The Future of Transmissions - 10 Speed Automatic


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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer   2 years back

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    • Kill Feed
      Kill Feed  1 years back

      Scotty can you do a video on the honda 10 speed transmission in the new accord.

    • mr joex3
      mr joex3  1 years back

      Scotty Kilmer hi Scotty, do you have a video on an 2015 Acura TLX 6 cylinder? my 9 speed transmission went. it was replaced under warranty. But I'm not sure if I should keep it or dump it. your opinion would be very valuable to me. thx.

    • vachief
      vachief  2 years back

      Hey, Scotty......what do think of these "sealed" tranmissions and no gas caps used by Ford?

    • Howie Narf
      Howie Narf  2 years back

      Scotty Kilmer do high octane additives help with a high-mileage car

    • Michael X
      Michael X  2 years back

      Getting a automatic V8 Mustang why? 6 speed manual is the obvious choice!

  • GK Hep
    GK Hep  2 weeks back

    Has anyone had a Ford 10-speed transmission failure yet?

    • Lenny D.
      Lenny D.  2 months back

      You forget to say when they break down they are a money pit.

      • Bryant Whittaker
        Bryant Whittaker  2 months back

        August 2019. There is a class action lawsuit in Illinois against Ford for problems with the 10 speed transmission.

        • ih8rap 440
          ih8rap 440  2 months back

          The 6 speed on the GT. Is nice. But most people don't know how to drive them .

          • Omar Rodriguez
            Omar Rodriguez  2 months back

            Good info Scotty! I'm impressed with the 10 speed automatic transmission as well.

            • gr8handogoatness
              gr8handogoatness  2 months back

              I really loved my 10 speed in my f150 until it died at 32k miles. 3 weeks later we're still doing the rounds with Ford to get it warrantied. They say I lost 3rd gear but haven't opened the transmission yet to verify. Love the truck but may be trading it in. No use paying for something that I can't drive

              • gr8handogoatness
                gr8handogoatness  2 months back

                @Phillip Raymo 3rd gear gave up the ghost. Warrantied the transmission. Had to go in and tell them ” you have 8 days to have me back in my truck or I want my money back." I got it back like 4 days later. All said and done it was in the shop for 5 weeks. They overfilled it (wrong dipstick is what I was told) and it did the slip and chug and overheating that several guys have talked about. Took it back in and the dealership traded me for a new step up. Made me a good deal both ways. Hopefully the 19 is better.

              • Phillip Raymo
                Phillip Raymo  2 months back

                gr8handogoatness so what did dealership say?

            • Bart Nuckols
              Bart Nuckols  3 months back

              Several friends of mine have traded in their f150's with the 10 speed. Said they shifted funny to all out failed. Was looking at the150, but not anymore! Frankly Ford screwed the pooch with this one.

              • Maatt Smithe
                Maatt Smithe  2 months back

                I rented one from Enterprise for a week and it's horrible. Shifts all over the place and constantly felt like it was shuddering or lunging. My Mercedes 7-speed is perfectly smooth and crispy, and it's got 120k miles on a 8 year old tranny.

                Booooo Ford. Boo.

            • Bobbie Marks
              Bobbie Marks  3 months back

              Scotty seems to also forget who uses rfid chips in there engines. I trust gm the company who spent 300 million to ensure quality engines using RFID chips to ensure every bolt during engine assembly is 100 percent right. Watch a gm engine assembly and see how much technology they use to ensure a good engine.. dont see ford using RFID chips you know why? they dont care enough to spend the money to ensure quality for there customers. How can you trust Ford when they lie about there fuel mileage. This year with f 150 eco boost. Plus there horrible 5.4 gm never had a engine has horrible as the 5.4. Dont get me started on all Fords powerstroke diesel's that are horrible engines. And with gm they have great diesel engines nothing like the powerstroke. Scotty forgets gm is the 2nd highest car maker besides Toyota selling more, but Ford is number 5. Numbers dont lie

              • Bobbie Marks
                Bobbie Marks  3 months back

                Funny how scotty says he's happy how Ford did most of the designing. Scotty must forget that Gm owned allision transmission for many many years. So gm knows what there doing with transmissions. Allision is one of the best trannys in the world. I know Ford has numerous recalls on there transmissions and gm doesnt. Plus Ford has all kinds of recalls on the eco boost. Scotty is brand loyal and blind look at the recalls vs Ford and gm

                • keith savall
                  keith savall  4 months back

                  I just bought a 2019 Mustang GT with the 10-speed automatic. I would have gotten the manual but the dealer through in the Auto for free. It's pretty dang fun. I really like the paddle shifters. I've always been a stick guy but this transmission is great. And it's faster with the automatic transmission than with the manual. And on a sad note, some of the manuals are breaking. So now I'm really glad I got the automatic.

