iPhone 11 Pro: These Android Phones Already Beat Apple's 2019 iPhones [iPhone 11 vs Android]


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  • Android Central
    Android Central   2 weeks back

    Hey everyone! We mention early in the video that the new iPhone 11 Pro ships with reverse wireless charging like Samsung's Galaxy S10/Note 10 and Huawei's Mate 20 Pro and P30 Pro, but they don't. Apple was expected to launch the feature with the new iPhones but it was reportedly canceled at the last minute due to reliability issues. Sorry for the error and thanks for understanding!

      THE QUALITY MEDIA CHANNEL  5 days back

      @Rohail Aitzaz performance of processors isn't measured in seconds, iPhone 8 (2017, £449) had a higher CPU single core, CPU multi core and GPU score on Geekbench an Antutu than the Note 10 (2019, £999), for half the price.

      THE QUALITY MEDIA CHANNEL  5 days back

      thanks also for writing a nice comment to explain

    • Chris Philip
      Chris Philip  5 days back

      @John B Kaze you're highly wrong most of the world have iPhones my dude that's just a fact

    • Rohail Aitzaz
      Rohail Aitzaz  6 days back

      @Mark X Isn't Android Q(10) is on Beta?
      Apple's Processors only have lets say 1 or 2 seconds difference
      By now GooglePlayStore ha way more apps and games than IOS
      Huawei P30 Pro
      is Armed with a quartet of cameras and seriously innovative software, the Huawei P30 Pro is the best thing to happen to mobile photography yet.
      And People mostly buy iPhone because its IPHONE.
      Best Ecosystem?

  • Carlos Mejia
    Carlos Mejia  15 hours back

    So you have to buy 4-5 android phones to beat the iPhone?

      KING OF HEARTS  20 hours back

      So they didn't got the review unit i guess

      • Verne Arase
        Verne Arase  1 days back

        Geez ... 45 watt fast charging? How hot does the battery get? Can you tell the phone to charge slower so it doesn't damage the battery over the long term (maybe via a dialog when you plug it in)? If you can't, even if there is a setting buried somewhere most people won't remember or bother and that'll fry your battery if left in the fast charging state.

        Also, it's easy to get rid of the notch if you don't have all that hardware up there. Does Samsung have a passive biometric authentication mechanism? Is it secure enough to put your credit card or critical private information behind?

        The problem with Android and iPhone comparisons is that Android aficionados list off Android features of a number of competitors like all Android phones have these features ... which is clearly not the case. Even the features mentioned are not completely covered, wherein this one's got a forever zoom but it's not mentioned that its colors are flat. It's pick and choose capabilities, with all downsides ignored.

        This one's made of stone and can be used as a hammer ... this one starts on fire and can keep you warm during a cold winter night.

        Bilateral charging? Hate it. The battery heats up trying to charge a drained device, and the inductive charging coil heats up, both in close proximity. Sounds like a good recipe for battery damage, maybe a fire. In fact, if I could I'd get rid of wireless charging for the same reason. Then I could get back a metal back which makes the phone much more survivable if dropped.

        5G? Hate it too. Current chipsets consume prodigious quantities of energy and get quite hot. 5G is Qualcomm and the carrier's plot to sell chipsets and raise your plan rates, and if you consume the massive quantities of data the bandwidth implies, your bill will go up a corresponding amount.

        What do you need all that bandwidth for? As long as I can stream 1080p I'm good (which I can do under LTE). As far as I'm concerned, 5G is a solution is search of a problem.

        Millimeter wave communication means that buildings, trees, heck ever leaves can block your signal. Cell sites have to be within a city block, and have to have massive amounts of backhaul to back up the bandwidth advertised. Take the cost of manufacturing, installing (including trenching the fiber to each cell site), and maintenance (you have to keep 'em all working) and calculate the cost to cover greater metro Los Angeles or Chicago.

        The only way I see this being at all practical is if you only cover highly urbanized areas, like central downtown areas - and I live in a Chicago suburb and rarely visit downtown Chicago. And the thought of all that millimeter wave irradiation leaves me cold.

        • Stoopid 9 year old
          Stoopid 9 year old  1 days back

          I prefer samsung but the durability is trash so I might reconsider

          • tanvir azad
            tanvir azad  1 days back

            So Poor Android competing Vs Apple 4 GB RAM Phone Still can't Beat with 12 GB RAM. Shame on Android. Just think iPhone X still More Valuable the Note 9. iPhone 8 Plus Still Valuable then S8. The list is go on and on.....

