Tony Finau Third Round Interview


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  • Doha atletico
    Doha atletico  6 months back

    Tony is so polite. Really nice guy!!

    • mattc941
      mattc941  6 months back

      Sounds identical to tiger woods

      • aceshighnick
        aceshighnick  6 months back

        I'm cheering for Tony tomorrow

        • Grumpy Tex
          Grumpy Tex  6 months back

          What would you do with your vase and goblet?what do you think he would do with it!! Maybe ask a question about golf.

          • Ordinary Sneaker Guy
            Ordinary Sneaker Guy  6 months back

            Go Tony!!!!

            • Ace Pressley
              Ace Pressley  6 months back

              If tiger doesn’t win today, I won’t mind tony winning

              • craig sandison
                craig sandison  6 months back

                Humble guy brilliant

                • Ted Theodore
                  Ted Theodore  6 months back

                  Tony ... what Tiger ? ... why Tiger ? ... how Tiger ? ... when Tiger ? ... Tiger .. Tiger .. Tiger .. Tiger

                  GEEEZ .. Is this a Tony F interview or What ? Anyway 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Tony 🏆

                  • Sole MyUce
                    Sole MyUce  6 months back

                    Gettem Uso!!!🍻🍻 cheeeooouuuu

                    • Hasty David
                      Hasty David  6 months back

                      Close your eyes and hear him sounds like Tiger Woods

                      • Zah Johnson
                        Zah Johnson  6 months back

                        Tigers clone

                      • Adam Barnett
                        Adam Barnett  6 months back

                        Or open them. He sounds remarkably like, and kind of bears a resemblance to, Tiger. It's in the eyes. I noticed it during his recent Feherty interview. It's uncanny.

                    • Sumner Foreskinsuckingstone

                      Isn't it strange that the question at 8:41 would never be asked to a person with European heritage today. That would be taboo. It's ok to embrace your racial and cultural identity, no matter who you are.

                      • Casey Friday
                        Casey Friday  6 months back

                        Was waiting for your hot take on this one. /s

                    • Sumner Foreskinsuckingstone

                      Has Tony read Culture of Critique?

                      • Beth Thomson
                        Beth Thomson  6 months back

                        Class man. I hope you win tomorrow.

                        • TROC Vailima
                          TROC Vailima  6 months back

                          Great work Tony
                          Cheering from Samoa

                          • try_me_kiesh
                            try_me_kiesh  6 months back

                            Wow! So happy for Big Tony! Man tomorrow will be a great day for golf.

                            • PhotoGeorge
                              PhotoGeorge  6 months back

                              So Tony hit Drive, 4 Iron to number 8 (575 yards).....Geez.

                              • Andre E.
                                Andre E.  6 months back

                                And it's really uphill.. geez

                            • Jake
                              Jake  6 months back

                              Where's Tiger Woods 3rd round highlights? C'mon @The Masters

                              • Smokey Bear
                                Smokey Bear  6 months back

                                I like this guy

                                • StuffWeUnderstand
                                  StuffWeUnderstand  6 months back

                                  So excited for tomorrow!

                                  • TrueGrandImperial
                                    TrueGrandImperial  6 months back

                                    Go off, King!

                                    • ti inu
                                      ti inu  6 months back

                                      Way to go Tony!! Going to be an exciting final round tomorrow.