What are Laine Hardy`s `American Idol` friends saying about him?


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  • R. Nagarya
    R. Nagarya  4 months back

    Lionel puts his finger right on the pulse of the matter...identity, attitude, and Luke Bryan...God is still alive and blessing talent!

    • mhp39532
      mhp39532  5 months back

      Thank you Bobby Bones and Lionel Richie. 100% correct!! #icantpartywithoutahardy

      • R. Nagarya
        R. Nagarya  6 months back

        SEASON 2019 WILL BE EXTREMELY HARD TO BEAT...LAINE is a wonderful talent and I want to see a concert and buy his CD!!!!!

        • Karen Hardie
          Karen Hardie  6 months back

          Happy for his success. Lots of new fans now will buy his album. His parents seem great. They can help him in his new exciting life. The music business is tough. Congratulations. He worked hard and never gave up.

          • Sheila Cooper
            Sheila Cooper  6 months back

            I was hooked the minute I heard Laine's sweet, raspy, bluesy voice! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

            Way to go, Laine! South Carolina loves you!

            • cutebutinsane clarke
              cutebutinsane clarke  6 months back

              Anybody notice all they talk about with Laine is his hair and the bayou thing but not his singing? Hard working maybe sure why not! But for weeks that is what they described his performances ( hair getting higher, looking good, and they would act silly) but with another contestant they were all moved, cried, were blown away plus they were always so serious ( professional) with him. They even showed after who they actually wanted to win.

              • Edna Resurreccion
                Edna Resurreccion  6 months back

                Sorry,but I see Laine,as a "third rate-trying hard-poor copycat" of music icon Elvis!!!

                • Lisa Smith
                  Lisa Smith  6 months back

                  Jeanette Ledbetter I agree — Laine is a good ol’ country boy first & foremost, and I would say he and Elvis do have a lot of similarities (they love their Mommas and God)... but Laine is not trying to *be* Elvis or an Elvis copycat (plenty of those already!). I know Laine has so much respect for the music of Elvis, but that they look similar is just coincidental.

                  I love that Laine has his own “lane” and I’m looking forward to the music he’ll be bringing us — I heard part of a new song he wrote and I was blown away (clue: it’s about burning gas, but oh so well done)‼️

                • Jeanette Ledbetter
                  Jeanette Ledbetter  6 months back

                  Edna Resurreccion and you should be ashamed. Why do people like you always have to spoil things by saying something like that.

              • Richard Reyes
                Richard Reyes  7 months back

                Laine typical cookie cutter, another karaoke winner, no originality..

                • Barbara Gomez
                  Barbara Gomez  7 months back

                  Alejandro will make it Big , Laine will be another Chis Allen.

                  • Michael A
                    Michael A  7 months back

                    They are saying that Alejandro got robbed by him.

                    • Alberto Oriz
                      Alberto Oriz  6 months back

                      Besides he has a better chance at xfactor....Simon Cowell is a transparent person...he doesnt go by ethnicity or races.....

                    • Alberto Oriz
                      Alberto Oriz  6 months back

                      True....Alejandro got it! And a narcissist decision interact....what a causality, lion,Katy, and luke....they noticed it since the first audition.....since the US are divided ...this is the result....Alejandro dominated the whole world... omments from all over the world.....and that kid....really touched hearts with his music....and guess what...if they decided not to choose a Latino, well....that kid is more American than all those people with European background...Note: America is from the US all the way down to brasil...America is a continent....a group of countries....irish are not Americans, English are not Americans. They are europeans.....lol,

                    • cutebutinsane clarke
                      cutebutinsane clarke  6 months back

                      After a few weeks of the show ending I've realized a few things

                      He won by these young girls who were infatuated with his looks, older woman liked his style of music because it brought back memories of their younger days, ( like they expect Johnny be good to be playing on the radio right now lol) then you got the cougar moms ( no joke, extremely creepy) then the worst part ( the trump loving politics who thinks between Laine and Alejandro, they said no Mexican can be American idol) this I've witnessed by many Laine fans say) that's what happened folks, a good singer won over a extremely talented artist because of looks and oldies music and he wasn't Mexican... sad sad world!!!

                  • Southern Sass
                    Southern Sass  7 months back

                    Love my Hometown Bayou boy! 🔥

                    • stacy stasia
                      stacy stasia  7 months back


                      • char luna
                        char luna  7 months back

                        Pomona should of been the 🏆

                        • Jim Aldrich
                          Jim Aldrich  6 months back

                          Michael A one of the greatest bullet dodges too

                        • Michael A
                          Michael A  7 months back

                          One of the Greatest robberies of all time. Smh

                      • Karen Groelsma
                        Karen Groelsma  7 months back

                        I voted Laine this whole season. I loved him last year. He is definitely the whole package. I watched him on YouTube all day. His music keeps you moving and you can clean and dance to it also❤😀

                        • PurelyAfrican
                          PurelyAfrican  7 months back

                          Laine hair looks so soft.

