Luxury Workers Reveal "Mega Rich People" Stories (r/AskReddit Top Posts)


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  • A Lynx
    A Lynx  5 days back

    Not working for the boutique we were in. I was just browsing with my cousin, looking for a nice dress to wear for a party. In comes this haughty lady with her equally snobby daughter marching around like they own the freaking place and beckoning these SAs to them coz they want to shop. It took a while for us to shop coz there wasn’t much SAs available to help us look for our size etc. So we finally picked our outfits and we’re lining up on the cue—about say, 6 people lining up before we joined them. Well what do you know—the entitled pair not only cut the line, ask the SAs to dump their purchases at the surprised cashier but made us wait too because her daughter changed her mind on some things. Something just snapped in me and I couldn’t help saying, quite loudly, “Geez, if you’re that rich, why don’t you just close the damn place so you don’t hassle everyone else.” I’m not sure if either of them heard. But when they left, the staff looked relieved. Makes my blood boil when I remember it sometimes. 😅

    • Brent Lievense
      Brent Lievense  5 days back

      That watch story is so beautiful. To the other condescending people, they deserve to have their face to be pooped on

      • Discover Reddit
        Discover Reddit  6 days back

        Great video! Let me know what you think of my last one!

        • britneybxoxo
          britneybxoxo  1 weeks back

          I used to work in a call center for a bank and anytime something didn’t go their way they would always yell “DONT YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY I HAVE IN YOUR BANK! I AM GOING TO WITHDRAW IT ALL TOMORROW IF YOU DONT DO THIS!”

          • Ger -
            Ger -  1 weeks back

            If I was rich I would tip so much people would left in shock

            • nis 1521
              nis 1521  1 weeks back

              Damn if only poor people can see rich people's struggles before even getting rich because saying that they're lucky makes hard work sound cheap as fuck

              • MagicalMuffinFarts
                MagicalMuffinFarts  2 weeks back

                I kinda respect the “if you’re in the red” guy. Thats some serious dedication.

                • Guznavia
                  Guznavia  2 weeks back

                  this video is broken, the text to speech is terrible, as well as the timing

                  • J. Boadi
                    J. Boadi  2 weeks back

                    “YOU live on the top floor”
                    Ugh... people😤

                    • Th1rte3n DB
                      Th1rte3n DB  2 weeks back

                      wtf. when you are losing money you your in the red? DUMB!, NO when you have less then 0 money you are in the red. otherwise your in the black. fucking stupid
                      surrounds himself with black ppl...

                      • gna104191
                        gna104191  2 weeks back

                        When I was younger I used to work for an exclusive club, where membership required 1.01 mil to be spent on a single spending at the company's shopping mall. Rich wives regularly had tea there with other rich wives, or with their young play toy boyfriends. I handled Centurion cards regularly for cakes and refillable coffee.

                        Once, the venue was booked for an exclusive art event. Overheard a conversation about how someone just bought another castle. That's nothing impressive of course, because another conversation was about buying oil fields.

                        Perks of the job? Learning that the top 1% are often the ones who love money to the point of getting upset over no refillable lattes. Also, I got to grub on thousand dollar's worth of salads, desserts and drinks while having free views to rich daughters flaunting their half-covered asses in skimpy outfits.

                        • Stephane Barbier
                          Stephane Barbier  2 weeks back

                          Hey!! SEYCHELLES XD

                          • Earllon Granada
                            Earllon Granada  2 weeks back

                            What I learned from watching these types of reddit subjects: some men are casually humble, BUT ALL WOMEN ARE BXTCHES.

                            • KaBoom
                              KaBoom  3 weeks back

                              My husband worked in fine dining in the Bay Area of California and he said he rarely had rude rich people. Most of the wealthy people are very kind and if they're a bit demanding, most of their requests are well within reason. It's the people that are pretending to be rich that are the real jerks.

                              There was once a story where a guy was eating some fish that was shipped in from Japan, brought off the boat that morning and onto the plate by dinner, the absolute freshest it could possibly be, and the man wanted to speak to the chef. He complained it wasn't from Japan or something like that, saying he's been to Japan and it wasn't the same. Chef told him to GTFO and to not bother paying because he didn't want his money.

                              • quiche lorraine
                                quiche lorraine  3 weeks back

                                Someone payed over $10k cash in $20 bills and we had no money counter.

                                • adolf hitler
                                  adolf hitler  3 weeks back

                                  Em are ess sounds nice.

                                  • flibbertygibbet
                                    flibbertygibbet  4 weeks back

                                    Also there is old money and new money and credit card rich. There are people who live in everyday middle class neighborhoods who are multi-millionaires or even billionaires (like my husband's ex boss) and there are people who live in very wealthy who are really deeply in debt and don't really have much money but act like they do.

