OSRS 1-99 Melee Guide | Updated Old School Runescape Attack Strength Defence Guide


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  • TheEdB0ys
    TheEdB0ys   10 months back


    Amulet of Torture requires 75 hitpoints to wear

    • Chris Burton
      Chris Burton  2 months back

      Yo yo yo come check dis crazy flow
      I gotta go do dis show where is tokyo?

    • Tiffany R.
      Tiffany R.  4 months back

      you didnt mention the regen bracelet which is better then the combat bracelet

    • Justin
      Justin  10 months back

      brine sabre is better than rune scimmy

    • nolol
      nolol  10 months back

      2:36 ahility lol

  • tyler maloney
    tyler maloney  2 weeks back

    Don't add defence?
    Kinda made a mistake on that one.
    Go level up to 80 strength with 1 defence.
    Go level up to 80 strength with 10 defence - Takes less time cause your spending less time replacing food.

    • TheEdB0ys
      TheEdB0ys   1 weeks back

      @tyler maloney I only say 10 or so levels at a time. And for most of these methods you shouldn't need much food in the first place. Slower xp rates are not more efficient, and when you have lower att and str your xp rates are slower. I understand you don't want to bank every 5 minutes, but that shouldn't be happening with you defense being only 10 levels lower than the others

    • tyler maloney
      tyler maloney  2 weeks back

      @TheEdB0ys I guess what I'm trying to say is you suggest str or attack then defence?
      80 str 80 attack then work on defence.
      Your food will last longer with defence, = more / efficient training.

    • TheEdB0ys
      TheEdB0ys   2 weeks back

      What? I never suggested going to 80 str and attack without training defense. I just said for each of the sections do defense last. Am I misunderstanding you?

  • Faking F2P
    Faking F2P  3 weeks back

    The ratio is 3:1 Atk/Str/Def to HP xp

    EDIT: 4 xp per hit on a monster, but 1.33 hp xp, not 1.

    • Joey Reddick
      Joey Reddick  1 months back

      If I may ask why aren’t experiments recommended for lower levels?

      • Martyn Borthwick
        Martyn Borthwick  1 months back

        So...got any training methods that don't require stupid quest grinding or unlocks?
        Add a bit of variety ffs

        • Sign Up
          Sign Up  1 months back

          @Martyn Borthwick 1) I said you "seem" like an angry person. Never said you actually were. Just seemed like it, and now you've kind of proven it

          2) I'm not American. But that's ok.

          3) You're still talking about shit that has nothing to do with the point. Just because you typed a whole paragraph (kind of a mountain out of a molehill yeah?) doesn't make you right. You should stay off the internet for a day or 2, and stop us "idiots" from angering you so much with our observations.

        • Martyn Borthwick
          Martyn Borthwick  1 months back

          Yeah, yous keep pretending you can identify emotions from text while prolonging arguments for your own amusement.


          Anger had nothing to do with the subject, yes - until yous opened the door to the subject change making me feel the need to elaborate further to dispel the misunderstanding, you're the ones prolonging the misunderstanding, and you're the one claiming someone else is toxic while trying to bait me into further arguments.
          thats why i clarified it, to move past the misunderstanding, for thats what it was. If you're both incapable of realising this, I'm wasting my time. Misunderstandings will happen on these large scale platforms but people should at least be open minded enough to understand the misunderstanding lol
          if a person has Tourettes, do you just assume hes hostile because he swears? If a person has Autism would you just assume hes angry because he can't communicate properly? Walking to the shop and back must be a fucking adventure, commando rolling down the street to avoid the guy furiously trying to light a cigarette with a box of matchsticks(Last sentence is a joke, obviously) this is what i mean by not being open minded, and it applies to other cultures and nationalities as well.

          Damn bitches, seeing problems and hostility where none exist. Too much rs, not enough real world, lads. Need to open that mind and toughen up snowflake
          Now I'm angry, see the difference?
          the thing that triggers me is stupidity, so there ya go. Mystery solved.
          The rs content creator isn't stupid, but your gaslighting attempts are pathetic, and I'm 90% sure if you do indeed reply it'd be another gaslighting statement anyway.
          Making mountains out of molehills due to ignorance, could you be anymore american?
          I did respond to his points until realised there was a misunderstanding and tried to avoid conflict. I never ignored the points. The rs content creator also tried to avoid conflict, meaning the only hypocrite is you. Next time don't jump into situations assuming shit(like peoples emotions). It just causes problems and makes you look foolish.

