” laptop it is really light and portable. I got the WQHD screen and super happy with it. FYI, there is a problem on these X1 Yoga models where the touchscreen sometimes spazzes out (register false touches) if it's not sitting on a flat surface (such as your lap). I disabled the touchscreen on mine (pen still works), but the other options are to use the laptop on a desk whenever possible or wiggle the lid and let the spazzing die down.

                                                                                • Beela M
                                                                                  Beela M  7 months back

                                                                                  Do you like ur yoga? I think I might buy it for work

                                                                              • Bing fang Chen
                                                                                Bing fang Chen  9 months back

                                                                                hi,everyone. I bought Lenovo Yoga 720 at 4/2018, but it had a big problem (blue screen) appear after I used it on 6months. I send to your company to repair. However, your company not best to fix it, the problem got more and too frequent to opened laptop. I send my laptop to your company again. A month after, I got my laptop again, but it still had the problem and also frequently to show out. Therefore, I was called phone number said I wanted got a refund, because this laptop made me tried and not beneficial for me. The company takes my case like dodgeball. I use $1500more to buy the trash, only use a few months. By the way, the manager Demone, he threatens me if I just want to return the laptop, I must give back my laptop to them and they not sent me replacement and refund.
                                                                                The company always said replay you soon, but I didn’t get response and solutions. I will talk about this laptop not the best choice for everyone.

                                                                              • A B
                                                                                A B  9 months back

                                                                                Does anyone know how this fairs in sunlight?

                                                                                • Braden Hall
                                                                                  Braden Hall  9 months back

                                                                                  You pound the shit outta them keys

                                                                                  • Xenon Master
                                                                                    Xenon Master  9 months back

                                                                                    Why dont u try for samsung tab s4

                                                                                    • phaboman
                                                                                      phaboman  9 months back

                                                                                      If you close the lid, the magnets on the keyboard cover near the hinge are strong enough to hold the pen.