Why does the Nintendo Switch Lite exist?


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  • Creeper The Creeper
    Creeper The Creeper  1 weeks back

    I know that some people like this, however, I cannot see how
    It is considered a type of switch... which makes no sense
    The whole idea between the Nintendo *SWITCH* was that you could SWITCH the controllers and mix them, the lite switch?
    No detachable controllers.
    No detachable controllers means now *SWITCH*ing
    No switching? Not what the switch stood for
    It is a disgrace to me, and to many, for not living up to what the switch stood for

    • Phillip Sowers
      Phillip Sowers  1 weeks back

      I'm still holding out for a lower original Switch price after the hype fades a bit and I've beaten all the greats on the Wii U I just bought last Black Friday. I've been wanting to play a "real" Pokemon adventure (not Stadium or spin-offs) on tv and share with my family since I was a kid, and I ain't settling for a (MAJOR) upgrade from my N2DSXL to still play some of the best franchises ever on portable-only. (Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, others?) But if the price doesn't drop before I finish with the Wii U in a few years (which is possible and hopeful if the Switch sticks around as a strongly-popular, modern, creative system), then I'm happy to jump on board to a massive collection of gorgeous and amazing games. ❤😁

      • This is useless
        This is useless  1 weeks back

        I can’t wait to get PS4 lite. I need to sell my current PS4 for it.

        • LakefrontStudios
          LakefrontStudios  2 weeks back

          I got the Switch Lite because I already own a PS4 and I wanted a new handheld console to replace my 3DS without paying $300.

          • Lee Pham
            Lee Pham  2 weeks back

            The Switch Lite gets my attention, but I'm so cheap. Hoping for some dumb down $100 version!

            • Chris Doherty
              Chris Doherty  2 weeks back

              little did we know its all still the same shit show to use 2 switches llol

              • Berdstick 7
                Berdstick 7  2 weeks back

                It exists because if people are to poor to pay for an original.

                • chailattae
                  chailattae  3 weeks back

                  i wanna play both in portable and docked but i can only afford one lol

                  • Anonymous #1
                    Anonymous #1  3 weeks back

                    Bob’s pulling an Austin Evans and questioning existence now.

                    • Retrìca
                      Retrìca  3 weeks back

                      I have a switch already couldn’t care less, still an entertaining video though

                      • fingin pvp
                        fingin pvp  3 weeks back

                        5:00 you fricked it

                        • Vaderd2k
                          Vaderd2k  3 weeks back

                          You are hilarious. I’ve subbed and I don’t even own a switch (that might change thanks to you)

                          • LowellAF FURY85
                            LowellAF FURY85  3 weeks back

                            Your voice is like CM Punk's. Awesome vid btw...

                            • Caulifla And Kale
                              Caulifla And Kale  3 weeks back

                              Why dose it exist?

                              People don't want to pay an extra $100 for it to be a home console and it can truly be a succesor to the 3DS.

                              $200 dollar for a portable gaming console that can play triple A games is insane, and you better believe people will turn to this before the original switch.

                              • Rico Indrawan
                                Rico Indrawan  4 weeks back

                                on BOTW isn't it a shrine that requires the motion/rumble? so how about lite meet that shrine?

                                • Nick
                                  Nick  4 weeks back

                                  Couple problems with your review.
                                  -Joy-con drifting. What happens if the Switch Lite has drifting issues. How are you to actually get it repaired or replaced? Does that mean you will have to fork over 200 dollars again?
                                  -Disclaimer that games on tv mode do not ALWAYS work better than on portability mode. I've noticed in many games and that might just be an optimization issue that needs to be patch but I've noticed at least 3 larger budget games have that issue

                                  By the time you buy a joy con charger, an additional pair of joy cons I think the pricing is actual worse for what you get. I say that because the original switch comes with joycons already so that's a pair already on set. So lets say you have 2 kids. Both children will need joycons. You already save about 60-70 bucks on the joycon because it comes with the system. Portability is still there. And a tv mode is also there too. So ideally they didn't really think this through and you are actually losing more money. Especially since Nintendo hasn't come out and said "yes we fixed the joy con issue" its still there as far as I am concerned. So that's 200 dollars wasted in about maybe 5-6 months (that's usually the timeframe I hear where the drifting problem happens). Let alone a Nintendo Switch pro is coming out too. But hey if you don't need Super Mario Party, then you won't need the additional joy cons then. If you do need more joy cons I think just buying the 300 dollar original switch is a better option. Otherwise worse case if you get it on sale somewhat you are only saving 10 bucks at most.