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          Sign Up  1 months back

          @Martyn Borthwick This had nothing to do with cultural differences. You're being very hypocritical by ignoring the points made here. Instead of responding to the topic, you're just trying to turn it into something wayyy different than not being willing to quest on OSRS

        • Martyn Borthwick
          Martyn Borthwick  1 months back

          "Best of luck, take care and all that" Is proof of anger? Ok.
          Ironic indeed.
          Best of luck to you and all that as well.

          I just don't mince words or sugar coat anything, there is a difference. Scottish people are very blunt, and straight to the point.
          If text was a great assumption of feelings, platforms like Facebook wouldn't be fight organiser central - literally why all those fucked up 'misunderstanding' situations happen.

          Perhaps learning about other cultures is something we can all benefit from here, including myself. I forget other nationalities aren't used to such bluntness, and you nice assuming people should give things the benefit of positive intent, (or at least in this case!) a non-negative intent.

        • Sign Up
          Sign Up  1 months back

          @Martyn Borthwick You seem like an angry person. And you say he is missing the point, then completely miss his point which is hella ironic

      • Chipz Allmighty
        Chipz Allmighty  1 months back

        I love how I watch these videos expecting for me to get lvl 99, and then I realize I’m too lazy to do this.

        • Rolie Polie
          Rolie Polie  2 months back

          So sand crabs till 99?

          • Rolie Polie
            Rolie Polie  2 months back

            TheEdB0ys I’ll do some 🥺

          • TheEdB0ys
            TheEdB0ys   2 months back

            @Rolie Polie Questing is your best bet lol. If you refuse to get em done though then sure stick to sand crabs

          • Rolie Polie
            Rolie Polie  2 months back

            TheEdB0ys lol yeah I’m not questing. Sand crabs my best bet? Also lvl 30 def pure

          • TheEdB0ys
            TheEdB0ys   2 months back

            The guide says sand crabs until 40. Did you watch the vid?

        • ward is king
          ward is king  2 months back

          Giant Spiders , in the stronghold of secruity , are great xp , at higher lvls :)

        • Our Odyssey
          Our Odyssey  2 months back


          • Philip Kurian
            Philip Kurian  3 months back

            Usually you guys are good but there were a lot of mistakes in thus video

          • Croatoan
            Croatoan  3 months back

            ah thanks for the link to the 'weeekkiiii' guide. good stuff

            • The Drunk Cook
              The Drunk Cook  3 months back

              I would reccomend killing experiments rather than ammoninte crabs, they have same xp and are alot easier to kill

              • The Drunk Cook
                The Drunk Cook  3 months back

                10:04 if your feeling spunky, lol spunk were i live is another word for semen 😂

                • Greg Tony
                  Greg Tony  3 months back

                  Is there an alternative if you can’t get to fossil island?

                  • Masketta Man
                    Masketta Man  3 months back

                    Yes you can just do the quest and go to fossil island

                • YaBoy Villa
                  YaBoy Villa  4 months back

                  Thanks for the video but can someone help out w gold bc I’m new to members and everything is so expensive

                • corrupted Sync
                  corrupted Sync  4 months back

                  Hey what about granite gloves they good?

                  • Wood5adcmain
                    Wood5adcmain  1 months back

                    @Martyn Borthwick lol rfd is a piece of cake man.. obviously not gonna get it within a day, but once you get it the account will be pretty built.

                  • Martyn Borthwick
                    Martyn Borthwick  1 months back

                    First goals > recipe for disaster, nice one lol
                    Don't think people understand the meaning of first or starter.
                    Your 2nd goal in RS should be Vorago, start grinding ^^

                  • Wood5adcmain
                    Wood5adcmain  4 months back

                    They're pretty good for starters. one of your first goals in the game should be to complete recipe for disaster to get barrows gloves asap

                • wtf
                  wtf  4 months back

                  I could not figure out how you were not dead in the nightmare zone, I'd appreciate it if you could explain it to me

                  • TheEdB0ys
                    TheEdB0ys   4 months back

                    The absorption options that are discussed in the video basically work as a shield. So if you have 200 absorption points and 1 hp, you basically have 201 hp

                • Lotte Kandi
                  Lotte Kandi  4 months back

                  1. get base 70s from waterfall quest and sandcrabs
                  2. slayer

                  guide over

                  • Sam
                    Sam  4 months back

                    Lotte Kandi he gave multiple options halfwit pussy

                • Teodor Rorbech
                  Teodor Rorbech  4 months back

                  Locator orb is better than rock cake.

