Katherine and Delilah Clash Over Charlie's Truth - A Million Little Things


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  • Malaika Knight
    Malaika Knight  2 days back

    Delilah is on my last nerve

    • Tanesha Tripp
      Tanesha Tripp  4 days back

      Delilah is the absolute worst. If hurting your kids is your best argument, then what’s going to happen when your baby grows up and find out that you’ve been lying to her her entire life and that her really father is the man you’ve been passing off as uncle Eddie. I felt bad for her the first season when she found out about her husband killing him self but after that I really didn’t like her character. That’s okay cause when she learns about Jon’s son I really think she’ll be changing her tune

      • Melisa V
        Melisa V  4 days back

        The comments aren’t here for Delilah...there has to be some twist coming up that will just turn things all around again right? 🧐 lol

        • lolabear
          lolabear  5 days back

          Delilah is the most SELFISH and self-centered witch. SHE hurt her children when she had an affair with her husband's best friend. SHE wanted to leave her kids to run away with Eddie! Now she is depriving Charlie of a father (Eddie) and brother (Theo) just because she feels embarrassed and doesn't want her older kids to know the truth about what she did. She demands Charlie Theo and Katherine to pay for HER mistake! She is the WORST.

          • Jess Sgh
            Jess Sgh  4 days back

            Maybe she forgot that she wanted to leave her husband and children for another man. Really hate her

        • Hermit TV Junkie
          Hermit TV Junkie  5 days back

          Delilah: most unpopular baby name of 2020

          • Ilahmae Cunanan
            Ilahmae Cunanan  5 days back

            "I almost lost my husband too, because of you." 👏👏👏👏👏👏

            • Maggie K
              Maggie K  5 days back

              Btw for the little preview for episode 8 who do you think died?

              • Grimm Fan101
                Grimm Fan101  6 days back

                Delilah seriously needs to stop using her husband's death as an excuse for everything she does in her life. She always plays the victim.

                • Origin 1
                  Origin 1  1 days back

                  @ GrimmFan101.... She was doing the HEINOUS do ......"BEFORE" HER HUSBAND DIED!!!!! Suppose, he sorta knew about her n his best friend's MESS too ???..
                  Not just survivor's gift!

                • T Moné
                  T Moné  5 days back

                  Grimm Fan101 THANK YOU. I can’t wait to see how the kids will react. They’ll want nothing to do with her. She told Katherine she won’t let her hurt her kids. Delilah YOU’RE the one that’s hurting them.

              • Kirsten Creamer
                Kirsten Creamer  6 days back

                I can’t stand delighla.

                • James Dinkins lll
                  James Dinkins lll  6 days back

                  Delilah needs to back off and quit breathing down Eddie and Katherine's necks.

                  • aekhuda123456
                    aekhuda123456  6 days back

                    delilah really needs to get off her high horse and tell the truth...i hate her more every time i see her face

                    • T Moné
                      T Moné  5 days back

                      aekhuda123456 I’m so over her character. Her name shouldn’t even be Delilah Dixon. More so PLAYING THE VICTIM CARD DIXON

                  • mrboringloser
                    mrboringloser  6 days back

                    How is it that no one involved points out that the baby is Theo's half sister? Seriously, NOBODY is going to point out that Theo deserves to know that he has a half sister? Is there something I am missing? Do I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how siblings work? Theo and Charlie have the same father, but different mothers, so they are half brother half sister right? Am I wrong? Am I wrong?

                    Also, Delilah wants to "protect" her children but will let Charlie grow up and spend her entire life believing her father is dead, while her father is very much alive living two blocks down the street? Seriously, that's how you protect your children?

                    • Anita Tharmarajah
                      Anita Tharmarajah  4 days back

                      Exactly. And theo wants a sibling so bad idk why they would do this to him

                    • Traci M
                      Traci M  6 days back

                      mrboringloser I know right! Like eventually the truth will come out so they might as well start repairing the relationship with the kids now before it’s to late.