            • Nissan Ghimire
              Nissan Ghimire  1 days back

              Hahahahaha in your collab with the two other guys u said the iphones night mode went blow to blow with pixel and even better. Now u say that the pixel is better. Lol

              • Teguh Aditya
                Teguh Aditya  1 days back

                Isheep vs fandroid,, here they come 😂😂

                • Boxbird572
                  Boxbird572  2 days back

                  Many reviews say otherwise with the camera quality, iPhone does have the camera standards to compete with most Android Flagships this year. Even without Apple's deep fusion technology, the iPhone is still performing relatively well against other phones.
                  While they may still lack on many features that many android phones have now, (bilateral charging, 4000+mAh battery, USB-C, etc. etc.) they are slowly starting to catch up, and with the big redesign most likely happening next year, it is possible that they can overtake Android flagships in a few features next year.

                  • Pascal Schiesser
                    Pascal Schiesser  2 days back

                    Fake news🖕🏻

                    • Omar50
                      Omar50  2 days back

                      Go to hell Apple is way better then stupid ass cheap ass android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

                      • John Forde
                        John Forde  2 days back

                        No mention of the iPhone 11 Pro video capabilities or CPU performance. Oh, that's right. It's because they blow away the Android competition.

                      • Steven Bickhart
                        Steven Bickhart  2 days back

                        The thing that irritates me most about iPhone users is they act like features of iOS are the only way to do a task. For example FaceTime. As if Skype and Duo don't exist.

                        My biggest problem with apple is how they restrict you to proprietary accessories and control EVERYTHING you can or can't do on iOS. If you're spending 1000+ on something shouldn't you be able to use it how you want? Every iPhone looks the same among users. My Note 9 looks nothing like someone else's. The whole "apple does this so they can ensure a stable experience" is bullshit. I have used Android for 10 years going back to Android 2.0 and have never had malware once. Something as simple as changing the background within iMessage you can't even do.

                        Oh and if you want to use a Galaxy watch or Android Wear with iOS you can. Try using an Apple watch with Android.

                        Apple - the most narcissistic company in the world

                        • Scott Tranchitella
                          Scott Tranchitella  3 days back

                          Where are the GPU and CPU comparisons? Oh wait....

                          • I am Jafar
                            I am Jafar  3 days back

                            But apple is a complete package..many distinct phone has distinct feature..like op7pro has 90hz display..samsung has reverse wireless charging..huawei has better camera..but apple has water resistance..the whole ecosystem and many more

                            • Adonis Top of Men
                              Adonis Top of Men  3 days back

                              Great Phone ……

                              • kwl189
                                kwl189  3 days back

                                Thumbs down for the inaccurate details regarding reverse wireless charging...

                                Apple has never ever been about being first but they have been about doing it right and more often than not, you couldn't criticise their execution.

                                • FreddieGamingTech
                                  FreddieGamingTech  3 days back

                                  It's a bit pointless to compare iphone to mid/high range android phones, i think it's always an obvious victory on Andorid side:

                                  - First of all Iphone 11 pro seems a bad copy of last year's Mate 20 pro, the back, i think they are doing nothing for improving the design, also these new models look like shxt.
                                  - Finally they are coping lots of stuff from android like the double tap for waking up (which i think was introduced in 2011 in Android), they got rid of the useless force touch for probably copying andorid's version of it (long press will show additional options) and so on......
                                  - i think it's ridiculos that they don't provide an always on display like android counterparts do in phones that cost less than 150$, my phone from 3 years ago already had this feature!
                                  - Also i don't find smart the decision on cameras: instead of normal, wide and ultrawide, i think most of us want the cameras implemented in andorid phones like Samsung s10 or similiar: optical zoom 2x, normal and wide, this is so much useful in everyday life and photos.
                                  - All models 4gb of ram??? come on most andorids are 8gb or 12.
                                  - There was no investment for getting rid of the notch, one of the worst ideas in the last years in my opinion. There are so many middle/high level android phones which come with a variety of alternatives in order to take out that silly notch in the middle of the screen. Even if i don't like it, also the Samsung S10's solution would have been better compared to the standard notch
                                  - No 5g module in a phone that costs 1100$? Unbelievalbe, 5g is already turned on in most countries since a year and there are already lots of andorid phones availble since months with a 5g antenna!
                                  - Display resolution still crappy in my opinion, 2436×1125 or 2688×1242 458 ppi is so bad compared even to a 3 years old mobile like LG G6 which has 2880 x 1440 and 564 ppi or the 370$ phone LG G8 which has 3120 x 1440 564ppi. Also the NITS which are around 1000 in the case of LG G7 while we have 600-800 in new iphones. Also in terms of hz, nothing new, still standard refresh rate nothing like the 90hz of more of some android alternatives. In the end the "Retina" name really doesnt say nothing to me, just marketing stuff done for dumb people to believe it while there's much more around for much less price
                                  - Split screen still unavailable in Iphones (it's a 4 years old feature in android)
                                  - Not to say all limitations that go with a closed OS like IOS compared to Android, missing phone jack, blutooth not working with other devices, impossiblity to save your own videos on the phone.......

