Iggy Azalea - Fancy ft. Charli XCX (Official Music Video)


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  • milenia cabral
    milenia cabral  1 hours back

    Waiting for 1 Billion of views

    • Twitch__ Ynv3rn0
      Twitch__ Ynv3rn0  2 hours back

      Who's listening to this in November 2019

      • Yves Macarilay
        Yves Macarilay  3 hours back

        Tire monks, tire moks

        • all wanted thing
          all wanted thing  4 hours back

          she looks like white version of cardi b

          • Christina MW
            Christina MW  5 hours back

            i just realize one of those girls just wear scrunchie LOLOLOL

            • Liew CS
              Liew CS  5 hours back

              Bersih Bersih Bersih

              • Curtis The King
                Curtis The King  8 hours back

                Who’s here from the genius video?

              • Roxxe Mineffe
                Roxxe Mineffe  9 hours back

                This music video is a fun pop culture reference and catchy!

                That being said imported Aussie Iggy can miss me with her cultural appropriation of Southern Black slang, she being signed by the misogynistic T.I. who still thinks hymen stability is a sign of virginity and will run to the closest white female rapper and ignore his own.
                Appreciate the catchiness of the song while understanding how problematic Iggy's music is to black female rappers trying so hard to make it in this industry.

                It's 2019. No more excuses.

                • John Loween Tan
                  John Loween Tan  10 hours back

                  Charlie xcx really changed tho.

                  • Billy B.
                    Billy B.  11 hours back

                    Iggy gets her millions from me listening to this song 100 times a day.

                    • Serjio Tankiu
                      Serjio Tankiu  13 hours back

                      Bart Baker’s parody it’s better, those bitches are pathetic

                      • Ken bats
                        Ken bats  13 hours back

                        Nov. 2019

                        • NinjaFakeNpc
                          NinjaFakeNpc  14 hours back

                          When you look at your school stupid bitch who thinks she's so cool. Me: Omg, hey bro, bring the knife. Don't ask me why, just bring it.

                          • Duda Gomes
                            Duda Gomes  14 hours back


                            • BuddyXL
                              BuddyXL  15 hours back

                              Charlie looked hella fine in this vid

                              • Lautaro Espíndola
                                Lautaro Espíndola  16 hours back

                                I said baby i do th...

                                • Mitchelle Mueni
                                  Mitchelle Mueni  16 hours back

                                  I love I-G-G-Y Azalea.... who's with me

                                  • mike michael
                                    mike michael  17 hours back

                                    lucifer: Ariana can I bangbang?
                                    Ariana: no, then i have one more problem
                                    Iggy: Lucifer, I'll take over the world, I blow the world, I fancy my world
                                    Charli: I'm so fancy, from LA to Tokyo, to me, New Jersea, I watch Naruto to Rock Lee, I bangbang Demi, I love myself, I and me
                                    Cordon: what is your motto?
                                    demi: I will survive
                                    Fellon: what is your motto in life?

                                    Demi: let it go

                                    Shakira: do you have a pet?

                                    Demi: dog, bingo is his name

                                    Shakira: what is your goal in 2020?

                                    Demi: I created a new song today. My goal is to create disney Frozen Squarepants with the new intro song

                                    Ariana: but when you do the squarepants intro, will you do an impression of Christina doing an impression of spongebob?

                                    Demi: yes, just let it go.

                                    Ariana: I'm so good I'm so good, I can do an impression of everyone.

                                    Shakira: very nice! But can you do an impression of Ariana Grande?

                                    Ariana: No sorry, my original songs are all impressions.

                                    Beyoncé: can you do an impression of Britney Spears

                                    Ariana: No sorry, Britney only sings by impressioning me.

                                    Ariana: But I can rap. Check it, I'm Ariana the best singer, I'm a winner,

                                    all for 1, lol. And except for 2 I can do impressions of all.

                                    If I did a soundtrack for the best game, I'd do the game Life is Strange

                                    If I played in the best animes, I'd play in Erased, Steins gate or Start from Zero

                                    Britney: I'm the best singer

                                    Christina enters

                                    Britney: finally I finished my album

                                    Christina: you mean this one?

