Film Theory: Joker Ending Explained (ft. Pitch Meeting)


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  • God Sun
    God Sun  2 weeks back

    This was an awesome breakdown

    • OakcubeR
      OakcubeR  1 hours back

      Finally a top comment that isn’t humor but is good because it’s true

    • Armando Sanchez
      Armando Sanchez  1 days back

      God Sun The next movie will be jokers was really a black lady ,with powers to spear as man , then get bitten by a snail and becomes greenish and with a snails evil smile , hows that breakdown ?

    • Thescaryestpig3 C
      Thescaryestpig3 C  2 days back


    • Young Papa
      Young Papa  2 days back

      We can all agree that Jared Leto is the best joker tho

    • Jack Shill
      Jack Shill  2 days back

      Hello there

  • Eric Bryan
    Eric Bryan  4 minutes back

    I really dislike the theory that "everything was fake". It would ruin the movie for me if that were true and it's just a dumb easy argument to make. I've seen similar theories about Fight Club that I dislike too.
    I have a different theory that goes along well with what the DC comic book Joker is really like.
    Mine is that all parts where you feel sorry for him are fake.
    For example, he was never jumped and got the sign stolen from him at the beginning of the movie. He stole it for no reason, like how his boss accused him.
    His coworker never gave him the gun, he tried to buy it off him like his how coworker also accused him. (He must've got a gun from somewhere else.)
    This one is a bit tricky but I also think that he never was abused by his mom and his mom never claimed that he was Wayne's son either. However, this one is a bit trickier to get around because you hear other characters talking about his mom, like the man in Arkham and Thomas Wayne.
    I don't think Joker was ever mentally ill and he was simply an evil guy, like how he is in the comics and how he was in Christopher Nolan's version of him in the Dark Knight.
    If that is the case, then his therapist was fake and he was never on prescription pills to begin with.
    I think that what were seeing in the sob moments of the movie are similar to the sob stories Christopher Nolan's Joker made up in The Dark Knight, and that none of them are true.
    I know Christopher Nolan's Joker is a completely different character than Joaquin's Joker, but the idea of Joker having made up origin stories is not something new to the Joker.
    He might've not have even been beaten up by the Wallstreet guys in the train before he killed them.
    I do think that he did kill all the people he killed, did start a riot, and did dance on the police car with all the people in joker masks Praising him.
    I think everything at the end when he is fully the Joker was real.
    I think he is telling the fake origin sob story to the therapist at the end of the movie, but that he was arrested and put in Arkham for everything he did- because all those evil parts was real.
    A lot of Oscar voters didn't like the movie because they think that we're supposed to feel sorry for the Joker. I disagree with that because I think since were seeing this movie from the Joker's POV and false origin story, he depicts the world to be a more evil place than it actually is, and that all parts where you feel sorry for him were fake.
    I would like my theory to be right because I really the second half of the movie when he was the Joker. It would be a bummer if that were all fake.
    I like how in Christopher Nolan's Joker and other comic book versions of the Joker, the Joker is actually a relativity smart guy but just plain evil, wanting to bring chaos to Gotham for fuzzy unclear reasons that have to do with philosophical arguments of morality. If my theory is correct, then Joaquin's Joker is also this. And he got what he wanted in the end of the movie, which makes him the perfect anti-hero.

    • SnApple
      SnApple  8 minutes back

      Being the first pitch meeting collaboration is *super easy, barely an inconvenience*

      • Scott Donahue
        Scott Donahue  26 minutes back

        I don't know what this was, or who that other guy was, but this episode fucking sucked.

        • Shawn Golmes
          Shawn Golmes  34 minutes back

          So was the mother really telling the truth it was his father and he made her sign something I know she was crazy but she could've been telling the truth also he could've paid for the adoption papers

          • tcorourke2007
            tcorourke2007  35 minutes back

            First, anyone watching this saw the film. We don't need a scene by scene recap, certainly not if it pushes your video over 20 minutes.

            Second, all of the parts that were Arthur's fantasies were clearly exposed. "It was all a dream" is about the cheapest plot device ever invented, this film is better than that. If you want to start questioning the nature of consensus reality, you can't even prove the fucking movie even exists.

            • Tyler Albert
              Tyler Albert  36 minutes back

              We need english sub titles

              • Yelena Witkowska
                Yelena Witkowska  36 minutes back

                Why everyone thinks Penny lied?? Couldn't Wayne use his influence to fabricate the docs? And Penny could have gone insane with betrayal, couldn't she?

                • Thomas Calabio
                  Thomas Calabio  39 minutes back

                  Why don’t you use your real voice? Stop with this hack shit. This is the reason radio has failed. Stop being a phony.