                  • Sofia Ralala
                    Sofia Ralala  6 days back

                    After Katherine said "I almost lost my husband too, because of you" and Eddie started talking, I was like, "All right, Eddie, you're not going to put yourself on Delilah's side." I was glad to see Eddie siding with his wife. I can understand that Delilah wants to protect Danny, Sophie and Charlie but it's not too late for that?! She's just selfish!

                    • Sofia Ralala
                      Sofia Ralala  6 days back

                      @Pennywise The Dancing Clown Exactly! Delilah keeps putting herself in "victim" when she does not have one! I know she lost her husband, but she did not seem to care much about Jon when she cheated on him with Eddie! And the longer she waits to tell the truth to the kids, the worse it will be! If the situation is different, it would be Katherine who had a child with Jon, Delilah would probably tell the truth to his children! Katherine should not be forced to hide the truth from Theo!

                    • Pennywise The Dancing Clown
                      Pennywise The Dancing Clown  6 days back

                      I completely agree! I love Katherine so much and she is my favorite character out of this series. I understand where Delilah is coming from with not wanting to hurt her kids, but like you said, it's too late for that and Katherine shouldn't have to keep lying to Theo either. They're going to find out someday anyway. Secrets like this can never be kept secrets. She might as well just get it out now, so then they can really recover from everything and go through the healing process. That may sound like a horrible thing to say, but in my opinion, that's what needs to be done. This was her and Eddie's mistake, they need to work together to fix it. I was really upset when Delilah was talking about the situation at Theo's party. It should be about him just as Eddie said. I am really starting to dislike her character!

                  • toon ninja
                    toon ninja  6 days back

                    Finally eddie is on Katherine side this time

                    • Jalliyah Williams
                      Jalliyah Williams  6 days back

                      The thing that’s making me mad Delilah wasn’t the only one cheating John was too!!!

                      • Jess Sgh
                        Jess Sgh  1 days back

                        @Dave don't think so. Maybe she's thinking about him because he was her only true friend in that circle and he would have been going through similar situation.

                      • Dave TheRave
                        Dave TheRave  4 days back

                        S J - the way this show is going you never know. Like John is ‘Adam’ to a bunch of ‘Eves’.

                      • S J
                        S J  4 days back

                        @Dave TheRave doubt it

                      • Dave TheRave
                        Dave TheRave  4 days back

                        Just as an FYI, how old are PJ, Sophie and Danny? As for Katherine, she thinks of John every day. In an earlier episode, she admits that a drink after work was “their thing”. Drinking and her thinking of John every day? Maybe Theo is also John’s.

                      • Jess Sgh
                        Jess Sgh  4 days back

                        How did jon cheat when he wasn't in a relationship. D was married when she had the affair with a family close friend who also has a wife and kid

                    • A_Noelle
                      A_Noelle  6 days back

                      Man, the writers have done an excellent job at making Delilah really unlikable.
                      One might even say unbearable.
                      It's me. I'm One.
                      Delilah is unbearable.

                    • Supersoccerchic
                      Supersoccerchic  6 days back

                      Delilah is so selfish and just so dumb! Why don't you just tell your kids the truth?! Who cares if they get mad at you and even Eddie?! At least the truth is out there!

                      • T Moné
                        T Moné  5 days back

                        Supersoccerchic The longer she chooses to keep this from them, the more pissed they’ll be when they find out. Sophie will probably be the maddest.

                    • Sara H
                      Sara H  6 days back

                      Delilah is so selfish! I can’t stand her

                      • Serena E
                        Serena E  6 days back

                        Yes Deliah. I'm on her side. I see everyone's point but her's are a lot more solid.

                        • Jess Sgh
                          Jess Sgh  4 days back

                          How is her idea solid, maybe if she didn't have the baby (evidence).
                          She made her bed, time to Lay in it

                        • glogler
                          glogler  6 days back

                          Delilah has ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to tell Katherine to lie to Theo. Also, Kids Always find out the truth whether you tell them or not. The only logical thing to do is to rip the band-aid and tell them. Delilah needs to fully own up to her part in the birth of this child.

