The quandary of the quark


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      • Educated Manholecover by Richard Tata

        Rosalind Franklin was only 39 inches (1m) tall? Get outa here!

        • Dozo G
          Dozo G  7 months back

          Or you listen to what is actually literally said.
          Better still, you try to get the point of what was said.

      • Augustine Lopez
        Augustine Lopez  9 months back

        Well done. 😜😊😎 Here's to perpetual fun. Later Guys

        • Ghryst VanGhod
          Ghryst VanGhod  10 months back

          oh stfu you sexist bitch.. if women dont wanna be in STEM, they wont choose STEM. instead they'll CHOOSE whatever the fuck they wanna choose.
          Social Justice = Injustice.

          • gazsibb
            gazsibb  11 months back

            What is the best way to overcome the historical injustice that the likes of Chien-Shiung Wu suffered? Women weren't even allowed to use the front door of the physics department she originally planned to attend. Not to mention the Nobel prize she should have been awarded for her later work. Manifestly unfair treatment of women and we recognise that today. Why not acknowledge those past injustices by awarding women only prizes today?

            • crush537
              crush537  10 months back

              Because then you are doing what you claim others of doing and awarding based on sex. Women and men have the same rights and opportunities today in all of the educated world (too bad about some of the east). Now it's just self serving politics and complete nonsense. Let everyone be free to be who they can.

              Let those who are most competent do any job they wish based on merit. FULL STOP. That's called equality. Anything else is a path to ruin and shown again and again in history.

          • Pure Energy
            Pure Energy  11 months back

            Wow, I like the way that the physicist Kenneth Ford describes quarks. He wrote in his book "The Quantum World" that "magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons'.
            I like points of light as quarks. In this way I can add the quarks in each atom. For instance, the hydrogen atom spins super fast as 7 points of light. The carbon atom spins as 42 points of light. The oxygen atom spins as 56 points of light. People consist 100% as light. Light is eternal.

            • Pure Energy
              Pure Energy  11 months back

              Since people are 100% energy, then what they need to do to go visit other dimensions is to accelerate. When we "die" we accelerate the energy we are then pop out of these bodies.

              • Pure Energy
                Pure Energy  11 months back

                You don't have a presentation of how particles are made. You don't know why waves of energy and light resonate into frequencies and particles. Your presentation is about their existence.

                • Pure Energy
                  Pure Energy  11 months back

                  Since mass is a form of energy, then why do people think that they die?
                  Well, death is a really huge lie and it seems that most physicists won't touch the subject with a 10 foot pole. But the physicist Barbara Brennan writes books about it. She is so successful proving that death does not exist that she has built a college system around the world. Her book "Hands of Light" has within it many pictures of what "people" look like as eternal energy beings or holograms.

                  • crush537
                    crush537  10 months back

                    That was great. Make sure to buy some magic crystals from her to help insure your path to the holy hologram.

                • Pure Energy
                  Pure Energy  11 months back

                  If atoms have no electric charge, then why does the physicist Barbara Brennan say that we are electromagnetic, holographic and multidimensional energy and light beings? Physicists say that atoms are electrical magnetic energy field vibrations. Quarks spin neutrons and protons into existence. Spinning is what charge is. Perhaps a neutron spins as neither positive or negative. Can't a spin be neutral?

                  • crush537
                    crush537  10 months back

                    You are going to hurt yourself. Most atoms have neutral charge. A proton + and an electron -. When you add 1 and minus 1 you have a cancelled out charge. If you strip or add an electron to an atom then you have an ion which now has a net (total) charge one way or another.

                    Spinning is not what charge is. Quarks do not spin neutrons and protons into existence, but they are what protons and neutrons are made of. A spin can not be neutral. What does that even mean?

                    You go on an on about nonsense. I'm not sure what your goal is. I suggest looking up some of the basics and getting away from those horse shit energy after life books if you want to really understand reality.

                • joey jimenez jr
                  joey jimenez jr  11 months back

                  james joyce, finnagans wake (three quarks for mr. mark)

                  • Joe sol
                    Joe sol  11 months back

                    Can I go one second without hearing something about gender and skin color. Get to the fuckin science

                    • Woody Woodlstein
                      Woody Woodlstein  11 months back

                      Wow she’s bad.

