Film Theory: How NOT To Train Your Dragon! (How To Train Your Dragon)


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  • Alpha Cat
    Alpha Cat  15 hours back

    I know I’m majorly late, but the directors of the movie stated that the dragons show traits of cats, dogs and reptiles, and some horse noises too

    • Stupid_ Mario_ Mario
      Stupid_ Mario_ Mario  19 hours back

      4:57 but he helped him

      • Kobi Thomas
        Kobi Thomas  20 hours back

        Yes. Us reptiles are smart. Stop treating us like animals.

        • Lizard Guy85
          Lizard Guy85  1 days back


          • LapispiderA P
            LapispiderA P  1 days back

            WHAT IF THE DRAGONS...ARE POKEMON?? pokemon require "training" to build trust and cooperation. But "reptile like" pokemon can also build these things! Childhood saved

            • Adobe Animations
              Adobe Animations  1 days back

              I'm just gonna assume this is some form of magically enhanced/highly evolved form of dragons in order to deny this theory...Yeah, that works!

              • Daniela Stadler
                Daniela Stadler  1 days back

                This Video is Fake Face Book Owner (We all now him he's wachting you and me!) Is a lizard and he has an relation with money

                • Mia T
                  Mia T  1 days back

                  MatPat, I love your videos, but you've really ignored and essential part of the plot of the story in this theory. You've made brilliant points, however this isn't a story of abuse and slavery. Its a story of someone raised in a society where it is normal to kill these dragons, realizing his mistake and doing what he can to make it right. And the dragons in HTTYD have repeatedly been show to be very intelligent, especially for reptiles. They are shown to be very emotional and affectionate, and seem to have very mammalian behaviours, which would indicate a large brain size. Yes Hiccup injured Toothless and yes he made Toothless dependent on him for the power of flight, but throughout the first movie, he worked at Toothless's pace, built a bond with him, respected his boundaries and gained his trust.

                  • Mia T
                    Mia T  1 days back

                    *Choking back tears* He was only trying to help

                    • Nyla Krieser
                      Nyla Krieser  1 days back

                      Lmao this whole theory hinges on the fact that Hiccup set out to train a dragon, which isn’t true. The other Vikings on Berk didn’t follow the same formula Hiccup did because Hiccup set out to kill a dragon. I honestly wonder if you even watched the whole film? Because Toothless also had a chance to kill Hiccup at the beginning, so if that boi can’t feel why would he spare him? Great video though, it was really interesting to learn about Lizards :)

                      • Mind Master
                        Mind Master  2 days back

                        Counterpoint: Hiccup had shot Toothless not with intent to train him, but intent to kill him. He then replaces Tothless's tail flap out of remorse, and since he's a Viking with only extremely primitive technology, he's unable to craft a prosthetic able to replace such a complex body part on it's own.

                        • Juan Robles
                          Juan Robles  3 days back

                          When mat brought out the ruler I spilled my water. Idk why I found that super funny.

                          • lolbit The fox
                            lolbit The fox  3 days back

                            My grandparents own a lizard and their just fine

                            • Ub3rshadow
                              Ub3rshadow  3 days back

                              The whole point is that Hiccup figures out who dragons really are, realises his mistake and tries as hard as he can to rectify it. In the HTTYD legends mini series Hiccup makes Toothless an automatic tail, but Toothless destroys it in favour of wanting to fly with his friend.

                              • Sonic The Hedgehog
                                Sonic The Hedgehog  4 days back

                                Matpat ur stupid dragons are smarter than regular reptiles u idiot I unsub bc of this video

                                • IHaveNoLife TV
                                  IHaveNoLife TV  4 days back

                                  MatPat stop ruining my childhood

                                  • Zigamer
                                    Zigamer  4 days back

                                    1:14 I thought we all agreed to never be creative again

                                    • XKarolloX1
                                      XKarolloX1  4 days back

                                      Fack u The Film is cool

                                      • Deeper Understanding
                                        Deeper Understanding  4 days back

                                        How dare you if you were a fan then you could see if hiccups face that all he wants is for toothless to be happy and when it comes to toothlesses face he looks pretty happy to me