                                  • dany manchster
                                    dany manchster  3 days back

                                    yes, Samsung are more innovating now. however, phones or apple product in general offer smooth OS experience and cross platform integration. I really like the one UI system as it is very smooth but still not as smooth as apple OS. it is a compromise of features. it all depends on what maters to you.

                                    • Chidoro41
                                      Chidoro41  3 days back

                                      Oyy vey

                                      • A Andrew
                                        A Andrew  3 days back

                                        this is toxic and is getting old lol idc and yes i’m an android user

                                        • jimmiegie gie
                                          jimmiegie gie  3 days back

                                          Wait did you just say the pixel bests the p30 in NIGHT MODE? You have no idea what your on about.

                                          • Krishnanshu verma
                                            Krishnanshu verma  3 days back

                                            Comparing huawei to apple
                                            No playstore lmao😂😂😂😂

                                            • Peter Murage
                                              Peter Murage  3 days back

                                              Wait until the Huawei Mate 30 pro comes out. It will make the I phone 11 pro look like a budget phone

                                              • Peppa
                                                Peppa  3 days back

                                                We need a company that'll use all of those at once! Imagine having a waterproof phone with 3 fingerpeint scanners (1 in display, 1 on the back, 1 on the side), dual removable battery, dual jack, 90hz QHD+ display with flexible refresh rate, multiple cameras (similar setup to note 10+/P30 pro), expandable storage, multiple ports for data/charging, overclocked COU... and all of that for the price of a iphone 11 or less. I want that!

                                                • Faiz Oktarivandi
                                                  Faiz Oktarivandi  4 days back

                                                  I'm Android user, I love Android. But, I think there's no Android phone can match iPhone's video recording and fluidity of switching between three lenses

                                                  • 지무찌
                                                    지무찌  4 days back

                                                    Duh, the channel name is Android Central what did y’all expect

                                                    • Brandon Javon BiggersTM

                                                      Where my Android squad at?

                                                    • Abhishek Verma
                                                      Abhishek Verma  5 days back

                                                      Best thing about Android world.... Freedom

                                                      • THE QUALITY MEDIA CHANNEL

                                                        Not all of them, not a 1200 nits display, ,not airdrop, not 3D Touch, not sidecar, not the Taptic Engine (linear induction, not spinning), not A13 (or equivalent in CPU single core, multi core, Neural Network or GPU speeds), not not a good user experience and phone design

                                                        • THE QUALITY MEDIA CHANNEL
                                                          THE QUALITY MEDIA CHANNEL  3 days back

                                                          @CountryComparisons I know, the ecosystem is super useful. I've used Samsung before, when it comes down to smartphones, they have the same form factor, but the internals and software of Apple and Samsung are so different that we might as well be comparing a toaster to an oven, no one says my toaster is better than your oven, because toasters aren't very good at cooking meat but ovens aren't very good at toasting toast, so you can't compare them like that anyways. 

                                                          But some of these videos annoy me because they try to compare them as the same thing when in reality they are completely different. They will say if you use Apple (lets say it's an oven), you can't toast your bread, that's rubbish they are rubbish and therefore Samsung (the toaster) is better because they can cook toast, but that's not true, because they always leave out all the reasons Apple is better, and the same for some Apple sheep trying to compare Samsung to Apple directly, but you just can't do that, I would have both phones myself.

                                                        • CountryComparisons
                                                          CountryComparisons  3 days back

                                                          Iphone has shit back design, also has a notch. The s10+, op7pro, note 10+ is much better in design and android objectively has much much much more customisable and user friendly ui whereas in ios ur very much restricted

                                                        • CountryComparisons
                                                          CountryComparisons  3 days back

                                                          The 11 pro no longer has 3d touch, and samsung had 1200nits since the s10. Airdrop is in apple ecosysten thing

                                                        • BOURNE15ive
                                                          BOURNE15ive  3 days back


                                                      • THE QUALITY MEDIA CHANNEL

                                                        *Being the best doesn't just mean having the best specs*

                                                        • Fernando Morales
                                                          Fernando Morales  5 days back

