2019 Volkswagen Tiguan - The MOST HIGH TECH VW SUV!!


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  • ForTheBusinessAtHand
    ForTheBusinessAtHand  7 months back

    Thank You For Posting This... I am considering this vehicle, so this has helped immensely.

    • Mona Harp
      Mona Harp  4 months back

      ForTheBusinessAtHand I just bought an SE and love it

    • Bachman Volkswagen
      Bachman Volkswagen   7 months back

      So glad we could help! Thanks for checking out the video!

    • Cretu Denis
      Cretu Denis  7 months back

      ForTheBusinessAtHand I consider it too What’s his opinion about it ? I can’t really watch the video now and i am dead curious . Thanks

  • Nazakat Khan
    Nazakat Khan  4 days back

    Which one is the best overall...
    The VOLKSWAGEN TIGUAN uan or the Mercedes GLA??

    • Peet van Heerden
      Peet van Heerden  2 weeks back

      What a beautiful gift to me!

      • Rod Hogg
        Rod Hogg  1 months back

        You used “go ahead” 157 times during this video. Just though I’d let you know in case you haven’t realized it.

      • David Ong-Yeoh
        David Ong-Yeoh  1 months back

        That swinging camera is so annoying

        • darren tay
          darren tay  1 months back

          Never talk about backseat space and comfort?

          • Bachman Volkswagen
            Bachman Volkswagen   1 months back

            The backseat space is pretty limited and not very comfortable especially if you are over 6 foot.

        • Michael Konanz
          Michael Konanz  1 months back

          Idiots... its not High Tech.. its a complete Waste of Resources..

        • Angry Bird
          Angry Bird  1 months back

          Modern cars break easily and very expensive to fix

          • Philip Holt
            Philip Holt  1 months back

            Hi,nice suv I picked one up in April very happy with it Phil.

            • SaraK
              SaraK  2 months back

              High Tech but SE trim doesn't even have LED headlights and no adaptive cruise control? No thank you.

              • Justin De Bel
                Justin De Bel  2 months back

                Exhaust tips are not functional. They don’t have openings. The muffler is under the rear with dual down-facing pipes.

                • ticketpiper
                  ticketpiper  2 months back

                  Thanks VW dude say hi to Chevy dude.

                  • ticketpiper
                    ticketpiper  2 months back

                    @Bachman Volkswagen good video keep up the good work I will be in the market for a vw in about 24 months or so.

                  • Bachman Volkswagen
                    Bachman Volkswagen   2 months back

                    😄 Mike and I are trying to collaborate soon

                • Edvin Alcantara
                  Edvin Alcantara  2 months back

                  Gonna test drive this tomorrow 👌

                • Kristen Holm
                  Kristen Holm  2 months back

                  I have been renting a 2019 Tiguan and I love the speed and the way it handles turns. I also love the sunroof and I am thinking about turning my car in and getting one. Well done Volkswagen!

                • DesKos
                  DesKos  2 months back

                  Video is too dark

                  • Bachman Volkswagen
                    Bachman Volkswagen   2 months back

                    Huh, that’s one I haven’t heard yet! I’ll keep that in mind for the next one

                • joel soto
                  joel soto  2 months back

                  12 more commercials please!

                  • Henning
                    Henning  3 months back

                    well i wonder how low tech the new Tuareg is :)

                    • T K
                      T K  3 months back

                      I got Tiguan im Dec 2018 Highline Blue with with/Gray interior . I already had Rav-4 and CR-V but this car is fantastic and whole family love it . one thing that I like it is quiet engine not like Japanese car loud and visibility is grate and gas mileage better than same class SUV and finally I am a mechanic and never seen 4 cylinder car had 1750 RPM at 100km/h

                      • Jeff Martin
                        Jeff Martin  4 months back

                        Performance review needed ..

                        • F. Rob
                          F. Rob  4 months back

                          I have this same exact vehicle and I don't need to unlock the car to open the rear gate with the remote.