                      • Bryan Kirk
                        Bryan Kirk  11 months back

                        Why have some sort of children's picture taking up most of the screen at 15:00 etc.

                        • JiminyPopapill
                          JiminyPopapill  12 months back

                          Finnegan's Wake, not Ulysses.

                          • stu skivens
                            stu skivens  12 months back

                            Hmm - a 2005 lecture published in 2013 - so not exactly upto date then.

                            • Project Management CW
                              Project Management CW  12 months back

                              SEE ☢ Radioactive decay in my particle detector. 🍻

                              • Tariq Maqsood Khan
                                Tariq Maqsood Khan  1 years back

                                The way Professor is looking at the screen, I am so sorry for her neck muscles of this prize winning lecture.

                                • Edward Crump
                                  Edward Crump  1 years back

                                  she should ask the incessant "cougher" to exit the lecture

                                  • crush537
                                    crush537  10 months back

                                    But, but.. it's a girl. Imagine the headlines. Girl told to leave science lecture.

                                • MadakiNomaroishi
                                  MadakiNomaroishi  1 years back

                                  What does being a woman have to do with anything? Do women want to be seen as equal or do they want to keep dividing themselves into a separate category?

                                  • altareggo
                                    altareggo  7 months back

                                    @Ghryst VanGhod Whoa!!! Regressive philosophical worldview much? "Psychological characters are based on sex"??? This is the type of pseudo-scientific nonsense that folks have used time and time again, to deny women rights that men have monopolized in many societies from the beginning of time - women were said to be "emotionally unstable", so they shouldn't be allowed to vote. They were said to be physically fragile, so they were denied equal opportunities in sporting opportunities, They were by some, regarded as intellectually inferior to men, so were denied equal educational opportunities. They were assigned and in many cases confined to condescending roles in society - child rearing, cooking, cleaning, housekeeping, looking after their husband (whom they were required to "love honor and OBEY" (yikes!! Even thinking about how insane that notion was, gives me chills - like men were their masters or owners, whom they had to obey or be punished like the family dog....). All my life i have found females to be equal to or in many cases superior to males, and have in fact, more close female friends than male. There are VERY few systematic, pre-determined psychological or intellectual differences between the genders: there are some tendencies and predispositions, and statistical differences between girls and boys, but there is considerable overlap in ALL parameters - trying to force girls and women into pre-determined roles and expectations has NO basis in science at all: they should have equal opportunity in all fields of endeavor.

                                    Regarding homosexuality being a "psycho-sexual disorder" (along with "mutated genitals", lol!!): this is simply not a viable option in light of the research done in the field in the past 50+ years.I strongly urge you to take a careful look at the recent science relating to this extremely 19th century notion.... with a completely open mind. Abandon pre-concieved beliefs on the matter, and look at the evidence with minimal bias. Homosexual interractions and attractions are common in many species: they are not "un-natural" in any way shape or form, nor are most homosexuals "disordered" in any objective manner.: the vast majority of the emotional and intellectual problems they exhibit in greater proportion to heterosexual people, are the result of historical and continuing discrimination and lack of acceptance in society, by people who continue to cling to the quaint but very dangerous notion that homosexuality is a problem or a disorder - or a choice.

                                  • jesse dampare
                                    jesse dampare  9 months back

                                    Thank you. I’ve never understood that line of thinking. Do you want equality or do you want to replace men in society? Makes the argument worthless to me

                                  • Ghryst VanGhod
                                    Ghryst VanGhod  9 months back

                                    ​@Vitor Gracia real intelligent.
                                    that entire thing is so fucking retarded, no one can even tell what your message is meant to be, other than trying to get some attention from someone somewhere.

