Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In Time Travel Minutes Or Less


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  • Skyrim Central
    Skyrim Central  28 minutes back

    I love how you find the dumbest shit to count as a sin. Some of the sins make sense but some you make just flat out makes you look like a jackass

    • Napier Nygma
      Napier Nygma  47 minutes back

      5 min and everything is like ohh look how they are breathing air add 10 sins.. ohh look how he is moving with his legs 80 sins this is just hilarious

      • kent perea
        kent perea  48 minutes back

        Avengers get all of the stones from the past

        But still, tanos collected the stone and half the population

        • MrOhitsujiza
          MrOhitsujiza  2 hours back

          Like Thanos NEVER made any sense at all, youd have to make it sustainable(with some kind of wishing power maybe?) since according to himself life will just reproduce again and use up it all any way... Its a contrived stopgap measure at best.

          • Kiki Sparkle
            Kiki Sparkle  2 hours back

            Hey.!.... don’t be coming at New Jersey like that. We have you pym particles if it wasn’t for us the avengers would be screwed 😂

            • Phamous Hip Hop
              Phamous Hip Hop  2 hours back

              104 Sins is extremely low for this movie lol.

              • Steel Here
                Steel Here  2 hours back

                The Steve Rogers group therapy scene was not necessary. We don't care about random people. We only care about The Avengers and the supervillains they are fighting.

                • LytBLu The Puffy Yoshi
                  LytBLu The Puffy Yoshi  2 hours back

                  *_You forgot the scene where Ant Man was still giant in the backshot of Black Panther, when in that moment he was supposed to be in the van hotwiring the time machine_*

                  • Komrad Shark
                    Komrad Shark  3 hours back

                    I was waiting for this.

                    • Mark Henry Abello
                      Mark Henry Abello  3 hours back

                      11:37 Exactly the point I was asking!

                      • HockeyBoss123456789 10 11 12

                        This was the only way...

                        • Umar’sCookingKariWithMarcus

                          Nah the Squidward joke was funny because it was the beginning and they were still strong. The build a bear joke doesn’t work because they’re all supposed to be angry and sad and devastated

                          • Grimbeard
                            Grimbeard  3 hours back

                            23:01 Extra sin for turning Captain America into Joe Biden.

                            • Grimbeard
                              Grimbeard  3 hours back

                              19:00 "...assemble" WTF are you doing _removing_ a sin for that? It should be sinned for telling people who have already assembled to assemble. What, unnecessary orders aren't a sin any more?

                              • Tyranitar Series
                                Tyranitar Series  3 hours back

                                Robert Downey Jr. and Joaquin Phoenix look so malnourished

                                • Napolian Solo
                                  Napolian Solo  4 hours back

                                  The only thing I think you missed is that Steve Rogers shouldn't have aged at all. What? He was trapped in the ice and didn't age, but I guess that shows what marriage can do to a guy.

                                  • ßoss
                                    ßoss  4 hours back

                                    No Galactus..No Eternity I saved you 24 minutes and 21 seconds

                                    • Daniel Wafer
                                      Daniel Wafer  4 hours back

                                      The stones transfered from the Iron Gauntlet to Tony's suit arm because he has fucking nanotechnology that he controls with his mind! He just willed them onto his hand!

                                      • K_Ghaffari
                                        K_Ghaffari  4 hours back

                                        3:14 greatest baseball refreance in a non baseball related movie

                                        • loomman529
                                          loomman529  4 hours back

                                          You sinned Stan Lee's last cameo. I didn't think you could stoop that low, Jeremy.

                                          • G.I. Joe
                                            G.I. Joe  4 hours back

                                            I hope cinema sins will make the perfect movie someday

                                            • Taylor Herndon
                                              Taylor Herndon  4 hours back

                                              20:12 If Scott went inside of Thanos and expanded it would literally be the most embarrassing suicide. Thanos is thousands of times more durable than Scott. It would just crush him on the inside of Thanos' body.

