Shortney/Shartney Moments [Part 5] | TRY NOT TO LAUGH Edition (Compilation from Old Videos) #1


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  • SporadicV2
    SporadicV2  2 weeks back

    I’d like to apply for a loan is easily my favorite bit out of any TNTL video.

    • Carla Miller
      Carla Miller  1 months back

      Courtney + Shayne

      Chef Grenadine + Clarissa

      • E.J. Hall
        E.J. Hall  2 months back

        They both talk about how lonely they are and they should have a relationship

        • Allison Colley
          Allison Colley  2 months back

          S: YOURE FLAT

          She hasn’t developed yet 😂😂

          • Ryan Posadas
            Ryan Posadas  2 months back

            That laugh at 2:23 just made Courtney’s bit way funnier

            • Kevin
              Kevin  2 months back

              I'm honestly not here for the ship. I don't care whatsoever about it. What brings me here is their chemistry. I can't stop laughing when they're in the same frame as each other.

              • 994523.1410127186
                994523.1410127186  3 months back

                2:20 "hey big boy"

                • Jarf510
                  Jarf510  3 months back

                  5:22 The way Courtney stares at Shayne!

                  • Jamila Cortez
                    Jamila Cortez  3 months back

                    Why can't they be together? Oh I'm so frustrated right now.

                    • Tanya McRae
                      Tanya McRae  3 months back

                      They are so cute 😍

                      • Kiley Beissel
                        Kiley Beissel  3 months back

                        Has anyone else ever noticed that when ever it Courtney’s turn Shane is always watching her with the most cutest eyes!❤️

                      • tessa macrunnel
                        tessa macrunnel  3 months back

                        c: man, i’ve never made you laugh
                        s: yEs you hAve
                        c: not in this game :(
                        SO CUTE😭

                      • Kaleigh Johnson
                        Kaleigh Johnson  4 months back

                        I feel like shayne and courtney are secretly in love

                        • bils crackhead
                          bils crackhead  1 months back

                          i feel like shaynes secretly in love but courtney isn’t

                        • Biggest Chungus
                          Biggest Chungus  2 months back

                          Kaleigh Johnson I don’t think they’re dating (not yet) but they both love each other in their own heads

                      • Kurama
                        Kurama  4 months back

                        "we found a dead macaw in the nacho barrels" 🤣

                        • Anne Mitch Bitavarra
                          Anne Mitch Bitavarra  4 months back

                          Courtney: man, I've never made you laugh
                          Shayne: yes you have


                          • Thicc Thanos
                            Thicc Thanos  4 months back

                            Courtney : Shane do something funny
                            Shane : ok *farts*

                            • BatmanLovesThemChickens
                              BatmanLovesThemChickens  6 months back

                              Thanks for compiling them!!!

                              • Nayops 18
                                Nayops 18  6 months back


                                • Homer Simpson
                                  Homer Simpson  6 months back

                                  Courtney: I just wanna let you know that you need to know that the tomatoes have, hold on
                                  *sweeps the floor*
                                  Courtney: sorry if I don’t do that every 30 minutes I get beat
                                  Me : wait what...

                                  • Homer Simpson
                                    Homer Simpson  6 months back

                                    Shane: yo pass the rock
                                    Noah: *throws ball at his face*
                                    Shane: *dies*
                                    Noah : laughs in the corner

                                    • Homer Simpson
                                      Homer Simpson  6 months back

                                      Shane: we found a-
                                      sorry it makes my laugh but it’s serious it’s my job anyway- hold on I’m still laughing .... HUH!!

                                      • Red Panda
                                        Red Panda  6 months back

                                        Can someone explain why I continue to torture myself with these videos

                                      • Clouds n Crowns
                                        Clouds n Crowns  8 months back

                                        I friggin love these

                                        • Ishita Maheshwari
                                          Ishita Maheshwari  8 months back

                                          These videos are giving me life