                                    • flibbertygibbet
                                      flibbertygibbet  4 weeks back

                                      I'm sorry if you are rich enough to afford a silver spoon to feed your baby in a restaurant you're rich enough to lose a couple. I once had a customer who did the same with 200 dollar sunglasses he said he left at the restaurant and this was back in the 90's when 200 was worth about 375 in today's dollars. However no one recalled seeing the sunglasses. With things that are so easily lost don't spend the money unless you can afford to lose them.

                                      • Emily Norris
                                        Emily Norris  4 weeks back

                                        People saying in the comments how nice of rich people being generous, it's more like they have so much money that they don't know what to do with it

                                        • Kitty Bites Back
                                          Kitty Bites Back  4 weeks back

                                          My cousin went to work as a nanny for these crazy rich people in San Francisco. Their rules were INSANE: no noise whatsoever in certain rooms in the house. Like, not a peep. Child had to wear a hat and gloves (yeah, GLOVES) outside the house at all times. She was not allowed to use her cell phone during working hours- AT ALL. If and when the child took a nap, she was required to sit on the settee outside the child's room- no TV, no listening to music, none of that, but she could read. She was only allowed to move if she had to use the bathroom, but that was it. She was also not to handle the child's food, that was the chef's job. She could not talk about politics in front of the child and could only use specific "safe" words in front of the kid. The parents were hardly home, but on the rare occasion they were, she couldn't look them in the eye at all, use their names, anything. Everything was handled, like payments and schedules through their assistant. She made $1800 a WEEK for this gig, but it stopped when the kid started school abroad. CRAZY.

                                          • joshua palacios
                                            joshua palacios  4 weeks back

                                            Jesus fuck the Mr.... capital S... and the fucking constant CONSTANT periods. People on reddit use too many fucking periods wtf

                                            • dfgdfb sdfvv
                                              dfgdfb sdfvv  1 months back

                                              haha first one is pretty good lol

                                              • Sadnan Sanim30
                                                Sadnan Sanim30  1 months back

                                                Bruh fix ur editing

                                                • Sarah Jane
                                                  Sarah Jane  1 months back

                                                  Not about rich people, but I'm a manager at a pizza chain and many times I'll say, "hi, how are you?" And they'll just respond with "pepperoni." Like they won't even look at you and they say it in the most monotone voice. Like fast food workers are less than people or something

                                                  • S K
                                                    S K  1 months back

                                                    my rich person moment was working as bar tender at a bar and had a rich very drunk lady (like had just dropped 10k on booze for her party without flinching) loudly proclaim that those people will do anything for money and offered me a 5 dollar bill to show her my dick.......i did not accept that offer

                                                    • Ash Krikorian
                                                      Ash Krikorian  1 months back

                                                      between 22k euro in wine used just for cooking food with, and home boy giving not only a used tag heur watch, then apologizing and proceeds to give a brand new one instead... damn, thats not even rich, thats just obscene wealth at that point

                                                      • Chiarella Von Schweetz
                                                        Chiarella Von Schweetz  1 months back

                                                        3:12 DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNNN

                                                        • Adrian G.
                                                          Adrian G.  1 months back

                                                          Ok fuck it, not finishing this video.

                                                          • Adrian G.
                                                            Adrian G.  1 months back

                                                            Yeah dude, I don't need a reminder halfway through which video I'm watching.

                                                            • Megaredronin
                                                              Megaredronin  2 months back

                                                              stupid workers they should have gotten together and played the old hag in the last one. i would have had my coworker insult i would collect the 100 and split it with him later!! stupid cow easy money made just because you want to feel special who the fuck are you? a rainbow shitting unicorn?!! fuck u bitch!! :)

                                                              • Chotto Dafuq
                                                                Chotto Dafuq  2 months back

                                                                5:55 if only everyone was as polite 😂😂😂

                                                                • Rain Scalleia
                                                                  Rain Scalleia  2 months back

                                                                  This called me broke for almost 15 mins
                                                                  CAPITAL S

                                                                  • Thecanadianwitch
                                                                    Thecanadianwitch  2 months back

                                                                    switch red chips for other color because he hates the coiour red? gosh thats not even a 1st world problem.. thats a 1% problem

                                                                    • ian miller
                                                                      ian miller  2 months back

                                                                      If I ever get rich I’m definitely giving back to those who fight for our country

                                                                      • Aiden Rae
                                                                        Aiden Rae  2 months back

                                                                        Ethical rich are rare but wonderful

                                                                        • Emma Hana
                                                                          Emma Hana  2 months back

