• Published: 07 September 2019

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  • Skantei
    Skantei  15 hours back

    The part at 0:20 sounds familiar.. I heard it in some other songs but can't think

    • Acoustaniac
      Acoustaniac  3 days back

      Is that a sterling? (btw great job on the solo)

      • Joey Canelas
        Joey Canelas   2 days back

        Thank you! and No it is not a sterling

    • Matthew
      Matthew  4 days back

      How do you get that tone

      • Joey Canelas
        Joey Canelas   2 days back

        I used a custom preset on my Fender Mustang amp

    • yes
      yes  4 days back

      Fucking amazing cover 🤘

      • mehregan afshani
        mehregan afshani  5 days back

        this is the third cover of this solo tgat I’ve seen, would u be kind enough to share the tabs?

        • Jessica Clary
          Jessica Clary  7 days back


          • AFmusic
            AFmusic  1 weeks back

            killed it! nicely done

            • Sylwester Grega
              Sylwester Grega  1 weeks back


              • Dustin Benson
                Dustin Benson  1 weeks back

                You played that so effortless!! Great job man! Best cover I've heard yet!

                • Hamzeh Abuassaf
                  Hamzeh Abuassaf  1 weeks back

                  Best cover so far🙏 Tabs please

                  • Collin Dowdall
                    Collin Dowdall  1 weeks back

                    MAN you killed that. Where did you learn it from? Was it by ear or do you have tabs you'd be willing to share with me?

                    • Joey Canelas
                      Joey Canelas   2 days back

                      I actually learned it by ear, but thank you!

                  • Ant0218
                    Ant0218  1 weeks back

                    can you post tabs?!? great job btw!

                    • matchboxcody
                      matchboxcody  1 weeks back

                      This is my favorite part of the whole song honestly. Nailed it

                      • Simon Brinckmann
                        Simon Brinckmann  2 weeks back

                        Yeah! Nailed it! Great playing on that solo!🤘😎