                  • Phantom Is dead
                    Phantom Is dead  52 minutes back

                    I love how in Joker, it’s pretty clear what’s a fantasy and what’s reality until Arthur is taken off his meds. Makes me think that he could also be certain about his fantasies while medicated, and becomes just as uncertain about what’s going on as the audience when he’s unmedicated. Love this movie.

                    • Craig West Boxing
                      Craig West Boxing  53 minutes back

                      Penny loses 🤣🤣🤣

                      • Yoshida Yui
                        Yoshida Yui  60 minutes back

                        I hate these yes and no movie. It kind of cool back then but now it kinda ruin it for me.

                        • Shinobu
                          Shinobu  1 hours back

                          Didn't the therapist talk about Arthur being locked up in an asylum at the beginning of the movie?
                          When asked about why, he responded with something like: "who knows" and they show him in that room, banging his head against the door.
                          What was that about?
                          If that really happened, who would have taken care of his mom? She got put in the hospital because cops visited her home. How would she survive her son getting locked up in a mental hospital? And they never told us why he was.
                          Was that fake, or was it the first hint that all of this might be fake, and that he's crazy and delusional?
                          I didn't quite get that.

                          • Da'Shaun Andrewin
                            Da'Shaun Andrewin  1 hours back

                            That pitch meeting intro though

                            • that gaming channel
                              that gaming channel  1 hours back

                              It was ok

                              • James Daniel Jean
                                James Daniel Jean  1 hours back

                                What about the picture Penny has that was signed T.W.? Doesnt that letter signify Thomas did have an illicit relationship with Penny?

                                • Lydia Robertson
                                  Lydia Robertson  1 hours back

                                  I truly think all those final events happened. It would've been really lame if it was all just a fantasy, plus I absoultely want to see more of this Joker anyday. (Sorry Leto)

                                  • yung valerian
                                    yung valerian  1 hours back


                                    • Maximoose 2005
                                      Maximoose 2005  1 hours back

                                      “The worst part about having a mental illness is that people expect u to act as if you don’t”

                                      • Mammoth_ 713
                                        Mammoth_ 713  2 hours back

                                        His tv looks like a microwave

                                        • LuxZzZy3
                                          LuxZzZy3  2 hours back

                                          Wait a minute. Inception has a definitive answer?

                                          • Justin Choe
                                            Justin Choe  2 hours back

                                            Thaaaat's a reeeeeeach.....

                                            • Romain Savioz
                                              Romain Savioz  3 hours back

                                              Are we doing this
                                              Doing this is thight

                                              • KRI
                                                KRI  3 hours back

                                                See, I got up to 1:55 and then stopped watching. Because although I appreciate people thinking about the movie in different ways, I don’t want my interpretation to be ruined. Because I know that I’ll watch this video and think afterwards “oh maybe that was it” and then I’ll spend to much time thinking about it even though I already had these thoughts after the film.😂

                                                • TheDinkybird92
                                                  TheDinkybird92  3 hours back

                                                  Nooo man. In his big speech, the question is "what do you get when you cross a loner with a *society* thay abandona him?"

                                                  "We live in a society" is another huge joker reference

                                                  • motschel 123
                                                    motschel 123  3 hours back

                                                    In the last scene when he talks with his new Social worker he has his normal brown hair and no longer has green hair color
                                                    I guess that implies that everything (at least with the green hair) was just in his mind

                                                    • blurry face gaming
                                                      blurry face gaming  3 hours back

                                                      The adoption thing was actually a lie and the little kid by the gate was actually Batman

                                                      • Me Bilson
                                                        Me Bilson  3 hours back

                                                        Bruh who is going to go to a casino during the purge they could just kill you and bank guards can kill you whether or not it’s the purge

                                                        • ИƎMƎƧîƧ ρЯîMƎ w

                                                          i still like injustice best joker moment was when kal killed him

                                                          • Alex Smith
                                                            Alex Smith  3 hours back

                                                            He had no girlfriend

                                                            • Jonathan Hargrove
                                                              Jonathan Hargrove  3 hours back

                                                              There may be more evidence to support the 'it is all a dream/not real' theory. I just saw a post about clocks not changing throughout the movie? this seems small but maybe there is more to it with some digging!

                                                              • Philoso Fur
                                                                Philoso Fur  3 hours back

                                                                I view most stories in general through the philosophy of death of the author, which to put simply is a form of literalism applied to interpreting stories. When you write a story, make a movie, whatever it is, then once you finish it, that story exists on its own regardless of the author, and that author's interpretation is no less or more valid than anyone else's/the consensus of others (unless they're clearly incorrect in some objective way). So, if you intend to tell something, and you tell it so poorly that most other average people either do or could reasonably view it another way, that says something about your writing ability in a way.