                                              • Taylor Herndon
                                                Taylor Herndon  4 hours back

                                                I can't believe big green banner dabbing with children didn't earn a sin

                                                • Elijah Williams
                                                  Elijah Williams  4 hours back

                                                  Title should be Everything Wrong With Avengers: Endgame In *3000* Minutes Or Less

                                                  • Agent X
                                                    Agent X  4 hours back

                                                    The all-female scene made me cringe so hard

                                                    • Jim Garrity
                                                      Jim Garrity  5 hours back

                                                      Yep... 5 years later and the half of the world's prison population that disappeared just 'comes back'.... whoopsie.

                                                      • YVG
                                                        YVG  5 hours back

                                                        What if the 1 chance involved with the result of endgame succeeding also involves the *1* chance hulk would actually take the stairs?

                                                        • Summer Tyme
                                                          Summer Tyme  5 hours back

                                                          To CinemaSins subscribers ->

                                                          When you sin a character for not doing what you want them to do, regardless of whether or not it’s something that the character would be motivated to do - *that’s a film criticism sin.*

                                                          To avoid this sin you have to learn to *disregard* what you want to see the character do - and only consider what *they* might actually do. This is hard apparently because even Jeremy commits this *SIN* over and over again. Some examples on this site...

                                                          *Want’s Hulk to jump down the stairs* Why? Not for any reason he would have, but rather because *we* want him to not bump into iron man accidentally. *SIN*

                                                          *They want Nebula to warn the Avengers about the soul stone sacrifice* But she can’t because she doesn’t know. We saw it. She didn’t. *SIN*

                                                          *They want Cap to use the time machine to make himself young again.* But Cap saw how dangerous it was and literally agreed when Tony advised against it. Cap doesn’t want to have his memories of his life wiped just to be young again, when Peggy has grown old and died. This is the wish of kids and arrested males who can’t grow up, not the desire of the character in the film. *SIN*

                                                          *They want Thanos to Nuke the Avengers Tower* Why? Because it’s a cliche that heroes are never killed - even though, in this film they are. However Thanos plan is to have Nebula pull him forward in time and then get the stones. The plan isn’t to *kill* her. Even if Thanos is that craven - why would Nebula agree to such a plan? And it’s perfectly clear that Thanos - is not - afraid of the Avengers so his objectives are tactical and not a cowardly act of pointless terrorism. *SIN*

                                                          *They want Dr. Strange to use the time stone to revive Iron Man* But Dr. Strange knows it won’t work. If you take the time stone away form Iron Man’s corpse and reverse time - it simply goes back to his corpse. Once that happens - the time stone isn’t Even in the Eye any more. Duh! You can’t reverse the snap in time while you keep the stones. 😂 That’s not ‘reversing events’ , it’s wishful thinking, not the same thing. Dr. Strange is a genius - CinemaSins are well....not. 😂 😂 😂 😂 *SIN*

                                                          • Summer Tyme
                                                            Summer Tyme  5 hours back

                                                            And using CinemaSins and HiShe to do your thinking for you - which many of you do because you parrot their bullshix line for line, is one of the reasons why you lack the critical thinking skills that a good film reviewer must have.

                                                        • Mr Lion
                                                          Mr Lion  5 hours back

                                                          This shit confusing

                                                          • Water Sheep
                                                            Water Sheep  5 hours back

                                                            I like the movie but you should have added at least 5 more sins for the picture and 10 sins for the hulk Bruce banner monster

                                                            • Zach Krampien
                                                              Zach Krampien  5 hours back

                                                              There was no sin removed for "I am Iron Man" or "I love you 3000"! UNSUBSCRIBED!!!

                                                              • Summer Tyme
                                                                Summer Tyme  6 hours back

                                                                Everyone wants to make their comment, not read others comments - so people say same shix over and over, and preface it with *How come no one notified?* [followed by the same f’kn thing 100 folks before have already commented on].


                                                                • Alan G. Bandala
                                                                  Alan G. Bandala  6 hours back

                                                                  Destroy that friking movie!