                        • A_Noelle
                          A_Noelle  6 days back

                          It isn't. Waiting won't change the truth from being what it is. Their mother had an affair. Cheated on their father with his best friend and had a baby. Their father dying doesn't erase the terrible things their mother has done. And delaying telling them the truth only shows them that their mother is also a liar. But not just their mother, every significant adult in their life. What do you think that will do to them?

                        • Supersoccerchic
                          Supersoccerchic  6 days back

                          How so? She's being a coward and not telling her children the truth and telling them that Charlie is their half-sister and that she slept with their uncle. How is that solid? It's just lying and it's only going to cause more harm than good.

                      • mayapotz
                        mayapotz  6 days back

                        What kind of person is Delilah? Seriously. Her logic's so twisted. 😂

                        • Virginia Garcia
                          Virginia Garcia  6 days back

                          Delilah is about Delilah. She don’t want to her kids to lose her. But reality is they are not losing her, she would lose them because she is also responsible for sleeping with her husbands best friend. She could’ve stopped the affair, but she didn’t. And she didn’t have no problem leaving Jon if he wouldn’t have committed suicide. She should leave the show.

                          • Shannon Clark
                            Shannon Clark  3 days back

                            @Paige Bradley Exactly!

                          • Jess Sgh
                            Jess Sgh  4 days back

                            Thank you, she was all prepare to leave her children and husband of 10+ year for his best friend.
                            Now using his death as if she care about him. she's piece of S

                          • Virginia Garcia
                            Virginia Garcia  6 days back

                            Paige Bradley agreed

                          • Paige Bradley
                            Paige Bradley  6 days back

                            She only feels guilty about the affair cause Jon died. If he was still alive he'd know the affair. They said he had a vasectomy he'd know that the baby wasn't his. Not only does Theo deserve to know but so do Delilah's kids her only concern is what will they think of her once they know. Not about her baby girl, Katherine Eddie or anyone else. Just herself. Her daughter will pissed off no idea what her son's reaction will be. I don't remember her kids names right now sorry.

                        • 1983jkh
                          1983jkh  7 days back

                          Newsflash Delilah! You should’ve thought about your kids before you slept with Eddie!

                        • Jess Sgh
                          Jess Sgh  7 days back

                          Delilah delilah do you ever think. You hurt your children the day you opened your legs for your husband best friend. Or did you forget you had kids then. Did you ever think how they would feel if you had left your husband to be with his best friend.

                          • Jess Sgh
                            Jess Sgh  4 days back

                            @Ashlinn & Jeff 😂 thanks.
                            She's just so immature

                          • Ashlinn & Jeff
                            Ashlinn & Jeff  5 days back

                            Jess Sgh 😂😂😂 my chest can’t take the first part. You’re absolutely right the day she opened her legs was the day they both cheated on their kids.

                        • Origin 1
                          Origin 1  7 days back

                          DIRTY DELILAH! Hoochie, whore, thot, home wrecker, " hoe"; None of these words are specific enuff when you sleep with your VERY close or best friends' husband in "YOUR TIGHT INNER CIRCLE"!!! BUT THEN YOU GET PREGNANT BY HIM!!!!????????? UNIMAGINABLE! Because she is the white character they are trying to make her absolutely adorable!!!!!!!! P.S. And NO DNA? N, she was a married woman with a previously thought of healthy husband!!???? What?!!! ******** Delilah********...what a fitting name for a " heinous type of home wrecker" , the friendly neighborhood, bestie, inner circle, rich, (coulda picked the mail man, or country club guy) , baby momma, Sanctimonious, married chick character! The Bible's Delilah was MUCH NICER!!! THE END. No, it's not...did you say Katherine and Delilah ("Clash")? So, she is gonna "clash" with Katherine and NOT BEG AND PLEA AND SHAKE AND TREMBLE AND HOLD HER HEAD DOWN. AND CRY OUT FOR FORGIVENESS?? YEAH.........RIGHT! "YOU KNOW"!? She's gonna do it again in "6 weeks"! " STAY TUNED" ???

