Getting Spooked With The Most Useless Ghost Hunters Ever

  • Published: 09 August 2019

    These dudes aren't doing anything yo. They're just straight up playin' yo. Gettin' chased around and screamin' yo.

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Comments • 19 380

  • Sofija Vidic
    Sofija Vidic  2 hours back

    your just jealous

    • Alan Joseph
      Alan Joseph  5 hours back

      Guys there channel is a parody channel

      • Kevin War
        Kevin War  5 hours back

        I'm really a rat or a shadow

        • Tedju
          Tedju  7 hours back

          Ok I wasn’t paying attention to my phone I looked down then immediately FOOT GRAB

          • Bboy Boo
            Bboy Boo  7 hours back

            I hate you

            • Danielle The dam demigod

              Even though its fake it seems pretty entertaining

              • Yuki Senpai
                Yuki Senpai  12 hours back

                Yeah maybe his video is but thier just trying to make money so are you

              • Avocado_kitty :3
                Avocado_kitty :3  13 hours back

                This is so fake it’s funny
                Theory Jake pall is not human

                • Victor Arruda
                  Victor Arruda  13 hours back


                  • Mixer Icy_Durrr
                    Mixer Icy_Durrr  13 hours back

                    I know that LuxuryPranks is fake but honestly pretty interesting and entertaining

                    • Brøken XD!
                      Brøken XD!  14 hours back

                      I wouldn't call them THE WORST

                      • Jazy Jaz Loves KPop
                        Jazy Jaz Loves KPop  14 hours back

                        Well they did say it's fake and they do it for entertainment...

                        • nat_issa_rat
                          nat_issa_rat  15 hours back

                          1 like= 1 friend for dolphin man

                          • BattyHatter
                            BattyHatter  15 hours back

                            Another piece of proof it’s fake, all of the girls or people they do these videos with are all around the age of 18. That’s the age at which they hire at. Strange..

                            • Alessandro Aranda
                              Alessandro Aranda  16 hours back

                              They're not ghost hunters idiot if you dont know what your saying then don't post it

                              • hey man its me ramen
                                hey man its me ramen  6 hours back

                                Alessandro Aranda same thing dude, also does it really matter? he’s trying to expose them, not to define whether or not they’re monster hunters or ghost hunters, if you don’t know what your saying then don’t post it idiot

                            • RezBoosted
                              RezBoosted  16 hours back

                              The videos are for entertainment purposes only and aren’t meant to be taken seriously.

                              • sam
                                sam  16 hours back

                                its not homeless anymore!!

                                • ßuddy Animates
                                  ßuddy Animates  16 hours back

                                  Danny they also do the dark web :|

                                  • wxvy._ec sleep
                                    wxvy._ec sleep  17 hours back

                                    This guy has one channel at 3m
                                    Luxury pranks at 2m subs
                                    Luxury dark at 768k subs
                                    Life of luxury at 2m subs

                                    • xXmaster_fortnite_god Xx
                                      xXmaster_fortnite_god Xx  19 hours back

                                      We get it your a hater

                                      • hey man its me ramen
                                        hey man its me ramen  6 hours back

                                        xXmaster_fortnite_god Xx he’s not hating he’s just trying to expose them, think before you post

                                    • Marissa Ceballos
                                      Marissa Ceballos  19 hours back

                                      Stop being a hater

                                      • hey man its me ramen
                                        hey man its me ramen  6 hours back

                                        Marissa Ceballos he’s not hating idiot, he’s trying to expose them.

                                    • John Thimas
                                      John Thimas  20 hours back

                                      “Useless” lol totally man. Your just mad because your not as successful as him.

                                      • hey man its me ramen
                                        hey man its me ramen  6 hours back

                                        John Thimas he’s not mad, he’s just trying to expose them, think before you post idiot

                                    • Felix Predator
                                      Felix Predator  21 hours back

                                      Why do you hate on Them?

                                      • hey man its me ramen
                                        hey man its me ramen  6 hours back

                                        Felix Predator he’s not hating on them, he’s trying to expose them, so many people are saying that he’s hating on them, he’s just trying to expose them.

                                    • V e n u s
                                      V e n u s  21 hours back

                                      I used to watch these videos and I thought they were real when I was younger. I'm laughing at their videos now.

