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  • A F
    A F  31 less than a minute back

    Terrible way to cut a dragon fruit. You just wasted so much flesh. Just cut it in half diagonally from the long edge. Peel it off by hand slowly and you’ll waste no flesh!!

    • lastimosa
      lastimosa  3 minutes back

      dragonfruit looks the coolest but tastes the blandest to me

      • Evan Bergman
        Evan Bergman  3 minutes back

        But. You forgot the bannana

        • OneCrazyCanadian
          OneCrazyCanadian  3 minutes back

          Fruit ninja

          • Vonda Barela
            Vonda Barela  5 minutes back

            Your “gooseberry” is actually a ground cherry.

            • Nuclear Synthetics
              Nuclear Synthetics  7 minutes back

              What about raspberry blackberry red current black current

              • Syed Asrar
                Syed Asrar  8 minutes back

                Did I just watched the entire video 🤫🤷🏻‍♂️

                • nzMunchie
                  nzMunchie  10 minutes back

                  New Zealand over the years has been importing all sorts of fruits/veges we have never heard of or gotten the chance to try before but every time I've tried Dragonfruit its just been bland? Pomelo I like and Persimmon is not good to me lol.

                  • YoppaScream
                    YoppaScream  10 minutes back

                    Never had a video that made me want to eat fruit so bad

                    • Ana m
                      Ana m  11 minutes back

                      Chef: rambutan
                      Audience: rAnBoOtUn

                      • Nova drake Studios
                        Nova drake Studios  11 minutes back

                        I want to here someone say oño

                        • Ryan Lanning
                          Ryan Lanning  11 minutes back

                          4:35 trust me, it’s satisfying

                          • Selena Marie
                            Selena Marie  12 minutes back

                            Why am I here?

                            • Rob L
                              Rob L  13 minutes back

                              Why is there a group of buttwipes that are telling me the name of the fruit as if they are in some adult education class of how to function in life.

                              Repeat after me. This is a star fruit.
                              Repeat after me. Wipe your butt.

                              • T Cubed
                                T Cubed  13 minutes back

                                The way he hold the knife and how he cuts towards his hand bothers me.

                                • Nanananernayutanayutist Jupiter Ann

                                  How would I cut a coconut?

                                  • nzMunchie
                                    nzMunchie  16 minutes back

                                    Just eat the Kiwi Berries whole...just like Kiwifruit with the skin on and yes I eat my Kiwifruit whole including its skin :)

                                    • Andy Helm
                                      Andy Helm  16 minutes back

                                      "So what do you like to watch?"

                                      • Ker Lay
                                        Ker Lay  16 minutes back

                                        When you’ve tried all of the fruits except for one

                                        • StrwbrryLabz
                                          StrwbrryLabz  17 minutes back

                                          Me: Banana

                                          Chef: No it’s a yellow plantan


                                          Chef: Say it with me Planta—


                                          • TheAssassiNyx
                                            TheAssassiNyx  19 minutes back

                                            When I was in elementary I used to take prickly pears for lunch and I would take my small knife in my lunch box to open it with
                                            I scared people 🤷🏼‍♀️ I just wanted my fruit

                                            • TheRosebudGhost
                                              TheRosebudGhost  23 minutes back

                                              THATS A BANANA NOT A PLANTAIN

                                              • rohyco
                                                rohyco  26 minutes back

                                                Amazingly bad advice for the pomegranate

                                                • Soushi Stick
                                                  Soushi Stick  27 minutes back

                                                  The green papaya and green mango tho 🤢

                                                  Ngl durian is nasty too. I lived in Indonesia for 7 years and I remember the smell of durian

                                                  • Valerie Valentin
                                                    Valerie Valentin  28 minutes back

                                                    Ok. I don’t THINK you know what your cutting or........IM JUST DUMB

                                                    • Thomas Babini
                                                      Thomas Babini  28 minutes back

                                                      wtf who peels their apples???

                                                      • choco rigass
                                                        choco rigass  30 minutes back

                                                        Jackfruit please

                                                        • Luka Petrovic
                                                          Luka Petrovic  30 minutes back

                                                          The first one was a blueberry

                                                          • Lily Wolfstar
                                                            Lily Wolfstar  34 minutes back

                                                            I love that chef snacks got a mention lmao

                                                            • Seeraienderella Legazpi
                                                              Seeraienderella Legazpi  35 minutes back


                                                              • Sloth Man
                                                                Sloth Man  36 minutes back

                                                                HE DIDN'T DO A TOMATOE

                                                                • Pollo Sanchez
                                                                  Pollo Sanchez  38 minutes back

                                                                  Tried to do mango burned my house down 1 out of 10

                                                                  • axxxonn
                                                                    axxxonn  38 minutes back

                                                                    Watching him handle the tropical fruit lets me know he doesn't know what he is doing.

                                                                    • Yasmin Aisyah
                                                                      Yasmin Aisyah  41 minutes back

                                                                      Every fruit? Where's Durian??

                                                                      • Jonathan Garcia
                                                                        Jonathan Garcia  42 minutes back

                                                                        Next we’re gonna cut a human heart out.

                                                                        “HUMAN HEART”

                                                                        • Shoop A ca bruh
                                                                          Shoop A ca bruh  43 minutes back

                                                                          Papaya seeds are a great way to prank people who like caviar.

                                                                          • Charlotte Wales
                                                                            Charlotte Wales  47 minutes back

                                                                            That’s NOT a gooseberry!!!!

                                                                            • S L E E P Y P A S T E L S
                                                                              S L E E P Y P A S T E L S  48 minutes back

                                                                              Why is a video about a man cutting fruit have 4 million views?

                                                                              • Christian Ztnerk
                                                                                Christian Ztnerk  48 minutes back

                                                                                Chef seemed very knowledgeable and pleasant, editor needs to be fired for ruining the video

                                                                                • Joseph Heraldhino
                                                                                  Joseph Heraldhino  49 minutes back

                                                                                  Who peels an apple

                                                                                  • skizofirman syah
                                                                                    skizofirman syah  49 minutes back

                                                                                    Salak = snake skin fruit

                                                                                    • Eth JR
                                                                                      Eth JR  49 minutes back

                                                                                      Quiz: Name that fruit
                                                                                      Everyone: Banana!!!
                                                                                      Quiz: Yellow plantain

                                                                                      • Jenny Pai
                                                                                        Jenny Pai  53 minutes back

                                                                                        come on chef, i can do better than that peeling a dragon fruit. you just wasted two chunks on both ends. also, that's a pitiful specimen of a dragonfruit. so small.

                                                                                        • layla mouneimne
                                                                                          layla mouneimne  53 minutes back

                                                                                          this was so entertaining

                                                                                          • random videos
                                                                                            random videos  54 minutes back

                                                                                            Chef: "what's the worst that could happen"
                                                                                            Me: " uuuhhh I could cut my hand off and die"

                                                                                            • world_ of_pop_
                                                                                              world_ of_pop_  55 minutes back

                                                                                              16:37 want some lungs?

                                                                                              • Jenny Pai
                                                                                                Jenny Pai  57 minutes back

                                                                                                i understand that this is done in a culinary standpoint, and it's interesting to learn about these information, but if you ask me, a lot of these fruits don't need to be cut at all. you'd actually waste some of the flesh and juice trying to cut them, like lychee, longan, and rambutan. also, i've never heard of not peeling the persimmon, that just sounds terrible. why would you do that?!?!

                                                                                                • Rose Opinya
                                                                                                  Rose Opinya  1 hours back

                                                                                                  Not impressed