                  • Kelly Donnetta Murphy
                    Kelly Donnetta Murphy  4 months back

                    That’s a manufacturer license plate Michigan... Ford hook you up Scotty?

                    • Wayland Jennings
                      Wayland Jennings  4 months back

                      CVT transmission...I mean snowmobile clutch

                      • Take the red pill
                        Take the red pill  4 months back

                        The future is electric cars.

                        • Mac CskyBsky
                          Mac CskyBsky  4 months back

                          i like the bell ending, if the bell doesn't ring it's not a speggetti western they use to say

                          • BullRunRoad30
                            BullRunRoad30  4 months back

                            0:18 I have that same bike.

                            • PunkyB 88
                              PunkyB 88  5 months back

                              Scotty one thing I've picked up on that not many have mentioned but won't these transmissions ultimately more reliable. We know ATF fluid level and quality is critical to an auto. With more ratios available and the converter locking much quicker and in lower gears won't the ATF last much longer and maintain better quality? A 3 speed + Overdrive slushbox is always riding on that converter to make up for the lack of ratios and I can imagine that's where most of the heat the ATF fluid is subjected to occurs, essentially that constant slippage before the engine and road speed match. Surely this means much less heat subjected to a 10 speed autos fluid and therefore better reliability down the line? Thanks Scotty for your amazing videos

                              • Zawaprz
                                Zawaprz  5 months back

                                Why r u shouting?

                                • Jesus salvation
                                  Jesus salvation  5 months back

                                  Getting 2019 Toyota Camry se any thoughts

                                  • Raymond Sanchez
                                    Raymond Sanchez  5 months back

                                    6 speed automatic transmission in Chevy sonic 2018 ?

                                    • Debraval Reyes
                                      Debraval Reyes  6 months back

                                      Rev up your 10 speed bike.

                                      • E39M5SPEED
                                        E39M5SPEED  6 months back

                                        Won’t last past 100k miles

                                        • Spenser Hawk
                                          Spenser Hawk  5 months back

                                          How much cash do you want to put on that? Seriously, right now. How much?

                                      • Josias von Leiswolf
                                        Josias von Leiswolf  6 months back

                                        I’m always skeptical when Ford rolls out an automatic with more speeds than previous year models had. Not that long ago, they couldn’t get a 6-speed to figure out what gear it wanted to be in.

                                        I will say though that I drove a more recent (2017, I believe) 6-speed F150 with the 5.8L V8, and it did a pretty good job of being in the right gear at the right time. Not quite as good as the new Ram 1500 ZF 8-speeds, but pretty close. Tons of power, too.

                                        • Eli
                                          Eli  5 months back

                                          Those ZF 8 speeds are great. Wish more auto manufacturers would adapt that transmission, at least for their sporty models. Probably too expensive for an average car. I’ve read the new Toyota Supra will have it.

                                      • Eric Buchta
                                        Eric Buchta  6 months back

                                        Also another question It’s about new car steering now days. Why do cars and trucks seem to not track straight. Or feel planted to the ground. I could not be more disappointed in my new gm truck and it’s crazy because I never buy new. I feel like I got screwed. This truck is constantly disappointing me. They say it will tow 12k lb. lol ya right and that would be like saying dodge trucks are the best. Camber caster toe in toe out. I think it has something to do with camber. I don’t think they use that anymore.

                                        • Eric Buchta
                                          Eric Buchta  6 months back

                                          My gmc 2018 1500 8 speed has flair ups like crazy. If I’m roiling 5 mph and it’s always in 2nd gear and I hit the gas say 1/2 way. The rpm go to 3k and truck not moving much for having 460 ft lb torque. It’s going to shop tomorrow. Anything I should tell them at Laura Buick? I know it’s not right but last time I talked to them a month ago they said 8 speed transactions shift sucky and that it’s normal. Only has 7k miles on it and it’s a 6.2. What should I do if they say it’s normal?

                                          • Thomas Johnson
                                            Thomas Johnson  6 months back

                                            Not a single car in the world "takes off really fast!"