                          • VAGOHOLIC
                            VAGOHOLIC  4 months back

                            Hello from Russia! We installing all oem equipment to VW cars, if you interesting join to our channel ))

                            • Naked Snaked
                              Naked Snaked  4 months back

                              I fell in love with my 2011

                              • Rony Rosales
                                Rony Rosales  4 months back

                                My wife drives a 18 Tiguan SEL and we both love it, we had to trade our 14 Passat TDI. So this was her choice. I just wish they’d bring the TDI model to this little SUVS, I honestly couldn’t give a sh#%^ about the emissions since I drive a 20 year old Diesel truck for work that never gets tested on emissions because it’s weight limit (really smart logic right?) but I’m pretty sure that truck who runs pretty much all day contaminates the environment more than 1000 TDIs would do in a year. But anyway, back to the topic- what’s the MSRP for the 19 TIGUAN R-line as showed in this video? I wonder if it’s worth trading the 18 for the 19.

                                • Bachman Volkswagen
                                  Bachman Volkswagen   4 months back

                                  MSRP is about $41,130 for this model. Which trim level is your '18?

                              • Paul Colmer
                                Paul Colmer  4 months back

                                2019 Tiguans in Europe now have smaller AID , not as good as this one in some respects but satnav view can be bigger.

                                • Daniel
                                  Daniel  4 months back

                                  We just got a Tiguan R Line and to be honest really unhappy as the r line came with sound and vision pack and 4 days later out of the dealership it’s making weird sounds and breaking up got no radio and can’t even listen to Spotify and the funny thing is I don’t even have my music loud . VW is going overboard in my opinion with their tech. But I will say it drives exceptionally well.

                                  • Bachman Volkswagen
                                    Bachman Volkswagen   4 months back

                                    Really sorry to hear that, Daniel. I would definitely get that serviced ASAP!

                                • Mark Chow
                                  Mark Chow  5 months back

                                  Great video presentation. Wish it had cooled seats also, and window shades in the rear.

                                  • Mark Chow
                                    Mark Chow  5 months back

                                    @Bachman Volkswagen Will be following, good work ! I am a subscriber too. Cheers.

                                  • Bachman Volkswagen
                                    Bachman Volkswagen   5 months back

                                    Agreed! Thanks for checking out the video, Mark!

                                • Matt Garcia
                                  Matt Garcia  5 months back

                                  it’s so quiet inside when you sit in one

                                  • Master Mark
                                    Master Mark  5 months back

                                    Missing the R line steering wheel ?

                                    • Master Mark
                                      Master Mark  4 months back

                                      ​@Mona Harp Yep, bought a white one today :) cant wait to pick her up

                                    • Mona Harp
                                      Mona Harp  4 months back

                                      Master Mark Did you get one ? I bought one and love it!

                                    • Bachman Volkswagen
                                      Bachman Volkswagen   5 months back

                                      Very cool, it’s a fantastic vehicle!

                                    • Master Mark
                                      Master Mark  5 months back

                                      @Bachman Volkswagen my mistake!, buying one of these next month

                                  • Quntico Qamiroquai
                                    Quntico Qamiroquai  5 months back

                                    I have the 2019 Tiguan SEL Premium R Line with 4 Motion and I love it. Great video, I believe you said the seats where leatherette in this model; however, the SEL has the leatherette seating the SEL Premium has leather seats. One thing I notice about my Tiguan is I didn't have the ambient lighting around the panoramic roof. VW said it's been disable in all VW due to a recall regarding possible short circuits that could cause a fire. They said once they fix the probably they will enable the ambient lighting for the panoramic roof.

                                    • Quntico Qamiroquai
                                      Quntico Qamiroquai  4 months back

                                      That is cool, I really like that feature also because without it, there's not much ambient lighting. I was told that the new 2019 will no longer carry the ambient lighting around the panoramic sunroof by VW of America. Some 2019 have the lighting install but disable and the newer 2019 with the latest VW cockpit (which is different than our VW cockpit) want have the lighting install at all. Seems to me since it's install which I checked and I clearly see it, VW should be able to turn it on. Like you I really like that feature and I hope I can get it turned on.
                                      P.S. Why would you have to pay $12,000 bucks if you have the bumper to bumper warranty? I drove my vehicle in some terrible rain a few days ago and I had no issues at all.

                                    • Quntico Qamiroquai
                                      Quntico Qamiroquai  4 months back

                                      Mark that is great news. For anyone with a 2019 model Tiguan with the ambient panoramic lighting, it's there I checked it's just disable. You can see the light strip if you open the roof. I'll check in with my VW dealer on Monday to get this lighting turned on.

