LG OLED vs Samsung QLED - TV Technology Shootout


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  • Rudy
    Rudy  6 days back

    My opinion? The OLED has blacker blacks. The QLED is brighter and has less screen glare in a bright room. Both TV's will deliver a fantastic picture, but only one of them will experience burn-in. I recently replaced my 65" B7 LG OLED with the Samsung Q90 due to burn in that occurred in less than a year under normal viewing conditions. You've been warned......

    • Gregory Slappey
      Gregory Slappey  6 days back

      enjoyed and understood the information better than any other of these videos I've watched and at my age, that's important as I do not understand tech as well as the younger generation, but I sure like it. Thanks

      • Jordan Brown
        Jordan Brown  7 days back

        These two technologies will become irrelevant when Samsung finally releases their Quantum Dot OLED hybrid line of TVs, or QD-OLED for short. And yes, that is in fact a thing that Samsung has been working on.

        • Matthew Ogonosky
          Matthew Ogonosky  1 weeks back

          Samsung q70 amazing tv just go buy it already

          • Carlos Davis
            Carlos Davis  1 weeks back

            hold on young man what floor speakers are those

            • vietnamezee
              vietnamezee  2 weeks back

              great video, for the gamer's out there, would you recommend oled or qled and why? please and thanks, looking to buy a 4 k for gaming this year

              • Martin Thulin
                Martin Thulin  2 weeks back

                No motion blur? Saaaaay what?

                • shelagh ocallaghan
                  shelagh ocallaghan  2 weeks back

                  that plant gets about a bit

                  • Tim Handrahan
                    Tim Handrahan  2 weeks back

                    What's a better OLED tv, Sony or LG?

                    • Faerhad Targaryen
                      Faerhad Targaryen  2 weeks back

                      In all honesty I think Sony is a little better BUT, LG has better pricing and still amazing quality

                  • ken bibi
                    ken bibi  2 weeks back

                    I paused a porn movie on OLED for too long and now the tities won't go away :(

                    • David Williams
                      David Williams  2 weeks back

                      Hi, thanks for a very informative video. A lot of sales reps instore just havent got a clue!!
                      Can anyone tell me what video is playing at 5:34 please?

                      • SnowAtYT
                        SnowAtYT  3 weeks back

                        >look at the bigger overall epxerience
                        >all those user-facing elements
                        >Samsung QLED wins by a landslide
                        what, because it's providing all that "convenience" spyware crap but at least you can get the screen 3cm closer to the wall?!
                        also you mentioned transition times for the OLED but mysteriously forgot about that metric with the quantum dot LCD (QLED is just a marketing costume to make it sound like OLED because Samsung wants to milk their end-of-life production for a few more product cycles)

                        • Anthony Harris
                          Anthony Harris  3 weeks back

                          OLED is clearly the superior technology.💁🏽‍♂️

                          • Hulkster84
                            Hulkster84  2 weeks back

                            Not really. QLED is better, especially for gamers.

                          • lando hoth
                            lando hoth  2 weeks back

                            Cept for that burn in part...

                        • stylus850
                          stylus850  3 weeks back

                          OLED is a better picture.
                          However.....the one thing that is scary about OLED....Burn ins.

                          • Chewy V
                            Chewy V  3 weeks back

                            OLED TVs are worse with burn screens then Plasma TVs were

                            • Chewy V
                              Chewy V  3 weeks back

                              jose ortega my plasma tv literally just died a couple of months ago, took it back to Costco they honored the warranty, paid the difference on my 65” LG C9 OLED65C9AUA and now I’m noticing burn in images in the corners where the logos go on the CW

                            • jose ortega
                              jose ortega  3 weeks back

                              Chewy V so you owned both? Because I have had a plasma for 10 years still perfect picture and have had my oled for a year and a half now and it’s amazing no issue with burn in

                          • SGTcrackey666
                            SGTcrackey666  3 weeks back

                            Qled is terrible for your eyes espeically if you are light sensitive like me. Never again!