                                                          At #0:32 the phone at the right is the same phone as my mom's that my dad got it for her birthday

                                                        • Stealthy Dakota
                                                          Stealthy Dakota  5 days back

                                                          Well interesting considering the a13 bionic chip completely destroys any android phone processor. As well as having a stainless steel frame that’s better than aluminum or plastic. The only area the camera on the Samsung phone wins in is sharpness that’s it iPhone beats it in all other modes man this video is so debatable it’s not even funny

                                                          • Sotero A. Gomez
                                                            Sotero A. Gomez  5 days back

                                                            This guy compares an iphone to a frankenstein non existent android phone 😆

                                                            • Nathaniel Barnes
                                                              Nathaniel Barnes  5 days back

                                                              😬🙄lies or are your dum like means dum comet lie

                                                              • Anthony Ross
                                                                Anthony Ross  5 days back

                                                                So you call it a pro but you cannot even charge your airpods on it as it as no reverse charging well donw apple great job 🤦‍♂️👍

                                                                • JT Manuel
                                                                  JT Manuel  5 days back

                                                                  Apple doesn't give a crap about its competition as they live in their own bubble of reality.

                                                                  • ORIGINALLYPREME
                                                                    ORIGINALLYPREME  5 days back

                                                                    ☝🏾Android phones are really good mini window Devices Do whatever you want phone Doesn’t have to be Galaxy none Major expensive just an android Smart phone. If your a geek and kno how to work these Devices you’ll understand what I’m talking I have both iPhone XR and 2 Androids phone I use it like it’s all access to life I have my iPhone jail broken I enjoy both. lol these phones been out for years features been the same just hidden features you have to tweak. And (recode) it. Nothing surprising about these phones they just know how to promote really well so y’all can lineup outside like zombies looking like money signs to them make sure y’all ask for some
                                                                    Champagne while standing in-line outside the door lol nothing surprising these phones they just know how to promote it really well to get yalls attention and sells up. .... I mean who cares tho save your money. 😆. Can’t buy unless you have good credits lol anyways

                                                                    • Anthony Wall
                                                                      Anthony Wall  5 days back

                                                                      Who cares who had what features first. The question should be who does it best. Apple doesn’t add a ton features and gimmicks. They focus on a hand full of features that are used day to day, and then they make them better. Airdrop, iMessage and FaceTime are top features for iPhone users, so Apple focuses on making them better. I have a Note 9 and it’s a great device but my 5 year old 6S Plus is my daily driver for the way the device is so straightforward. Hell even Apple’s wallet is setup better. Features are great but Apple users are more about the experience when using the device.

                                                                      • Rupesh Rajan
                                                                        Rupesh Rajan  5 days back

                                                                        I was thinking to unsubscribe..but I haven’t really subscribed yet😂

                                                                        • who create GOD?
                                                                          who create GOD?  5 days back

                                                                          but can it out performance A13 bionic?

                                                                          • HomemadeCrafts
                                                                            HomemadeCrafts  5 days back

                                                                            I love Google pixel's stock android experience and guaranteed updates for 3 years. That's better than other android phones. I'll invest in the 4xl.

                                                                            • Levente Herget
                                                                              Levente Herget  6 days back

                                                                              You don’t realize that the iPhone is one phone and you compare it to 6 Android phones that are better in certain features!

                                                                              • CountryComparisons
                                                                                CountryComparisons  3 days back

                                                                                Well note 10+ can outperform the 11 pro in most of these lol. Better night mode, punchhole display, better battery life and charging, better amoled display with higher ppi, expandable storage, more customization, faster wireless charging and quite equal camera quality

                                                                            • Rusty Greer
                                                                              Rusty Greer  6 days back

                                                                              how was this a day later and you still posted the fact that it has reverse wireless charging when they said nothing of it on stage????? it doesn't.

                                                                              • junie VertZz
                                                                                junie VertZz  6 days back

                                                                                Apple peasants are so braindead attacking us lmao we just talking about every phone out there in instead of the cliche, recycled phone you keep buying with your dumbasses. Its like you guys buying madden or NBA 2k every year lmao

                                                                                • TCC
                                                                                  TCC  6 days back

                                                                                  Dude at 1:00 said: 😶📱☝️👀😟

                                                                                  • 22chachalaca
                                                                                    22chachalaca  6 days back

                                                                                    iPhone video recording is unbeatable!

                                                                                    • DjSuperK
                                                                                      DjSuperK  6 days back

                                                                                      I’ve never seen a video dedicated about how good the iPhone is compare to android. All I see is android this android that and yet, they say iPhone users are a bunch of fanboys 😂