                                                                          I want to be friend with Mr.S

                                                                          • Korrie Rose
                                                                            Korrie Rose  2 months back

                                                                            The story about that lady not wanting to pay for a room for her servant or whatever he was and almost making him sleep in the god damn car made me so angry. Stays in a suite super expensive and when she hears a room for him would be much much less than hers, she basically, through her actions, told that guy that he wasn't worth the speck of dirt on the red bottom of her shoe. I don't fucking care how rich you are, that behavior is unacceptable. Those kinds of people, the ones who act like they're the only important person in the world, that act like this is their world to own and who believe everyone other than them are less than human and don't deserve the respect that everyone should have, disgust me and can burn in hell.

                                                                            I'm so glad that there are rich people who are actually genuinely kind and giving and who use their wealth for good.

                                                                            • Crumpsall Liam
                                                                              Crumpsall Liam  2 months back

                                                                              David Beckham went from a lad that’d come in to the stock room with us to try trainers on so we didn’t get mobbed in a little shop and leave us a £50 tip to someone that sat in his car and had us run out trainers for him to look at. Sneakers is you’re a yank.

                                                                              • Beate Mueller
                                                                                Beate Mueller  2 months back

                                                                                I don’t work for a hotel or restaurant, but I live and SoCal and train and important jumping horses from Europe. Due to that I have incredibly wealthy clients and meet all these wanna be jumper rider celebrity kids. The most amusing thing for me and my colleagues is always when they come buy horses and insist on trying the best one in the barn. For anyone who doesn’t know horses. Million dollar jumping horses are not like normal horses, they come off the ground with a lot more force and have much stronger personalities. They usually cannot be ridden by amateurs. A lot of these people get offended when you’re telling them they are not a good enough rider for that horse so sometimes we let them go ahead and let them get thrown in the dirt for our amusement. Usually makes the day of all the little minions they bring too.

                                                                                Oh, and just because you have money doesn’t mean people will sell you a horse. Bill Gates offered $8 million for “catch me if you can” because his daughter wanted him. And the owners were like:” nope, that horse can go to the Olympics and deserves a better rider, sorry.”

                                                                                Yeah, so next time you hear one of those celebrity kids talk about their Olympic jumping aspirations, know that that’s just as likely to happen as me walking a fashion show, because they never work out their own problems with the horse but pay people like me to get on and fix it for them.

                                                                                • Austin S
                                                                                  Austin S  2 months back

                                                                                  The Indian guy likely wore a fake TAG watch, replicas these days are really good and no sweat if you lose or damage it. Probably came back to trade the guy for a real one.

                                                                                  • James Fischer
                                                                                    James Fischer  2 months back

                                                                                    step 1: copy and paste a reddit thread into text to speech
                                                                                    step 2: set text to speech read speed to half speed
                                                                                    step 3: make it a 15 minute long video with ads
                                                                                    and botch everything you can
                                                                                    step 4: profit

                                                                                    • Delicious Atomic Bomb
                                                                                      Delicious Atomic Bomb  2 months back

                                                                                      I would have loved to watch the entire video but this voice is terrifying.

                                                                                      • well hello there random person on YouTube

                                                                                        Silver spoons are actually pretty common. It's basically some good luck thing for the baby, and they keep it for life.

                                                                                        • JayTeaXOXO
                                                                                          JayTeaXOXO  2 months back

                                                                                          I work a luxury apartment community in Dallas. I had roommates, in the same day, ask how to do basic task life tasks. One girl didn’t know how start the dishwasher and the second roommate asked when the maids come to clean their apartment. I thought the last girl wasn’t serious so after 5 seconds of silence I had to suggest a few apps and other maid services... both under 21 and have mega rich parents.

                                                                                          • Lexi Brandi
                                                                                            Lexi Brandi  3 months back

                                                                                            The Hawaii one is sooo accurate. I work retail(have for 5 years in HI) I always say Hi how are you, to anyone coming in. People always ignore it and say "wheres the bathroom" "wheres(random place) "im so lost help me!!" I dont mind helping people, but at least say hi.

                                                                                            • Liza Tanzawa
                                                                                              Liza Tanzawa  3 months back

                                                                                              Skippable ad or I WON'T BUY IT!

                                                                                              • Peanut
                                                                                                Peanut  3 months back

                                                                                                I’m so poor

                                                                                                • kkknotcool
                                                                                                  kkknotcool  3 months back

                                                                                                  about the last lady the video talked about.
                                                                                                  Just get your friend to hang around you and ask her name or credit card.
                                                                                                  Instant 100 dollars. (50 dollars after you split it with your friend)