                            • Joseph Fajardo
                              Joseph Fajardo  3 weeks back

                              I have QLED but OLED is better 👍

                              • Eugene Apanasenko
                                Eugene Apanasenko  2 weeks back

                                Joseph Fajardo it’s not better. It’s just different technology

                            • Ki1ngOfGods
                              Ki1ngOfGods  3 weeks back

                              Same shit. IPhone came out, Samsung squashed them with their smart phones. LG came out with OLED and Samsung squashed them with QLED, in the end, Samsung is the best brand, period

                              • Suzy Siviter
                                Suzy Siviter  4 weeks back

                                "ill make this easy for you"...….OLED if you want quality and don't mind it lasting only 18 months on average.
                                BTW: In NO way is he promoting Samsung, he wouldnt do that, no way.

                                • Vince Wind
                                  Vince Wind  4 weeks back

                                  Who come to watch this video after how samsung diminishing LG C9 in their youtube channel?

                                  • Vic Wienckowski
                                    Vic Wienckowski  4 weeks back

                                    LG TVs are garbage problems nightly do not buy

                                    • Nexus Nightshade
                                      Nexus Nightshade  1 months back

                                      OLED is love !

                                      • AdblockLuv
                                        AdblockLuv  1 months back

                                        Life is good LG

                                        • Ger -
                                          Ger -  3 weeks back

                                          Sure is

                                      • Robert Courtney
                                        Robert Courtney  1 months back

                                        im going with Samsung so I connected with my note 10 plus phone

                                        • Papa Lannister
                                          Papa Lannister  1 months back

                                          OLED life forever 😤😤😤

                                          • M. Avery
                                            M. Avery  1 months back

                                            Where can I buy that TV stand?

                                            • Kody Adams
                                              Kody Adams  1 months back

                                              There is a reason Prevost and Newell both $ 2 million RV coach’s only use
                                              LG OLED TVs in there coach’s.
                                              They have the BEST quality picture period. QLED like Samsung are good , but it really isn’t close.
                                              OLED is far superior in many ways , but they are EXPENSIVE!

                                              • Tim Holyoake
                                                Tim Holyoake  1 months back

                                                So, we have bought a Samsung Q60 55” 4K T.V. And we are blown away by it. What 4K Blue Ray Disc player, would you recommend to go with it?

                                                • michael
                                                  michael  1 months back

                                                  Vincent is misogynistic

                                                  • Cosmic Insanity
                                                    Cosmic Insanity  1 months back

                                                    I got a 2018 OLED Sony Bravia. Most astonishing picture I’ve ever seen. It’s unbelievably real. Looks like everything’s popping out of the screen. Every single pixel is self illuminating. I also own my own business and have sold 300+ 4K smart TVs in the last couple months. OLED is far superior to QLED.

                                                    • Bobi1234 Bobi
                                                      Bobi1234 Bobi  1 months back

                                                      Is it possible to watch such an aquarium or the ocean on a Samsung Q90 TV in ambient mode or do you need to have special presentations?

                                                      • JesusHadAegis
                                                        JesusHadAegis  1 months back

                                                        No idea why I’m watching this both look the same on my iPad.

                                                        • DrHouse2004
                                                          DrHouse2004  2 months back

                                                          i have a RCA cheapest 4K 55" but the only probleme is I watch only thinks on coaxial cable wich is mean 480i

                                                          • Liam Raimundo
                                                            Liam Raimundo  2 months back

                                                            What if ur watching porn and u pause for like 2 days and u have a massive cock burnt into ur screen

                                                            • Evan Langlois
                                                              Evan Langlois  2 months back

                                                              This guy seems kinda biased towards OLED and shouldn't be talking about manufacturer specific features that have nothing to do with the screen technology!

                                                              Also, two factors were left out. The first is the image processor being used by the manufacturer which is used to optimize the HDR content, do upscaling, black detail enhancement, etc. Every manufacturer has their own. In fact, this is the primary difference between different OLED TVs since *ALL* OLED TV screens are mnufactured by LG. It doesn't matter who makes the TV, the screen is LG.

                                                              The second issue is price. This is likely because LG has the entire market on OLED and QLED has a bit of competition. OLED has a premium.

                                                              OLED is great if you can afford it, keep the room dark, and love saturated colors. QLED is all about the number of dimming zones to get so close to perfect OLED blacks that it's tough to tell the difference even side by side. QLED gives more accurate and brighter colors at significantly reduced price point, no burn-in, etc. And viewing angle?? Who is watching the TV at more than 78 degrees from the side? Your surround sound sure is gonna suck, but let me guess ... you have an Atmos sound bar! Yeah, that's a joke. You can't do real surround without rear speakers and Atmos is pointless without LOTS of speakers, so you have a pretty name. Yet, people are talking about viewing angle while ignoring listening position! SMH.

