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  • skid hopes45
    skid hopes45  2 weeks back

    Yui, Kawaii!!

    • Agata Lissidini
      Agata Lissidini  2 weeks back

      This goal down Orange is a fantastic thing 💕🏆⚽🔝💙❤😙

      • Eleni Games
        Eleni Games  2 months back

        That is not even that good

        • Tilveran
          Tilveran  2 months back

          It's not just the final shot, it's the build up. Football magic.

          • Adam Page
            Adam Page  2 months back

            0:20 makes this a superb goal, how she completely dupes the keeper with her posture and eyes, clever finish!

            • menshiro 777
              menshiro 777  2 months back


              • Haide345632 a ham
                Haide345632 a ham  2 months back

                wow Japes

                • Joshua Kamisa
                  Joshua Kamisa  2 months back

                  There were other goals best than this....may b they had other factors to look into before selecting!!!!

                  • Joshua Malaki
                    Joshua Malaki  2 months back

                    Bronze's goal was the best

                    • 7lechus
                      7lechus  2 months back

                      Goal of the tournamnet. To bad they cut 3sec of the buildup with interplay and nutmeg.

                      • Jeff Lee
                        Jeff Lee  2 months back

                        Why is this the goal of the tournament? Its not very rare to see this

                      • 掛川威一郎
                        掛川威一郎  3 months back


                        • Ezekiel Nduli
                          Ezekiel Nduli  3 months back

                          The build-up to the assist made this goal look good.

                          • Gonzalo Deubelbeis
                            Gonzalo Deubelbeis  3 months back

                            Surgical feet ^^

                            • Vanessa P
                              Vanessa P  3 months back

                              Great goal, but I think Rose's goal today is miles ahead of anything else in the tournament.

                              • bertraminc
                                bertraminc  3 months back

                                Not even close to the best goal.

                                • Lucien
                                  Lucien  3 months back

                                  really? no..

                                  • Abo län
                                    Abo län  3 months back

                                    Goals like this happens every day in men Football

                                    • Tiago Wakabayashi
                                      Tiago Wakabayashi  2 months back

                                      @Abo län you must be a very busy man

                                    • MrBigEnchilada
                                      MrBigEnchilada  2 months back

                                      lol by that logic all the goals happen in men's football everyday lmao

                                    • Abo län
                                      Abo län  3 months back

                                      Officially2EZ yea they suck

                                    • Officially2EZ
                                      Officially2EZ  3 months back

                                      But this is womens football bro.

                                  • RedNick BR
                                    RedNick BR  3 months back

                                    10 place

                                    • Libertine19
                                      Libertine19  3 months back

                                      Japanese goals often have a beautiful build-up, and Hasegawa often plays a key part in them, with gentle, smart passes at the right moment. She plays feminine football at its finest.

                                      • alexander exis
                                        alexander exis  3 months back

                                        most entertaining team to watch imo, remind me of fc barcelona

                                    • danujan henrycoos
                                      danujan henrycoos  3 months back

                                      Netherlands wins in 2023

                                      • dedi juliawan
                                        dedi juliawan  3 months back

                                        barcelona tipycal goal

                                        • Rəvan Həmzəyev
                                          Rəvan Həmzəyev  3 months back

                                          İ think this goal cant be goal of the tournement

                                          • DrFlippin
                                            DrFlippin  2 months back

                                            Those who really know soccer and have played at this high level 'know' just how difficult Hasegawa's shot was. It takes God-given skill to take a pass in the moment, bear down toward the goaltender and 'know' that there's a Dutch defender to her left and right (eliminating any sideward deke around the goaltender). She deliberately looks to her left while leaning her body to give the Goalie the sense that Hasegawa is going to shoot to the Goalie's right - causing the Goalie to commit her upper body, arms to her right. Hasegawa even winds up her right leg to complete the fake, as she follows though with her intention - of slicing the ball up and over to the right side of the net (away from the Goaltender). Hasegawa is a special player who instinctively 'knows' in the pressure moment what is the right play.
                                            She makes it all look so easy, when 9 out of 10 players in this same situation would have been stopped by the Goalie, or had shot wide.
                                            In fact, she not only faked the Dutch Goalie... she faked a lot of viewers who are still wondering why this play was chosen as a nominee for the Goal of the Tournament. (In fact, Yui Hasegawa's goal won the Goal of the Tournament).

                                          • Mr T Raa
                                            Mr T Raa  3 months back

                                            I agree. Maybe nominee for assist of the tournament.