Exactly How ‘Fast & Furious’ Presents Hobbs & Shaw | Anatomy of a Scene

  • Published: 02 August 2019
  • Before the world-saving, before the explosions, before the zany car chases, please allow them to introduce themselves.

    The characters of Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Shaw (Jason Statham) are probably familiar if you’ve been keeping up with the long-running “Fast & Furious” franchise. But here, the director David Leitch comes up with a fun way to induct them into their first spinoff feature. It’s a split-screen not-yet-meet-cute that shows their very different lifestyle and action-style approaches, while also suggesting that deep down, they’re the same.

    Narrating this scene, Leitch describes how he and his team worked to compose side-by-side shots that place them in the same spots within their frames. He also discusses giving them each their own action-hero catchphrases to deliver before going to town on a group of baddies.

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  • The New York Times
    The New York Times   3 months back

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    • Dillan Gandhi
      Dillan Gandhi  3 months back

      It's stupid to link to a survey that excludes anyone that's ever worked in media or the arts, on a video about filmmaking...

  • John Reviews
    John Reviews  2 months back

    So it’s like first scene of a Drake & Josh episode

    • Jaan
      Jaan  2 months back

      I want to show the real scene to a friend but ofcourse some guy has to talk in the background

      • The Big Man
        The Big Man  2 months back

        This is what fast and furious has come too

        • Charan Tej
          Charan Tej  2 months back

          They wake up at 6 ? 😁

          • Elkhan Isayev
            Elkhan Isayev  2 months back

            The New Fake Times :)

            • Patrick Wright
              Patrick Wright  2 months back

              This movie was really trash trash. Can Hollywood make a realistic movie whit out obe guy beating up 10 dudes and a guy holding a chain against a helicopter lol.

              • Barbara Coleman
                Barbara Coleman  2 months back

                Just saw this movie. Hope they have plans for a sequel.

                • Tina Bee
                  Tina Bee  2 months back

                  Climate change denier...bye

                  • Peter Franco
                    Peter Franco  2 months back

                    Badass movie

                    • Simiral Entertainment
                      Simiral Entertainment  2 months back

                      Every day in the morning for breakfast, Russian President Putin also drinks six raw quail eggs. Apparently, Putin is as cool a guy as Hobbs.

                    • Farhan Ibrahim
                      Farhan Ibrahim  3 months back

                      This is very lazy directing

                      • TheMags53
                        TheMags53  3 months back

                        As a tattoo artist, I found specially idiotic how they use tattoo machines in this movie. But at the same time we're talking about a DWAYNE Johnson movie where the only thing that matters is the family morality and the dumbfuck over the top action pieces that makes zero sense, so I guess the fact that DWAYNE holds the tattoo machine by the frame and make it works pushing...the coil? was the least of their concerns.

                        • Eduardo Pelaez García
                          Eduardo Pelaez García  3 months back

                          anybody can tell why toreto isnt in the movie?

                        • Rick Park
                          Rick Park  3 months back

                          New York Times sucks!
                          Hobbs and Shaw movie looks good.

                          • 2nd3rd1st
                            2nd3rd1st  3 months back

                            Much too subtle, this scene. Thankfully the director explained what the intention was or it might have gone over everyone's head.

                            • J F
                              J F  2 months back

                              2nd3rd1st a wonderful example of leaving the audience to make their own concussions.

                              How the [email protected]% does the NYT think this schlock is worth any bandwidth?

                          • Chet Loves America!
                            Chet Loves America!  3 months back


                            • Evan Fields
                              Evan Fields  3 months back

                              That entire scene would have ended with a gun. I know the Rock is immune to good acting but he's not immune to bullets.

                              • Pat H
                                Pat H  3 months back

                                unless this turns out to be black adam origins movie

                            • Dude The Dude
                              Dude The Dude  3 months back

                              Why did a good movie about cool cars and racing have to sell out so badly? What a shame

                              • Evan Fields
                                Evan Fields  3 months back

                                Ahahah.....the product placement movie about action cars sold out? I hope this is sarcasm because it's f'ing gold!

                            • HH James
                              HH James  3 months back

                              Why do people waste their lives on this cartoonish nonsense? He talks like he's remaking Gone With The Wind.

                              • Pat H
                                Pat H  3 months back

                                dont give him ideas... no seriously...action movies can still be well made! and art movies can be made by utter fools.

                              • Aby Yesudasan
                                Aby Yesudasan  3 months back

                                sorry to break it you.
                                Different movies with different target audience can co exist

                            • Maurqui
                              Maurqui  3 months back

                              makes me want to actually watch the movie

                            • The Bosnian Dragon
                              The Bosnian Dragon  3 months back

                              I love Dave, his use of colors with soundtrack to explain the characters or even the world they are in (Atomic Blonde-80s neon colors with 80s hit soundtrack, or Deadpool 2 when Cable is introduced, the neon purple and yellow colors with cyberpunk soundtrack indicating that he is from the future). I can't wait to see this

                              • tom bgo
                                tom bgo  3 months back

                                Nice commercial

                                • Evan Fields
                                  Evan Fields  3 months back

                                  @Hein Blöd
                                  Ya, the comment is obviously a joke. This clip plays like a commercial for the movie. No one thinks it's actually a trailer.

                                • Hein Blöd
                                  Hein Blöd  3 months back

                                  It's "Anatomy of a Scene"

                              • Ush
                                Ush  3 months back

                                Why is the NYT doing the anatomy of a scene on so many dogshit movies?

                                • Sun Flower
                                  Sun Flower  3 months back