                                  • Vitor Gracia
                                    Vitor Gracia  9 months back

                                    @Ghryst VanGhod

                                    ♫ Oompa Loompa Doompa Di Da
                                    I'm a believer and women wear Bra
                                    ♫ Oompa Loompa Doompa Di Dee
                                    If you have a weiner then righty is thee

                                  • Ghryst VanGhod
                                    Ghryst VanGhod  9 months back

                                    @Lilam Jazeefa and you can take umbrage in any damn thing you want, facts are facts.
                                    things that are not normal, are disorderly, abnormal, abominations, corruptions, errors, mutations, perversions, anomalies, aberrations, deviations, there are dozens of words for them. and *all of them* are going to offend your pusillanimous sensibilities, so just fuck off until you can gather objectivity enough to be scientific, no one likes an SJW

                                • James Hally
                                  James Hally  1 years back

                                  Love the audience questions <3

                                  • Sl Christopher
                                    Sl Christopher  1 years back

                                    I need a safe space from the politics lol

                                    • kenneth Chow
                                      kenneth Chow  1 years back

                                      Dark energy (72% of the universe) condenses into dark matter(23% of the universe), which in turn condenses into visible,ordinary matter:- hydrogen (proton and electron). Apart from frequencies and wavelengths, there is no difference between ordinary matter, dark matter and dark energy, which are waves. My theory is supported by the recent discovery of a "bridge" of hydrogen connecting Andromeda and Triangulum, and also a "wall" of hydrogen at the outskirt of the solar system, which reveals nature's process of creation of matter.

                                      • crush537
                                        crush537  10 months back

                                        You confuse the word theory with the word delusion.

                                      • Pure Energy
                                        Pure Energy  11 months back

                                        When Einstein said that energy and matter are interchangable, that meant there is no matter. What is called matter is a superposition of waves of energy. This is why solidity is an illusion.

                                    • kenneth Chow
                                      kenneth Chow  1 years back

                                      Quarks' masses do not add up to the mass of the particles they are supposed to compose, and they cannot be isolated from particles. Higgs Bosons have to be resorted to for a theory of the various masses of particles. However, Higgs Bosons have so far not been definitely spotted, and it is also not clear how they give masses to particles. I have an idea: skip Higgs Bosons (and quarks) and just calculate the masses of various particles using the laws of electromagnetism, treating protons as a dynamical system of neutrally stable equilibrium( something between a whirlpool and the solar system).

                                      • David Conner-Shover
                                        David Conner-Shover  11 months back

                                        S'ok, wait till you get to Gluons, that have a flavor charge

                                    • Robert Galletta
                                      Robert Galletta  1 years back

                                      see the Electric Universe.

                                      • Bernadettes P0ST
                                        Bernadettes P0ST  2 years back

                                        45:00 fav!

                                        • David Wilkie
                                          David Wilkie  2 years back

                                          QCD binding energy is a particular ratio of field probability in QFT?, so the inverse is the numerical locator of the Quark occupation-quantization site?

                                          "Sky" is an effective identifier for the atmosphere and beyond, and Time covers everything in existence in the same "sensible" manner. The word descriptions used for all details has the same quality of sense experience familiarity as the measure of things/physics. Actual quantities of real things are "self-explanatory", defined by having relative temporal duration, which includes energy and mass in e-Pi-i /resonance/numberness, relative positioning. That's the basis of QM-TIME.

                                          If I had not had an "Industrial" course in High School, I would have no sensory training and experience in the actual observable meaning of dimensionality that are qualified abstractions of Science courses, because the experiences of Geometry and Perspective Drawing are directed at the stratified layering of planning information on a nominated vanishing point distributed connection of modulated QM-Time Principle In-form-ation. Ie if you amplify visual senses by using lenses to focus on phenomena, then the reverse process of Time Timing in Eternity-now Superspin Interference positioning is conceptually available in superimposed fractal i-reflection e-Pi-i rational numberness, or Holographic Resonant Image integration Intuitions etc..

                                          • Runge Kutta
                                            Runge Kutta  2 years back

                                            If we are to believe the Big Bang theory then all the energy in the universe was produced at this point. That means that the energy first coalesced itself into a mere 6 types of quark (ignoring anti-quarks) which then somehow assembled themselves into hadrons, and then went on to form atoms of many variations. But we're also supposed to believe that there are no free quarks in existence. Where do gluons come from in this scheme? And are there any sub-quark and sub-gluon particles? It feels as though particle physics is starting to stray into religion!