                          • first/m /last
                            first/m /last  7 months back

                            No matter what you think of her. Katy won the genetic lottery!!

                            • Rhonda Landrum
                              Rhonda Landrum  7 months back

                              I'm so proud of You Laine!❤

                              • Barbara Olsen
                                Barbara Olsen  7 months back

                                Alajandro was the best. Anyone remember Chris Allen ?

                                • cutebutinsane clarke
                                  cutebutinsane clarke  6 months back

                                  @jill carlson first do the math, AI has 1 million followers, it's not all of America wanted Laine to win. They just don't watch the show, I see people still post reaction to AA who just found him on YouTube and didn't know the show was still playing. Also AA fans were smart and knew the contract or winning idol meant they would have royalty to his originals, every winner has fought to be released from it. Winning doesn't necessarily mean they won. Js. AA fan base keeps growing and has more celebrities following him than the actual winner. That alone speaks volumes. AA was way to talented for AI but we are thankful for it because it showcased his talent and his originals songs. I'm happy for Laine and hope he does well but as I said winning a title doesn't mean he won.

                                • cutebutinsane clarke
                                  cutebutinsane clarke  6 months back

                                  @Donna Mason if you fast forward then your unnecessary opinion doesn't matter lol, second it was extremely rude of you. Third, people who post negative comments usually have hatred in their heart, I will pray you find happiness and love.

                                • Belinda VanLingen
                                  Belinda VanLingen  6 months back

                                  Donna Mason how rude ....

                                • Belinda VanLingen
                                  Belinda VanLingen  6 months back

                                  Barbara Olsen I do remember Chris ALLEN ‼️

                                • cutebutinsane clarke
                                  cutebutinsane clarke  6 months back

                                  @Sharon Reitzel first no one should compare Adam Lambert and Alejandro they are on both different levels. They meant he was runner up and did better than the winner, no one can predict the future if itll be the same scenario but Laine and Alejandro are not even the same style of singers so there shouldn't be a competition if Laine does well in country good for him and Alejandro doesn't do country so theres no comparison there. Alejandro did change the game tho on idol theres no doubt about that even the judges said so. Now about the freaking plane I'm so tired of the Laine fans using that line when its been answered multiple times even in articles...so please find something else out if you want to put him down. Many celebrities have that fear but are successful in their career and do tours. They just use other methods and he has been flying he just couldn't go on a jet which was smaller and when you have legit fears you need to prepare your mind for that task they didn't give him Time, he got on the plane but the moment they closed the doors he panicked, do research on aerophobia you'll understand it better. You dont have to be rude btw he has a sold out tour, an album soon to be released and a single, he has been signed with United talent agency and signed with a label company so your ugly comment is ridiculous. Its funny how I am constantly wishing Laine good luck but his fans love to say Alejandro will be worthless why is that?

                              • Mary Steele
                                Mary Steele  7 months back

                                Congratulations laine

                                • LA_ JEE
                                  LA_ JEE  7 months back

                                  see !!! laine is a whole packages of being the winner of american idol 2019, congratz LH👏👏👏

                                  • Chr¡sty Renee'
                                    Chr¡sty Renee'  7 months back

                                    Amen Luke Bryan!!! AINT God good!!

                                    • Carbonel Dayos
                                      Carbonel Dayos  7 months back

                                      thanks good everybody are happy for Laine.....we too spread love not hate.

                                      • Jun Del Rosario, Jr.
                                        Jun Del Rosario, Jr.  7 months back

                                        KILLER S M I L E - THIS IS WHAT SETS HIM APART

                                        • Iowangal Smith
                                          Iowangal Smith  7 months back

                                          Wade cota didnt look happy.

                                          • cutebutinsane clarke
                                            cutebutinsane clarke  6 months back

                                            @Sarah they all were close, they were roommates for a long time, I understood he felt down on himself ( looks wise ) and would get mad when he was on livestream and the girls would ask for Laine, I could tell it hurt him, I personally thought it was rude but hey what I would do is compliment him, uche and him both said looks matter to be an idol and I think they both received backlash from it. As theres more to looks to be an idol. I know he said after the rehearsal from Alejandro on his last performance that he said he was wrong with his last statement then he looked like he was crying because he said he was moved by it. Being good friends with the last two I think he was happy either way. But of course he will go far in his career if he wants it bad enough I loved wade's voice.

                                          • cutebutinsane clarke
                                            cutebutinsane clarke  6 months back

                                            He first said Laine because he thought " looks and having girls wanting you " meant that is an idol, the last show tho he said he was wrong that " extreme talent " should be it. When he said he was wrong people knew what he meant, it doesn't mean they aren't friends tho. Plus I think he himself wanted that title.

                                          • Lizeth Santiago
                                            Lizeth Santiago  7 months back

                                            Iowangal Smith he said he preferred Alejandro to win

                                        • Anabel
                                          Anabel  7 months back

                                          “100% Gator” 😂😂😂