                          • Omar Eldadah
                            Omar Eldadah  7 days back

                            I really thought Delilah was going to throw eddie under the bus here and mention that he wanted to be with her last season. I don’t think Katherine knows that he was super close to starting a real relationship with Delilah and the only reason they didn’t was because Delilah said no

                            • A_Noelle
                              A_Noelle  6 days back

                              I'm sure she will at the next opportunity. She's the type of garbage person who would spew things that paint others in a bad light and gives her the opportunity to shine.

                            • Origin 1
                              Origin 1  7 days back

                              @ Omar Eldadah. And her body said, "Yes", "Yes", "Yes"!!!!!!! Birth control had been invented in .2018?? After having 2 children n u r in your 40's , wrecking your best friends marriage! That's privilege! Or is that arrogance? That mess is is scary!!! IS THAT( REALLY)WHY HE JUMPED OUT OF THE WINDOW RATHER THAN TRY TO BE LOWDOWN AND COME ONTO KATHERINE???

                          • Otino Thomas
                            Otino Thomas  7 days back

                            I swear if I could jump through this screen bruh I would kill Delilah my damn self, this heffa gotta go ASAP

                            • Rebecca Rogers
                              Rebecca Rogers  7 days back

                              That's how I felt to, I had steam almost coming out of my ears, at least Eddie has had the integrity to admit to his mistakes and own up to them, I also love how Eddie stood up to Delilah.

                          • ELIAS ULATE
                            ELIAS ULATE  7 days back

                            Hola saludos desde Costa rica

                            • Taylor
                              Taylor  7 days back

                              Delilah is the worst character in the history of characters. I hate her

                              • Ciz Mattos
                                Ciz Mattos  1 days back

                                @Grimm Fan101 totally right

                              • Dave TheRave
                                Dave TheRave  4 days back

                                Grimm Fan101 - as for your ‘handle’, what do you think of David’s role as Eddie compared to his role as Nick? He seems to have the same sort of character - playing both sides of the fence. Loved him in Grimm!

                              • T.J Clarke
                                T.J Clarke  4 days back

                                Taylor She says she is doing what’s best for her kids but Charlie is one of them now and she needs her father.

                              • Jess Sgh
                                Jess Sgh  4 days back

                                She's a real bitch

                              • Dave TheRave
                                Dave TheRave  5 days back

                                Taylor - it’s how her character is written. Each of the ‘million little pieces’ adds up to the show itself.

                            • 유진TikTok star
                              유진TikTok star  7 days back

                              Who's been here with ABC before 2019?

                              Show yourself in comment section 😉♥️

                              • jasmine anderson
                                jasmine anderson  7 days back

                                Um yu mad the choice to hurt Yur kids when you step out on yur marriage

                                • Jess Sgh
                                  Jess Sgh  4 days back

                                  @Jalliyah Williams jon didn't cheat and we don't have the whole story of PJ yet

                                • Shannon Clark
                                  Shannon Clark  5 days back

                                  Thank you

                                • Stacee J
                                  Stacee J  6 days back

                                  Jalliyah Williams Jon didn’t cheat on Delilah. He met Delilah after PJ was conceived. And when his secretary kissed him, he pushed her away. So how again did Jon cheat on Delilah?

                                • Maegan Lim
                                  Maegan Lim  6 days back

                                  Jalliyah Williams if ure referring to his kiss w his secretary, she actl mistaken jon’s action for a one night stand but jon pulled away n clarified it to her dat he js wanted to show her the place

                                • Jalliyah Williams
                                  Jalliyah Williams  6 days back

                                  jasmine anderson so did john she not the only one even though I’m not taking up for her but they both cheated

                              • Elio Pearlman
                                Elio Pearlman  7 days back

                                What? She is so full of it. It has nothing with her not wanting Katherine to hurt her kids, she just doesn't want her kids to know she's been an unfaithful skank. She knows her kids will be pissed and that them knowing will damage her relationship with them. Sue her a$$ for joint custody. She's a selfish cow who is hiding behind motherly concern.

                                • Ninja
                                  Ninja  7 days back

                                  True fans of ABC

                                  • Liz Rose
                                    Liz Rose  7 days back

                                    I cant with her right now

                                    • SiRO TV
                                      SiRO TV  7 days back

                                      xem đầu

                                      • Siri
                                        Siri  7 days back