                                            • Pure Energy
                                              Pure Energy  11 months back

                                              If you call religion the same as points of light, then yes. And why does energy form itself into anything at all? Can't it ever be clear enough that consciousness is at the heart of all this spinning and pulsating and rotating? What is the freaking big deal if consciousness is constantly creating us from waves of energy and light? How else could we think if quarks were not consciously bursting forth and spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons? Those quarks must have information ingrained within them.
                                              I have read books that say before there are spinning quarks, there are waves of consciousness. This consciousness is full of awareness and purpose. How else is there to be any force at all? And thinking that there is no consciousness anywhere within all this spinning would be magic itself. So why not say that consciousness seems to be the magic? To say we are conscious just out of the blue is magical thinking.
                                              When Kenneth Ford wrote these words: 'magically bursting forth are quarks spinning billions of times a second as 3 points of light, forming what are called protons and neutrons' he was describing constant creation and the big bang. "Bursting forth" sounds like the big bang to me. Time is an illusion. The big bang shows itself constantly each time it bursts forth. We are bursting forth constantly in the moment. This is what energy does.
                                              Look at the subatomic level where quarks and photons and electrons are constantly changing into each other. It is just marvelous. And each time a quark bursts forth and spins billions of times a second, imagery is happening, which is why the physicist Barbara Brennan says we are holograms. With all this super fast spinning and bursting forth, nothing is solid. So we have to be holographic images. And you thought consciousness was unlikely.

                                          • Runge Kutta
                                            Runge Kutta  2 years back

                                            I have to say I'm losing faith in particle physics: quarks have never been independently observed, and gluons are testing credulity. At this rate it's turtles all the way down!

                                            • terry hughes
                                              terry hughes  1 years back

                                              So first you say "It feels as though particle physics is starting to stray into religion!" and then you claim you're "losing _faith_ in particle physics".

                                              I think, perhaps, you have started to stray _from_ religion.

                                          • Gus Flannagan
                                            Gus Flannagan  2 years back

                                            Ok so apparently if we want to encourage girls into science and technology we have to focus less on crash bang wallop and instead make it all pink and fluffy. What utter stereotypical nonsense that statement was in the intro.

                                            • DG Grossman
                                              DG Grossman  2 years back

                                              The three quark model of the proton is total BS. It's a totally ad hoc theory. It is the modern version of JJ Thompson's plum pudding model of the atom of 110 years ago. In what fashion do the three quarks orbit one another? No answer. Why are there three quarks? No answer. It's total BS. It explains nothing. How do they know that quarks have fractional electric charge when they can't isolate them? By a very questionable chain of logical deductions? Yes. Quarks are probably created when protons smash into one another but do not exist inside the proton. Is a good way to understand how watches work to smash them together and look at the pieces? Really? Then watches are made of broken and melted pieces of metal and glass. Oh, brilliant deduction Sherlock. If you believe there are three quarks in a proton then you might also believe the earth is resting on a giant tortoise. The emperor has no clothes. Quark theory is rubbish.

                                              • Jess Revill
                                                Jess Revill  10 months back

                                                You mean it's not resting on a giant tortoise??

                                              • Project Management CW
                                                Project Management CW  12 months back

                                                @kiaser Sozez E = -E0/n2

                                              • kiaser Sozez
                                                kiaser Sozez  12 months back

                                                What level have you reached in quantum mechanics ?

                                              • Project Management CW
                                                Project Management CW  12 months back

                                                From scattering observations. Also the triple jets observed in collisions. Also it is a lay explanation that only 3 exist, infinite quarks can occupy the space but must have a color charge totalling zero.

                                              • Thomas Hoover
                                                Thomas Hoover  1 years back

                                                *DG Grossman* go home you stupid trumpsucker; you are completely out of your depth.

                                            • adge610220
                                              adge610220  2 years back

                                              Women, women, women, what guff!

                                              • Moronvideos1940
                                                Moronvideos1940  2 years back

                                                I downloaded this Thank you....The intros and the pats on the back take way too long ...

