• Published: 12 September 2019
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    -- I7 8700K
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    -- 250 GB SSD M.2
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Comments • 8

  • Nasmus Sakib
    Nasmus Sakib  5 days back

    Real pro

    • Azure Saffron
      Azure Saffron  5 days back

      Search "pewdiepie sensitivity pubg" 😂😂 Ahha

      • Pikachu gaming
        Pikachu gaming  5 days back

        Love you from Pakistan

        • Abhijeet singh
          Abhijeet singh  6 days back

          ye jhatu kab tak pubg mobile khelenge

          • imran kazi
            imran kazi  5 days back

            Kisi ko internet ka problem hoga kisi ka phone low memory low prossesor hoga kaafi bande aise hote hai jo achhe phone bhi nai le sakte unka kya ab yeh yaha mahakal setup leke baithenge with high speed lan connection toh kya hoga woh bande dekh bhi nai payenge aur yeh cheater mar ke chale jayenge aur tum jaise chut mari ke taaliya bajayenge bajao chutiyo

          • DSσυłツ ƒł4Sh
            DSσυłツ ƒł4Sh  5 days back

            Bhai tujhe ni dekhni to ni dekh... ALPHA ne tujhe force kia kya

          • Prasad- 6515
            Prasad- 6515  5 days back

            Jab tak tere jaise chutya logo ki gand jalegi tab tak....

        • RK is OP
          RK is OP  6 days back

          op vai always good hydra alpha best entertainer