The Squat and Plank Workout


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  • olwill1
    olwill1  11 months back

    Thank you Memorial Hermann for recommending strength-building exercises. When I signed up for this program, I was afraid I was going to see people mindlessly doing endless cardio. These exercises will build strength, balance, coordination,flexibility, stamina and improve posture. They have the potential to make you look better in a bathing suit and may also cure many of your muscle and joint pains. Endless cardio does none of that except, perhaps, improve stamina. I believe a strength-building program, not tied to a machine or barbells, is inexpensive, requires little space and is exactly what is needed to prevent falls in the elderly.
    Just start light and increase slowly.
    One thing: Since the pushup is a plank exercise that gives more benefit than the simple plank, why do you include the plank? In my opinion, the plank is just a test of a person's tolerance for boredom and pain.
    One more thing: That dead lift probably requires a bit of instruction for someone to do it and remain injury-free. Where can we get the needed coaching (for free)?

    • Julie Pedersen
      Julie Pedersen  11 months back

      These have always been my favorite exercise as an aerobics coach