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  • Syaiful Haziq Syaifulzamani

    So the fruits that’s not shown up in this video are:
    1- Kiwi
    2- Coconut
    3- Pear
    4- Cherry
    5- Soursop
    6- Mangosteen

    • Redre
      Redre  13 minutes back

      Half of these fruits I’ve never heard of

      • Scott Sanden
        Scott Sanden  16 minutes back


        • robortalien
          robortalien  33 minutes back

          So tou cut every fruit in the same away after the first cuts

          • Darkest Horse
            Darkest Horse  34 minutes back

            Yo what about the inner hidden flesh inside the durian

            • chef_boy_rdee 132
              chef_boy_rdee 132  35 minutes back

              Straw berry is not a fruit

              • Vanessa Nicole
                Vanessa Nicole  39 minutes back

                Why is it good to eat different varieties of fruit? I seen it somewhere but can’t remember. I know it’s something like cuz it exposes your body to different bacteria/enzymes/????? Idk what the word is HELP ME OUT PLS

                • Saddam Butt
                  Saddam Butt  43 minutes back

                  6:15 so this is why we never saw the annoying orange ever get knifed

                  • The Majestic Unicorn
                    The Majestic Unicorn  52 minutes back

                    Audience: Yellow plantain
                    Me: Shut up that's a banana

                    • Too uncreative for this
                      Too uncreative for this  58 minutes back

                      “And you’ll have an avocado tree”
                      Audience: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

                      • Ahn Saehyun
                        Ahn Saehyun  1 hours back

                        is this a kid show?

                        • AK 7563
                          AK 7563  1 hours back

                          "NO 11:11"

                          • David Miljkovic
                            David Miljkovic  1 hours back

                            Why do you peel an apple when you can just eat the skin
                            I like the apple skin more than the apple itself

                            And apple skin isgood for cleaning your digestion system
                            So why peel it off?

                            • Ferdi Sihafiz
                              Ferdi Sihafiz  1 hours back

                              europeans open rambutan
                              By hand ❌❌❌
                              By peeler ✅✅✅

                              • Velle
                                Velle  2 hours back

                                So basically just cut the ends off

                                • Edward Liu
                                  Edward Liu  2 hours back

                                  Just cut the dragon fruit in half and use a spoon

                                  • Big FF
                                    Big FF  2 hours back

                                    Dragonfrut= PITAYA ◀️ BRASIL

                                    • Bob Vance Refrigeration

                                      Let me save you 23 min 1.cut ends 2.cut skin 3. Optionally cut into pieces

                                      • pickle banana
                                        pickle banana  2 hours back

                                        Is a yellow plantain any different with a banana?

                                        • Nurul Qomariah
                                          Nurul Qomariah  2 hours back

                                          Durian and rambutan 😉
                                          Where’s my fellow Southeast Asia friend ? Hhaa

                                          • pickle banana
                                            pickle banana  2 hours back

                                            In Indonesia we doesn't cut the rambutan fruit flesh from the seed we just keep biting it until we reached the seed

                                            • Unregroz
                                              Unregroz  2 hours back

                                              Nooooo that’s not how you cut a pomegranateee

                                              • Beatriz Costa
                                                Beatriz Costa  2 hours back

                                                Imagine this man in Brazil...

                                                • Michelle Crandall
                                                  Michelle Crandall  2 hours back

                                                  Stumped were the tomato

                                                  • Luloo Boboo
                                                    Luloo Boboo  3 hours back

                                                    The hell is a plantine that's a banana man

                                                    • POSEY
                                                      POSEY  3 hours back

                                                      This was very aggravating to watch

                                                      • Project_ KJ
                                                        Project_ KJ  3 hours back

                                                        Where is the TOMATO

                                                        • Sophia Pacana
                                                          Sophia Pacana  3 hours back

                                                          Welcome to the another episode of *"Why was this on my recommended?"*

                                                          • tough mercury
                                                            tough mercury  3 hours back

                                                            Me at 1:am trying to sleep
                                                            YouTube: How to slice every fruit

                                                            • Bella Boo
                                                              Bella Boo  3 hours back

                                                              That was literally THE MOST DIFFICULT way to cut a damn lemon 😂 cut it like a lime dude same same

                                                              • ennie minee
                                                                ennie minee  3 hours back

                                                                Dragonfruit looks like cookies and cream ice cream

                                                                • Evan Dinosaur
                                                                  Evan Dinosaur  3 hours back

                                                                  I wanna eat some kiwi fruit SOOOOOOO BAD RIGHT NOW!
                                                                  I've tried it a few months ago, it ain't half bad!
                                                                  I LOVE IT!

                                                                  • NonstopDoge Plays
                                                                    NonstopDoge Plays  3 hours back

                                                                    Who slices grapes?
                                                                    Or even EAT sliced grapes...

                                                                    • Swaggy Z
                                                                      Swaggy Z  3 hours back

                                                                      NO POMEGRANATE

                                                                      • Memes For Depressed Teens

                                                                        Who The Fvck, Slices a Grape???

                                                                        • KEVIN G
                                                                          KEVIN G  3 hours back

                                                                          This is just a weird way of saying it's a god dam banana 12:20

                                                                          • lemon ash
                                                                            lemon ash  3 hours back

                                                                            “uSe thE hamMeR”

                                                                            • Karina Padilla
                                                                              Karina Padilla  3 hours back

                                                                              The way u did the pomegranate was disrespectful

                                                                              • Jayden H.
                                                                                Jayden H.  4 hours back

                                                                                I like the fish video better

                                                                                • SwayePlays
                                                                                  SwayePlays  4 hours back

                                                                                  does he not know how to use a hammer?!? leave a like if agree!

                                                                                  • _Kun_
                                                                                    _Kun_  4 hours back

                                                                                    I really just watched a 23 min video of how to cut fruit, damn.

                                                                                    • ShadowGamer 667
                                                                                      ShadowGamer 667  4 hours back

                                                                                      0:28 I thought his head was fruit as [email protected][email protected]

                                                                                      • Boi if you Don’t
                                                                                        Boi if you Don’t  4 hours back

                                                                                        I knew all the large ones but 1! Darn you pomelo

                                                                                        • Patricio Gonzalez
                                                                                          Patricio Gonzalez  4 hours back

                                                                                          Peeling avocados isn't dangerous or difficult...

                                                                                          • TimisKewl Yay
                                                                                            TimisKewl Yay  4 hours back

                                                                                            I have finished my five hour YouTube session. Went from watching Russian car crash compilation to this.

                                                                                            • CheezyDeeZ
                                                                                              CheezyDeeZ  4 hours back

                                                                                              5:12 lmao,as an Asian,im triggered,who the heck peel and cut Rambutan using knife..??..just use your hand ftw...😂😂

                                                                                              • Lance Manyon
                                                                                                Lance Manyon  4 hours back

                                                                                                Why did you smash the grapefruit with a hammer?

                                                                                                • Gaurav_Taquito
                                                                                                  Gaurav_Taquito  4 hours back

                                                                                                  clickbait no pears im offended as i identity as a pear