                                  • Shane Fleming
                                    Shane Fleming  5 months back

                                    Great video but visibility was very poor

                                    • Aj MM
                                      Aj MM  3 months back

                                      @Bachman Volkswagen : yes, the Camera visibility's of the car enterior

                                    • Bachman Volkswagen
                                      Bachman Volkswagen   5 months back


                                  • Amandeep Singh
                                    Amandeep Singh  5 months back

                                    14:46 love it 😍😍

                                    • Johnny Clean
                                      Johnny Clean  5 months back

                                      My mate bought a 2015 Tiguan.

                                      Its a nice looking car and its very practical.

                                      I was very surprised how clean the engine runs and its by far the cleanest pipe I ever seen on any vehicle ever.

                                      I comes with a great instruction manual in a high quality binder and it fits in its own little compartment.

                                      Whomever designed this car is worth every penny.

                                      To me this car is the perfect size, not too big, not too small.
                                      Okay now the bad.

                                      My mate has spent over 15'000 on repairs.

                                      First the DSG gearbox which failed and needed to be replaced.

                                      Very, very expensive, in fact so expensive he got a third party jnvolved to fix it. $8000 AUD ???

                                      Back in the 70s you could buy a whole new car for $6000.

                                      The next thing fail was the rear right brack caliper. I must say that shocked me. Can you imagine breaking a brake caliper?

                                      Next the aircon system failed.

                                      Again another expensive repair.

                                      All up total cost I guess is between 15'000 ~ 20'000 AUD.

                                      I bought my second hand Toyota Corolla with 175"000 kms on the speedo.

                                      Its done 330'000 kms now.

                                      I've replaced the fan in the heater core box, the windscreen wipers (worn out.)

                                      The thermostat $30 (did it myself very simple)

                                      The front rotors and brake pads $120+$20. Did it myself.

                                      Alternator $180.

                                      Apart from these replacements its just been tyres, oil, filters, and replacing antiboil coolant.

                                      These Toyotas in hindsight are incredibly reliable and cheap to maintain.

                                      Tiguan nice looking car but not sure about the reliability.

                                      • Terrible T
                                        Terrible T  5 months back

                                        To much bla bla on the tech. What about the motor, turbo, type of fuel, economy, pep, shifting of gears, road noise/handeling. You really missed the mark in my opinion for a so called "in depth look". I should give you a thumbs down, but refrained from that with no rating.

                                        • joseph Smith
                                          joseph Smith  5 months back

                                          The video title didn't give it away that this would be a tech centered review?

                                      • emi nem
                                        emi nem  5 months back

                                        jeep s worst nightmare

                                        • Kevin Krayer
                                          Kevin Krayer  5 months back

                                          Nice video! I recently moved from a 2010 Tiguan Wolfsburg to a 2019 Tiguan SE 4Motion, and I'm loving the new set up. I'm impressed by the new tech (the huge touchscreen is superb), and the super smooth, quiet ride. I don't mind a bit that I paid a few grand less for the SE rather than spring for the SEL. Some of those extra features seem unnecessary - but that's just me. I did get the panoramic roof tho! My only complaint is the 2019 is much heavier, and slightly less fun to drive than the 2010. It's a trade off of size vs. agility. Not thrilled with the drop in HP either. Lastly, I had an engine cylinder carbon build up issue TWICE in the 2010, and I'm wondering / worried if that same problem is going to show up in the 2019.

                                          • spmnh
                                            spmnh  3 months back

                                            @Kevin Krayer Ok. Thanks!

                                          • Kevin Krayer
                                            Kevin Krayer  3 months back

                                            @spmnh Can't speak on a national level, but they did at mine.

                                          • spmnh
                                            spmnh  3 months back

                                            @Kevin Krayer Thanks for replying! VW does walnut blasting at their service departments? I'm just asking because you mentioned the first incident was covered under warranty.

                                          • Kevin Krayer
                                            Kevin Krayer  3 months back

                                            @spmnh Yes, always premium gas for the 8 years I owned it. You'll know if it happens, as the engine will idle very rough on start, and your check engine light will come on. The first time (around 4 years) it was covered under warranty. The fix is to remove the entire cylinder head, and blast out the cylinders with walnut shells. Very expensive job. The second time (around 8 years) I ignored the issue, as the engine would eventually run fine after warm up. I'd clear the check engine light with an OBDII scan tool I got off Amazon. After a year of occasional roughness, it finally caught up with me and crippled the engine. That's when I bought the new Tiguan.