                                            • Ben Snyder
                                              Ben Snyder  7 months back

                                              Why is it that every manufacturer (except Toyota of course ) makes horrible transmissions? It seems like with Scotty, every answer about buying a used car starts with "horrible transmissions".

                                              • Abdullah Buabbas
                                                Abdullah Buabbas  7 months back

                                                When you talk I can see Donald Trump

                                                • Karl Ruehs
                                                  Karl Ruehs  7 months back

                                                  I was hoping to hear about the transmission, not about him and what his opinion is about the transmission. 👎

                                                  • johnplayer
                                                    johnplayer  7 months back

                                                    Thank God here in Europe operating a manual car is a mandatory thing

                                                    • srinitaaigaura
                                                      srinitaaigaura  7 months back

                                                      Well sir, the Koenigsegg Jesko just took a lesson from the bicycle.

                                                      • twl197860
                                                        twl197860  7 months back

                                                        LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I have a 10 speed which just like a bike you'll never use 1-3 !
                                                        Ok ok that's not entirely true in the case of the trucks & SUV's this is probably a useful idea but I've never seen a car that needs more than a 3.08:1 first gear and as for claims that it gives better fuel economy I call BS having proper gear ratios will be more important than having more gears most cars don't need to rev as high as they do I had an old Datsun 210 that was happy to run about 2000rpm @ 70mph of course that was after I swapped out the ring & pinion stock it was reving over 4k

                                                        • Jon Static
                                                          Jon Static  8 months back

                                                          Chevy and ford 50/50 made the ten speeds that are now in Chevy truck, Camaro, mustang and f150. Chevy waited a year longer before releasing their version. and of course ford not only screwed up their 10 speed they had to redesign the 5.0 coyote the fit the 10 speed. Now ford has 2 lemons in 1 basket. The 5.0 has piston slap and their 10 speed is junk.

                                                          • Ike the ranter
                                                            Ike the ranter  8 months back

                                                            10 speed transmissions, a.k.a. mechanic's kids college fund.

                                                            • SexyBulldozerMan
                                                              SexyBulldozerMan  8 months back

                                                              is the 8 speed kia sedona good?

                                                              • Raftika
                                                                Raftika  8 months back

                                                                I’ve heard that the new mustangs burn oil the first few hundred miles you drive them and that it goes away after the car is broken in. Is this true? I would love to own a mustang gt

                                                                • Jill Wagner
                                                                  Jill Wagner  8 months back

                                                                  Do you think you could put this transmission on an old 1968 390 mustang engine?

                                                                  • Franco Farinon
                                                                    Franco Farinon  8 months back

                                                                    more things to go wrong

                                                                    • Joseph Gall
                                                                      Joseph Gall  9 months back

                                                                      The French tanks have 10 speed transmissions in Reverse and one speed in Drive

                                                                      • Gerard
                                                                        Gerard  4 months back

                                                                        Joseph Gall hahhaahahhahaahhahaha

                                                                    • Antor Medrano
                                                                      Antor Medrano  9 months back

                                                                      10 speed dang wait until you have to pay the repair bill!

                                                                      • JAMES! Since the 70's
                                                                        JAMES! Since the 70's  9 months back

                                                                        What's wrong with GM?

                                                                        • Chris Olsen
                                                                          Chris Olsen  9 months back

                                                                          Nice bike. ( I'm being serious )

                                                                          • D Moore
                                                                            D Moore  9 months back

                                                                            Computers are problem. Give me a standard.

                                                                            • crislt1
                                                                              crislt1  9 months back

                                                                              ford + 10 speed = your fucked

                                                                              • Big Bossman
                                                                                Big Bossman  9 months back

                                                                                don't know one no how well they are going to hold up they haven't been out long enough. and when they do break. u going to have to pay like u weight. hopefully u don't weight to much😂😂😂😂

                                                                                • Anthony But
                                                                                  Anthony But  10 months back

                                                                                  Scotty got the High, and low wrong relating to gearing. You start out in the Lower gears
                                                                                  " Higher Numerically " and work down to the High gears, " Lower Numerically "

                                                                                  • KSI had BirdDog
                                                                                    KSI had BirdDog  10 months back

                                                                                    0:23 because we totally have iRobot today 😂🤣

                                                                                    • Ruben Torres
                                                                                      Ruben Torres  10 months back

                                                                                      but it's not a Toyota Scotty!