Post Race - Sebastian Vettel Interview | Formula 1 - Austrian GP 2019


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  • Qyurryus1251
    Qyurryus1251  3 months back

    He looks even hotter with the wedding ring 🙈🙈

    • Abdillah Setiono
      Abdillah Setiono  3 months back

      Seb: I didn't see what happen (Max vs Lecrec)
      After saw the video: "Fuck. Max should had 5 second penalty just like I get in Canada. He was on the tarmac and clearly hit Lecrec out of the line."

    • Eric Zion
      Eric Zion  3 months back

      Wtf is Ricciardo doing there? 😄

      • Firemarioflower
        Firemarioflower  2 months back

        @0waffel0 Yes! The car is working better now. He won't get 9 mechanical DNFs this year i'm SURE!!!

      • 0waffel0
        0waffel0  2 months back

        @Firemarioflower far more reliable????😂😂😂😂

      • Firemarioflower
        Firemarioflower  3 months back

        @Willem Wever RedBull don't deserve him. Team treated him like crap. He has a far more reliable car this year. Maybe he'll be singed at McLaren next year.

      • Willem Wever
        Willem Wever  3 months back

        the honeybadger is crazy i like him he deserves a better team i wish he stayed with redbull together with max it was the best duo in f1 history

      • Firemarioflower
        Firemarioflower  3 months back

        @TopSecretVid He's not. He's an absolute womanizer. It was just playing around....

    • KIMOA
      KIMOA  3 months back

      Avocado screwing around with the drivers again. :D