Behind the Scenes with Rickie Fowler

  • Published: 29 January 2016
  • Follow along as Rickie Fowler takes you behind the scenes of what his week at the Farmers Insurance Open looks like leading up to Round 1 and coming off the heels of his win in Abu Dhabi. .

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Comments • 51

  • Russ Brewer
    Russ Brewer  3 weeks back

    Cool to see behind the scenes!

    • Elizabeth Schreiber
      Elizabeth Schreiber  3 months back

      I love golf

      • Elizabeth Schreiber
        Elizabeth Schreiber  3 months back


        • Max Caysey
          Max Caysey  10 months back

          Could you guys do this with Butch Harmon too? This is great!

          • Jornada Petrichor
            Jornada Petrichor  1 years back

            nice guy along with super talent

            • David Villarreal
              David Villarreal  1 years back

              We love you R.F

              • Blake Skoumal
                Blake Skoumal  1 years back

                Why did they fake the putt 3:28?

                • VWRabbit2008
                  VWRabbit2008  1 years back

                  So Rickie tell us how Amanda is in bed

                  • albarino gold
                    albarino gold  2 years back

                    Ricky as always cool calm and classy. The George Clooney of Golf.

                    • Ryan
                      Ryan  2 years back

                      Such a cool dude. One of my favorite Golfers

                      • Thimble
                        Thimble  2 years back

                        I like Ricky Fowler. I really want him to win a major.

                        • paul goodier
                          paul goodier  2 years back

                          Nice guy...take a page ian p

                          • Chris Pellatt
                            Chris Pellatt  2 years back

                            So these guys even get custom golf balls. Man what a life.

                            • Max Caysey
                              Max Caysey  10 months back

                              Yep... everything is so perfectly tailored to their swing, playing style and feel. You basically cant buy anything these guys play with.. which exceptions being their apparel!

                          • Tom Smith
                            Tom Smith  2 years back

                            Wouldn't mind doing a little "behind the scenes" with Amanda. She is so hot.

                            • Ninjas Apprentice
                              Ninjas Apprentice  2 years back

                              Do one with bubba

                              • roger peet
                                roger peet  2 years back

                                Rickie's one of my favs.    Rickie has not yet won 1 of the 4 Majors but he did win the Players Championship.  The internet (where everything is true) says The Players might as well be a Major.   Can't wait to see him at the Masters this year, 2018.

                              • MTD
                                MTD  2 years back

                                So cool!

                                • Ali Hamdani
                                  Ali Hamdani  2 years back

                                  which player smashed amanda?

                                  • 3xtra Terrestrial
                                    3xtra Terrestrial  3 years back

                                    rickie fowler teaching me how to tie my shoes lmao

                                    • Jake Carlisle
                                      Jake Carlisle  3 years back

                                      these two are an item

                                      • Toasty Toast Potato
                                        Toasty Toast Potato  3 years back

                                        I got my hat singed by rickie is such a nice guy Go RICKIE👍

                                        • Colin Paris
                                          Colin Paris  1 years back

                                          Really because at the players during the practice round he ignored probably 60 kids wanting his autograph and didn t even look for two years in a row

                                      • Hannah
                                        Hannah  3 years back


                                        • Hannah
                                          Hannah  3 years back

                                          Oh my goodness! Rickey is so amazing😍😍😍😍

                                        • tigerbalm
                                          tigerbalm  3 years back

                                          If she follows me...I would go to my room...di di mau!

                                          • Daniel Ammons
                                            Daniel Ammons  3 years back

                                            Great to Rickie in Full Force on the Tour. Congrats....Max

                                            • Austin Meehan
                                              Austin Meehan  3 years back

                                              Rickie's such a great guy!

                                              • nwahforever
                                                nwahforever  4 years back

                                                Omg run there's a puma loose on the course

                                                • Henchman67
                                                  Henchman67  4 years back

                                                  That comment butch made walking down the fairway with Rickie answered a question I have been silently asking myself about Tiger teeing the ball down lower and lower when he was coming down the stretch in an event. I noticed that the ball disappeared behind the driver when the camera was behind him but was never sure if it was the camera playing tricks on my eyes or if he actually did it lol so cool! Only took 15 years! Great vid!

                                                  • swingdocta
                                                    swingdocta  4 years back

                                                    umm, whats amanda doing in the mens locker room

                                                    • mike hunt
                                                      mike hunt  4 years back


                                                      • The Real Bangers
                                                        The Real Bangers  4 years back

                                                        GO RICKIE

                                                        • NikeAthlete
                                                          NikeAthlete  4 years back

                                                          What is the zip shirt that Rickie's wearing called?

                                                          • Daniel Smith
                                                            Daniel Smith  4 years back

                                                            +MrTorontoMapleLeafsFan its called a pull over

                                                        • LackedBetterName
                                                          LackedBetterName  4 years back

                                                          Dude needs some sunscreen, he looks like a beet root!

                                                          • Thyer Alex
                                                            Thyer Alex  4 years back

                                                            This life is too good.

                                                            • Matthew Morley
                                                              Matthew Morley  4 years back

                                                              more of this!!!!!!!!

                                                              • Brad O
                                                                Brad O  4 years back

                                                                Hats off inside the clubhouse please.......

                                                                • Josh
                                                                  Josh  2 years back

                                                                  lol this isn't the military dude, its golf.

                                                                • SGT GROVE
                                                                  SGT GROVE  4 years back


                                                              • tom hanley
                                                                tom hanley  4 years back

                                                                i think they should do more of these with the players, just like how they did there warm up routine before a tournament. a lot of people don't get to see behind the scenes like this.

                                                                • Matt Parr
                                                                  Matt Parr  4 years back

                                                                  I'm most of the other people here, more of these please. It's really cool to see the other side of the tour... lunch is buffet style, who knew!

                                                                  • TheApexHound
                                                                    TheApexHound  4 years back

                                                                    Rickie <3

                                                                    • Cred Fouples
                                                                      Cred Fouples  4 years back

                                                                      So good!

                                                                      • Alex de Souza
                                                                        Alex de Souza  4 years back

                                                                        PLEASE do one with Bubba, Phil, Day, Spieth and Dustin!

                                                                        • Malcolm Herbert
                                                                          Malcolm Herbert  4 years back


                                                                          • zlALEXlo
                                                                            zlALEXlo  4 years back

                                                                            More of these please!!!

                                                                            • Jeffrey Schulte
                                                                              Jeffrey Schulte  4 years back

                                                                              Cool Video. Do more like that!