Rand Paul - Embracing Honest Capitalism in “The Case Against Socialism” | The Daily Show


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  • D WonderWoman
    D WonderWoman  20 minutes back

    Honest Capitalism.. Like what has killed the working class in this country over the last 4 decades? SCREW THAT!!!
    #RevolutionTime #Bernie2020 🇺🇸

    • justin mathis
      justin mathis  5 hours back

      Thank the lord rand Paul is in congress

      • Kaylin Froehlich
        Kaylin Froehlich  6 hours back

        I agree with Rand on almost all of it, I just cringe watching him tiptoe around party politics

        • Kaylin Froehlich
          Kaylin Froehlich  6 hours back

          Trevor doesn't get enough credit for being the most intelligent late night host in television. And he's the most refined at integrating journalism into his presentation.

          • Eccentric Bazaar
            Eccentric Bazaar  9 hours back

            It is nice to see Rand Paul on this show. He seems reasonable on the surface but I think he is a pretty slippery guy. First, no one is talking Maoism or total state control of production. People want a medical system that doesn't break them financially and scheme against them to push dubious drugs and procedures on patients every time they turn around. Taking away some of the profit motive might do that. Second, yes we don't want to be in the Middle East, but we are. Notifying allies by Tweet that they are about to be screwed is hardly the way decent people act . Third, Rand Paul can recognize Crony Capitalism but what is he doing about it beyond drawing his paycheck from Crony Capitalists? I think he is a fraud.

            • Sapper201D
              Sapper201D  9 hours back

              All of his talk is blah blah blah. We want war, but we don't want to fight or finish it. The U.S. is fighting it's self created enemies. I agree with our policies. But I disagree with our policies. This is our standard of excellence and leadership. Screwy double talkers and cowards.😕

              • Kalan Dean
                Kalan Dean  11 hours back

                Trevor seems like hes not a fan of randy

                • genie michelle
                  genie michelle  13 hours back

                  The fox got in the Hen house when there were a lottt of eggs to be had.... corruption in US resulted in deregulated capitalism that is exploiting the American people, and the planet-environment. When I was in school, we were taught that Monopolies were not allowed in US. Rand hasn't realized back in the day when he was born, education cost less, housing costs were far lower, wages supported families on middle class living.... when I was 18, in the late 70's, I made a little above minimum wage, and I could afford a large nice apartment in Silicon Valley, and plenty of apartments were available, it was easy to buy a house. I bought my 1st house when I was 21 yrs old. Rand is clueless to the fact that the Middle Class has shrunk, and the billionaires are getting fat by taking advantage of the American people. Did Trump send him to the show? lol Let's just keep some of the Baby Boomers like Bernie, and Mit Romney, Rand Paul - some of his theories/ideas are interesting, and replace the majority of the MALE Baby Boomers in Congress with Milenial Females, baby - gotta change it up!

                  • genie michelle
                    genie michelle  13 hours back

                    Noam Chomsky seems to be of same opinion - that US actions in other countries to topple their Dictators is an act of terrorism to those countries..... interesting perspective, and I've always like Rand Paul - he is a young Republican with refreshing perspectives and seems to be well.... accurate

                    • R.Mikhail
                      R.Mikhail  13 hours back

                      How the hell did this man fall so far from the tree of the great man that is Ron Paul.

                      • Haithem
                        Haithem  13 hours back

                        maybe just don't commit criminal acts lmao...wtf?

                        • Frank Butler
                          Frank Butler  14 hours back

                          Don Knotts doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about. It's not 50 people, it's 50,000. Beirut? That was like 300 Marines, wasn't it? Not 50,000...

                          As for socialism... there's been white affirmative action in the Western Hemisphere for the last 500 years.. giving away other people's land, other people's resources, stealing other people's body, exploiting other people's labor, committing genocide against all sorts of people for the benefit of whites who moved here. They redistributed the wealth of others to get what they wanted. It wasn't simply capitalism, it was outright theft to apportion to themselves... and calling it capitalism... fine, they stole somebody else's stuff then resold it to others for 100% profit + the original theft.. then taxing that stuff to redistribute it to other whites basically. The meritocracy being spoken of here is a relative falsehood. It ignores racism, sexism, and other isms that allowed people on top here to get there by using segregationism and favoritism, social connections to get ahead. You look at the Homestead Act, all of the mortgages backed by FHA/VA during the 1940s-1970s... when black folks couldn't get it. That's socialism. That seems to have done whites very well, overall... you should do that for all Americans here... since it worked so well. What these people really don't want to admit to is that they benefited for that kind of socialism... and that if it were to be applied to all Americans, it would be distributed back to other folks and they wouldn't have as much wealth as they have.