                  • Kozzy
                    Kozzy  5 months back


                    • Zombi Hunter
                      Zombi Hunter  5 months back

                      Could always attack training dummies till lvl 8 for quick low lvls

                      • TacoTime.Tv
                        TacoTime.Tv  5 months back

                        Im getting 85k exp with obsidian. Supposedly Dharoks isnt good till about 85 hp versus obsidian. Not sure why no one includes this in videos?

                        • KiKi
                          KiKi  5 months back

                          soooo.... which gives more xp per hour in NMZ, obsidian or bandos???

                          • Grey S
                            Grey S  5 months back

                            Full obsidian set until you hit 90 hit points, then use dharoks

                        • Mike Musso
                          Mike Musso  6 months back

                          Best guides ever man. Appreciate the help 100%

                          • Raw _
                            Raw _  6 months back

                            im getting tasks like ankous and im like combat lvl 61 what do I do im new

                            • EniixTheMunkie
                              EniixTheMunkie  6 months back

                              Take a prayer potion and use protect from melee and take some food also don't be scared you will get worse and higher lvl monsters later on

                          • TheRobcisLV pro
                            TheRobcisLV pro  6 months back

                            that 50 ahility requirement (ahility) 2:30

                            • Nihlist eScape
                              Nihlist eScape  6 months back

                              People always tell me dh is the best for training melee stats to 99. I'm 99 hp, str, and 98 attack and I still get better exp an hour (potted and unpotted) with obby gear, and bis str bonus. So idk if I'm doing something wrong with dh or if these people just dont pay attention but if someone could offer some insight itd be helpful.

                              • Nihlist eScape
                                Nihlist eScape  6 months back

                                Nvm just got 99 attack. Doing the rest of my stats with slayer so this is no longer an issue.

                            • thisguy hasaname
                              thisguy hasaname  6 months back

                              0:00 gear
                              7:40 quests
                              9:30 start of leveling guide

                            • AudibleVisible
                              AudibleVisible  7 months back

                              So strange how not one osrs youtuber can pronounce melee properly 😂

                              • Masketta Man
                                Masketta Man  4 months back

                                "I'm not wrong, everyone else is wrong"

                            • Ben Robinson
                              Ben Robinson  7 months back

                              why does he keep saying scimitar wrong?? its not a skimitar....

                              • multiestonian
                                multiestonian  7 months back

                                I leveled my combat stats with slayer and had good tasks most most of the time, so the xp/h rate was decent. And i made alot of money from the drops.

                                • Viridian
                                  Viridian  7 months back

                                  Wouldnt it be beneficial to wear fighter torso, netiznot, obsidian legs, and dragon boots for the strength bonus?

                                  • NGN NastyGameNation
                                    NGN NastyGameNation  7 months back

                                    do you think this is the fastest way to get to 99?

                                    • TheAvengedNightmare2
                                      TheAvengedNightmare2  7 months back

                                      11:15 is hill Giants a decent farm as well since you also gain good prayer at the same time. Plus if you collect some of the drops you can make alot of gold

                                      • TheEdB0ys
                                        TheEdB0ys   7 months back

                                        Not really. The prayer xp you get is extremely minimal, and so is gp/hr you make there. It's far better to grind out faster xp and make up the money later.

                                        As F2P only Hill Giants aren't a terrible option though

                                    • Madhukatana
                                      Madhukatana  8 months back

                                      Why Crabs? I don't understand why every combat guide says to kill these crabs. do they drop good stuff? giver higher xp? is it more afk? someone please tell me why the crabs

                                      • TheEdB0ys
                                        TheEdB0ys   8 months back

                                        As mentioned in the video Crabs have high health and very low defense. Making them good xp overall since you can hit accurately and you don't have to switch monsters as often with the higher health

                                    • Taekwon Crawfish
                                      Taekwon Crawfish  8 months back

                                      It’s May lay not mee lee moron

                                      • Taeloth
                                        Taeloth  8 months back

                                        Question: with a budget of 10m I bought obsidian shield, helm, body and legs along with the obby sword. I have dragon boots, amulet of glory and combat bracelet. my atk is 70 str/def is 65. How does this seem? Is there a better alternative to this set choice? I do have a whip as well but with the obby set bonus IDK if i should use it or sell it and use the GP for berserker necklace? (yes im grinding dragon defender now.) thanks in advance

                                        • TheEdB0ys
                                          TheEdB0ys   8 months back

                                          With the full Obby set you'd be better off with using the longsword and having the berserker necklace, than using a whip. Seems like you're doing fine at your budget though

                                      • ali as
                                        ali as  8 months back

                                        Climbing boots give strength xp

                                        • TheEdB0ys
                                          TheEdB0ys   8 months back

                                          Climbing boots give a str bonus, which increases your max hit.

