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  • Prettyboyfredo
    Prettyboyfredo   10 months back


    • emmanuel okoukoni
      emmanuel okoukoni  2 months back

      That girl is more than the devil

      CREAMY RED FOX  2 months back

      Where is it :((

      AYORENG  3 months back

      Bump all that what’s her instagram she fine I can tell😍😍 she cutes if you cool with dark skin dude and know is now ex Instagram reply to me ASAP I want her Instagram ✍🏽✍🏽😍😩

    • my life as tay’ja
      my life as tay’ja  3 months back

      Lo ve

  • Paige Bowden
    Paige Bowden  6 hours back

    Ik I’m late but this made me cry, I actually felt so bad for him like how could she do that to him, that was so evil

    • Ernesto Villegas
      Ernesto Villegas  14 hours back

      It’s crazy how she called him a lazy fat fuck and he still was respectful towards her. Don’t worry she’ll get hit with karma and you will too but it won’t go the way she likes give it some time 💯

      • Jorge Gonzalez
        Jorge Gonzalez  3 days back

        Men created this problem when they turned away from God and became weak now women control men.

        • Raw Power
          Raw Power  4 days back

          Sounds like Danielle Bregoli

          • Raw Power
            Raw Power  4 days back

            Name of the piano song in the background?

            • quazim harrod
              quazim harrod  4 days back

              She was way out of his league! She was gonna get caught either way sooner or later

              • quazim harrod
                quazim harrod  4 days back

                No disrespect and i do feel bad for him but fat boy looks like an over weight black chick

                • Gloob
                  Gloob  5 days back

                  mane quis OG I'm sorry

                  • TOOxCOOLxEHY Pascual
                    TOOxCOOLxEHY Pascual  6 days back

                    “How da fok bich, HOW DA FOK”

                    • Lito Vera
                      Lito Vera  7 days back

                      Very entertaining new subscriber here!

                      • Rhapsody
                        Rhapsody  1 weeks back

                        She belongs to the streets-future

                        • Iron addiction
                          Iron addiction  1 weeks back

                          Hoes will tell you everything you want to hear I swear 😂

                          • nizzotheartist
                            nizzotheartist  1 weeks back

                            She wasnt even worth it

                            • Conrad Baker
                              Conrad Baker  1 weeks back

                              That lady is now cursed with corona virus

                              • Davy cool Boy
                                Davy cool Boy  2 weeks back

                                I didn’t watch that video 😂🤣 Quissss

                                • Hunter Homes
                                  Hunter Homes  2 weeks back

                                  Honestly i would cheat on his ass no cap

                                  • AYORENG
                                    AYORENG  2 weeks back

                                    WHATS HER INSTAGRAM?!!!

                                    • Anthony Santucci
                                      Anthony Santucci  2 weeks back

                                      We’re is part 2

                                      • Bryant Myers
                                        Bryant Myers  2 weeks back

                                        Fredo is a good friend

                                        • Kohl
                                          Kohl  2 weeks back

                                          where’s the part two? wtf

                                          • Keiandra Burton
                                            Keiandra Burton  2 weeks back


                                            • Jean Gaming
                                              Jean Gaming  2 weeks back

                                              Why this dude scream to much 😂

                                              • xMoondragneelx 777
                                                xMoondragneelx 777  2 weeks back

                                                No body gonna talk about how that's the same girl from his "cutting people's headphones" video? No? Alright...

                                                • Kurlyheahd Mik33
                                                  Kurlyheahd Mik33  3 weeks back

                                                  ALL GIRLS ARE THE SAME🤦🏻‍♂️

                                                  • Jeremiah Richardson
                                                    Jeremiah Richardson  3 weeks back

                                                    Preach fredo

                                                    • Kahlia Johnson
                                                      Kahlia Johnson  3 weeks back

                                                      Hey fredo

                                                      • Mojtaba Mohamed
                                                        Mojtaba Mohamed  3 weeks back


                                                        • blizzzy flamin
                                                          blizzzy flamin  3 weeks back

                                                          quis is so funny lmaf

                                                          • Kulture King
                                                            Kulture King  3 weeks back

                                                            Wow... I remember when quis was depressed now he big and ish friends with fredo

                                                            • barcaman101
                                                              barcaman101  3 weeks back

                                                              Chris said it best " these hoes ain't loyal "

                                                              • Jayden Games
                                                                Jayden Games  3 weeks back

                                                                *you’re a bully*

                                                                Me when someone is mean to me

                                                                • Exsydropoff2k Yt
                                                                  Exsydropoff2k Yt  3 weeks back

                                                                  11:28 we ain’t gonna talk about him leaking his license plate

                                                                  • Isolated Kid
                                                                    Isolated Kid  3 weeks back

                                                                    11:22 the drama

                                                                    • Diana Achieng
                                                                      Diana Achieng  3 weeks back

                                                                      So sad man,not good

                                                                      • cantfindausernamedam
                                                                        cantfindausernamedam  3 weeks back

                                                                        in 7 months he never realized he was dating way way out of his class? LoL

                                                                        • Aman Mir
                                                                          Aman Mir  3 weeks back

                                                                          Lmao this crazy i come back to find out its quis ☠️

                                                                          • H A N D E L
                                                                            H A N D E L  4 weeks back

                                                                            who’s on this earth who can say he doesn’t like good things, we are all human beings, and no one is perfect, what is the use of exposing the weakness of people if we too have weaknesses. ??

                                                                            • andrew comedy
                                                                              andrew comedy  4 weeks back

                                                                              Nigga maybe your too fat mean

                                                                              • Grim Cancer
                                                                                Grim Cancer  4 weeks back

                                                                                This is how girls r in my skool

                                                                                • Bryor Meeks
                                                                                  Bryor Meeks  4 weeks back

                                                                                  I've been throw the same thing

                                                                                  • Dannyel Almanzar
                                                                                    Dannyel Almanzar  4 weeks back

                                                                                    Why he barley fit in the stall

                                                                                    • KAZUMA MASTER
                                                                                      KAZUMA MASTER  4 weeks back

                                                                                      These hoes ain’t loyal (Chris brown’s voice)

                                                                                      • Smoove Reaper
                                                                                        Smoove Reaper  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Lmaoooo "Marquis reached his breaking point"

                                                                                        • Multi Meter
                                                                                          Multi Meter  4 weeks back

                                                                                          That man deserves better.

                                                                                          • Mini TGF
                                                                                            Mini TGF  4 weeks back

                                                                                            cant say much tho fredo... 2020 anyone?

                                                                                            • Alexander Tommazi
                                                                                              Alexander Tommazi  4 weeks back

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                                                                                              • Aaron Boone
                                                                                                Aaron Boone  4 weeks back

                                                                                                They wasn’t really together tho lol. He said they don’t hold hands in public. If you embarrassed of each other in public then y’all ain’t together lol