                                        • JJ JJ
                                          JJ JJ  4 days back

                                          aye anyone know what the clip of the coastline he used at 13:00 was? shit feels like it'd look cool while tripping

                                          • Ninjakitty505
                                            Ninjakitty505  4 days back

                                            Training a cat... that is impossible

                                            • Kartoon Kid
                                              Kartoon Kid  5 days back

                                              MatPat, you're dumb.
                                              Sorry for the childish comment but I need his rabid fans attention. Mat cares more for views and money than he does creating good and trustworthy theories, caring about how much money you're making isn't a bad thing but once it becomes "Money and views first, quality later." that's when you turn into a good businessman, which we all know means you're a cunt. But do I think MatPat's a cunt? I think he certainly has the potential to be a cunt, but every cunt has the potential to be a good pussy. I don't want Mat to lose subs and views to the point where he can no longer support him and his family, I just want proof that bad YouTubers can turn good.

                                              But its far too late for him now since if he did try to make good videos they would take much longer to make meaning his young fans probably won't have the patience for that and it means he'll have to make better theories. And by "better theories" I don't mean eye catching titles for his videos based on something that's popular or new. I mean theories that hit close to home, like doing a theory on something that he *actually* likes and cares about.

                                              Why the fuck did I even try with this comment, its too long so nobody will in this comment section will read it and his fans will just respond with "odIcis Ohs gi UHs ksgfgR H8tar"

                                              • Conor Doonan
                                                Conor Doonan  5 days back

                                                In the TV series hiccup makes toothless a flap that makes him fly by himself and toothless broke it

                                                • Kis'argo the khajiit _

                                                  But I swear....I came back after couple of months and I'm still seeing hate comments. You must watch these things. All the things. You assuming little zuub wafiit!!(f'ing moron)

                                                  • Plasma Snow 2nd account

                                                    I have a pet lizard who is very close to me and acts like a big cat. She's a Bearded Dragon. Also did you not read the comments by the director that Toothless' BODY STRUCTURE AND BEHAVIOR are based on a CAT, HORSE, PUMA, and others? Their brain structure and instincts are not the same as normal Lizards. They have many different characteristics. SOME DRAGONS IN RACE TO THE EDGE EVEN HAVE FUR (the Dramillian)

                                                    • Plasma Snow 2nd account

                                                      "I've been spending all this time thinking about what I WANTED and not what YOU NEEDED."
                                                      Damn....Hiccup is seeing this for himself.

                                                      Don't get me wrong there are many things wrong with this. Like for example the fact that Hiccup trains many dragons in Riders of Berk and Race to the Edge who not only have mamilion like personalities and emotions but also grow to like him without being domesticated or chained down (or deprived of a tail fin) and they don't even try to get away from him. Perhaps this is because Hiccup smells like Toothless (kind of like how Sven the dear is so attached to Kristoff in frozen because Kristoff is literally wearing what could very possibly be Sven's mother's SKIN) but needless to say they DO TRUST him and show emotions that most lizards wouldn't show.

                                                      I do agree with the points made in the beginning of this video about animal cruelty yada yada, but Hiccup does regret his decision to shoot Toothless down, as seen in Gift of the Night Fury...

                                                      "I've been thinking about what Tuffnut said last night. Toothless can't fly on his own and that's just not fair. I've been up all night and I think I found a way to fix it."

                                                      It isn't until 5 and a half years later that Hiccup realizes his flaws and that the only true way to give his dragon freedom is to let him back into the wild, but still.

                                                      Dammit now I'm thinking about the line in the third movie. "Besides, it's only until he brings her back."
                                                      I am SO TORN right now.

                                                      • Jessica lebaillif
                                                        Jessica lebaillif  1 weeks back

                                                        Allso Mat pat maby dragons are smarter than every day lizzerds

                                                        • Jessica lebaillif
                                                          Jessica lebaillif  1 weeks back

                                                          Mat Pat I wached gift of the night fury and hiccup didn't control crap

                                                          • Ender Dragon prince
                                                            Ender Dragon prince  1 weeks back

                                                            what if dragon are more like birds than repitiles like dinosaurs

                                                            • Alex Gough
                                                              Alex Gough  1 weeks back

                                                              Bruh I literally train animals and study learning theory and psychology for a living. None of it is cruelty or force because Toothless enjoys the symbiotic relationship between him and his handler. Also toothless hardly is your average wild animal

                                                              • Joel Small
                                                                Joel Small  1 weeks back

                                                                Maybe dragons are actually theropod dinosaurs ?