                                                                I find this type of approach extremely useful for cases like Joker, because when you start to get into questions like, who really is Arthur, what does he or whoever Joker is intend, what's real or not, what clues and easter eggs can we hunt for, you start to get into extremely esoteric and abstract discussions, and ultimately begin to re-write the story for yourself or for others in ways that the movie doesn't actually depict.

                                                                I view this movie as literally Joker's origin, because that's what the movie depicts, and the bits in the movie that aren't real are very plainly shown to not be real (when he realizes he made up his relationship with Sophie, for example). I view the whole "multiple choice" origin thing as more of a plot device than anything, so that the character can be written into any story for that individual writer's purposes, and I think Joker is a cool enough character that for whatever universe that story takes place in, he deserves a genuine defined origin. This is a great movie and I hate endings where "none of it was real after all" happen, so, I choose to not view it that way.

                                                                • Hayden H
                                                                  Hayden H  3 hours back

                                                                  I think that the “joke” was her (the psychiatrists) death, which would make sense given that the joker has admitted he finds killing funny

                                                                  • Clyde Records
                                                                    Clyde Records  3 hours back

                                                                    i cant watch for long because of your drawn out not funny joke sketches

                                                                    • Michael Rauch
                                                                      Michael Rauch  3 hours back

                                                                      Did it really look like he was stomping on a body? I thought he was just letting off steam. and i thought shorty after it showed him limping? thought he hurt himself by kicking the bags/trash can. but now i think he could be limping from taking the beating.

                                                                      • TabularJoker :Random Videos

                                                                        Here’s a theory.The ending shows two major injuries on his head(Forehead and nose).These are coincidentally two injuries that changed his life (His hit from Thomas Wayne taking away his only hopes of a father and his head injury that gave him his disorder) which he uses to create a bloody smile(the sign of his new persona).TLDR:Arthur used his tragic past to create his comedic future(See what I did there 😉)

                                                                        • Schin Teth
                                                                          Schin Teth  3 hours back

                                                                          This all would maybe make sense if it werent the Joker we re talking about since we all know the Joker eventually is exactly that person from the end of the movie and not just someone imagining himself being a supervillain

                                                                          • Hi um I'm Aidan
                                                                            Hi um I'm Aidan  4 hours back

                                                                            my theory:
                                                                            he was in the asylum the whole time, he went mad with his imagination and then killed the person in the asylum with him. thats why the shoes were red. then he broke out of it and then we know the rest

                                                                            • SmokingBird
                                                                              SmokingBird  4 hours back

                                                                              If it's an "all in his head" scenario, I will be quite big sad.

                                                                              • Chicago Ted121
                                                                                Chicago Ted121  4 hours back

                                                                                I don’t think he was stomping a body, I thought he was just stomping trash.

                                                                                • V12
                                                                                  V12  4 hours back

                                                                                  There’s a lot of cutting in this movie, like the story line isnt clear, a lot like in a dream

                                                                                  • Sean Miller
                                                                                    Sean Miller  4 hours back

                                                                                    why is no one talking about the fridge scene? You see him get into the fridge and he never leaves it. Does he stay there and in his head while he is dying by freezing the rest of the movie is played out in his head?

                                                                                    • Alexander Kopoev
                                                                                      Alexander Kopoev  4 hours back

                                                                                      I don't think the movie is THAT DEEP

                                                                                      • Barak Michael Shmuel
                                                                                        Barak Michael Shmuel  4 hours back

                                                                                        I think the only parts that were not real are the following:

                                                                                        1)Sofia - obvious they show it.
                                                                                        2) The obvious part when he does his jokes and the people laugh ( we see later from the screen they don't laugh)
                                                                                        3)When he enter the fridge.
                                                                                        4)The police car accident and the ending where he kills the lady and walk with blood on the shows (the way he runs from one way to another and another person chase him like if its a comedy movie).

                                                                                        *There could be more, or it could be changed, some are true and some are not, or we will just never know and its changes from one to another :)

                                                                                        • Ptah Asar
                                                                                          Ptah Asar  4 hours back

                                                                                          *Break* So what is the "definitive answer to the ending of Inception?"

                                                                                          • oVarejeira
                                                                                            oVarejeira  4 hours back

                                                                                            Quantas vezes pinas por semana?

                                                                                            • Silver Dragon
                                                                                              Silver Dragon  4 hours back

                                                                                              No I hate movies that “imagine” the plot.

                                                                                              • Doombringer
                                                                                                Doombringer  5 hours back

                                                                                                that was just a meeting.... A PITCH MEETING, thanks for coming