                                          This effects strength xp just as much as attack and defense it all depends on what you're training.

                                      • Richard
                                        Richard  8 months back


                                        • Albos Ks
                                          Albos Ks  8 months back

                                          Its there any good other place to train melee from 40-70 except ammonite crab?

                                          • Albos Ks
                                            Albos Ks  8 months back

                                            @TheEdB0ys thanks ur the bestttttttt favorite youtuber :)

                                          • TheEdB0ys
                                            TheEdB0ys   8 months back

                                            @Albos Ks I would stick with sand crabs. Experiments aren't as afk but not very crowded. Bandits aren't crowded either but just overall not as good as crabs

                                          • Albos Ks
                                            Albos Ks  8 months back

                                            @TheEdB0ys wich one would be the best for afk sand crabs experiments or bandits XD and wich one going to give me the best xp faster XD?

                                          • TheEdB0ys
                                            TheEdB0ys   8 months back

                                            Stick to sand crabs. Experiments and Bandits aren't bad either

                                        • Thomas Hatcher
                                          Thomas Hatcher  9 months back

                                          How did he forget the dfs? It's better than the obby shield

                                          • Mockies
                                            Mockies  6 months back

                                            Trevor Rivenburgh no it’s not. The offensive bonuses are better on defender. Offensive stats is what you want when training combat

                                          • Trevor Rivenburgh
                                            Trevor Rivenburgh  8 months back

                                            It's also better than the dragon defender

                                        • 3picFailGuy
                                          3picFailGuy  9 months back

                                          Why do you sound like daily dose of internet?

                                          • LanceDaPsycho
                                            LanceDaPsycho  8 months back

                                            I didn’t think he sounded anything like him, but everyone has different ears I suppose.

                                        • Am Bo
                                          Am Bo  9 months back

                                          Ey bro woman watch your shit too. Let the 000000.9% get recognized too ffs

                                          • TheEdB0ys
                                            TheEdB0ys   9 months back

                                            Sorry friend. You have permission to call me ma'am for each bro, dude, or fellas I include you in

                                          • Am Bo
                                            Am Bo  9 months back

                                            I am in fact that wahman

                                        • Colt L
                                          Colt L  9 months back

                                          terrible guide for beginners

                                          • Gaige Mosley
                                            Gaige Mosley  9 months back

                                            you sir, have earned yourself a subscriber. Best melee guide on youtube. Theorix who???

                                          • Justin Robinson
                                            Justin Robinson  9 months back

                                            Not sure how people get 100k+ hour exp with dharoks at 70 atk/str. I was capping at maybe 45k with overloads. Switched to abby dagger and d defender and getting 52k/hour. I've been reading that dharoks isn't really beneficial until lvl 80 atk and 80+ hp. Even the various calculators I saw had abby dagger outperforming dharoks for many levels

                                            • TheEdB0ys
                                              TheEdB0ys   9 months back

                                              Dharok's doesn't do 100k+ until higher levels. Like I mentioned I have a more in depth NMZ guide linked in the description

                                          • BuzzedLightyear
                                            BuzzedLightyear  9 months back

                                            Is it common to let your health restore at NMZ while using absorbs? I thought the strat was to interrupt it using the rapid heal prayer.

                                            • BuzzedLightyear
                                              BuzzedLightyear  9 months back

                                              @TheEdB0ys ahh my bad. Its been a while since I've used the Dharoks method, and I thought that once your absorbs were active the rock cake wouldn't hit through it. Much nicer than having to flick prayers every 45 seconds!

                                            • TheEdB0ys
                                              TheEdB0ys   9 months back

                                              Lots of players do use rapid heal to help stay at 1 health. Doesn't matter much to do that or use a rock cake. I've got a NMZ guide linked in the description that goes deeper on NMZ strategy as mentioned

                                          • Jeremy Lai
                                            Jeremy Lai  9 months back

                                            2:16 ahility lul fukin noob can't even spell