                          Venezuela has an embargo on their oil, anyway, so capitalism is the problem there, no socialism... and really, it's Communist, anyway, not socialist. Democratic socialism is not Communism. When people are stupid, the confuse all of these things.

                          Republicans are so full of shit. Their answer for everything is low taxes and free market, but when you show them instances where those things don't work out well, then they claim it's all about (crony) capitalism and then claim that the taxes will magically be increased by unpredictable, always fleeting "growth".... There's never been anything but crony capitalism, then, because when have rich people never done kickbacks to each other or fought for each others' interests? It's nonsense... and the economy never grows enough for the taxes to use for infrastructure and services never goes up quickly enough to clean up the messes caused by defunding government. These people are fast-talking swindlers, every last one of them. By the time you catch them, they've already robbed you blind.

                          • Troy Hoggard
                            Troy Hoggard  14 hours back

                            I admire Trevor style nevertheless I never here so much bullshit from someone full of shit

                            • Jeremy Sallgren
                              Jeremy Sallgren  14 hours back

                              Say what you will, Rand is still better than 99% of politicians.

                              • Helen Mahoney
                                Helen Mahoney  14 hours back

                                I keant he's lier

                                • K co
                                  K co  16 hours back

                                  Shame on you Mr.Paul.

                                  • Jerrell Bevers
                                    Jerrell Bevers  16 hours back

                                    He listed a bunch of Communist countries and called them socialist....call his dumb ass out Trevor!

                                    • Jerrell Bevers
                                      Jerrell Bevers  16 hours back

                                      Or we could take money from Israel and send it to the Ukraine. The more than 3 billion dollars we send to a country that has universal healthcare for its citizens but we don't have it for ours vs helping the Ukraine fight the greatest threat that America has ever faced.

                                      • Chris
                                        Chris  16 hours back

                                        So when capitalism doesnt work its's not capitalism's fault, but when socialism doesnt work it is socialisms fault. OK Boomer

                                        • kory Mettl
                                          kory Mettl  18 hours back

                                          So when capitalism has issues, it's not capitalism. It's crony capitalism. Hmmmm

                                          • ibra benz
                                            ibra benz  20 hours back

                                            "I would let all consumers get together" 'He would' = goverment.

                                            So he's basically calling for consumer unions? That's the most libertarian socialist view I've ever seen. --'

                                            • Tay Rei
                                              Tay Rei  20 hours back

                                              Randy Paul will support anything that is fiscally irresponsible.

                                              • SO O
                                                SO O  20 hours back

                                                Best daily show in a very long time

                                                • Sandra T
                                                  Sandra T  23 hours back

                                                  Who are you to go to war with any country? U r a predator.

                                                  • J Mo
                                                    J Mo  1 days back

                                                    Thank you again for fighting the good fight Rand

                                                    • crb2061
                                                      crb2061  1 days back

                                                      What a weaselly politician Rand Paul is. His stance on foreign policy is reasonable, but for everything else he dances around with only vague arguments.

                                                      • Jonah Peacock
                                                        Jonah Peacock  1 days back

                                                        For capitalism to work the consumer must know the product they are buying and the price they are paying health care does not have those essential quality's for capitalism to work.

                                                        • Anestis Jordanoglou
                                                          Anestis Jordanoglou  1 days back

                                                          Rand Paul is
                                                          a Russian agent

                                                          • D. V. Crystal
                                                            D. V. Crystal  1 days back

                                                            What a coward.

                                                            • Issa Lambson
                                                              Issa Lambson  1 days back

                                                              We might not have kings and queens, but we damn sure have billionaires and lobbyist. So kinda a lateral move

                                                              • Marc Rein
                                                                Marc Rein  1 days back

                                                                isnt that the "belief me there is plenty of subject there guy"

                                                                • Lee Kress
                                                                  Lee Kress  1 days back

                                                                  In what world do you live in that you think our wages are better

                                                                  • Lee Kress
                                                                    Lee Kress  1 days back

                                                                    Back door monopolies should also have been thrown in there

                                                                    • Lee Kress
                                                                      Lee Kress  1 days back


                                                                      • Lee Kress
                                                                        Lee Kress  1 days back

                                                                        Trevor has more on the ball than a lot of people do

                                                                        • Lee Kress
                                                                          Lee Kress  1 days back

                                                                          Yeah but we don't like extortion either

                                                                          • Lee Kress
                                                                            Lee Kress  1 days back

                                                                            Crime is crime

                                                                            • Lee Kress
                                                                              Lee Kress  1 days back

                                                                              None of these dynamics are new

                                                                              • Lee Kress
                                                                                Lee Kress  1 days back

                                                                                No I don't think that's why he won

                                                                                • Roudy 13
                                                                                  Roudy 13  1 days back

                                                                                  Oh my god he's driving me so maaaad ! Is he actually that simple ???