                                  • Nick
                                    Nick  4 weeks back

                                    Also your argument that you can both a compact portable console with you and the other one at home is not smart either. For your case its logical since you do reviews and get sometimes copies to do such reviews. However you cannot share two of the same accounts with the switch. That means if I have a large healthy library on my home Switch, I cannot use it on the Switch Lite. Nintendo says it cannot share accounts. It can share accounts via the same console but not on separate consoles. So despite I get your idea, its not workable in the end. You will have to make two separate accounts. Unless they change that. Which I would do the same. Leave my bulky one at home and keep a portable one. But I'm not going to buy 2x of the games just to have portable and one for home. its not financially possible for me and its smart moneywise anyhow.

                                • David Townsend
                                  David Townsend  4 weeks back

                                  I have a tv like 72 + inches. But I still use my switch on handheld mode 90% of the time even if TV is free which normally it is. I love handheld. I still love my 2dsxl.
                                  I actually only got switch like 2 or 3 weeks ago. Almost waited for light but decided I wanted bigger screen and options of the regular switch.

                                  • Ed Boy
                                    Ed Boy  4 weeks back

                                    Im incredibly excited to get one because A.Its been a long time since Ive had a dedicated handheld and B.I can play triple A console games...ON A HANDHELD!!I mean what's not to love?I get its useless if you already have a switch but still its a great system for people who don't already own a switch.

                                    • Nick Atkinson
                                      Nick Atkinson  4 weeks back

                                      Im planning on buying this for my little sister because she only wants a switch for animal crossing. I have my own switch so giving her a switch lite will both make it so I have to stop giving it to her and I leave mine hooked up to the TV

                                      • Thomas Ryder
                                        Thomas Ryder  4 weeks back

                                        So the kick stand istn a prob cuz if you cant dock it why not get a cool case ..that has a kick stand.(im geussing this will be poular

                                        • Mkilbride2599
                                          Mkilbride2599  4 weeks back

                                          Doesn't make sense. It's 100$ less. But the dock is 90$. Yet it's missing HD Rumble, IR Sensor and tons of other stuff, and is smaller. It should cost even less.

                                          • SoraFireSoul
                                            SoraFireSoul  4 weeks back

                                            they alway made a handheld on there consoles that not true it new

                                            Nintendo- there no Nintendo boy just a game boy that play it own games same with evey other Nintendo console i can not take a Wii u disk and caram it in my 3DS that was out when the WII U was made

                                            • slikdarelic
                                              slikdarelic  4 weeks back

                                              can u hack it yet? thats all i care about at this time.. lol

                                              • Bozzy
                                                Bozzy  4 weeks back

                                                The pricing for the Switch Lite in the UK is a joke ive seen brand new standard Switches for EXACTLY the same price granted on a deal but regardless you should NEVER buy the Switcnh Lite in the UK cause its pricing is too close to the standard Switch so why give up features for no or very little savings in cash? glad to hear in the US atleast it has a place. Also saying they wont make a Pro only a New, you do know the New 3DS actually had some performance improvements and some games legitimately performed better on it and some only worked on NEW so its not a good thing if they make NEW it just potentially segregates original owners.

                                                • jadekinnns
                                                  jadekinnns  4 weeks back

                                                  I travel a ton for work, and when I'm at home I generally only play my switch as a hand held version anyways, so you best believe I preordered this!

                                                  • Seshio
                                                    Seshio  1 months back

                                                    It exist cause people were bitching about it and wanted it one but now disappointed for no fucking reason

                                                    • V3rciS
                                                      V3rciS  1 months back

                                                      instead of switch lite why don't they release a switch that's always docked? just a solid home console (similar to wii u). Haven't undocked my switch in ages.

                                                      • _Sitzkrieg
                                                        _Sitzkrieg  1 months back

                                                        It's a diet nintendo switch.

                                                        • Zephricus
                                                          Zephricus  1 months back

                                                          I’ll save you ten minutes with one word.


                                                          • Quiet Professional
                                                            Quiet Professional  1 months back

                                                            7:00 It's been drilled into my thick skull since I was 8 years old never to trust Bowser, so I don't see myself changing anytime soon.

