Visiting The Real Life Lion King at Central Florida Animal Reserve! | Big Cat Facts!

  • Published: 07 November 2019
  • In today's vlog we were invited to tour the Central Florida Animal Reserve to celebrate the DVD release of the Lion King (released on October 22nd)! Thank you to Moroch & Disney for inviting us on this tour. We learned so much about the facility and about big cats, like lions, tigers, cougars and more! This was a really great tour and we definitely recommend checking this out. Thank you for watching and we'll see you tomorrow with a new vid!

    For more info about the Central Florida Animal Reserve-
    How to donate to the Central Florida Animal Reserve-

    Our last visit to the Central Florida Animal Reserve-

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Comments • 278

  • TheTimTracker
    TheTimTracker   1 weeks back

    I may have not conveyed this properly in this video, but Central Florida Animal Reserve does not support cub petting. When I mention it in this video it was in the story of how Ralf was rescued from the cub petting industry. All of the animals at this facility are rescue cats that are being rehabilitated or can not be released back into the wild. Central Florida Animal Reserve is run entirely on donations and does not allow any sort of pay to play situations and they do not allow any physical guest interactions with the cats.

    • #1 Pancakes
      #1 Pancakes  2 days back

      100AcreWood thank you for telling me that i didnt know howbad that was

    • #1 Pancakes
      #1 Pancakes  2 days back

      TheTimTracker hey tim your vids are awesome keep them up, also could you maybe go to branson/sdc

    • Croix
      Croix  5 days back

      @babyhols666 because they don't know how to live/hunt/protect themselves/interact with other big cats in the wild.

    • Joanne_luvsDisney
      Joanne_luvsDisney  7 days back

      Thanks for letting us know.

  • celeste lourens
    celeste lourens  20 hours back

    This has to be one of my more favourite videos I've seen. So informative. So glad these cats are getting another chance.

    • Squirrel 999999
      Squirrel 999999  3 days back

      Which tour did you go on Tim? Looks like they offer several. Thank you!

      • michelle Udontneedtoknow

        So sad places like this need to exist

        • Mary-Jane Holmquist
          Mary-Jane Holmquist  5 days back

          wow what a great place! I so impressed by places that rescue ties poor animals and educate people! Gorgeous animals!! Thanks Tim, will have to go sometime!

          • Dangerous Destroyer59
            Dangerous Destroyer59  5 days back

            Lion King I loved it

            • Eddie2 Betancourt
              Eddie2 Betancourt  6 days back

              very cool it was fun made feel like I was there

              • Grace Poremski
                Grace Poremski  6 days back

                Those tigers were beautiful

                • Symone Jasmine
                  Symone Jasmine  6 days back

                  We have a smaller one of those big cat balls and my dog put a ton of holes in hers within a couple weeks

                  • Nicole Austin
                    Nicole Austin  6 days back

                    Tim invalidating the black panthers.... wow.....

                    • Raquel Leggett
                      Raquel Leggett  6 days back

                      Thanks! Love this! Can’t wait to share with my grand babies!

                      • Beth Ann
                        Beth Ann  6 days back

                        There are different tours listed on the site. Which one was this?

                        • Beth Ann
                          Beth Ann  6 days back

                          Wow I would love to have an educational tour like that!

                          • TheJonesy425
                            TheJonesy425  6 days back

                            @TheTimTracker can you please explain to me what is "Now its time to pay the Price?"

                            • AJ Harbison
                              AJ Harbison  6 days back

                              It just means take the time to like the video and subscribe to the channel.

                          • Doreen Bonosconi
                            Doreen Bonosconi  6 days back

                            I have visited here!

                            • Kristina insf
                              Kristina insf  7 days back

                              this is really coo!! love your vids, hope Jen is okay!

                              • Kayla Rivenbark
                                Kayla Rivenbark  7 days back

                                Awww I share a birthday with the panther!! I also have terrible allergies 😂

                                • Natalie McGhee
                                  Natalie McGhee  7 days back

                                  That was so informational! I loved it!!

                                  • Lisa Weiss
                                    Lisa Weiss  7 days back

                                    I loved this video. I love the big cats and just find all the information you gave us so interesting. I'm thankful for the reserve to help rehab these animals, but it's kind of sad they have to live out their days in smaller enclosures. The size of their paws just amazes me. This would be someplace I'd like to visit.

                                    • WayToSon
                                      WayToSon  7 days back

                                      Love learning about animals, always fun. How is Jen??? Prayers ..TFS

                                      • Joanne_luvsDisney
                                        Joanne_luvsDisney  7 days back

                                        This was such an interesting vlog! I learned so much about these beautiful animals!

                                        • Melissa Odiyo
                                          Melissa Odiyo  7 days back

                                          The cougar is me just chilllin

                                          • Leslie Langenegger
                                            Leslie Langenegger  7 days back

                                            That was so interesting. Thanks! Those animals are just so beautiful and their behaviors remind me of my own little kitty.