                                                                • Edrie Delos Santos
                                                                  Edrie Delos Santos  1 weeks back

                                                                  First of all Hiccup never intended to injure the dragon (since he felt forced from his father and basically the rest of berk)and even if he did when he was trying to help toothless he just of plasma blasted him and dip on foot

                                                                  • Rudy Servantes
                                                                    Rudy Servantes  1 weeks back

                                                                    Not even gonna cap but my tortoise listens to me play piano

                                                                    • Firdaus Mohamad
                                                                      Firdaus Mohamad  1 weeks back

                                                                      in gift of the night fury,hiccup gave the tail to toothless,but at the end of the short film,toothless don't want the new tails but he wants the old tails

                                                                      • Firdaus Mohamad
                                                                        Firdaus Mohamad  1 weeks back

                                                                        but hey the movie is just fiction.a fiction movie! aaaand cut

                                                                        • Kade Lin
                                                                          Kade Lin  2 weeks back

                                                                          Two things:
                                                                          1-In Gift of the Night Fury Toothless himself destroys the tail that makes him independent of Hiccup.
                                                                          2-Did you say lizards including reptiles? Isn't reptiles the phylum?

                                                                          • bobby the beanboy
                                                                            bobby the beanboy  2 weeks back

                                                                            Toothless is in the strike class and the strike class is described as blazing speed vice like jaw strength AND intelligence

                                                                            • jon gilbert
                                                                              jon gilbert  2 weeks back

                                                                              Wait lizards are dum

                                                                              • jon gilbert
                                                                                jon gilbert  2 weeks back

                                                                                Matpat u gool i have seen all movies u giol

                                                                                • Jacob Audley
                                                                                  Jacob Audley  2 weeks back

                                                                                  Dragons clearly have more intelligence and emotions then average lizard dragon seem to be like cats but with the intelligence of a human

                                                                                  • Daniël Heezen
                                                                                    Daniël Heezen  2 weeks back

                                                                                    I just guesed you did a vind on this so


                                                                                    • Chanute
                                                                                      Chanute  2 weeks back

                                                                                      Nice! You misconstrue the message and point of the series by cherry picking specific scenes and excluding others. You completely ignore the relationship building that occurs between toothless and hiccup in the 1st movie.You also ignore the fact that the dragons are not your normal reptiles. Toothless shows higher thinking in the third movie, and you seem to ignore that. Also, they are not domesticated. You said that they are domesticated and 30 seconds later you said that domestication requires selective breeding.

                                                                                      • Sam Prosser
                                                                                        Sam Prosser  2 weeks back

                                                                                        Me: *reads title* how not to train your dragon, how to train you dragon. WAIT WHAT

                                                                                        • Fade The skelepun
                                                                                          Fade The skelepun  2 weeks back

                                                                                          Technically through this in the second movie toothless acually becomes DARGON KING so I’d say that all that pain toothless was through was worth it

                                                                                          • Cody _Creepypasta
                                                                                            Cody _Creepypasta  2 weeks back

                                                                                            Well, it technically could be possible. Just not like how it's done in the movie. It would be much harder to train a dragin irl, but if you tried the right techniques, methods, and go through trial and error, you could try :/

                                                                                            • Ms Pineapple
                                                                                              Ms Pineapple  2 weeks back

                                                                                              So ima get a lot of hate for this comment but I never liked the movie it just wasn’t good to me so I’m glad you ruined this thanks matpat XD

                                                                                              • That1 Person
                                                                                                That1 Person  2 weeks back

                                                                                                I'm just going to assume that these dragons in HTTYD have bigger brains unless it is a baby.

                                                                                                • Mut Mainah
                                                                                                  Mut Mainah  2 weeks back

                                                                                                  It is a very rare time mates. This is the vid that angered the dragoner fandom '-'