                                                                                  • Roudy 13
                                                                                    Roudy 13  1 days back

                                                                                    I feel like he is deliberately leaving out obvious and important facts and points. How can he not acknowledge the difference between not invading a country in the first place and leaving a country / region in need of assistance against countries like russia and turkey ? now all you did was giving controll to gouvernments which are questionably taking their countries in undemocratic and oppressiv directions. And that point "you dont go to war with 50 people" makes me so mad. How can you be so stupid. And thats it. He isnt. Hes realizing all of it i fell like, but for some reason ignoring it.

                                                                                    • Admin Imer
                                                                                      Admin Imer  1 days back

                                                                                      Rand Paul is such a moron. I counted over 40 false statements he made in this interview. He forgot Fidel Castro came to the US to talk about trade, but our politicians automatically thought of him as a communist although at the time he did not say he was, he just wanted to help his people because of the corruption of Batista. We didn't make a trade agreement so he was forced into the arms of the Soviet Union for help, SAME THING happened with Ho Chi Men, he wanted trade with the US but instead thought of him as a communist because he wanted to help the poor. Rand Paul talks about Socialism and the history of it, and he confuses Socialism with Communism.

                                                                                      • Gue Verdura
                                                                                        Gue Verdura  1 days back

                                                                                        Government involvement in healthcare IS NOT THE PROBLEM. Other countries have more government involvement with a LOWER COST than us. It's the FOR-PROFIT insurance companies who have corrupted the industry who are the main problem. Paul can't be that ignorant.

                                                                                        • nan yamane
                                                                                          nan yamane  1 days back

                                                                                          I guess I am fuming from your "Right to Work" Act--such a wonderful example of how we dub the essence of political measures in such a way that deflects their reality. Really, a NATIONAL RIGHT TO WORK ACT that weakens our already anemic unions. Smoke and mirrors! Are you afraid to call your bill what it really is? This is marketing, politics has become marketing and justification. You want workers to trust the capitalists who have concentrated their wealth, shored up their political power, paid themselves "bonuses" even when they almost topple the entire economy. If we look to history it is clear that the ONLY way workers can get a fair share of the profits they produce is TO ORGANIZE! Why would you want to weaken unions, and why would workers want to opt out of unions that have brought benefits? Probably because unions themselves have become undermined by our corporate political system. Since the days of Russell Kirk (https://kirkcenter.org/) the conflation of capitalism and freedom and the assuaging of poverty, you are completely wrong! Be honest, please! Your figures are so inaccurate and I am thinking you must live in a gated community. Consider the "greatest generation" of my father, they gained opportunities and were able to advance themselves and their families with education BECAUSE OF THE GOVERNMENT! Stop the ignorant "economic" talk of equations and formulas that only obfuscate the reality. Just please stop! An entire generation benefitted from subsidized education, Cold War expansion of technology and education (alas, along with military expansion) and many bought houses for the first time. Subsidized education, the GI Bill, FHA--all programs designed to help people (and whites disproportionately)--today in the era of "privatization," loan companies try to make profits off of students! At least the rhetoric of the Cold War era emphasized democratic process enough to want our kids to have educations and opportunities. All I know is that the money and power have been consolidated into a political economy controlled by the few--and the more power those few get, the harder it is to organize against them. We need to realize that the chances of building more jobs, better wages, and manageable lives is through unionizing!! This is the way people did it in the past, and it works better than gambling on some possibility of becoming the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs! Trevor Noah, can we import folks from Spain or Greece (I WAS going to say Bolivia, but maybe not. . . ) or even Quebec to show American workers how to organize? Centralizing our bureaucracies (government, schools, universities) and a time of "deregulation" and "deinstitutionalization" (brand new word in the Reagan era) has consolidated power in very undemocratic fashion. Historically, the only way people have achieved economic and political power is by organizing--lets drop the misleading socialism v. capitalism debate (and Rand Paul you are wrong about young people, many of them want the kind of "socialism" that boomers had so they can get ahead) and lets start every conversation with the statement, "PRIVATE" CORPORATE AND THE UBER-RICH CAN BE JUST AS INEFFICIENT AND CORRUPT AS GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS." REAGAN CREATED (or at least propagated) the FALSE DICHOTOMY that government was corrupt and private business was more efficient because it was defined by market forces. So come on! Can anybody possibly think that 45 is an example of efficiency or even profits, for that matter? The largest of American corporations have succeeded in rationalizing their markets with support from the US government (taking from the poor), by deregulating, and by shoring up their power with gerrymandered political districts, as well as by taxing THE REST of the population, by creating jobs with no security or little health benefits, and by threatening individuals, cities/ towns, counties and states with the loss of jobs --all of which has resulted in an exhausted-always-working labor force living in fear of losing jobs with less time for education, and one more susceptible to the manipulation and misdirection of a mainstream news media that markets "tweet"-sized sound bites only to TWO SIDES! Can we ALL BOYCOTT MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA this election season? Can we insist that we are able to understand complex issues if we ONLY had more time to devote to the democratic process? Oh, wait a minute, if we want an 8 hour day and a minimum wage we may have to either organize unions or push our existing unions to be more aggressive in an era of where large corporations have the lion-share of political power. This will take time and MUCH organization, not to mention the education necessary to explain that the song "which side are you on" is NOT asking are you a republican or a democrat.