                                              • Mike W
                                                Mike W  3 years back

                                                Her mouth is so dry, like she just smoked a fatty! It sounds horrible. Still, very interesting :)

                                                • Iswar Prasad koirala
                                                  Iswar Prasad koirala  3 years back

                                                  excellent ,QCD,symmetry,subatomic particles,....matter antimatter....qqq,qq bar..

                                                  • Sil Mov
                                                    Sil Mov  3 years back

                                                    really appreciate your effort to put up these wonderful lectures...thanks a ton..These are treats for present day and the future also...

                                                    • Mike D
                                                      Mike D  3 years back

                                                      I hate to tell you but mass is not a form of energy. Not by a long chance. Since 2005 when this was filmed much had changed.

                                                      • Runge Kutta
                                                        Runge Kutta  2 years back

                                                        Mike D where's your Nobel for proving Einstein wrong?

                                                      • Runge Kutta
                                                        Runge Kutta  2 years back

                                                        she clearly states that mass is a characteristic of entities interacting with the Higgs field

                                                      • Jesus Christ
                                                        Jesus Christ  2 years back

                                                        Mike, can't incineration convert mass into energy?

                                                      • Mike D
                                                        Mike D  3 years back

                                                        There is no such thing as mass , just confined energy. That is way mass and energy cannot be converted and ARE NOT interchangeble!

                                                      • Mike D
                                                        Mike D  3 years back

                                                        Mass is confined energy . That is way a photon can keep running wild throu space , it hasnt walls to keep it on a single place. When that it does happen ,then a photon (light) does 2 things : it gets reflected or refracted . Either way when light stops on something it will loss its energy , and that energy will became a part of the mass of the sistem that he bump into ..Meaning more confined energy!

                                                    • EvulDali
                                                      EvulDali  3 years back

                                                      Just imagine if there was a prize that can only be won by men. This is a horrible and sexist idea. People who did this should be ashamed to call themselves scientists.

                                                      • Anubhav Mahapatra
                                                        Anubhav Mahapatra  1 years back

                                                        thats never gonna happen

                                                      • R F
                                                        R F  2 years back

                                                        when women have completely taken over physics and dominate men perhaps there will be a man-only prize. Until then work on trying to understand why the scientific community is trying to reach out to women more.

                                                      • james davidson
                                                        james davidson  2 years back

                                                        EvulDali 1. If you listened, this award CAN be won by either sex.. 2. For hundreds of years only men could win scientific one has to imagine it. 3. Your heart is caring, perhaps your brain is not.

                                                    • alain clement
                                                      alain clement  3 years back

                                                      thanks for posting this lecture, can someone give the title of the particle book she is carrying?

                                                      • adge610220
                                                        adge610220  3 years back

                                                        Feminist bullshit.

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                                                          • Gozlemci
                                                            Gozlemci  4 years back

                                                            Excellent presentation...!

                                                            • kana-huna-hana
                                                              kana-huna-hana  4 years back

                                                              Excellent presentation. Thank you for sharing!

                                                              • Tom Mulligan
                                                                Tom Mulligan  4 years back

                                                                22:52 I hate to nitpick but that's a basketball not a football.

                                                                • theword2011
                                                                  theword2011  4 years back

                                                                  How dare you correct a female! As we are both men (assuming from the screen name) anything we say will just be hate since we are now just evil, sexist, and racist. But yes that is a Basketball 🏀. 😏

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                                                                • Dick Hamilton
                                                                  Dick Hamilton  4 years back

                                                                  must be raining outside. the audience seems to have come in to cough, sneeze, snort and blow noses. very irritating, and I imagine not fun for the speaker.

                                                                  • Ralph Latham
                                                                    Ralph Latham  4 years back

                                                                    Not " A hundred million millionths..." - A hundred millionths of a millionth.

                                                                    • Jesus Christ
                                                                      Jesus Christ  2 years back

                                                                      A millionth is, 'one out of one million total parts.'

                                                                    • Tom Mulligan
                                                                      Tom Mulligan  4 years back

                                                                      What is a millionth ?

                                                                    • boogers
                                                                      boogers  4 years back

                                                                      +Ralph Latham that would bee one hundred.. a million millionths = 1 yes? lol