                                    Britney: oh hi Christina are you applying for a job in this supermarket?

                                    Christina: nah, doing groceries. Good luck with work

                                    Britney: are you saying that even Ariana chewing her gum sounds better?

                                    Britney: Christina, at least let me serve you cappuccino

                                    Christina: I prefer Grande

                                    • Daniel Budik
                                      Daniel Budik  12 hours back

                                      I regret clicking on read more 😣, cause that's the stupidest thing I have ever read in my life

                                  • Justice for Cats
                                    Justice for Cats  17 hours back

                                    2020 soon ✨👽✨🥂✨

                                    • Jingmiu
                                      Jingmiu  18 hours back

                                      When Iggy came Cardi wasn’t on the world

                                      • Förzen Beelay
                                        Förzen Beelay  18 hours back

                                        Stereotype trope school😅

                                        • Sam Holly
                                          Sam Holly  19 hours back

                                          Who is here from TikTok?

                                          i bE tHe I-G-g-Y!

                                          • Hxshi.Thxngz
                                            Hxshi.Thxngz  19 hours back

                                            Holy fuck, this song is so fucking iconic.

                                            • Donna Reynolds
                                              Donna Reynolds  20 hours back

                                              Who noticed this was like Clueless

                                              • luna milviana
                                                luna milviana  21 hours back

                                                yeah thankz

                                                • Нина Таранец


                                                  • Pedro Barreto
                                                    Pedro Barreto  1 days back

                                                    AS IF!!!!

                                                    • Cal C
                                                      Cal C  1 days back

                                                      Save the anime souls he said

                                                      • Cal C
                                                        Cal C  1 days back

                                                        I got a new ability what is your anime version real talk

                                                        • Cal C
                                                          Cal C  1 days back

                                                          Blue ducking scadoo

                                                      • Brett Miner
                                                        Brett Miner  1 days back

                                                        Oh yeah you deserve to scream after that verse girl DAMN!!

                                                        • Cat wiliwonka
                                                          Cat wiliwonka  1 days back

                                                          Betty cooper veronica logde and cherryl blossom 😂

                                                          • abbey miranda
                                                            abbey miranda  1 days back

                                                            Charli has had the BIGGEST glo up oml

                                                            • Jappy jp
                                                              Jappy jp  1 days back

                                                              In 2014 summer....this song was allover the place

                                                              • Landen Dodge
                                                                Landen Dodge  2 days back

                                                                I just watched Bart Baker ahaha
                                                                Girl I’m stupid like iggy theirs a highway from LA to Tokyo
                                                                Teacher: THEIRS A OCEAN
                                                                Girl.can u drive on it

                                                                • Abigail Quispe R
                                                                  Abigail Quispe R  2 days back

                                                                  Fancy yuuuuhhhh uh u huhhhh
                                                                  Sorry not sorry

                                                                • Lil Muchacho
                                                                  Lil Muchacho  2 days back

                                                                  What do I say. Random comment with.. Hey I got a like.!

                                                                  • Linda Oswald
                                                                    Linda Oswald  2 days back

                                                                    this was my mother that pasted away favorite song and mine

                                                                  • Baby Owl
                                                                    Baby Owl  2 days back

                                                                    Almost to 1 billion!

                                                                    • Lottie Loup
                                                                      Lottie Loup  2 days back

                                                                      4 likes and ill do my homework

                                                                    • e 3
                                                                      e 3  2 days back

                                                                      Hude hude aaa chichi ba9

                                                                      • 雷狗
                                                                        雷狗  2 days back

                                                                        Here cuz of Genius' St. John video? lol

                                                                        • yuck mouth
                                                                          yuck mouth  2 days back

                                                                          Wow 5 years

                                                                          • Aviwe Dlaku
                                                                            Aviwe Dlaku  2 days back

                                                                            charli looks like amanda pavillard

                                                                            • mk steel
                                                                              mk steel  2 days back

                                                                              Welcome to this 100,000th episode of adults pretending to be teenagers.

                                                                              • GachaXXMichaela 2300
                                                                                GachaXXMichaela 2300  2 days back


                                                                                • Nico Del
                                                                                  Nico Del  2 days back

                                                                                  1 billon??????????????