                                                            • George
                                                              George  1 months back

                                                              I don't need a Switch Lite. I almost never undock my Switch, and am afraid to bring it outside and damage it, since I can't really afford to replace it. Something I'd really like is a PS TV-style Switch: A TV-only switch with no screen of its own. Without the need for a screen, a battery, the components for docking/undocking, the connectors for Joycons, etc, it could be fairly cheap.

                                                              • Quad Copter
                                                                Quad Copter  1 months back

                                                                The problem is, you cant call it a Switch because it doesnt dock or "switch" as you like. They should call it "the Ditch"

                                                                • Quad Copter
                                                                  Quad Copter  4 weeks back

                                                                  @B - Rex have it since launch

                                                                • B - Rex
                                                                  B - Rex  4 weeks back

                                                                  Well then just get the original 😂 nobodys forcing u to buy the lite... I personally can't wait to get my hands on one

                                                              • John Lambert
                                                                John Lambert  1 months back

                                                                I mean, theres Nintendo Switches on Ebay brand new for 200-250 everywhere. Not knock offs either. In my opinion I'd invest the extra 20-50 dollars to have the massive amounts of extra features on the actual Switch as opposed to the Lite

                                                                • Ismael Tovar
                                                                  Ismael Tovar  1 months back

                                                                  What if you could use the switch lite on your normal switch like an extra controller or Wii U game pad

                                                                  • Chad Chad
                                                                    Chad Chad  1 months back

                                                                    I played switch at my friends house every day, we had 8 controllers and would smoke weed in his backyard and play smash, ultimate chicken horse, mario kart, super mario bros, brawlhalla, zarvot, minecraft, and a bunch of games on a tv on a round table and it was the best experience I had with my friends. I just moved but those many months of just hanging out playing smash for hours are unforgettable.

                                                                    • Arya Dröttningu
                                                                      Arya Dröttningu  1 months back

                                                                      I don't own a TV but I'm buying one just to play Pokemon and Animal Crossing on a big screen. I don't play on the go anyways (cuz I'm too scared of someone stealing my tech because I'm a weak smol human).

                                                                      • Marcus Exler
                                                                        Marcus Exler  1 months back

                                                                        Bar-mitsva money even tho your not supposed to us technology if you jewish

                                                                        • Bincks
                                                                          Bincks  1 months back

                                                                          I bet they'll make a set of goggles for vr that makes that set up way lighter

                                                                          • TheDirewolf 1234
                                                                            TheDirewolf 1234  1 months back

                                                                            My answer:


                                                                            • The Hero Shade
                                                                              The Hero Shade  1 months back

                                                                              One answer MONEY. Economy, Supply and demand.

                                                                              • ollieisgood
                                                                                ollieisgood  1 months back

                                                                                1:16 did that surround sound kinda scare anyone else

                                                                                • JayBurgerSlice
                                                                                  JayBurgerSlice  1 months back

                                                                                  Sorry but wtf the whole co op aspect of the switch got fucked and the screen smaller no thanks im going to buy the original switch this is shit (just my opinion, if you like it go for it)

                                                                                  • Summer
                                                                                    Summer  1 months back

                                                                                    first, instead of getting $80 joycons and a charging grip, get aftermarket joy cons or a pro controller. second, Why do people keep asking why it exists? it’s in the name. the HD rumble and IR are totally not necessary so i don’t see a downside to getting a switch lite to use alongside your regular switch.

                                                                                    • Ethan Rice
                                                                                      Ethan Rice  1 months back

                                                                                      Good job addressing all the cons. The extra joy cons and charging docks to play games like Mario odessy (cause you need he rumble to find some moons) and party. So instead of paying 399 for a switch
                                                                                      You pay 399 for a switch lite plus controller and dock

                                                                                      • Ian Vallender
                                                                                        Ian Vallender  1 months back

                                                                                        That new nintendo switch guess what it happened!

                                                                                        • Hikiki Monogatari
                                                                                          Hikiki Monogatari  1 months back

                                                                                          yeah its cheap but the games aren't lmao

                                                                                          • Zeth Cader
                                                                                            Zeth Cader  1 months back

                                                                                            I use my Nintendo switch in handheld and tabletop only. So I wish that they made a model with a bigger screen but no dock ability.

                                                                                            • cheese eater
                                                                                              cheese eater  1 months back

                                                                                              imma buy cuz my mommy has money and i put it on a pice of paper on the day i was born :)