• Published: 16 June 2019
  • Be prepared to hear a loud back crack and pop as Jesse gets his upper back mobilized and you learn how to do the same thing to yourself. In this video, I’m going to show you how to restore thoracic extension so that you can stand up straighter with better posture and perform some of your bigger lifts more effectively. The squat, front squat, row, overhead press and deadlift are just a few of the exercises that require that you have adequate thoracic extension to perform them properly. This self mobilization will make sure you do every single time.

    It start with understanding how the spine is set up. The spine is divided into three different zones; the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas. The cervical spine consists of 7 vertebrae and runs to about the level of your shoulders. The thoracic spine consists of 12 vertebrae and runs down to about the navel. Keep in mind however, the curve in this area is not all convex. This will be key when it comes to performing this adjustment properly. Finally, the lumbar spine has 5 vertebrae that ultimately meet with the sacrum at the level of the pelvis.

    When we perform weightlifting, the demands of thoracic extension are high. In order to properly elevate our arms overhead without compensation or maintain a proper posture we have to make sure that we maximize the full available extension through the thoracic spine. Unfortunately, it is quite common that we start to round our shoulders and assume a slumped posture that limits our ability to keep the proper posture when we need it the most.

    That is where the self adjustment comes in here. You want to be able to push your vertebrae that are in the rounded, flexed position back into extension. You may never actually get into extension with the mobilization but you will be extending them from the flexed position they are stuck in. First, it is easiest to visualize if someone else does it for you.

    You can see that this is what I’m doing to Jesse in the video. I ask him to lay flat on the floor on his stomach and rest his arms at his sides. This will open up the thoracic spine and get the shoulder blades out of the way to allow for a good spinal adjustment. I feel for the area of stiffness between the level of his shoulders and the bottom of his shoulder blades. I ask him to take a deep breath in and then slowly exhale. While he does, I direct the sides of my hands down and up to create an anterior force which will generate the extension.

    To perform this yourself, all you need is to have a heavy medicine ball or object that you can place on your chest and a foam roller (a weight plate will do as well, but you just need to remember to hug around the plate to create the space needed in the back when the shoulder blades are cleared). Line up the area of your upper back that feels most stiff and slowly allow the ball that starts resting on your chest to drop over and back down towards your chin. This will drive you into a posterior direction that will accomplish the same thing as the partner assisted mobilization.

    If you perform this a few times to the areas that are stiff just prior to training, you will find that all of the exercises mentioned earlier will be easier to perform properly and your posture will be much better. If you are looking for a complete program that puts the science of physical therapy back into every workout you do so you get better results, click on the link below to start training like an athlete today.

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      You're truly a [email protected];$ing genius, all of my problems that i seem really bad ist just solve instantly with your videos, i feel the need to thank you at least in a comment. Please keep the videos on.
      Bes regards.

    • lop192
      lop192  2 months back

      Jeff, are you actually pushing ON the vertebrae or just to the left and right of them? Can it generally be a risk to push on one's vertebrae?

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      Adrian  4 months back

      Hey Jesse, if I spelled your name right this time, will you shave so you don't look like the man who begs next to the entrance to my gym?

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    Raymond gang

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      You are irrelevant

      • Lil Barnacle The G.O.A.T

        Omg i need that that spot on my back has so much pain

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          Zetsuke4  3 days back

          this makes soo much sense upon rewatch now that I understand the anatomy

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            I'm a good guy  4 days back

            I just broke my back, thanks Jeff.

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              ab zy  5 days back

              I can crack it with my hands

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                Outstanding as Always

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                    Great video. Than you Jeff

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                      Terry S  1 weeks back

                      Thanks so much for this video.
                      I'm a 52 year old Male and just started to work out to get my strength back. But my body ,especially my lower back is getting real tight and sore after leg and lower back workouts.
                      This foamy roller has helped immensely. please incorporate more videos that suggest new ways to recover and heal quicker, and also dealing with good recovery ideas for dealing with aches and pains.
                      Thank you for sharing your life knowledge.