                                                                                          I can't believe I wrote ALL THAT, and the lack of paragraph breaks is because it just came out as one, big angry mess. . . please join me in getting angry and participating in the political process so we won't have another terrible season of a meaningless and marketed politics. Don't let ANYONE TELL YOU that this candidate or that one "can't" win, or that the almost-free education that boomers had is not obtainable.

                                                                                          Can we build a coalition around those handful of agreed-upon basic issues so we can AT THE VERY LEAST make our government somewhat representative of the majority of the population?

                                                                                          OMG! My anger propelled me into non-tweet prose. . . .

                                                                                          • Dawn Dyar
                                                                                            Dawn Dyar  1 days back

                                                                                            Rand Paul is a liar. What Bernie wants is not what he is talking about. Unfettered capitalism is bad. You need both

                                                                                            • nan yamane
                                                                                              nan yamane  1 days back

                                                                                              Rand Paul, so how many people does capitalism kill? Whoops, forgot about that. . . we have such shallow conversations in the US--we can talk theoretically at this moment when the US is so corrupt, at a time when American workers subsidize the rich (while the rich tell us there is NO money), and at a time where American capitalists have monetized health and war. Let's turn the focus on our own system, and can we stop talking theoretically and marginalizing ideas with labels. Poverty, Rand Paul, has worsened in this time when you say Americans are "free." Many Americans are only "free" to DREAM of being A Steve Jobs or A Bill Gates, especially after the brainwashing of the Reagan years (while making a real education less obtainable). Capitalism! What a crazy system to reward TWO people with outrageous profits when MANY PEOPLE AND COMPANIES contributed to the development of their products. How is it fair that workers pay more taxes than leviathan companies such as Amazon? Your discussion is an entire non-sequitur and criticizing socialism does not make capitalism better. Socialism grew as a response to the brutality of capitalism, and such pandering to the cold war ideas about socialism/ communism deflects us as a nation from seeing the cracks in our own system--cracks hidden by the extreme class-segregation, and nowhere do you see more of it than in California where it has become almost impossible to survive in desirable areas even with multiple jobs. I am so tired of listening to disingenuous politicians--and that includes the Democrats. We will see this next election cycle how earnest and serious they are about really tackling tough problems that would pit them against the corporations that support them. Enough! Take your money but don't justify it with illogical theory that deflects attention from the real problems--and they are REAL, around the world they are real where our weapons are killing people, including our own. Can we sick our alpha-capitalists on some bone other than making profits from weapons and health care and education and housing?! Really, enough!

                                                                                              • Gary Doss
                                                                                                Gary Doss  1 days back

                                                                                                Capitalism has a place . Just not every fucking place. It does tend to rot whatever it touches if not controlled. We ALREADY have socialism in the form of Medicare, social security, the VA, government backed loans, funding for school lunches, medical research, etc. Rand Paul is just another bit of noise. Look how capitalism invaded You Tube.

                                                                                                • Mohsin Khan
                                                                                                  Mohsin Khan  1 days back

                                                                                                  *What a dumb ass Rand Paul is, I hope all conservatives aren't as dumb as him, BTW Trever I Need my 20 minutes, back*