                                                                • Chase Aden
                                                                  Chase Aden  6 hours back

                                                                  Didn’t catch captain America wearing a captains uniform

                                                                  • It do go down
                                                                    It do go down  6 hours back

                                                                    There were a few missed sin opportunities, like the diner scene, or the “everyone survives this” after the hell fire, but also 2 huge missed sin subtraction opportunities, you could have taken away sins for the “Avengers assemble” then added those 5, and how was there not even a mention of Iron Man’s snap

                                                                    • Ace S
                                                                      Ace S  6 hours back

                                                                      Wait a min. The Sin counter didn't go down despite the sound effect at the "Avenger Assembles" part! One sin for CinemaSins. DING

                                                                      • Triphlikesmemes
                                                                        Triphlikesmemes  6 hours back

                                                                        Ear canal? Nostril? What about dat thicc butt

                                                                        • mjparthum
                                                                          mjparthum  7 hours back

                                                                          Between how long it took to make this video and how few actual criticisms you have, maybe stick to Sinning crappy movies. You know, be the modern day MST3K. Otherwise, stop padding the sin counter, bro. 🍿

                                                                        • Cecil Richardson
                                                                          Cecil Richardson  7 hours back

                                                                          I'm not so sure. If everyone being killed by Thanos' snap being brought back to life made the movie so much, then 5 sins should have been deducted from the final total, not re-added less than 30 seconds later.

                                                                          • Rocco Wilcox
                                                                            Rocco Wilcox  7 hours back

                                                                            I'm sorry but basically every single one of these sins has no legs to stand on. If you can't find flaws in a movie, then don't make the video, don't just make them up for views. This channel is usually sick, don't make this dead content

                                                                            • Sean Wilson
                                                                              Sean Wilson  7 hours back

                                                                              i missed the opportunity to sin your sin here, but.... he'd bring down the entire goddamn tower if he did this. 10:56

                                                                              • Sean Wilson
                                                                                Sean Wilson  5 hours back

                                                                                @Summer Tyme reason why i should've sinned Jeremy for is the first time i watched this vid. lol

                                                                              • Summer Tyme
                                                                                Summer Tyme  6 hours back

                                                                                Sean Wilson : It’s another example of a fake sin because the character is supposed to have seen the film in advance.

                                                                                He’s supposed to jump down the stairs to avoid hitting Iron Man when he opens the door - but - he could kill someone doing this - so why would he do it?

                                                                                Jumping down the stairs is a stupid suggestion - why would you ever recommend anyone do that? These idiots *do not know how* to sin films.

                                                                            • VENTUS XL
                                                                              VENTUS XL  7 hours back

                                                                              I think the most emotional scene was when scarlett and hawkeye fight passionately in order to sacrifice themself, like at first you’d think they’re fighting to not do it but to actually realize that they’re doing it because they’ve decided their life is valued less then the other is incredibly poignant.. one sin off

                                                                              • Zerosoldier
                                                                                Zerosoldier  7 hours back

                                                                                Well no she didn’t get him to stop because he made like 35 Ironman armours In 5 years if anything he sped the fuck up. -1 sin

                                                                                • Arjun
                                                                                  Arjun  8 hours back

                                                                                  what about the scene where hulk hands over two tacos and one of em disappear when Scott has it .??

                                                                                  • aspiringwayfarer
                                                                                    aspiringwayfarer  8 hours back

                                                                                    “Earhole or nostril”. Just say butt, dude. Shrink down, slide up Thanos’s butt, and re-enbiggen. That’s the meme.

                                                                                    • Francesca King
                                                                                      Francesca King  8 hours back

                                                                                      I miss the days when films like this could stand alone without forced and convoluted timelines.

                                                                                      • King Bendy World
                                                                                        King Bendy World  8 hours back

                                                                                        13:15 So that's what happened to the hammer I was super curious about that

                                                                                        • donehead1
                                                                                          donehead1  8 hours back

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