                                                              Take the QLED and buy some surround speakers and a kitchen display so you aren't trying to watch the LR TV from the kitchen. It will add up to less than the OLED

                                                              • Nuno Borges
                                                                Nuno Borges  2 months back

                                                                This is exactly the video clarification I was looking for. Thank you for comments. Excellent video.

                                                                • alphavortex1
                                                                  alphavortex1  2 months back

                                                                  CNN fakes news can even break your tv...

                                                                  • DoubleD
                                                                    DoubleD  2 months back

                                                                    new comparison video link takes you to "unavailable private video"...?

                                                                    • I was here
                                                                      I was here  2 months back

                                                                      Oleds always burns in but yes it has an amazing picture, I bought a qled a few years ago and it's working like new with no burn in, sure it's not perfect black and sometimes I notice minor edge lighting in dark scenes but I also get the bright color pop and it's amazing too , I figure if your gonna spend thousands of bucks on a TV go with the longer lasting no risk tv, I didn't wanna get stuck with a burnt in tv but I really like the black on oleds, I got a tab s6 and I really like the inky blacks on my super amoled screen, hopefully it doesn't burn in.

                                                                      • Gnosis7
                                                                        Gnosis7  2 months back

                                                                        It won't burn in unless you watch a sports channel or news channel with the logo on the screen for 10 hours a day for a couple of years. If you don't do that, and cycle between different content, you have nothing to worry about.

                                                                    • Gerald Moore
                                                                      Gerald Moore  2 months back

                                                                      If you leave closed captions on the OLED won't last 2 years before horizontal bands appear wherever CC displays. Burn-in is really bad. Switching to QLED!

                                                                      • Bharath Krishna
                                                                        Bharath Krishna  2 months back

                                                                        Is there a comparison for Sony A8G vs LG C9?

                                                                        • NitroExpress
                                                                          NitroExpress  2 months back

                                                                          why all these repetitive "shootouts"? OLED is superior, but more expensive by a wide margin. this has been reported by every source that has tested these.

                                                                          • Lubisa Lokic
                                                                            Lubisa Lokic  2 months back

                                                                            So let’s see did I got this right, you spend over 2000 bucks to buy so called hi-end oled tv and you need to be extremely careful with static images or else you’ll burn your display and there goes nerve breakdown! Well I sure have made my decision. I just can’t imagine someone would spend money on this BS oled TV!

                                                                            • Rajiv Patel
                                                                              Rajiv Patel  2 months back

                                                                              Informative , educating ....the biggest point is overall viewing expirience where Samsung according to u , damn easy.

                                                                              So at this point I m 70% in favour of buying a Samsung

                                                                              • Rajiv Patel
                                                                                Rajiv Patel  2 months back


                                                                                • Test Kanal
                                                                                  Test Kanal  2 months back

                                                                                  OLED is in his infancy. In 8-10 years you can buy an OLED. i want to use it also as a frame for photos and paintings, burn-ins are there a no go. you buy a tv for round about 10 years and burn-in danger is too big for me. OLED has a little bit better black, QLED has a better white. If you see comparisons, you'll find that OLEDs have too much color saturation. People love the strong colors. But QLED's colors are closer to real life. Ask yourself at every picture comparison: How would it look in real?

                                                                                  • coby PORSCHIFER
                                                                                    coby PORSCHIFER  2 months back

                                                                                    3:00 This is where he's wrong. Assuming only a few people will have a problem with OLED BURN .THE INTERNET IS 1BIG ASS LOGO MACHINE. EVERY YOUTUBE CHANNEL SEEMS TO HAVE A LOGO IN THE CORNER OF THE SCREEN. ETC ETC. SAMSUNG IS THE KING FOR A REASON. GOOD INFORMATION ON SPECS

                                                                                    • Romantic Donkey
                                                                                      Romantic Donkey  2 months back

                                                                                      So OLED degrades over time? So every time you watch your tv, the picture is a lesser quality? I suppose if the entire picture degrades you would not notice unless you put a 3 year old OLED next to a brand new one of the same model. It would be very interesting to see a comparison video of the 2 side by side.