Jessie Reyez On ‘Far Away’ Video, Immigration, & Latin Grammys Controversy


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  • L s
    L s  2 days back

    Illegal immigration? This not about immigration.

    • Kem 123
      Kem 123  2 days back


  • jack frost
    jack frost  4 days back

    I like her music but politics is not her forte

    • Devon Howard
      Devon Howard  4 days back


      • great ness
        great ness  4 days back

        Homeless over immigration, we should care for our own before giving 2 shits about outsider's.

        • Stephanie C
          Stephanie C  4 days back

          What a great interview! I love Jessies whole vibe.

          • Shea Pila
            Shea Pila  5 days back

            Thats my bitch! Shedding light on topics that need to be spoke about...u can always count on Jessie Reyez to keep it 💯. Keep it lit Jessie, and God bless you and your family through this crazy journey. Much love and aloha going out to you!!!

            • Alex Guzman
              Alex Guzman  5 days back

              Hello from Cali Colombia 🇨🇴 Jessie ,what's up Hot 97.

              • madmann1000
                madmann1000  5 days back

                So basically they just want open borders?

                • Gheric Boyce
                  Gheric Boyce  4 days back

                  madmann1000 I don’t know maybe the same chance given to white countries, maybe they want America to stay out of their countries or to fix what America broke in their countries, or maybe they want the immigration system to refund at least half of the money they pay to try and immigrate to America instead of keeping thousands of dollars paid and then tell them no but go ahead and try again and pay again. Maybe that’s what they want. I could be wrong 🤔

                • madmann1000
                  madmann1000  4 days back

                  GFC JR so what do they want

                • GFC JR
                  GFC JR  5 days back


              • Amon Noble
                Amon Noble  5 days back

                Latin Hip Hop, Latin Jazz, Latin R&B, Latin Trap.
                Police brutality , Reparations , Taking a knee
                Latin Silence

                • Blanding JD
                  Blanding JD  4 days back

                  Ouch! Truth hurts! Great point!

              • Amon Noble
                Amon Noble  5 days back

                This chick is terrible. How talentless do white Hispanics get to be? 🤔 Why isn't Ebro pressing for a black grammies. As an Ados, I can't relate to this station anymore.

                • Alex Guzman
                  Alex Guzman  5 days back

                  She is Colombian 🇨🇴descendant and not white, she got the cinnamon color skin like people from Cali Colombia.

                • ssnnpp
                  ssnnpp  5 days back

                  lol why is she terrible, she has no talent?

                • GFC JR
                  GFC JR  5 days back

                  Amon Noble shes clearly not white tf

              • Cali King
                Cali King  5 days back

                Mexico cant get away from that fucking Casta System that was put in place hundred of years ago.

                • Elantra Dupree
                  Elantra Dupree  5 days back

                  Of course they would come to the place where it’s so many slaved

                  • ѕcore_ ѕнaĸυr on ιnѕтagraм

                    I'd give her this beefy pipe

                    • BRODYMAN83
                      BRODYMAN83  5 days back

                      That's the one of the 2 things ados and white supremacists agree on: that we need to shut off the tap on immigration. At least for a while. The other is no abortions except for health emergencies and rape.

                      • Power100
                        Power100  5 days back

                        Keep pushing Jessie.

                        • tari six
                          tari six  5 days back

                          Check out the video in my channel

                          • Kate J
                            Kate J  5 days back

                            Showing ❤ love the new song Jessie!!!

                            • Berta Ochoa
                              Berta Ochoa  5 days back

                              Latinos for Trump 20/20

                            • Bounks Archi
                              Bounks Archi  5 days back

                              Very good topics 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲 Big up Hot 97 🔥🇯🇲🔥🇯🇲🔥🇯🇲

                              • Kem 123
                                Kem 123  2 days back

                                Not really, her music isnt that popular in latin america.

                            • Nat Cowherd
                              Nat Cowherd  5 days back

                              Ebro got tooooo high last night during research time...

                              • Gold Lattes
                                Gold Lattes  5 days back

                                She’s so cute 🥰

                              • DavidDailySquad
                                DavidDailySquad  5 days back

                                If your reading this....

                                I hope you become successful and live a happy life ❤️💯

                                Ps: I’m trying to go somewhere with my channel and any support would be loved ❤️❤️ thank y’all so much 🙏💯 stay blessed

                                • Christopher Brown
                                  Christopher Brown  5 days back

                                  What’s up with the title

                                • Joziah Texidor_25
                                  Joziah Texidor_25  5 days back

                                  im the 3rd comment like it.

                                  • Rashad Jennings
                                    Rashad Jennings  5 days back


                                    • Kacaan Family
                                      Kacaan Family  5 days back

                                      I'm first view ❤❤❤🙏🏻