                                            • Kimberly Sokolowski
                                              Kimberly Sokolowski  7 days back

                                              I am reading lots of the comments.. and yes this is sad but this is there life now. I’m sure by visiting and donating money to the rescue helps them out allot. Is this close to Orlando ? Where we can visit ? or maybe you could leave a address where people can donate

                                            • MuOmegaMu
                                              MuOmegaMu  7 days back

                                              Very educational 👏

                                              • Chris Green
                                                Chris Green  7 days back

                                                Excellent video 👍👍

                                                • ladybassplayer23
                                                  ladybassplayer23  7 days back

                                                  Awesome day with the tracker

                                                  • Tess Minime
                                                    Tess Minime  7 days back

                                                    What a lovely thing these people are doing so dedicated x

                                                    • PrettyGingerWitch
                                                      PrettyGingerWitch  7 days back

                                                      If you and Jenn ever come over to the UK (maybe next summer after the little one is a bit older), you should try and visit Longleat Safari Park. It's a cross between a zoo and the wild.

                                                      • leanne1010100
                                                        leanne1010100  7 days back

                                                        It's so sad how small the enclosures are. They do look well looked after but still.

                                                        • mikeo490
                                                          mikeo490  7 days back

                                                          So awesome. I love when you guys go to places like this from time to time. Really sheds a light on stuff!

                                                          • Adrianna Poling
                                                            Adrianna Poling  7 days back

                                                            Everyone who comments like Tim can actually control whether or not these animals are in these cages... He is just simply documenting his time he spent at this rescue and is sharing it with us! If anyone has any issues, maybe contact the rescue themselves or do some research on your own to answer your questions instead of projecting negativity that isn't necessary. I linked the website for anyone who is curious to read more about it.

                                                            Thanks for sharing Trackers! I hope Jen is doing well with little baby!

                                                            • babyhols666
                                                              babyhols666  7 days back

                                                              i would die for that cougar at the end

                                                              • babyhols666
                                                                babyhols666  7 days back

                                                                i live n breathe cats

                                                                • babyhols666
                                                                  babyhols666  7 days back

                                                                  umm they dont spend all their days in those teeny tiny cages that they cant even run in

                                                                • heather demmitt
                                                                  heather demmitt  7 days back

                                                                  They're beautiful!

                                                                  • Happy Gnome Nursery
                                                                    Happy Gnome Nursery  1 weeks back

                                                                    Tigers are soooo beautyfull!

                                                                    • Jefjay1
                                                                      Jefjay1  1 weeks back


                                                                      • TheGarlandLogs
                                                                        TheGarlandLogs  1 weeks back

                                                                        Tim I’m scar in our version of lion king jr in Clermont at moonlight players

                                                                        • Steven Johnson
                                                                          Steven Johnson  1 weeks back

                                                                          Thanks for the information about big cats. I would however question the size of the enclosures. I live near a wildlife park that also promotes welfare and conservation of big cats but those cats have acres of natural environment with pools and waterfalls for the tigers. I'm not sure about these cage style enclosures. Thanks again for the videos. X

                                                                          • Steven Johnson
                                                                            Steven Johnson  1 weeks back

                                                                            I'm sure the keepers at this park will do there best to stimulate natural behaviors and do their very best for the welfare of all their animals.

                                                                        • Sandra Schromsky
                                                                          Sandra Schromsky  1 weeks back

                                                                          Great, informative video.

                                                                          • Gary
                                                                            Gary  1 weeks back

                                                                            It's a shame those poor animals are bored out of their minds with no natural stimulation that is in sync to having a healthy psyche...sad.

                                                                            • Sophie Whitehouse
                                                                              Sophie Whitehouse  1 weeks back

                                                                              This video has reinforced that humans are complete trash. Those poor beautiful creatures.

                                                                              • PJC
                                                                                PJC  1 weeks back

                                                                                They didn’t seem to have much space ? Do they have grounds to let them roam?

                                                                                • VoiD
                                                                                  VoiD  1 weeks back

                                                                                  0:30 king of the road

                                                                                  • maryyjanee247
                                                                                    maryyjanee247  1 weeks back

                                                                                    I bet that cat instructor loves saying that “dark mane” story lmao

                                                                                    • Pamela Zero
                                                                                      Pamela Zero  1 weeks back

                                                                                      I appreciate you letting us here the details from the guide about the tigers. Like many others, I'm twinging over the size of the cages, but I'm also aware that this is a rescue organization that is aiming on caring for animals that would otherwise be put down or abused. Thanks for doing this video. I learned a lot.

                                                                                      • Lady Aphelion
                                                                                        Lady Aphelion  1 weeks back

                                                                                        LOL! The tigers prove, a cat is a cat, no matter the size!!! Them laying like my house cat is absolutely adorable!!!