                                          • spmnh
                                            spmnh  3 months back

                                            Hello, I have the Tiguan Limited, which is the old style Tiguan. How did you deal with the carbon buildup in the cylinder? Were you using premium gas? How did you find out you were having carbon buildup problems? I'm asking just in case it happens to me lol

                                        • John Nyquist
                                          John Nyquist  5 months back

                                          Sadly, it received extremely poor headlight ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

                                          • Paul Colmer
                                            Paul Colmer  4 months back

                                            How strange. I have had loads of Xenon headlight cars and also a Seat with adaptive LEDs. I would say the adaptive LEDs on the Tig are the best I have found. Staying on main beam on a motor way watching it cut elements out so it doesn't shine on the rears of other cars is addictive. A setting for fog and morning lights , maybe UK cars are set up differently

                                        • KrisDoug Dorner
                                          KrisDoug Dorner  5 months back

                                          thx for info on the 2019 Tiguan, looks great. I have a 2018 and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  (2018 is the now bigger size, too)   no regrets whatsoever but always curious about new models! thx again  -Kris in Orlando

                                          • Max A/C
                                            Max A/C  5 months back

                                            I do love the new Tiguan.
                                            However, I just can't choose Mexico-made Tiguan over Japan-made Mazda CX-5.

                                            • Max A/C
                                              Max A/C  4 months back

                                              @David Meredith Wow... maybe you should talk to a lemon law attorney.
                                              The cheapest car in any used car dealer lot should be good in the rain.

                                            • Jim Verrette
                                              Jim Verrette  5 months back

                                              I'm trying to make the same decision driven both twice

                                          • gio132050
                                            gio132050  6 months back

                                            Get a better mic.

                                          • Royalty T
                                            Royalty T  6 months back

                                            You are very good; Excellent detail

                                            • Paul Russell
                                              Paul Russell  6 months back

                                              Yes, but what does it drive like?

                                              • Bachman Volkswagen
                                                Bachman Volkswagen   6 months back

                                                It drives much more like an Atlas than the older Tiguans. It feels like a larger SUV, although with the Turbo it has some giddy-up.

                                            • Bavo V
                                              Bavo V  6 months back

                                              Nice review, but in Europe this is a Tiguan Allspace, dont know if u have those variants at ur country?

                                              • Nick T
                                                Nick T  5 months back

                                                This is also referred to as a Tiguan Allspace in Australia, and the 5-seater version is just a Tiguan.
                                                Also, all of our R-line models (Golf, Passat, Tiguan, Arteon, etc.) come with the GTI/R-style steering wheel with the round centre horn button.

                                              • Bachman Volkswagen
                                                Bachman Volkswagen   6 months back

                                                Thanks for checking out the video. We don't have the Allspace here, but I've heard the feature set is similar.

                                            • Christopher Singleton
                                              Christopher Singleton  6 months back

                                              Please stop saying, "you got yur . . . "

                                              It is very irritating

                                            • 666DW
                                              666DW  6 months back

                                              2019MY but still using problematic and unrefined DQ500 DSG!
                                              Noise problems with this gearbox confirmed across all SUV VAG brands that use this gearbox including VW, Skoda, Audi and Seat!

                                              • 666DW
                                                666DW  4 months back

                                                David Meredith The Aisin AWF8F35/45 8 speed as used in the US Tiguan does no use a torque converter.
                                                If it’s any consolation the 7 speed DQ500 DSG on my wife’s 2017 VW Tiguan R-Line 190ps 2.0Tdi. 4 motion failed at 300 miles!🤯

                                            • kd1irk
                                              kd1irk  6 months back

                                              The exhaust tips are fake, fyi

                                              • Bram Kroon
                                                Bram Kroon  5 months back

                                                That is good news! No discoloring of the rear bumper then.

                                              • Scabootie
                                                Scabootie  5 months back

                                                Who really cares?

                                            • Redstones
                                              Redstones  6 months back

                                              You sure that it’s carbon emissions weren’t faked.....

                                              • DANIEL JEFFRIES
                                                DANIEL JEFFRIES  6 months back

                                                Thank you for the Video it was very informative and I was very impressed with the variety of features this has to offer and I’m considering This verses the price of the Chevy Traverse just wish it had More HP Under the engine

                                              • dholakiavatsal
                                                dholakiavatsal  6 months back

                                                You need to improve on your video quality... It's hazy at times.... :(
                                                Rest the details are good....

                                                • Bachman Volkswagen
                                                  Bachman Volkswagen   6 months back

                                                  There is a tiny gear icon in the bottom right corner that could help you with that!