[1/9] Steph Curry • "DETAIL" Inside The Mind of Kobe Bryant | ESPN+


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  • Skip Bayless’ Possible Reactions

    Lol my man HB was actually listening

  • Jihadi John
    Jihadi John  2 weeks back

    dafuq was that 1 min intro

    • Toby Creation
      Toby Creation  3 weeks back


      • 11Dubs30
        11Dubs30  4 weeks back

        55 seconds of supposedly artistic intro.
        45 seconds of breaking down obvious shit.
        20 seconds to write this comment.

        • Andrew Guan
          Andrew Guan  1 months back

          lol thanks i dont have espn+

          • Mannan Younis
            Mannan Younis  2 months back

            Yo, kobe has always been my favorite player and I gravitated towards his work ethic and his game just looked beautiful, I worked hours to learn that fadeaway but as of right now I'm 6"0 at age 14 and I really can't play under pressure/tight defense, any tips?

            • Tevarious Tyner
              Tevarious Tyner  2 weeks back

              You can do anything you put your mind too kid.....Just work harder most of all you have to learn how to play without FEAR 💯 don't stop keep going young blood 🖤🙏🏿

            • Mannan Younis
              Mannan Younis  1 months back

              I'm here after a disappointing game where I didn't hit a single jumper. I am beyond ashamed and pissed. I'll be here again at 5 am to make 200 jumpshots, 100 midrange and 100 3s all off the dribble and back board doesn't count. I came here to write this down so I know I have to do finish this no matter if it takes an hour or 3

            • yungsteppa
              yungsteppa  1 months back

              Mannan Younis Nah bro, just kept doing wyd. n keep grinding...dont let da negative shii get to you...if you really wanna be in da nba u gotta put da work in da court n be dedicated.

            • Mannan Younis
              Mannan Younis  1 months back

              @DSwazeyTV King Darius Ohhh I get it now, because i might be playing small foward in highschool and then in collage the only thing I can play is point.

            • Mannan Younis
              Mannan Younis  1 months back

              @DSwazeyTV King Darius imma work on getting that down and executing it right once that happens again

          • Kobe Tedeschi
            Kobe Tedeschi  3 months back

            Can you upload more like Draymond, Kawi etc.?

          • The Movie Detective
            The Movie Detective  3 months back

            YES ITS HERE