                                      • Ameaka Canlas
                                        Ameaka Canlas  21 hours back

                                        They’re not useless and they don’t look for ghost but they look for predators but those guys are real maybe you’re the one who’s USELESS because where will you find people or a monster like that?

                                        • hey man its me ramen
                                          hey man its me ramen  6 hours back

                                          Ameaka Canlas they are useless because whenever they find them they literally run away, plus they have even said that it’s fake and for entertainment purposes, so think before you post.

                                      • Power Strike
                                        Power Strike  22 hours back

                                        10:30 that’s a fucking skin-walker if this was real

                                        • Supah Ry
                                          Supah Ry  22 hours back

                                          Lmao this video is so funny. You earned a subscriber and notification bell turned on😂😂

                                          • Ghost Lucas
                                            Ghost Lucas  22 hours back

                                            This guy is just a hater....

                                            • hey man its me ramen
                                              hey man its me ramen  6 hours back

                                              Ghost Lucas he’s not hating, he’s trying to expose them, think before you post

                                          • BTS Joker girl
                                            BTS Joker girl  22 hours back

                                            So the ripoff of ghost busters?

                                            • Danielle O
                                              Danielle O  23 hours back

                                              Caroliiine, come down here with meee, I’m making your FavOriteeee, Spaghetti and Meatballsssss

                                              • Hisham Noun
                                                Hisham Noun  1 days back

                                                Danny’s wife wouldn’t be pregnant she would be gregnant totally of topic not sorry

                                                • Nirvan Maharjan
                                                  Nirvan Maharjan  1 days back

                                                  What proof do you have

                                                  • Chase In The Quad
                                                    Chase In The Quad  1 days back

                                                    Low key kinda scary

                                                    • Czaiph
                                                      Czaiph  1 days back

                                                      y is your mic so fucked up

                                                      • Beth B
                                                        Beth B  1 days back

                                                        Oh my god everyone’s acting is so bad

                                                        • Game Creator
                                                          Game Creator  1 days back

                                                          Why was scp 106 in her basment

                                                          • Luka Mihajlovski
                                                            Luka Mihajlovski  1 days back

                                                            Bru im scarred for life from these shit heads fake stalkers

                                                            • Lithorix
                                                              Lithorix  1 days back

                                                              Well at least they are entertaining to me

                                                              • HipposAreDeadly
                                                                HipposAreDeadly  1 days back

                                                                Both of her parents are dead, why did they skim over that. It seems so recent that they died

                                                                • CocoSpaniel
                                                                  CocoSpaniel  1 days back

                                                                  ok but legit why did i hear like a noise similar to a car screech outside my room

                                                                  • Remedy
                                                                    Remedy  1 days back

                                                                    Dolphin man is just trying to get renters insurance on his new crib

                                                                    • CYAN ANIMATIONS
                                                                      CYAN ANIMATIONS  1 days back

                                                                      Fuck off

                                                                      • hey man its me ramen
                                                                        hey man its me ramen  6 hours back

                                                                        CYAN ANIMATIONS no you, you literally want to support someone that is faking their videos for money, I get it, they’re a little bit entertaining but all they want is money, they’re literally fake.

                                                                    • Jimmy's game play's and review's

                                                                      Do one on luxury dark

                                                                      • Cutie Kitty Cat
                                                                        Cutie Kitty Cat  1 days back

                                                                        Fuck you bitch stop making rumours about Luxury Dark

                                                                        • hey man its me ramen
                                                                          hey man its me ramen  6 hours back

                                                                          Cutie Kitty Cat first of all, it’s not luxury dark, it’s life on luxury, and second of all, he’s not making rumors, he’s trying to expose him,

                                                                      • Bmx Touch
                                                                        Bmx Touch  1 days back

                                                                        Even tho those vids r fake they entertain my dumbass self

                                                                        • Ali AlMarhoun
                                                                          Ali AlMarhoun  1 days back

                                                                          Not gonna lie. That hand shook me

                                                                          • Bryan Cazarez
                                                                            Bryan Cazarez  1 days back

                                                                            This video summarized in one word ghost busters

                                                                            • Shirleyann Ramdath
                                                                              Shirleyann Ramdath  2 days back

                                                                              It was kinda disrespect to say the about the life of luxury . Like can you do any better?