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                        5:00 felt good just watching that lol

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                          His Creatures  2 weeks back

                          Sir i did dumbbell pullover and felt pain in my clavicles,
                          Can you help me?

                          • alioxinfree
                            alioxinfree  2 weeks back

                            My best friend is a foam roller, for 30 years: Jeff just proved why. Every PT thing he demos about getting unstuck, retraining postural habits and weaknesses for flexibility, getting full extension and full rotation is true and useful, and yields balanced strength, responsive power. Much thanks from an impressed regular viewer/subscriber. 🙏

                            • Pi- Cuber
                              Pi- Cuber  2 weeks back

                              Hi !!!!!

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                                Anything popping is not good news for your cartilage :p

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                                  you are an awesome human being!

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                                    Great video

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                                      man i dont think that doing this alone is a good choice

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                                        • D. Dem
                                          D. Dem  4 weeks back

                                          I don't have a medicine ball but have plenty of other heavy things. I put the flat top of comparably heavy hex-bell (Hexagonal shaped dumbbell) on my chest so it was standing straight up, about where he puts the medicine ball. When I rolled over the foam roller, I let the dumbbell tip towards my head, holding it with my elbows flared back and towards my head (similar to what he is doing) and wow. CRACK CRACK CRACK. I was pretty much shocked it worked and amazed at how much more open my chest felt after that. I have been trying to crack that thing for days with the roller and/or by hanging. Nothing would get it to give... until this. Thank you so much.

                                          • K Ob
                                            K Ob  4 weeks back

                                            He's manipulating ribs, not even on the vertebrae. Great way to break ribs

                                            • Paweł Geller
                                              Paweł Geller  4 weeks back

                                              can you or even should you do that with scoliosis?

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                                                elran123  4 weeks back

                                                Thank you so much! Actual instant relief from a week of pain.

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                                                      I just tried this...worked as advertised! No Saturday chiropractor? No problem. Thank you!!!

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                                                        Abdiel Gv3  1 months back

                                                        What if I don’t have a foam roller? I really need to do this cause my back hurts

                                                        • Zach Knell
                                                          Zach Knell  1 months back

                                                          use something else that is round and hard. I crack my back leaning over the arm of my couch sometimes. Plus foam rollers are generally pretty cheap, like $15-$20 and are worth the investment.

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                                                        Coco Diva  1 months back

                                                        My weird ass is obsessed with Crack

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                                                                Virgin chad here, I dare to say doing that by yourself is almost better than having somebody else doing it.

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                                                                  Great tip! Cheers :)

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                                                                          Brian Wynn  2 months back

                                                                          What about a tingling sensation? like say around the mid scapula level?

                                                                          • TRazor_FPV
                                                                            TRazor_FPV  2 months back

                                                                            May have been said, but I have to go to a chiropractor regularly for “ being out” between my shoulder blades or lower back, but I’m never told how to strengthen or fix why it keeps going out! What should I do? Is there a series I should watch Jeff?

                                                                            • klonoa VE
                                                                              klonoa VE  2 months back

                                                                              LOOOL im sick - been doing this to myself for years and didnt even know it was a proper technique. Just felt really good.
                                                                              damn im a genius.

                                                                              • klonoa VE
                                                                                klonoa VE  2 months back

                                                                                but i just put my thumbs either side of my spine and push in after breathing out really hard - works the same

                                                                            • Leon Wark
                                                                              Leon Wark  2 months back

                                                                              Just did this. Used a 18kg kettlebell instead of a medicine ball. Back is feeling way more free. Definitely going to do this occasionally to free up that upper back stiffness THANK YOU KING JEFF!

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                                                                                      James Quinn  2 months back

                                                                                      I was told another way but this way has always given me issues

                                                                                      Lay down on a hard floor preferably wooden or some other type of hard surface thats flat and put your hands behind your head and pull your head forward again this has always caused me more pain the next day and i feel as if it is because i am stretching my neck but i tried this method for once and surprisingly i had no pain the next day

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                                                                                          It's called a chiropractic adjustment...

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